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Traditional astrology depicts Saturn and Mars as malefic planets but the new astrology on a closer reexamination finds these planets highly benefic. Saturn in truth is the Savior and Mars the Messiah of mankind. The shadowy planets, which are correctly described as the nodes of Moon, are also benefic since both are "doubles" of Saturn and Mars. Sun is not a harsh (kroora) planet but is a planet of dignity. It is like a king who, while maintaining his very high station, is still very charitable to his subjects. He presents a semblance of authoritarianism and ruthlessness only to excite fear among the unruly for the purpose of administration and control but the thing most dear to his heart is to do good to the people. Mujadid Alif Sani Sirhindi merits a special mention for revealing the highest Sufi secrets. I am thankful to the publishers for accepting my ideas and giving them shape in print. A being is no being without a future. A person can only thrive if he has a future to look forward to, a destination to reach. Life is worth living if it has a future, bright or otherwise. Can we call a still-born infant a baby, a living, pulsating being? Never The reason is obvious. The stillborn child has a past but no future to live. What is death? It is only an evidence of the fact that inanimate body materials have no future. The living soul has a future which has to Part Company with those elements which have no future. Astrology looks to the future alone. When, instead of looking ahead, we look backwards we notice the past. None can identify the present. The moment that we call 'now' cannot be pinpointed specifically. A novelist or a story-teller is particular about the future course of the events in the story. He cannot leave his story or novel in the middle as Samuel Taylor Coleridge has left a few poems in the middle, especially Kubla Khan. Darwin would not have taken a long course of journey which was perilous and very hard had there been no future about which he was optimistic. The Origin of the Fineries is a fruit, of Darwin's hard labor. than with the 'present' hardships of his voyage of discovery.

Confidence, optimism, courage, fortitude, a strong determination and a forceful will are the positive proof of this concept. In his "Ode to a Skylark", Shelley mused: We look before and after and pine for what is not our sincere laughter with some pain is fraught. There is pain in the remembrance but joy in expectancy. So Shelley is not altogether just in his contention. John Keats said, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever". Joy is not joy if it is not forever, especially the future. We are always worried about our future although we are fascinated by our past. In "Solitary Reaper" Wordsworth comes across a highland country girl who is singing by herself in a lonely field. The poet thinks that she may be singing of "Old unhappy, far off things. And, battles long ago". The old battles which might have caused a lot of bloodshed are remembered nostalgically because ancient is romantic and charming and more thrilling than the present. Future has more often been neglected and nobody bothers about it except astrologers and astrology. FUNDAMENTALS OF ASTROLOGY

Astrology has been variously defined. It is described as an art as well as a science, but never a philosophy. In truth astrology is a philosophy of life. You can make or mar your life by the study of stars. When leaders like Adolf Hitler utilized the services of astrologers for the sake of waging war on enemies how can we isolate astrology from philosophical studies? In ancient times no branch of knowledge was separate from philosophy. Let us synthesize all knowledge and accept that astrology is science, art and philosophy rolled into one. At least astrology is closely linked with psychology which is considered to be a part of philosophy in modern times. In colleges, psychology is one of the three subjects that come under philosophy, the other two being ethics and logic. The delineation of astrological signs ('rashis') is chiefly based upon psychology, human as well as animal. Aries is represented by the arm and stands for energy, force, intelligence, pioneering ability, selfcenteredness, pride, commanding abilities, etc. Taurus is represented by the bull and stands for agriculture, refinement in taste, a happy person, a dedicated servant, a great lover, a religious, virtuous and kind-hearted man or woman with qualities of patience and love of peace. He or she is an expert in household affairs. Friendship with the opposite sex. He or she is intelligent and a voracious reader, with a taste for many subjects of study. A Geminian is an experimenter or empiricist by nature. He knows about medicines and, having used them, knows their precise effects. He is interested in arts, science and philosophy. He is moved by pathetic tales. Cancer, represented by a crab, stands for sensitivity, goodness, love of humanity and milk of human kindness. The Cancer-born is charming and delicate but persistent in studies and the task he undertakes. Leo is represented by the lion and is indicative of benevolent dictatorship and a courageous, dedicated and faithful person, kind but cruel when in extreme anger. Pride is the hallmark of the Leoborn. He cares not to stoop low. He loves but he will not lower his dignity to please his beloved with whatever she demands. In other words, he is not appeasing in contrast to Libra, a sign in which the sun is debilitated, which stands for appeasement and surrendering to the whims and moods of the beloved. Leo represents a heart full of kindness and dignity. A Leo woman is like a Queen, full of dignity and love. Virgo is represented by a virgin and stands for work and dedication inherent in the performance of duty. A Virgoan is a hardworking person who cares not much for reward but finds joy in the performance of his duty. For him virtue is its own reward. He or she is an expert in household work, is shy, good-looking, tall and smart but not over smart. Virgo represents the ability for synthesis. He is noble and less talkative than a Geminian who loves gossips. He might have a tendency to limp. He is precise, clear and avoids confusion and tyranny of words. He is prone to stomach troubles. He loves to study medicine, ayurvedic in particular.

Libra is represented by scales and stands for balance, judicious nature; a Libran is a judge by choice, an advocate and a champion of justice. He or she is appeasing, good-natured but a dictator at heart. If you do not want to maintain peace with him, or change the arrangement contrary to his taste, you are in for his wrath. A Libran cares much more for beauty and cleanliness than even a Virgoan. You cannot expect lack of decorum, culture, cleanliness and order when you visit his or her house. A beautician by nature, a Libran woman excels in home decoration even though she is not an expert in cooking as is a Virgoan. A Taurus woman is more dexterous but less refined than a Libran woman. A Libran man or woman loves love and hates hate. Scorpio is represented by a scorpion and stands for peevishness, a feeling of regret or injury received in the past. Scorpio-born has a magnetic and a very charming personality. He is energetic, truthful, blunt, egoistic, proud conqueror, the best friend and the worst enemy. He will sacrifice everything for his or her friend. He has deep thoughts, leaning to bolder philosophies, is excited by the stories of heroism and martyrdom and has imperial and majestic outlook. Sagittarius is represented by a bow and stands for concentration. A Sagittarian loves long walks, has untiring energy for the work that engrosses him, is easy going, carefree, boisterous, cheerful but angry when provoked; he has love for strangeness and novelty, loves to gamble and be happy and cheerful with a glass of wine. But a religious-minded or a thoughtful Sagittarian hates gambling and liquor. Meditation, yoga and thoughts and practices like Zen ism appeal to him. He is interested in Sufism and old religious cults, including the occult. A Scorpio person loves astrology and the occult which explains the hidden phenomena but a Sagittarian loves occult for its strangeness and mysteriousness. He or she is a researcher. Capricorn is represented by a goat climbing a hill and stands for ambition, progress and advancement. A Capricornian is a hardworking and a silent and sober person, but cannot work without a desire for the fruit. The fruit, in fact, is very important to him. He is just like a doctor who is interested in a handsome amount as fee for the service rendered to a patient. He is sociable, cultured and has association with persons belonging to higher echelons of society. He boasts of having connections with rajas and maharajas. He can wait patiently for the rewards and fruits of his action. He is diligent, honest and true to his superiors. As subordinate he is faithful and as a boss he command; respect and obedience from his juniors. Aquarius is represented by a man carrying a pitcher of water. He believes in human brotherhood, a virtuous and noble life. He is balanced, intelligent and has scientific bent of mind, is a wonderful student of psychology and other psychic sciences. He does not have anybody. He believes in equality and fraternity. He is the least jovial person not aspiring for high positions, and he seldom achieves them. He is pro-labor and has a soft corner for manual workers. He waits for a chance to reward hardworking and honest servants and workers. Pisces is represented by two fish moving in opposite directions and stands for a peaceful and sympathetic person. Pisces-born is very firm in his conviction. 1 Piscean woman is beautiful, has eyes as if half asleep and is thrilling to talk with. He or she is moved be pathetic stories and has a fine taste for mystic poetry and is fond of reciting classical poetical works. In order to match with the intrinsic and ecstatic state of poetry Piscean might take to liquor. He should restrict to a few drinks to cheer himself but not transgress the limit. He is happy-go-lucky but is silent, least boisterous; he is fun loving but keeps a semblance of sobriety. A true Pisceai is hard to find in this world of getting and spending Swami Ram Tirtha was a true Piscean and so was Rabindranath Tagore. Both had Pisces ascendants.


Before the outbreak of the Mahabharata war, Lord Krishna, as an emissary of the Pandavas, went to the Kauravas to persuade Duryodhana to give just five villages to the Pandavas so that the impending clouds of war could be blown away, but Duryodhana was not ready to give even a single village. He was adamant, arrogant, self-willed and unrepentant. He did not care about peace and harmony. In a word, he was just the opposite of Lord Krishna, the apostle of peace. Saturn's role is the same, i.e., to bring peace to the two parties that are in strife. Saturn is exalted in the sign of Libra, known for peace,

