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Headquarters U.S.

Air Force
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Air Force Safety Center RPA Branch
HQ AFSC/SEFQ Lt Col (Maggie) Howard Chief, RPA Branch CNS/ATM Conference June 13 2011

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Air Force Safety Mission

A world class safety organization protecting and preserving Air Force combat capabilities through mishap prevention
Integrity - Service - Excellence

The AF Safety Organization
Air Staff (Pentagon) Air Force Chief of Staff Chief of Safety Deputy Chief of Safety
Support Staff Safety Issues

Field Operating Agency – Air Force Safety Center (Kirtland AFB, NM)

Commander Executive Director
Support Staff Legal

Aviation Safety Resources Human Factors SEFQ/RPA

Ground Safety

Weapons Safety Analysis and Integration

Space Safety

Media, Education and Force Development

Integrity - Service - Excellence

RPA Branch Mission
 

Develop AF RPA Safety policy Support Safety Investigation Board (SIB)

Perform safety studies and risk management assessments in support of National Airspace System (NAS) integration
Develop USAF Ground-based Sense-and-Avoid (GBSAA) safety case template
 

Build safety case for Cannon AFB as Proof of Concept Author RPA risk management for other USAF operating locations

 

Contribute to System Safety Groups Provide RPA education and training
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USAF RPAs are maturing similarly to Manned USAF Fleets
USAF RPA’s historical mishap rates are similar to rates posted by F-22s, F-16s and other USAF aircraft fleets at the same points in their life cycles.

Class A Mishap Rate per 100,000 flight hours

100 F-16 MQ-1 MQ-9 RQ-4 10 F-22

1 100 1,000 10,000 100,000 1,000,000

Cumulative Flight Hours Per Airframe

Integrity - Service - Excellence


Air Force Army Navy Marines SOCOM

RPA DoD Ops Activities
Current and Projected
GH / P Grand Forks AFB S Camp Ripley

Ft Lewis S/W R Portland W/R

McChord (W,R) W/R W/R Limestone Hills

Status Current UAS Activities Future UAS Activities
W/R Mt Washington Ft. Drum P S Rascal Lake Oneida Syracuse Reaper

Arlington, OR SE

RMAX Moffett Ord RMAX

GH Beale AFB

H/S Dugway P / Reaper Creech AFB

W/R Camp Williams T Camp Atterbury S W/R Ft Carson V3 / SE USAFA Pinon R gMAV Laguna H Cochise R Santa Fe P / Reaper Cannon AFB Holloman AFB P / Reaper R Ft Worth S Ft Riley S Ft Knox

Indiantown S A.P,Hill RMAX Kenova W/R

Spyder Lakehurst NAS Pax River GH / B Eustis Vigilante

R/War/Pu Simi

W,R Camp Roberts Irwin W El Mirage

W/R Louisville S W/R Ft Campbell

R A160 Victorville

Patriot War/R/Pu/S

Blackstone S Ft Bragg R

NAS Pt. Mugu GH / B Palmdale GH

29 Palms S/R Camp Pendleton W/R

S Redstone S Camp Shelby

MCAS Cherry Point S War / R B-BAMS GH –Global Hawk H-Hunter P- Predator Pu - Puma-AE R- Raven S-Shadow SE – Scan Eagle T – Tiger Moth V3 - Viking 300 W – Wasp War- Warrior

P Robbins AFB Evens S Camp Blanding W/R

Ladd AAF S Allen AAF S Wainwright S/R Bryant AHP S

Huachuca War

Ft Bliss Hondo

R Ft Polk Woodworth Stennis W/R/Pu

Benning S Wright H Hurlburt Eglin W/R W/R

Greely S

R Kaneohe Bay Wheeler AAF S

Robert Gray H

Ft Hood H

W/R Camp Bullis

Choctaw W/R/Pu/S Sigonella AB, Italy

Okeechobee R W/R Key West Homestead W/R

I n t e g r i t y - S e r v i c e - E x cGermany ellence
GH Andersen AFB, Guam

USAF RPA Activities
Current and Future
Status Current USAF RPA activities Future USAF RPA Activities
GH / P Grand Forks AFB

Fargo P Ellsworth AFB P GH Beale AFB P / Reaper Creech AFB P Nellis AFB P SCLA Victorville Palmdale GH Edwards AFB RPA Test P March AFB P / Reaper Cannon AFB V3 / SE USAFA Syracuse Reaper

P / Reaper Gray Butte/El Mirage

P Whitman AFB

Davis-Monthan AFB P Holloman AFB P / Reaper
P / GH Ellington AFB Hurlburt W / R/ P

Air Force

Eglin W/R/P

GH –Global Hawk P- Predator R- Raven SE – Scan Eagle V3 - Viking 300 W – Wasp

Andersen AFB, Guam GH

Sigonella AB, Italy GH

Integrity - Service - Excellence


GBSAA Current Effort

NAS Integration is a DoD/Air Force focus HAF/A3O is the AF lead for NAS integration and Certificate of Authorizations HAF/A3O developed the Concept of Employment (CONEMP)  Overall proposed operations  Safety case to support CONEMP AFSC/RPA Branch  Supports HAF/A3O  Provide safety, airspace/air traffic, data/research and human factors analysis  Review/comment on CONEMP  Develop operational safety assessment (safety case)  Weekly technical telecons on GBSAA  Participate in RPA System Safety Group
Integrity - Service - Excellence

GBSAA Current Effort Cont.

Expand collaborative/engagement roles with:  RPA Task Force, Air Staff, Major Commands  DoD government services, NTSB, FAA, Department of Homeland Security, Industry, etc.
  

Apply cross-service lessons learned Support standardizing operational procedures. National Airspace System

Integrity - Service - Excellence


GBSAA Safety Case Process

Integrity - Service - Excellence


Cannon GBSAA Current Effort

Integrity - Service - Excellence


  

SEFQ is charged with safe RPA integration in the NAS AF MQ-1, MQ-9 and RQ-4 are currently operating at several U.S locations USAF RPAs are maturing similarly to manned USAF fleets

Integrity - Service - Excellence



Integrity - Service - Excellence