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Sales Manager Singapore


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Sales Manager Singapore

Reporting to:

Sales Manager (Global), Head Quarter, Germany



ASC - Asia Success Company, Mozartstr. 4, 67434 Neustadt, Germany Tel. 0049-6321-96899-98, -96899-80, Fax 0049-6321-96899-90 e-mail: ,

This is based on the high quality and innovation degree of the products as well as on the engagement for the development of solutions for complex applications. hardworking. The well-established business is supported by the Head office in Germany. The job will also include a considerable amount of travelling. good standing and authority and independent working methods and leadership skills is required. Turnover of the group is over USD 100 represent the company´s interests in South-East-Asian countries. -96899-80. Employing Company Profile The employing company is a well-known company doing business with South-East Asia since the 1990s.3. 4.Asia Success Company. ASC .ASC-Waldkirch. www. dynamic and business oriented person with extensive knowledge of the petrochemical industry as well as experience with South-East-Asian Power and Oil & Gas Projects. The Position We are looking for a Sales Manager – who will be situated in Singapore .de . ASC is your contact person. an honest. Fax 0049-6321-96899-90 e-mail: Singapore-Sales-Manager@asc-waldkirch. Employing Company Background: Parent Company The parent group of the employing company is a German company with over 350 employees worldwide. Please send your application in English with CV and salary requirement by e-mail to and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.Sales Manager Singapore 10. It is a market and quality leader in valve design and technology operating with worldwide 3 production facilities and branch offices. Mozartstr. 67434 Neustadt. 0049-6321-96899-98.2013 Page 2 of 4 ASC is a Consulting Company searching for a Sales Manager in Singapore in the name of our German client. Germany . Consequently.

0049-6321-96899-98. Germany Tel. .2013 Page 3 of 4 Responsibilities: • • • • • • • • • • • • • Sales and Marketing for South-East-Asia. www. 67434 Neustadt. 4. Supporting the Procurement Department of the HQ in arranging Meetings with the region`s suppliers ASC . Fax 0049-6321-96899-90 e-mail: Singapore-Sales-Manager@asc-waldkirch.Asia Success Company. Market Data Research and Auditing of potential customers Analyzing and Reporting the competitor situation of the region Continuously building up the network of customers for the company’s products Development and Expansion of Market Share through various Marketing Methods and Promotion Activities Budget Planning of the region`s activities Monitoring and Controlling of the Sales Figures of the region Monthly Reporting to the Sales Manager (Global) in Germany Close Cooperation with and Support of the Sales Manager (Global) Basic Knowledge of Letter of credit (LC) . Warranty Bonds etc. Mozartstr. “region” Operational and Strategic Planning Analyzing the market and carrying out Sales Plan and Strategy according to the yearly target of the region Identification.e.3. i.Sales Manager Singapore 10.ASC-Waldkirch.

The candidate should be of Singaporean nationality or have a work permit for Singapore. 0049-6321-96899-98.ASC-Waldkirch.2013 Page 4 of 4 Requirements: The ideal candidate is 35 to 45 years old and should have a technical background and professional experience ideally in the sales of valves or other piping equipment. Success orientation and Result driven Able to do the Sales Planning and meet the Sales Goals Territory Management of the whole region of South-East-Asian Market Keeping up and expanding existing relationships and do more networking Very good Communication.Sales Manager Singapore 10. www. piping or actuator equipment or a technician with technical service experience Familiar with the petrochemical and gas key customers and experience with Power Projects of the region 100% Salesman .de . Mozartstr. Commitment and high Motivation Clear Understanding of Economics and Calculation in the Sales Area Targeted thinking. 4. Presentation and Negotiation Skills Team Player Perfect English knowledge in word and writing Readiness to travel throughout South-East-Asia Readiness to participate in a job training in Germany • • • • • • • • • • • • • ASC . -96899-80. • Bachelor in Engineering with a minimum of 5 to 7 years professional experience in the Sales of valves. Germany . Fax 0049-6321-96899-90 e-mail: Singapore-Sales-Manager@asc-waldkirch.3.Asia Success Company.with Pioneer and Entrepreneur Spirit Loyalty. 67434 Neustadt. as he/she will be employed under local conditions.