In other words. to be precise. the Gita. and the charitable disposition of helping the poor and the downtrodden should be cultivated. known for pride. is rich with spiritual possessions. Lord Rama and Lord Krishna had Saturn in the angular positions in the fourth and the first houses. it is not yet too late to start cultivating the habit of thinking before action. the Quran. Lord Krishna took the side of the Pandavas and gave to Arjuna the celestial counsel known the world over as the divine message of the Gita. as it was for Lord Krishna after all his efforts for peace had failed. They are. Saturn becomes malefic when its influence is rejected. So a man who is not interested in self-transformation and change for the better is negating or cancelling the influence of Mars in his life. Thus. The man who distributes wealth to the poor and professes the path of poverty can never be termed poor. Paramahamsa Ramakrishna had Aquarius ascendant. To him prosperity means lack of cares. This shows that Saturn is highly benefic and only when its influence is negated or cancelled. the person who considers saints to be beggars is mistaken and needs to be corrected. All those who suffer mentally and physically and blame it on the influence of Saturn are wrong. A goat climbing a hill is the sign of Capricorn. and even a century ago. One who is a harbinger of prosperity to others can never be called a poor man. nearly all the saints knew alchemy by which they could produce gold but they still preferred to live in poverty. taking the side of dharma and peace. While Jupiter does not issue a warning before adverse events take place. The planet is debilitated in the Aries sign. suffering because Saturn's influence is not felt by them and they have made efforts to cancel it. Aquarius men are not very rich but neither poor. and selfishness. Lord Krishna had Saturn in his ascendant along with Moon. respectively. A person under the benefic influence of Saturn thinks before he acts. All saints and all great friends of mankind had Saturn in a prominent position in their birth charts. MARS—THE GOLDEN PLANET You can easily spot a man or a woman who is under the influence of Mars. Saturn bestows prosperity and happiness provided its influences are not deliberately rejected. if you want to feel the benefic influence of Saturn. The person who lets the influence of the planet Mars enter his life loves transformation or ascent to a higher life. therefore. bad days start taking shape. in which sign Mars is exalted. (While Surdasji says exalted Saturn was in 6th with Venus) He shaped his life true to the impact of Saturn while Duryodhana rejected it. truth and order its role is as benefic as that of Lord Krishna for promoting peace and harmony. So. Duryodhana rejected the influence of Saturn by moving in the opposite direction whereby he nullified or cancelled the influence. Saturn is not so ruthless. Their way of life is the outcome noted not of the impact of Saturn but of their own will. Guru Nanak had Saturn in the tenth position in the Taurus sign. To have the full benefic influence of Saturn one should make one self open to the thoughts of peace and harmony. The love of mankind should replace the hate of mankind. It is when its warnings are not heeded that bad effects start.harmony and love of mankind. The true son of Mars likes the change in him-self as well as in others. egoism. they bless others with prosperity and affluence. and he who thinks after he acts is not worthy of Saturn's influence. the Bible. or a book on the subject of self-improvement. Sir Winston Churchill had . He or she will be reading a scripture. A saint. In ancient times. The averment that the saints live in poverty is wrong. But Duryodhana defeated the very purpose of Lord Krishna who wanted to heal the wounds of the two families of cousins. Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya vied with kings in spending lavishly to feed the poor and the saints. War should be the last resort. Saturn takes the side of dharma. They love to live the life of the poor and deliberately spurn prosperity which comes their ways rather. Persons who have Capricorn in ascendant are elevated in position and are high government officials and are prosperous. Saturn represents the golden age or the harvest time when all farmers are happy with their produce.

as did Nadir Shah and Chenghiz Khan. A warrior. Mars. if he is not a savior of mankind. in fact. A true son of Mars acts for the sake of perfection or to please God. He was a very learned man and a great warrior. violence against violence and strife against strife. Mars does not want to destroy men but to bring about in them a transformation and a change for the better. both conjoin to produce a highly noble person. He could brave the icy cold atmosphere and used to walk barefoot on the snow. a Saturn sign. In Guru Nanak's horoscope. They should be detached in their lives and should learn the secret of detachment and self-sacrifice. therefore. Alexander the Great had Aries. It is the planet of peace at all costs. Saturn is placed in . he died early. Hitler who put thousands and thousands of people in danger and indulged in the slaughter of innocent Jews. he could have saved himself as he was a man of miracles and he had saved Martha's brother.Scorpio in ascendant. Mars is aspecting from its fourthhouse position in the Scorpio sign and Saturn is placed in the Taurus sign in the tenth house. and abhors a whimsical action. Mars believes in war against war. Britain would have been wiped out from the face of the earth. pride. one is acting as a son of Mars. Sir Winston acted on behalf of a nation whereas Hilter acted to satisfy his own whims. Guru Nanak was a saint of extraordinary powers of thought and action. Mars plunges headlong into war when all efforts at maintaining peace fail. In fact. identical with the Pisces sign. In a battle he fought very bravely and saved his friend from a great danger. national as well as international. She was not only a great strategist but a very courageous person as well. Winston Churchill. He gave V as the sign of victory to the panic-stricken nation. cancelled the influence of Mars in their lives. It. represents devotion to God and doing His will. but recommended his friend's name for a reward. Lazarus. Wisdom that mankind has inherited is because of the good influences of Saturn. as is generally assumed. She was a true votary of Mars. and it is because of that he could cast a spell upon others by his flute. as Arjun was taught by Lord Krishna. Mars in the Scorpio sign bestows a highly magnetic personality and Saturn in the Taurus sign bestows a very charming musical voice. Mercury and Jupiter have no potential to produce such remarkable qualities in a man like Socrates. He was a true savior of mankind and a healer of the wounds of people. in ascendant. Guru Nanak had Mars in the Scorpio sign in the fourth house. The holy scriptures teach people to act as saviors of mankind and truth or dharma. He took the reins of the British government during a crisis. They. on her entreaty. He transformed evil men like Sajjan. Mars is a friend of the good and an enemy of the evil. Had Sir Winston adopted the attitude of the Buddha and refused to engage the British forces in the world war in their defensive role. When Arjuna entered the field of battle he saw his kin and "gurus" in the enemy camp and refused to fight. it is clearly established that Mars and Saturn. Saturn provided the highest type of wisdom and humility. Both Saturn and Mars could help Socrates in such a big achievement. one is rejecting the influences of Mars on one's life. which represents personal likes and dislikes. Socrates was a profound thinker as well as a great warrior. In Emperor Akbar's birth chart. Maharani Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi took to arms to defend the prestige and pride of her motherland and protect her subjects from the British who had adopted the path of destruction. exalted in Capricorn. Mars is debilitated in the sign of Cancer. But his warlike nature and combative qualities were devoted to his own glory and not to the welfare of mankind. ruled by Mars. and when not doing so or acting on one's whims. Maharani Jhansi had Saturn in the Libra sign in ascendant with Mars having an eighth-house aspect upon Saturn from the sixth house. is a slave of his caprices. or Nadir Shah or Chenghiz Khan who put to sword innocent people were not the sons of Mars. envy. Guru Gobind Singh and others. and so were Shivaji/Maharana Pratap. Lord Krishna came to his rescue and enjoined him to give up his whims and take to the true path of a warrior and a savior. Jesus died on the cross to do the will of God as against his own will. Mars is not the god of war and strife. As Mars is exalted in Capricorn. Selfishness. Mars gave courage and a sense of self-sacrifice. Those who believe that they are suffering on account of Mars should change their mental attitudes and start doing the will of God and work for self-improvement. jealousy and revengeful thoughts should be given up at once. a thug. Nelson. Lord Krishna too had Saturn in the Taurus sign. follows that when one is doing the will of God.

in truth. When a man or a woman is acting on his or her whims and not caring for social order. the first Governor-General of Pakistan and the founder of that nation. They have. he was one of the noblest men on earth. and Mars was placed in the fourth house in Capricorn. which is a . who thought before acting and not afterwards. more appropriately. In Shivaji's horoscope Saturn was placed in exalted position in the third house of effort (parakrama) and it was placed in the fifth house in Morarji Desai's horoscope. Lord Krishna. Lord Jesus Christ. To them the discipline of Saturn appears dictatorial. identical with Libra ascendant. "The British lost the best ally and India gained a colorful legend". Prasad was the first President of India. It is Lord Krishna who taught him to act in order to do the will of God. it meant that Akbar was a man with a computer memory and extraordinary intelligence and wisdom. being highly benefic. It is a trait of Saturn to listen to the good advice of others and when this is not so it is clear that Saturn's effects are missing. Mahatma Gandhi had Mars in his first house in the Libra sign and Saturn in the second house in the Scorpio sign. elevated Dr. Mars was placed in the first house along with Mercury in Sagittarius ascendant and Saturn was placed in the Gemini sign in the seventh house. Saturn and Mars were not responsible for her defeat in Gwalior and her death at the hands of her enemy. When Saturn and Mars allegedly cause sufferings the upaya (remedial measure) is charity to the poor. he disliked hatred and. oppressive and even repulsive. Strange to say. but the caprices and whims render it weak. it is incontrovertible to describe Mars as a representative of perfection in action and Saturn as representative of perfection in thought which. He was a man of great vision. Dr. The sincerity and goodwill of Cancer makes Mars a yogakarka. representing a very thoughtful and highly intelligent person and a good strategist. cancelled and nullified the beneficial effects of Saturn. Saturn and Rahu are placed in Aquarius ascendant identical with the first house. Lord Rama. Rajendra Prasad's horoscope. commanded great respect and was loved by his countrymen for his noble nature. Sir Hugh Rose called her invincible.ascendant in the Libra sign. he was called the Father of the Nation. In Emperor Akbar's horoscope Saturn was placed in exaltation in the first house. They have never bothered for the well-being of others. Rahu also is an indicator of Saturn. In Dr. In Dilip Kumar's horoscope Mars is placed in the Libra sign in the seventh house. and rejecting the counsel and advice of their superiors and the wise. therefore. This shows that Mars and Saturn. Charity to the poor is itself a trait of Saturn. helping hand to the poor. Those who have caught some disease allegedly during the timing ("dasha") of Saturn have been invariably found to be self-willed. Still. Thus. Those who have been allegedly suffering on account of Mars are men of strong likes and dislikes. a man or a woman is the best friend of humanity with an open. ethics. He fought a war against wars. it made her a top-notch singer and internationally known for her nightingale voice. A British brigadier wrote about her. In Aquarius ascendant. Prasad to the supreme position. implying thereby that Saturn was very powerfully placed in Quaid-eAzam's horoscope. In the horoscope of Mohammad Ali Jinnah. establishing the fact that Saturn and Mars are most auspicious and beneficial planets. Arjun acted on his whims and threw the Gandiva on the battlefield. This planet raised him to great heights because he was fired with an ambition to excel. Even her main rival. Shivaji also fought bravely to establish peace in the trouble-torn country. Many an original thinker and revolutionary new author have Jupiter placed in Capricorn. dharma or God's will he or she is not cooperating with Mars and is cancelling its effects. She was generous to a fault. is a balance in thought that avoids the two extremes. They made her a noble person with a glorious record. In Lata Mangeshkar's horoscope Saturn is placed in the seventh house in Scorpio (a Mars sign). The Maharani of Jhansi distributed articles of luxury among her soldiers when she was locked in the battle at Gwalior. Those with Saturn and Mars in their Horoscopes are basically men of peace. Prophet Mohammad and other saviors of mankind had Saturn and Mars prominently placed in their horoscopes. and lack in charitable disposition. As mentioned eelier she had Saturn prominently placed in the first house. The sign of Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn represents ascent (a goat climbing a hill). Mars is debilitated in the Cancer sign but it is a "yogakarka" for the Cancer ascendant. arrogant.

Picasso were fired with the ambition of excelling in their lives. A person with Jupiter in Capricorn is an iconoclast and an original thinker." Socrates used to spend nights together in contemplation of higher truths. Extremism is inimical to Saturn's nature by its exaltation in the Libra sign denoting balance. His words and action cast a magnetic spell on others since Scorpio bestows magnetism. while Jupiter in the Cancer sign represents one clinging to the past and not accepting a new change in thought processes. Mars and Saturn are well-adjusted in their influences. An active man or a man of action needs philosophy whereas a philosopher needs patience and peace to discover higher philosophic truth. His attitude was scientific as well as oriental. Leonarda da Vinci. It is very difficult to tell a philosopher. In Dr. It is against long hours of sleep. James Allen. Even Adam disobeyed God's command. Criminals are invariably poor thinkers who act according to their whims and on the spur of the moment. which in turn represents traditional wisdom. Hence the golden rule is "to think before you leap". a Saturn sign. In Lokmanya Tilak's birth chart. A man of thought and a man of action do not agree but still thought is the guiding force. Venus in Virgo indicates synthesis (samanvaya) of emotion and intelligence in the subject. and also too much of wakefulness. In his "Gita Rahasya" he laid stress on action or karma yoga. not of analysis and synthesis but of comparative nature. like a bohemian. A person with a powerful Saturn is well placed in thought. Nehru and Tilak had Cancer ascendant while Sardar Patel was born in the Aries sign. good and useful. Nadir Shah or Chenghiz Khan paid scant attention to the scriptural teaching. but if his Mars is weak he cannot make a mark in life. and is against too much of fasting or too much of eating. Hitler made a mockery of philosophy. He was very balanced in nature. A strong Mars and a weak Saturn and a strong Saturn and a weak Mars cause havoc. of Mars and Saturn. One who acts thoughtfully is a balanced man. So is the case with a strong Mars and a weak Saturn. Mars was placed in the fifth house in the Scorpio sign. Man is experimentalist by nature and he wants to learn after taking an extreme path. neither very emotional nor logical to the extreme. Vincent Peele. There is quick action but no good results because the power of thought is missing. identical with his ascendant. Frederick .debilitating point of Jupiter. Active thought is an absurdity since a thought is always well reasoned and balanced. using strategy and diplomacy. and if you are leaping before you think you are cancelling the effects. Radhakrishnan's horoscope Venus was placed in the Virgo sign. Their influence should be well balanced. His was a very sober and sophisticated nature and his mental disposition was one of respecting the tradition without disparaging the modern trends. He was called the Iron Man of India and it was he who made India strong and united and abolished princely rule in India. Swet Marden. The Bhagavad Gita lays stress on adopting the middle path and avoiding the two extremes. appreciative of the past glory of India. The Bhagavad Gita has even advocated a regimen of even a balanced diet. Mercury in the Pisces sign represents intelligence. One may ask why Saturn is debilitated in Aries. a sign of Mars. a beacon for an active person. The reason apparently is that an action needs the support of thought while an active thought is a nonentity. While Nehru and Tilak were loved by the masses for their loving and kind nature. One who is not interested in self-improvement. The only thing that mattered most to him was to see the good of India and raise its glory to greater heights. Michael Angelo. He can explain it in an exhaustive manner. gives himself to low thoughts of enjoyments of the pleasures of life. Dale Carnegie. showing extraordinary practical knowledge. Hilter. This is because Mars is exalted in Capricorn. "You are given 15 minutes to think and speak. Those who have brought havoc in the world have indulged in extremes. It is very difficult for a man with Mercury in Pisces to make a summary of his subject. Sardar Patel was respected for his energetic actions RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MARS & SATURN Saturn is thought and Mars is action and the two are aligned in a very harmonious manner. In Sardar Patel's birth chart Saturn and Mars were placed together in the tenth house in the Capricorn sign. In the horoscope of great men. So all diseased persons violate this golden rule. An action cannot be performed unless it is backed by thought.

If Jupiter is in the Aries sign it implies that the person delights in forcing his will upon others or in pioneering and original ideas. "Are we not Africans?" HOW PLANETS GET INFLUENCED Every planet is a trinity of an ownership sign as well as an exaltation sign. keeps men and women healthy. and Alexis Carrel have written beautiful books to elevate men and women to great mental and spiritual heights. He delights in attracting persons of the opposite sex. which rules personal whims and strong likes and dislikes. The balance in three elements. Sagittarius. one can also influence others by one's disposition to work in harmony (Libra). Mars had been in the sign of caution and perfection for a month from around January 16 to February 16 in that year. An accident. Keats lived on the earth. Cancer. If one is soft-spoken and attracts others by the power of sweet tongue. The country was torn in two parts. and peace was totally absent. The two communities. were predominant. and created beauty by touching upon earthly topics. If Jupiter is placed in one of the three signs. Lord Krishna had Taurus in ascendant because he came to . The virtues of balance. Hindus and Muslims blame the British for dividing them but they are wrong in their contention as the British failed in their mission of dividing the Africans. Jupiter. identical with the Libra sign. diseases appear. became blood-thirsty. vat (wind). Extremism and emotional sentiments ruled by the watery sign.. rest and peace after doing a day's work (Pisces). but the three retorted. Love is also excited by dreamy disposition and projecting dreams of happiness and joy to others. which could not live in isolation in the past and cannot do so in the future. This shows he was a true son of Taurus. picnics and spends time on tours and travels (Sagittarius). Jesus Christ had Libra in ascendant because he came to establish peace on the earth. i. and not in the above three signs.e. They told pagans that they were different from the Muslims and the Muslims that they were unlike Christians. it may imply that he gets happiness by using his magnetic forces of personal attraction. equanimity and peace. for instance. The question was not of man (an Aquarius trait which sees man as man) but of a member of a community. Again. or he is well-versed in accounts and commercial subjects because caution is essential for this line. It may imply that the particular person derives happiness from philosophizing. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces signs and is exalted in Pisces sign. Jupiter in the Capricorn sign. the very sign of its occupation gets more emphasis. India and Pakistan. for instance. When this balance is disturbed. and it never was seen in the same sign during the period of rioting and inhuman deeds of violence. One can be happy if one has a sound sleep. Venus stands for love and wins the hearts of others. suppose Jupiter is placed in the Scorpio sign. Take.e. Saturn and Mars had become too ineffective to do anything good as people tried to lower themselves in deeds and thoughts. Man had lost reason. in truth. He touched strange topics and was rebellious. Jupiter stands for happiness. a violent deed and rioting are not caused by Mars but by the absence of its influence. Poet Shelley soared in skies.Bailes. One can gain happiness if one is free from care and tension. pitta (heat) and kaff (cough). take. Thus there is a trinity of the Sagittarius-Pisces-Cancer signs in the planet Jupiter. i. During the whole of the year 1947 Saturn was placed in the Cancer sign. This shows that he was true to his ascendant. true votaries of Mars. One can be happy if one undertakes a good number of trips. Diseases are most caused by overeating and lack of proper exercise. a Cancer trait. Suppose Jupiter is placed in the Cancer sign. Venus has Taurus-Libra-Pisces trinity.. But suppose Jupiter is placed in other signs. when Mars becomes too weak to influence the lives of people. They are. were absent. and has faith in the goodness of others (Cancer). It implies happy trips and travels and sleep and rest. The subject gets happier because of his carefree disposition and acceptance of the quality of intrinsic goodness in each man and woman.

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa had Aquarius as ascendant with Saturn placed in the Libra sign in the ninth house. Since metrical rules are essential in poetry. and had love and compassion even for his servants. yet it is a yogakarka for the Cancer ascendant. A yogakarka planet is very powerful in a horoscope. When Venus and Mercury combine. so in astrology it is to delineate the characteristics of a person with precision and accuracy. He had no dreams of spreading his divine knowledge. motion. Saturn in the Leo sign in the second house. because the scientist puts his knowledge to practical use. Mars. Lord Rama came to spread the healing power of being sensitive to others' sufferings and. Swami Vivekananda had Sagittarius ascendant. atom. He was a true follower of the Mahatma. made him a thinker and a philosopher. PLANETS AND THE ASCENDANT The ascendant plays a very big role in a horoscope. and possessed at the same time dignity and decorum. space and time. merely to satisfy his academic thirst for knowledge as that of a philosopher. light. Where Jupiter and Mercury combine. Just as in homoeopathy it is difficult to ascertain the exact symptoms of a disease. His is not only a theoretical interest. But to a sensitive man with persistence and perseverance of a Cancer-born subject. Pundit Nehru had Moon in the Cancer sign in the first house identical with his ascendant. This combination will be indicated in the following words: "You have a magnetic and forceful personality. His Master. implying thereby that aesthetics or love of beauty and intelligence together can create poetry. It was his disciple who spread the gospel and his Master's divine message. as applied subjects. a man or a woman with Moon well-placed in his natal chart is a true disciple of his or her Master. will be very favorable in bestowing gifts. Mars in the third house aspecting the tenth also enabled him to hold the highest office. He was a great humanist. Sun. and you are also a wise and practically intelligent man with deep interest in science and occult subjects. the Father of the Nation. Once the true qualities of a planet and the sign are known. A philosopher may study electronics but may not create electronic gadgets as does a scientist. The royal planet. you are interested in ultra mundane affairs and you want to attain moksha or liberation through harmony. He studies the natural phenomena. aspecting Sun in the fifth. He hobnobbed with important personages of the world. in the fifth house in the Scorpio sign made him appear an ill-tempered man though he was essentially very mild. A planet expresses itself in a particular house with a modification according to the sign in the other houses. the indication is that of a scientist. say electronics. A technician must have Mercury and Mars conjoined because intelligence and knowledge of mechanics are both essential for a technical man. the God of work and energy (shakti). Kennedy and others. As a matter of fact." A man of science or a scientist is a practical philosopher. diplomacy and intelligence are indicated. but not a prophet. This combination in the horoscope of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in the Libra sign in the fourth house made him India's first Prime Minister. Although Mars is debilitated in the Cancer sign. The difference in . The juxtaposition of the effects of the combined planets is rather an engaging task. He was just like a prince and was known before 1947 as the "uncrowned king of India". peace and love. Many a poet has Venus and Mercury in the same house.spread divine music in the world. therefore. it is difficult to write verse without the knowledge of prosody. an unlettered "rishi". John F. he had Cancer in ascendant. many saints and sages have Cancer in ascendant because they reflect the beauty and glory of their Master or Maker. like Mountbatten. it becomes easy to make correct predictions. Nasser. As Moon is the reflector of Sun. The reason is apparent: an action should be quick but the wavering mind of Cancer-born will find it hard to make a quick decision. Suppose you have Scorpio in ascendant with Mars in the Libra sign in the twelfth house and you have Jupiter and Mercury placed in the first house. He was a prophet and a dreamer of golden thoughts.

self-discipline. respectively. and ameliorating the lot of others come under the ruler ship of Mars. the influence of Mars. ruling hard work. In Ramakrishan Paramahamsa's natal chart Saturn. Since strategy and diplomacy are very significant in guiding the destinies of monarch's. ornaments and love. he experimented with all world religions and discovered the truth in each one of them. Venus rules ornaments. force. give intelligence. energy. it is also concerned with mechanism. is placed in exaltation in the fifth house of creative activities. professions. wisdom. it cures others also. placed along with Jupiter in the Cancer sign in his fifth house. . Sun and Moon are rulers of gold and silver. and control upon evil tendencies leaves no room for fatalism. there is no scope for fatalism. The man under the influence of Saturn and Mars with his belief in fatalism creates many problems in his life. kings and queens mostly have Libra ascendant. they come under the dominion of Mars. but the Queen of England. Aurobindo Ghose was a revolutionary before he started his spiritual quest. There is as much free will in life as there is bondage. struggle and. Similar has been the case with other holy persons. The very stars that made Asoka indulge in violence in the Kalinga war. and the changed outlook tempers the influences of the stars in guiding our destiny. similarly. Nirvana. Therefore generally. Akbar. India's Presidents were not generally born in Libra ascendant (Dr Rajendra Prasad had Sagittarius ascendant. A man has a number of activities in his life but the most significant is the one by which his whole life's concern becomes evident. we could have ascribed to them all events and traits. self-discipline. dedication to duty. Saturn. Aries). perfection. stationery. making him a man of great courage that conquered a large portion of the world and travelled a lot. In Tagore's horoscope Jupiter. musicians. for instance. since she had nothing to do with politics and strategy. richness. In Alexander's natal chart Aries' ascendant lord. Venus is. computers. actors and actresses. moksha. Mercury. Dr. mathemetical and technical abilities. The ancient people were fatalists but the modern man believes that man influences stars as much as the stars influence him. All modern trades. our lives also influence the effect of changes in outlook. In matrimonial relationship Mercury is concerned with sensual delights.ascendants made the two holy persons different in outlook. Mars and Saturn. and with accountancy. It is the final shape that defines the characteristics of a planet. Jupiter governs scriptures and the priests. is placed in the ninth house of religion. the lord of ascendant. singers. are used by scholars and students. Just as in homoeopathy a medicine is not related to a single disease. underwent a change in influencing his life. changed their course in shaping his destiny simply because his own influence and transformation brought about a change in the course of the stars. so in astrology a planet has not only one role to perform. marriages are solemnised during the Mercury dasha or antardasha. Other planets only control various shades of the gifts. was not born with Libra in the ascendant. with his transformation under the influence of Buddhism. Since persistence. luxuries. energy. lord of the ascendant. station in life. Mercury shows professional skills. While stars influence our lives. As armaments are used by warriors.. at the same time. concentration. is placed in the third house of journeys and effort (parakrama). technical or otherwise. the desire for self-improvement. As ornaments are worn by women. struggle. Saturn and Mars. Venus rules artists. self-sacrifice. both. scholarship. luxuries. opulence. Mars is concerned with war. Radhakrishnan Virgo. power. they are ruled by Mercury. concerned with software. splendor. As books. efforts. are ruled by these two planets THE IMPORTANCE OF ASCENDANT The placement of the ascendant lord in a particular house defines the whole range of activities of the person concerned. Shah Jehan and the Maharani of Jhansi had Libra in ascendant. Had there been only two planets. Naturally. Mars. poets. is concerned with practical intelligence. etc. rise in profession and even kingship. As strategy was not required of them. knowledge of accountancy. and Giani Zail Singh. Saturn and Mars rule the entire domain of man's life and not much is left to be ruled by other planets. etc. but ornaments come under the domain of Venus.

and (3) the field of understanding. all planets will turn out to be good. It will be really a golden age if man imbibed in himself the qualities of the Aquarius sign. they would not have seen the sun setting on their empire If a person transgresses the limits of Saturn and Mars he is faced with problems. who are ruled by the Aries sign. to promote these happy ties. whose lord Mars is exalted in India's Capricorn sign. Mars gives wealth. They avoid the path of extremism. administration. believed in harmonious relations between Hindus and Muslims and even married Jodha Bai. Saturn is a yogakarka for Taurus and Libra ascendants. It is essential to learn what the true import of wisdom is. which believes in perfection in action. The British. The tenth house rules material position. a few wants and a middle path. This shows that if man is full of humanism and is charitable by disposition and believes in human brotherhood. Capricorn is identical with the tenth house of the kalpurusha. This sign is ruled by Saturn. but if he is a strict follower of the advice he receives from the wise. The lord of the eleventh house. A disciplined life is based on self-control. 'The price of wisdom is above rubies. the word 'restriction' cannot suggest anything malefic in nature. one has to acquire wisdom at one's own expense and experience. Again. The purpose of his carrying the pitcher of water is not for his needs but to quench the thirst of others. prosperity and good luck throughout. This dastardly act was later deplored by the saner elements in Britain. were very powerful rulers of India. and true wisdom is a trait of a man of Saturn throughout the world. . But a close examination of the concepts of beauty and joy will reveal that Venus and Jupiter are not truly linked with beauty and joy as is generally thought. career. It manifests itself in friendship just as well as in folly. health. social position and even kingship. The sign of Aquarius shows a man carrying a pitcher of water on his head. just as Queen Victoria had done. There is clear evidence of the fact that Saturn is highly benefic because the houses it rules in the kalpurusha bring happiness and prosperity. Rioting. The USSR made remarkable progress as it was ruled by the Aquarius sign but it showed a decline when Russian leaders abandoned their own colors and traits and moved closer to the USA ruled by the Gemini sign. graceful personality and good status in life. We find delight in separatist tendencies and in taking the course of extremism SATURN RULES WISDOM Saturn is identified with wisdom. name and fame. is Saturn. accidents and violence. status. The Jallianwalla massacre is inimical to the very nature of Mars. People having these ascendants are balanced in nature and never go to extremes. a noted mystical philosopher who has made an extensive study of the Biblical literature. (2) the field of judicious activity." Wisdom presents three fields of human powers or faculties: (1) the field of knowledge. The very fact that we are not in tune with the planet explains why we suffer. Therefore.Almost all planets are highly benefic in the eleventh house. violence. The traditional astrology links Saturn with restrictions and contractions. Saturn too gives wealth. In the words of Jason James. who had Libra ascendant. which is the Aquarius sign of the kalpurusha (with Aries in the ascendant). a Rajput princess. cruelty and other inhuman activities are due to the fact that man has not acquired humanism. he enjoys success. Mars and Saturn give very good results. Had they followed the middle path and cared for the well being of their subjects. In traditional astrology. Mars is concerned with beauty and joy although it is paradoxical when we link Mars with the concepts of beauty and joy. Venus deals with beauty and love while Jupiter is mainly concerned with joy. But when they moved to extremes and transgressed the limits of Mars they lost the empire. sound health. mistaking a friend for a foe and vice versa. No one can make another person wise. The concept of sade-satti (seven and a half years of trouble) and dhaiya (two and a half years of trouble) is also not an exception to this rule. peace and love. It needs healthier mind for greater wisdom. as Akbar the great. diseases.

It awakens need. Whereas knowledge tells what to do. both in man and animal. And then at the appointed time. it acts for the 'Present'. Wisdom of Expediency This aspect of wisdom enforces living by the law of expediency. it operates on instinct to care for its young. Wisdom of Profession This type of wisdom displays quickness of invention and dexterity in the execution of work. It displays discretion or prudence which enables men to choose a course of action in a given situation. It employs godliness and ungodliness as its means to an end as required." It reasons the purpose of life. For without the present there can neither be past nor future. and what 'was' is. An ostrich does not have instinctive love for its young. institutes search for facilities. It is a feature common to the spiritual life or the natural life. what 'is' and 'was' shall be. By the negative experiences. it caters for the independent living of the young. Each person demonstrates himself or herself. Demonstrative Wisdom Demonstrative wisdom displays the truth by its demonstrative evidence. Man is Man. regardless of the intellectual caliber. Being a gift from Providence. It recognizes that birth of the great and of the lowly confers only the right to inheritance. It lends significance to the 'present' as the demonstrative evidence of the eternal. It utilizes life energy in the most convenient and beneficial manner. It helps in industry. Motherhood operates not by the moral laws or social codes or traditions. to the past or future experiences or effects. the value of the positive is ascertained. one cannot escape one's inevitable future which the present predicts. God is God. The expenditure of energy is manifested in manual labor and skill. Wisdom of Perseverance Falls and failures are essential for life even as is the success and rise. It defines 'is'. For his natural life. and because one has present. and Known is Known. Unknown is Unknown. Should man live to eat. It presents a class of society wherein some people appear godly one day and most ungodly the next. it is common to life in man and animal kingdom. his natural gifts and faculties. in self-protection. It portrays what 'is' was. seeks avenues for availability and inaugurates study for application. It has no reference to the spiritual laws of good and evil. The fear of the Lord is wisdom. Spiritual Wisdom Spiritual wisdom occupies itself with the future prospects of life. in hostile and adverse circumstances and in procurement of the justified needs and necessities from the natural elemental sources. good or evil. "Let there be light". Instinctive Wisdom The Divine pleasure has gifted life with instinctive wisdom to care and cater for the progression of life. If one has present. Wisdom teaches judicious activity and shows how a certain undertaking or enterprise is to be accomplished in a convenient and economical manner. both inwardly and outwardly by the concepts he or she holds inwardly and displays outwardly. It is in this sense that King Solomon asked for the gift of wisdom from the divine court. or eat to live till the days of his pilgrimage be over? It accepts the fact that the great and the lowly come into this world empty-handed and they go empty-handed. doctrines and plans long before their taking shape. with whatsoever means that are available. and there was light. it demonstrates visibly what has been predicted. man lives by the wisdom of his profession. wisdom teaches how to do it. knowledge dictates what ought to be done or what ought not to be done. It presents the subjective principles. A prodigal son will always be much more . It demonstrates equality between the subjective and the objective. it is because one had a subjective past. or the right for the appropriation of the natural facilities invested in the parenthood and the society of the land of one's birth. God said.Based on merits. It proclaims "what is gained by a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul.

27. World as Brahman is the absolute Truth. 26. 23. That is the wisdom of precaution. the fog melts and there is vision of God. Love is the healing stream of life. becomes selfless later on and purifies the devotee's mind. but for a saint. Sow the seed of self-discipline. 17. There is no apparent danger to the conies. Selfishness is vice. 18. 15. . 24. Prayer is the safety-belt when we are sinking in the ocean of samsara. The essence of man and the essence of the world are the same. Silence is intuitive experience. Love is its own reward and joy. Water it with love. wisdom and understanding than the one who has not known the brunt of the circumstances outside the boundaries of his home. With every struggle you evolve a little. That changeless being is God. For an aspirant. Begin each day as if it is the beginning of new life. Burn your impurities by selfless service to radiate the light of knowledge. it presents a lesson or a rung of the ladder for the next step. and then rises to greater heights. SATURN AND HAPPINESS Saturn rules content (santosh) in the heart and mercy (daya) on the lips. 1. 11.equipped with knowledge. To go into silence is to become God. peace reigns supreme. Each failure is a trial which presents an invitation for betterment. The more we feel the presence of God. 4. nevertheless they act on the principle of precaution to protect themselves from any possible danger. One must not give in to depression because of failures. 7. Realize the Self as Brahman and realize the world as Brahman. 25. Let God be your life. 6. Fence it with the Lord's name. Install the Lord there and worship Him. Silence helps the intuitional self to express itself. word and deed. the world is full of diverse objects. Virtuous actions of the past produce Viveka and Vairagya. Saturn rules Capricorn which stands for contentment. Every little action has its effect on character. the world is God Himself. The following golden thoughts from Swami Sivananda's 'Elixir Divine' illustrate this point. 12. Wisdom of Precaution The conies are feeble yet they make their abode in rocks. the freer we are. For a man. A candle burns itself to shed light. 14. World as world is a relative Truth. 10. Silence strengthens thought-power. Selflessness is virtue. The heart is the sanctum sanctorum. God takes upon himself the prarabdha of the devotee. Prayer to God is selfish in the beginning. 20. 16. 5. The difference between God and man is that God does not fall but man falls. The world of change implies a changeless being behind it. The crown of spiritual life is the vision of unity. 13. When the sun of wisdom rises. another sign of Saturn rules mercy (daya or karma). Ascend the zenith of spiritual perfection and behold unity. 9. 19. 2. Time has no meaning in eternity. Develop uniformity in thought. and Aquarius. 22. When contentment and mercy occupy a man's personality. The lower mind is your enemy and the higher mind your friend. 8. the world is the manifestation of the Lord. 21. 3. The tree will yield you the fruit of immortality.

Love is bliss. he defines his terms and does not leave anything vague. the ships move by winds trapped in the sails which are called the 'wings'. He is never redundant or superfluous. therefore the man with Mars prominent in his horoscope is a man of action and singular in devotion. Wings are provided either by nature or they are improvised by employing the principle of flying. Prayer is the mystic bridge built across the gap between God and Man. sea. As Capricorn is the sign in which Mars is exalted. MARS IS SUN'S ENERGY Mars is energy of the sun directed towards the welfare of mankind. the depth of Scorpio and the dedication and love of God and man of Capricorn as its exalted signs. Love is power. spreading one's wing over the other is an expression of love. Why has God created the world? This is His svabhava or nature. This Atman is infinite beauty. you get love. In spiritual application the word 'wing’ signifies the taper or the skirt of a garment. 33. 3. The world of multiplicity is reduced to single unity when one attains wisdom. He believes in the law of karma. 44. Make God your guide when you walk on the path of life. Destiny is powerless before Divine Grace. 4. The health-giving life also sustaining rays of the Sun are called wings. Navigate thy ship of life with the compass-needle of thy mind always pointing towards God. Wing is also the extremity or the uttermost part. Wing signifies the means for power for rapid movement or protection. God is one. 41. 1. The person who has powerful Mars in his chart makes his sun more powerful to do well. 34. This is the natural law. 45. It also signifies means for negotiating the atmospheric conditions. 38. 32. 35.. as Jupiter and Venus are. 46. He who sows generosity reaps Love Divine. or to furnish or transport with wings. Love rules without a sword and binds without a cord. He is free from confusion. 29. Give love. A man of Mars is never confused. It signifies means which lend speed for traversing by flying. Over the seas. Bondage and liberation exist not in the Self but in the mind. Love is joy. viz. He is ready to face any challenge in life. Religion is the art of re-modeling man into divinity. 31. beauty of beauties. Strive for that wealth which never fades. is dexterous in action and has love of God as well as of man. 36. He believes that every good effect is produced by a cause which is good and noble. 2. 39. earth and mountains. 37.28. The earth is the foothold of God. give hatred. Every sacred mantra has in itself the potency of the Spirit. 42. Nature is the executive authority to enforce the will of God. Love is God. The sun of righteousness . 30. The entire creation constantly moves towards the Divine. or a place of hiding wherein secrets may be hidden or covered. Jealousy is the jaundice of the mind. Mars has the inventive ability of Aries. but their utility is the same in all cases. 48. 47. you get only hatred in return. therefore. Wings In figurative sense. Faith and reason should go hand in hand. God is perfection. 50. 40. grace and protection. Love is nectar. The following article on Wings by Jason James illustrates the depth as well as clarity in the style of a Martian. The forms of wings may be different. Prayer is the rock to which man can cling when he is drowning in the ocean of samsara. 43. Love beautifies the giver and elevates the receiver. It marks the external limit. An army is called a wing because it is the means of protection against an enemy who seeks to subjugate the people into slavery. wind. 49.

he strives for contact with the Divine and says. It serves the children of Man to deliver them from the onslaughts of the satanic power and the ravishes of death through the wing of life—The Resurrection. And life begins to operate at this very point and stretches its wing towards the glory of resurrection.arises with healing in its wings. the righteousness of God. Wings of Cross Waters The sails which trap the winds to move the ship over the surface of the sea are called wings. without it. The waters from above which covered the earth destroyed. Man aspires to be one with the deity. without this man cannot be one with God. He bears His people on the wings of angels. Unity provides the covering. of one for the other. Its portrays immortality. Wings signify Divine protection. It serves as the wing for Man for his protection and security. 5. it becomes the living water. the arrival on the other shore. It accounts for the power of death. Man has no means of his own. it abides alone. 6. and relative to what is without. Death ceases to operate at this point or at this wing. dust returns to dust. Contact with these beams provides for virtue and its onward transmission. The wings of covering show the blessedness of the covered soul. or the extremity. the soul and the spirit. Yet unless the corn falls into the ground. or the wings. Water covering the surface of the earth signifies death and its power. . humanity covers the spiritual under its skirt—the twain are one. The deity covers humanity under its wing. that is. where the power of the earth ceases and the power of the flesh stops operation. The New Creation is manifested in the glory of resurrection. In the spiritual world. Covering with the Divine mantle signifies putting on or clothing with. Wings for Covering He that dwells in the secret of the mount high abides under the shadow of His wing. The wing which marks the territorial limit between the two domains is that of the grave. The battlement of a house is also called a wing whence the view of the external world is clear. Wings of Territory Life and death are two dominions wherein two distinct powers rule." They go into the peace of God covered by the wings of everlasting love. "If only I touch the hem of His garment I shall be healed. and the waters which were beneath the ark sustained life by lifting the ark from the low ground. except the power of faith in the one who can deliver him from such an enemy. The Divine wing for such a security is the sovereignty of God manifested in incarnation. the resurrected life. This is one place. He is covered with his wing in trust and truth as a shield or a buckler covers its bearer. Noah's Ark was the wing of the grace of God for his safety and security. the deity cannot be one with man. of the way through it and. And those who touch have the virtue passed unto them for the healing of the body. Likewise for humanity. It makes provision for entry into the sea of death. It gathers children of Man as a hen gathers her chicken under her wings. and the end of both in unity gives rise to the new Man. the wing for the deity is humanity of men. the spiritual power is the wing. It provides vision which controls life within. finally. and that of his family who were with him. The beginning of deity is humanity and the end of humanity is the deity. and it gives rise to life. So the very extremity of death lies in death itself. It portrays unity based on love. Blessed is the man whose sins are covered and whose transgressions are forgiven. To face this evil power. Wings for Security The Satanic power. the power of death. This is the power of God. similarly. is an opposing force which seeks to establish its sovereignty over the children of Man to subjugate them for service. and the children of man put their trust under the shadows of His wings. when it is beneath the earth. To negotiate the power of death it needs the wing of the Divine power.

It removes the shadows of ignorance and the distress of darkness. He. persuasions and judicial or in judicial judgments.Wings of Light Life and its operation to glorify God depends upon the wing of light. It acts as a window to provide vision. To know God he must have both the hearing and the vision of Him. judgment. and at a certain height drops them so that they will learn to fly. and by the wing of his vision he observes their demonstration. renew their strength and mount up with wings as eagles. They run but are not weary. they walk but without fainting. Man compares himself with man through the wings of vision. I have touched Him. might to the weak. Experienced Wings . apostles. truth. and plans projects according to his vision. so does God carry His children on the wings of His omnipotence." The wing of vision is. acts. Wings of Training As an eagle carries its young on its wings. strives for. I have seen Him. God said. In the divine scheme of things the same process is applied. which establishes the verity of his faith in the doctrine he believes. He who inhabits eternity and clothes Himself with the light unapproachable manifests in the wing of humanity incarnation and proclaims. It is said that when the eagle sees its young ones old enough to venture flying. He declares. He believes. Therefore. and (2) that which is without the house. Wings of Vision The battlement of a house is called a wing. the faithful wait on the Lord. a person devoid of vision cannot establish the demonstrative evidence of what he believes. it stirs the nest. he applies conventional. it hovers over the nest. and regulate time for the interpretation of eternity in terms of time manifested itself. then she dives down to take them on her back again. therefore. They portray the enlightened wing of humanity as opposed to the ones who sit in darkness." Therefore God Incarnate. he hears and sees God in the person of the God manifest in the flesh. Under God's care men are taught to be God-like. "Ye are the light of the world. "Let there be light and there was light. For his assessments. prophets. I know Him whom I have believed. incentive. and. God gives power to the faint. "I am the Light of the world". A life given to darkness is a godless life. the mother eagle carries them on her back. In the progression of life. unlike the ones who rely on the natural powers and sources. a means of instruction which leads to living by the perfect principle of life—Faith in God. It enables a person to view both: what is within him and what is without him. The Light of God constitutes the wing of light which accounts for the sensations of memory and its perpetuation. It provides for control. and I have smelled Him. temptations. For his spiritual progress. By the hearing man believes in the subjective aspects of the doctrines. And having enlightened humanity to reveal God in manhood. joy and comfort and the freshness of life. for it controls man's life." Thereafter. move for onward march is encouraged. flutters and excites the young to imitate and to take to their wings. the faithful and wise kings are designated as lights which shine in the darkness of death and decay. and the life in oneness with God are called the Children of Light. wisdom and parity. facilities for development are provided. desires. he applies denominational or territorial or communal concepts and asserts his superiority. and flight to heights is prompted. understanding. It typifies two aspects of life: (1) that which is within one's house. These who have this are called the Children of Darkness and those who have within them the Light of the Word of God. When it sees them weary and fearful. stagnation is not acceptable. he begins to live not by the wing of vision but by faith which "is the substance of the things hoped for and the evidence of the things not seen. traditional and customary standards. therefore. He finds this in the incarnation. declares. the wing of vision for the perception of the demonstrative display is of paramount importance. one looks upon his own state and compares with what is without him in the next house. "I have heard Him." And let the wing of light to sustain all life. knowledge. deliverance. God is Light. the nest is stirred up. In the spiritual world. in Him there is no darkness.

speak too much. Suppose Mars and Venus are placed in the Libra sign. of intellectual precision. nature-wise. and humanely devised circumstances. thou art there. It is a wrong statement that planets get modified in their results when placed in conjunction or receive aspects from other planets. that which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the spirit is spirit. with all these faculties. 10. 4. 7. If a person with strong Saturn placed in a trine or an angular house is bed-ridden. in its own entity with its naturally provided wings. Humanity is classified into three categories: (1) the flesh born. They move and mount by the law of liberty as the eagles do. is capable of undertaking glorious feats in the air. The form is good. "He bore us on His wings through the atmospheric phenomena. Venus is the planet of refinement. The effects of Mars by its conjunction with Venus will remain as they are but they will become least potent in expression. If depicts (1) the spiritual status. All planets have individual characteristics. If it takes the wings of the morning and dwells in the uttermost parts of the sea. Give due respect to aged persons and never try to humiliate them. keep awake too much and work too much. Feed a beggar or a blind person any day or on a Saturday or Tuesday. the natural faculties are worthy." Having been taught and trained by the Divine wisdom some move swifter than the eagles and stronger than the lions. "Thou hast beset no behind and before and laid thy hand upon me. 3. of knowledge.. effects are more clearly evident in the individual's life. (2) the spirit born. and of spiritual wisdom.Having been born on the wings of the Divine omnipotence. An eagle. The patient should not turn a deaf ear to good advice or counsel of others. They build their nests high. It summarizes that proficiency in the natural realm is no criterion for acceptability in the Divine courts. Visit a temple or a holy place on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The doctor should be a man of few words. The testimony of the spirit born is. even there thy hand shall lead me and thy right hand shall hold me. They gain power or potency by aspects or conjunctions and are not changed in effects. Planets are not modified. GOLDEN RULES FOR SATURN AND MARS The following are the golden rules for bringing out or experiencing the most benefic results of Saturn and Mars: 1. thou art there. where shall I go from thy spirit? Where can I flee from thy presence? If I ascend up into heaven. Mars neither modifies nor changes the effects of Venus. Yet. Don't be aggressive. 6. it is classed unclean because of its inward tendency and affinity with the unclean. and (3) the glorious faculties. it only heightens the effects of Venus. holiness and faith surrender to God which qualify for Divine approbation. sleep too much. don't try to engage the person in lengthy conversations. It is the purity. 9. 8. but. When you are undergoing sade-satti or dhaiya (7 1/2 years or 2 1/2 years period of Saturn). don't eat too much. It is the nature that matters and not the faculties. If I dwell in hell. Take as much rest as is essential and don't allow yourself to be lethargic. They scale heaven and earth at will. Don't discourage others if they are self-disciplined and follow strict schedules and regimens in diet. 2.e." It depends whether one is carried on the wings of the natural power or on the wings of the divine power of life. the earth and the waters above the earth. 5. i. over the mountains. love and grace from the beginning of life. some testify. using the wings of instinctive power. even through the valley of death. (2) the natural form. their youth is renewed like that of an eagle by the experiences they undertake. etc. as the eagles do on the inaccessible rocks. love and sex and with its closeness to Mars these effects will become more . Never give alms for reducing the ill-effects of Saturn and Mars but for honoring the person who has come to your place for alms. and (3) that which is flesh and spirit born and is the New Creation.

The good aspects of Jupiter and Venus on Saturn and Mars are considered in traditional astrology to give judgment in predicting events. rather a coward. and fearful. virtuous disposition with love for freedom and glory. They only give the subject a good nature and peaceful disposition. sixth and eighth houses. if placed in the fourth. Manglik yoga (bad effect of Mars in matrimonial affairs) is nullified. In initial life the parents may be of good nature but they are likely to be far from being rich. but only to establish that the person has good motivation. fourth. even if they are placed in their exalted signs and in quadrants (Kendras) or trines (trikonas). King Solomon. 1. and when both join together they can do miracles.powerful. 10. The person may be receiving wealth through charity or by performing 'pooja' as a priest. while delivering his judgment in the case of two women claiming a child. Sun in Aries sign gives good inheritance or good family ties at the time of birth. . Jupiter and Venus should not be so much well placed for richness and opulence. Cancer. Although it seems unscientific. acidity and gas problems. This shows that good motivation is sine qua non for receiving the good effects of powerful planets. sixth. Venus and Mars. The real mother requested the king to spare the child and give it to the other woman whereas the false mother accepted the judgment. If moon is in Scorpio sign the subject will not have good childhood. ensures happy matrimonial ties as shortly afterwards it will enter Pisces sign and this will make marriage full of bliss. Venus. a man is witty and humorous by disposition. the wife is fair. you can imagine Venus and Jupiter as a lame person and Saturn and Mars as a blind person. Jupiter and Venus. Sun in Libra sign gives good practical intelligence. If it is placed in 12th house the subject is bound to have beautiful eyes and good appearance. Saturn too influenced him by its aspect on the 11th house of fame and glory. Jupiter and Venus bear no fruit. kind and loving nature and rich family connections. It is not essential that there should be neechbhang (cancellation) of debilitation. Venus influences its next house. Jupiter in the ascendant. even in its exalted sign. third. law will be a good subject to study. fifth. are very powerful planets but it is most essential to know the motivation of a person. 5. Pandit Nehru had Venus in Libra sign along with Mercury in the fourth house. It is only Mars which elevated him to the most powerful position in world politics due to its placement in the third house aspecting the tenth house. eighth and twelfth houses ensure prosperity and good position. or Pisces and Sagittarius ascendance give jovial nature. less courageous. Prosperity will come later in life. 7. cannot give wealth. 8. 9. 3. ninth. being positioned in the second house in Leo sign. But both these planets only gave Pandit Nehru a good charitable. are not powerful to produce good effects. For a rough understanding. It is only in relationship with Saturn and Mars that they make the subject powerful and bless him with prosperity and good position in life. the first child is fair. For that purpose it is to be known clearly that Jupiter and Venus are not "benefic" to change the "malefic" effects of Saturn and Mars. With the closeness of Mars with Venus. when it is going to move to Pisces sign. however. All planets in debilitated signs in the second. in practice these principles have been found correct. ordered his court official to cut the child in two pieces. the individual will be weak-spirited. if in the 4th house. Planets not occupying the third. 4. But it is not essential that the wealth they bestow is accrued from genuine or honest sources. NEW ASTROLOGICAL PRINCIPLES REVEALED Saturn and Mars as propounded earlier. produce heartburn. but if Mercury is in the first house. 6. A powerfully placed Jupiter. with Jupiter aspecting the tenth house from Sagittarius sign in the sixth house. Without Saturn and Mars. and without the latter the former have no root. If it is in the sixth house. tenth and 11th houses give prosperity and position. 2. Moon in Taurus gives a good.

26. for Virgo. This law is applicable to all ascendants. It is when Mars is connected or conjoins Venus that one acquires sensual touch. Debilitated planets. likewise. poetry and arts. or the so-called evil planets. Even if 'bad' planets are seen in a chart. Those with Virgo ascendant produce good journalists and reporters. The reason for this is not the 'malefic' influences of Mars but the carefree. The reason for all these things is deep influence of Mars and Saturn in important signs. Those born with Gemini ascendants prove to be great successes in teaching or travel agencies. for Sagittarius ascendant Sun and Mars. indicate a sure chance of going abroad or living there for a considerable time. 24. 14. Memory is very powerful in a person with Scorpio ascendant. for Gemini. it is most essential to see that there is compatibility. Venus. Moon in the first. Those with Venus in Libra are grammarians and teachers of language. Mars is a powerful yogakarka for Cancer and Leo ascendants. 13. 22. of quick action and secretive and such men are found mostly in intelligence departments. it is advisable to suggest that the subject try his luck in exports and travel agency. Similarly. Cilantro is most useful to treat opacity of the lens and eye problems including cataract. 19. 17. 21. the placement of Mars in another person's chart in a powerful position will benefit him. sixth and eighth houses causes coryza and cough. 16. Venus and Mercury. Such persons are expert in religious studies. Sun along with Ketu or Rahu in the second house may cause cataract. They are reserved. which loves fun and adventure. for Scorpio ascendant Sun and Moon. Mars. cabbage. like carrots. Venus and Mercury. 15. for a person with Libra or Taurus ascendants. Men and women with Gemini ascendant are experimental by nature. Working efficiency is ensured in Taurus and Virgo ascendants. They are romantic and dramatic in actions. cupidity and baser thoughts are harmful for married life. For Aries ascendant Sun is yogakarka. debilitated planets. if Saturn is placed in another person's chart in a good position. . or the so-called malefic planets like Saturn and Mars. Jupiter in ascendant gives an oriental touch.. Jupiter in Scorpio sign may lead to disaster in married life if cupidity is not curbed. panna (emerald) should be worn on a right-hand finger. onions. Moon is yogakarka. They are also persons of great religious faith and devotion. If a person has Cancer or Leo ascendants. 20. merry and hazardous nature of Sagittarius. or with Mercury and Jupiter in the first or seventh houses. etc. Diligence. due to its connection with Venus it turns into sexual energy For love between husband and wife. the subject will get good benefits from him. Rahu and Ketu in the third and ninth houses with Gemini or Sagittarius ascendants. are not always the best planets. 25. When Rahu or Ketu are in the ninth house it is essential that Mercury planet's gem. 18. Saturn is a powerful rajyoga planet for Taurus and Libra ascendants. prove beneficial in foreign countries. 12. are most suitable. The size should be 4 rattis. if placed in the seventh house for Sagittarius ascendant may cause accidents and a great caution is to be taken to prevent such mishaps. respectively. Men and women with Taurus and Leo ascendants are great lovers. perseverance and zealous pursuit of an object or thought is keenly observed in a Cancerian. Soup prepared from fresh vegetables. and for Pisces. If the source of income is a travel agency for transporting people abroad. sixth and eighth houses leads to heart problems. 23. for Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants.11. Don't expect your would-be wife to be an expert householder if she has not Virgo or Taurus ascendants. Debilitated planets are not necessarily evil planets and exalted planets. or good planets not placed in these two signs. Greed. Mars in Cancer sign promises banking or finance as vocations. Venus does not stand for sex but for love. Those with Libra ascendant and with Venus in Virgo sign are too much given to cleanliness and decoration. Sagittarius and Scorpio ascendants produce good physicians and surgeons. Mars represents energy and. fourth. without adding anything to it is most advisable to help treat this disease. Sun in the fourth.

He wrote a beautiful poem called 'Dream' in which he has said that mind creates places. "Dream is a wish-fulfillment" was said by Dr. If the ascendant lord is placed in the sixth house the birth is indicated in maternal house. the ancestral house has danger from fire. 30. If watery signs like Cancer. If a fire sign is in the second house like Aries. Saturn is a 34. 41. fourth house is subject's own house. the place of education is old and so is its building. 39. along with Saturn in Scorpio sign in the sixth house. there is a danger to ancestral home from water. Ambitiousness should be avoided since ambition and Saturn are opposed. 32. mix with saints and visit holy places. Fourth house represents mind and education. Prashna lagna horary chart prepared at the time of a specific query can also act as a birth chart. seventh house indicates the place of education. My teacher has over 30 years' experience in making predictions by this method. Now you have a readymade chart and you can make all predictions from this chart. or even if the lord of the sixth house or the lord of the eighth is in the eighth house. He should shun realism and live in his own world of ideals and ideas. Both are romantically attached to each other. Second house is the ancestral home. 36. eighth and twelfth houses interchange their places. this method is par excellence. He is an idealist and should start living according to his ideals. Spiritualism is indicated if the lord of the ascendant is in the 12th house simply because it indicates living a life different from the real life of getting and spending. If the first house lord and the seventh house lord interchange their places. It shows things as it wants and not as they are found in the working world. Moon debilitated in the sixth house. 28. standing for Gemini in the first house. The first person to propound this doctrine was Lord Byron. it is an indication of a happy married life. Sigmund Freud but he was not the first to propound this concept. 33. If the ascendant lord is placed in the ninth house the subject may join a big firm with international offices. 40. When Saturn is prominent in a birth chart or Saturn's dasha or sade-satti (7 1/2 year circle) or dhaiya (2 1/2 years' circle) is operating. So if a man or a woman has the lord of the ascendant in the twelfth house. These avenues may bring good luck and prosperity. people and persons to produce situations in a dream not as they are but as it would want them to be. 35. 37. Planets in the twelfth house indicate idealism or living in a dream world. Suppose you are born in Taurus or Libra ascendants and Saturn is placed in the fifth house. If the ascendant lord is in the eighth house. If the lords of sixth. Suppose you ask a person to indicate a figure between Aries and Pisces (both included) and he says 3. . Ask a subject to indicate one figure between 1 and 12 and put that figure in the first house and place that particular day's planets in all houses. Leo and Sagittarius and Sun along with Ketu are also placed there. Scientific pursuits are best continued if Saturn is in Aquarius sign or if the lord of the ascendant is Aquarius. and you place that day's planets in all the 12 houses. the subject will be research-minded or connected with an insurance company or will inherit a big fortune if the planet is benefic or placed in a friendly house. Scorpio and Pisces are in the second house and Rahu is placed there. he should not be perturbed. Moksha is indicated by the twelfth house because it is living in isolation from the working realities. lotteries and gains from shares are indicated. Birth in a hospital is indicated if the lord of the ascendant is in the twelfth house. Boredom is the cause of all problems of a person with planets in the twelfth house. For those who have no birth details or birth chart. Wherever yogakarka is placed. speculation. 29. it is the best avenue for gaining prosperity. 31. The figure indicated by the subject stands for the sign between Aries and Pisces.27. are beneficial for a person who wants to establish a travel agency If the ascendant lord is placed in the 12th house foreign journey is indicated and living outside is beneficial. it is advisable to trust in God. or the 12th house lord is in the same house it is a sure indication that the subject will attain prosperity and good position by chance and not by merit. If Saturn is placed in the seventh house. 38.

A warrior in the battle of life can depend upon these things chiefly. Money-minded people may suffer during this period. There is not one idle moment in Swamiji's life. he recovered his will power and fought bravely and courageously to gain eternal glory. threw his gandiva in the battleground of Kurukshetra because of seeing his kinsmen. The mantra of Saturn. Saturn and Mars. Virgo represents love of Nature. it is just what he is himself actually doing.42. Every moment is precious. They are not enough. optimistic and ever-aspiring. If Jupiter is placed in Capricorn sign. lacking hope and without aspiration when he was overcome by the mood of dejection. success and prosperity. new inventions and discoveries. are considered powerful to do good in these three houses and the reason for this is given. is most effective. Good planets in the third and ninth houses are best suited for those who want to set up publishing houses. as well as Rahu and Ketu. Combine Jupiter or Saturn in trines. 44. 45. mystic themes and old traditions. Swami Chidananda of Rishikesh gives the following account of his predecessor. who is the ideal picture of a real man of action: "When he urges one and all to keep themselves ever active in service and doing of altruistic works. This will power is defined as a force which is hopeful. Venus. When Lord Krishna gave him the Divine Discourse on nishkam karma (selfless action). Aries: pioneering work. work and will (hope. Even a single minute should not be wasted. Jupiter. President of 'Divine Life'. Moon of the bright week and Mercury unalloyed are considered good or beneficial planets. and is aspected by Mars in Cancer sign in the 10th house. Taurus: love of beauty. a man brimming with the energy of a dynamo and a man of great efforts and hard work. For the achievement of a mission or success in life all these three factors are essential. and they give good and beneficial results in these three houses because effort. Arjuna. Mars and their doubles. The real man of action is bound to achieve glory in his life because he has a strong will. This implies that his will power. debilitated planets are aspecting each other. Eleventh house is the most powerful house to do good on account of its being the ruler of will power. Libra: love of justice. prosperity and success. as the placement of evil planets in evil houses. GOOD PLANETS BEST IN GOOD HOUSES In a Zodiac the third. Saturn.. Scorpio: love of occult. Sagittarius: love of strangeness and romance. Rahu and Ketu. He does not know what 'ennui' is. If one of them is missing. mercy and kindness.e. hard work and strong will are sine qua non for attaining glory. his guru and friends arrayed against him on the battlefield. The twelfth house is a weak house because it stands for pessimism. Pisces: love of the supernatural. 43. and their placement in the third and sixth houses are considered not powerful to do good because all these stars are not prone to hard work but are easy going and fond of luxuries. just as Napoleon did not know that 24 hours are all too little for a day. Unregulated living and idleness . therefore. respectively. it is very hard to achieve success and gain coveted benefits. because will power is good for all. How can we call these three houses evil and on what testimony? Life needs all these three things for happiness. or are sober and never indulge in daydreaming. Arjuna became pessimistic. ruled by the eleventh house. friend of those who trust in God. erroneously. and it is not possible to evade failures if we lack any of the three vital things. Alexander the Great had all these three factors in abundance and. he became a world conqueror. aspirations and optimism). In his small but beautiful book Light Fountain. are good planets. but the true statement is that good planets give good results in good houses. sixth and eleventh houses stand for effort. All planets are good in the eleventh house. the subject is elevated to a very high position but he uses crookedness as his modus operandi. and trines are favorable for good luck and prosperity. and Gemini represents theoretical and practical wisdom. was badly affected. Keeping the body and mind fully engaged is the best panacea for all physical and mental ills. according to Pandit Rajkumar of Jagadhri. i.

work or business could be harnessed and utilized for self-improvement and evolution. Therefore like Benjamin Franklin. the midday lunch time recess need not be frittered away flippantly in gossip. he invariably gives himself up to profitless worry or to aimless reverie. This twofold evil must be stopped and such time must be 'pressed into service' if you are really eager to win the battle against failure. as it were. yet there is not the least tinge of weakness or vagueness about him.N. through the years. The harmonious blend of serenity and activity Swamiji manifests is the acquisition of a life of carefully regulated action and a full and fixed daily routine. wasted days form so many rings of iron that link themselves into a chain binding the heedless person to this existence. There is no doubt that it has changed their lives for the better. instead of wasting it in the time-honored process of window-gazing or gently dozing. in a short time. and to devote it to worthy pursuits. even so the individual attempting to achieve success must pool together all his resources and utilize every moment of his lifespan profitably. it will definitely bring astonishing returns to the seeker of success. i. Further. Day by day. important indeed. The fruitful living of one's life is only possible through a wise utilization of time. A notable example of this is Sri D. The waste of time has lost the pearl. weakness. Samuel Smiles and others. Just as in a total struggle every unit of manpower is conscripted and all manner of scraps are collected and made into weapons of offence and defence. These odd bits of time slipping away here and there. too. Though. when a man waits for the bus or train. at the close.are prolific parents of every known evil". the busy man of the city finds very little of it to spare. Some of those who have come into personal contact with Swamiji have been inspired by his example and have adopted this course of using every moment profitably. This has been possible because there are no 'loose ends' in his time and activities. Such exact routine and regularity effectively eliminate all idleness and agitation from the mind investing life with a mantle of dignity and calm which one can't dream of finding in the irregular and chaotic life of a man without program and principle. he will. time is short. Every single day is. a beautiful chain of precious pearls laid at the feet of the Giver of life. Referring to the incalculable benefits of maintaining the 'diary' Swamiji has stated. have to be carefully checked up and put to good use. therefore. while giving scope for maximum and continued activity. Dale Carnegie. The popular business psychologist. never to see it again. He combines ceaseless energetic activity with constant and undisturbed serenity. in effect. Delightfully unconventional. "Alas! I have just lost one golden hour set with sixty diamond minutes. The time that you daily spend on the train. by nature. Yet if he regulates his activities. The latter is. Swamiji is utterly the reverse of all formality and convention. Swamiji sticks to a timetable of activities for the day. tram or bus to and from your place of study. Assiduously cultivated. yet enables one to maintain serenity as it eliminates all aimlessness and distractions. allocating definite occupations for set times of the day. It will teach you the value of time. It is the man who does not know 'what to do next' who usually ends up in failure. It will act as an effective 'Cerberus' to keep guard over the elusive factor of 'time' by keeping out the thief’s idleness. discover that a good deal of time which is habitually wasted away unnoticed will come to light. he is yet effortlessly and unconsciously dignified.e. The diligent one who realizes the great value of time and makes a full and careful use of it has. This principle of a definite daily routine." This great emphasis laid by him on the conservation and profitable utilization of time has resulted in a unique feature. Doubtless. the Spiritual Diary. lays very great stress upon the vital importance of this practice. of Delhi. and no effort is too much if thereby one is enabled to lessen sorrow and enhance one's own as well as others' happiness in this world. a valuable oyster-shell that comes floating by on the time-current of the stream of life. One should cultivate the same jealous parsimony with regard to time as displayed by the vigilant individual who exclaimed. a gentleman of the legal profession. "There is no other better friend and faithful teacher or guru than your diary.J.. Then again. pain and evil. aimlessness and procrastination. Then you will be able to . all unnoticed. who has successfully cultivated this habit of making the best use of every minute of his time to improve himself. But the profitable life forms. This practice he recommends to all people in whichever walk of life they may be. promptly opened the shell and secured a priceless pearl ere the oyster has floated away 'down stream'.

Arise. Be prepared to receive shocking and hard realities from the persons indicated by Mars in a particular house of your horoscope. step by step will lead one to success. Days. If a thing may be done tomorrow. There is a sound reason behind this. the grand culmination and the crowning glory of spiritual life. To the earnest seeker. When the clock strikes. You are superb. routine. If Saturn is placed in the seventh house. It can never come back. your spouse may be blunt and free from expressions which are airy and flattering. you will not like to waste a single minute unnecessarily. What can be done a month hence should be done today. months. vyavaharic activity and the world itself. years. It will never come. If it is in 9th or 10th house. That tomorrow is for fools. remember you are approaching death. will pass away all unawares. Then alone you will understand the value of time and how it slips away. Both are blunt and they can present a true picture of you of strength and weakness. do it now. but practical exertion alone.know how much time you are spending for worthy purposes. Sure Ways for Success in Life where he writes. One has first to render oneself fit to receive and assimilate this dizzy truth by preparing the mind through a life of discipline and regulation." It is. Swamiji spiritedly exclaimed. 'Time and tide' are two mighty forces that can neither be held up nor recalled for the convenience of man. . Advaita-siddhi is actually the highest pinnacle. vigilance. This aspect of time is very vivid before Swamiji's mind. very. It is rolling on with a tremendous speed. He or she will speak to you what he or she feels is true or what appears true to the person. even life itself. Theory will only serve to inspire and to guide. Death will not announce its visit to you beforehand for you to prepare yourself. or aspect this particular house. as a rule. Exert yourself from this very second. We have it in his valuable work. time is fleeting. well." Well has the Western mind conceived of 'time' as a fleeting old man with a single tuft of hair on the front of the head. I have yet to see a good and beautiful person like you. As such. If you maintain a diary properly." Like the speed arrow and the spoken word. a Sanyasi and one revered by many as a bold exponent of Advaita Vedanta should lay such emphasis upon diary. When the bell rings. Every moment of your life. self-culture and success in life. If Mars is in the 11th house your elder brother or sister is blunt. if in the first house. and in this process. the words to please and delight are not available from Saturn and Mars. Breaking through the cobwebs of mayaic illusion is not a joking matter. Things must be done at once. with Swamiji the motto is 'Do it now'. the spent hour too is irrecoverable. Mars is blunt but not volatile and violent. To one who spoke of 'turning over a new leaf on some date in the near future. I have great fascination for you. It is for this reason that Saturn and Mars are not considered good if they occupy the matrimony house. It is the last word in realization for the Vedantin. all the difficulties and obstacles are very real indeed. that sobriety is most essential for the person seeking good matrimonial ties if Saturn is placed in his or her seventh house because he or she will not adjust in good matrimonial relationship with an easy-going temperament. gradually. every ray of your mind and every faculty of your being has to be resolutely directed towards the task of freeing yourself from the coils of the narrow egoistic personality. therefore. If Mars is in your seventh house. "Life is short. bear in mind that one hour is cut off from the span of your life. without any fault in any of the items. Details of discipline have to be very. Saturn and Mars are Blunt The niceties of language and expression. realize the self these are terse maxims which he never fails to present to those who seek his guidance." It is a significant thing that Swamiji. you yourself are blunt. "Time is indeed most precious. negate the very existence of the body. you can expect your spouse to be free from histrionic nature of Jupiter and Venus. awake. Therefore. He or she will shun those expressions which are false but fascinating like the words "You are wonderful. your father is blunt and. practical. If Mars is in your fourth house. your mother is bound to be blunt and free from speaking soft and pleasant expressions to please others. conservation of energy and profitable utilization of time are all of paramount importance. "Don't say that. it is not a matter for glib talk and lofty presumption by all and sundry. because maya-vadins.

Thee alone do we serve. 'O God! Master of the kingdom. The most Merciful (to begin with). Thou givest. Guide us on the right path. must have been under the influence of Saturn or Mars. Islam as a whole. Master of the Day of Judgment. Who is there to second anyone before Him Except with His authority? He knows what is in front of them." Prophet Mohammed was a deep lover of God and man. And what is on the earth. a great scholar and ardent follower of Swami Vivekananda. Swami Ranganathananda. The following three verses singing the glory of God can be found repeatedly in any number of verses in the Vedas and the Upanishads. Not of those upon whom be (Thy) wrath. The most Merciful (to the end). Lord of all the worlds. And His power extends over the heavens and the earth. The path of those upon whom be Thy blessings. In verse 255 of Chapter 2. The influence of the Upanishads on Indian Islam has not been very profound in the past. Abraham Lincoln had Aquarius ascendant and it is. that he uttered what he felt was true and useful for the general public. The Highest. Verse 25 of Chapter 3 sings the majesty of God: Say. And the guardianship of these tires Him not. Even though Sufism. The most Merciful (to the end). Nor of those who are lost. The most Merciful (to begin with). The All-sustaining: Slumber overtakes Him not. when he wrote the introduction to his celebrated book on Upanishads. And he has breathed this double love into the Quran. And He is The Uppermost. which has been generally hostile to its own offshoot as to all non-Islamic faiths. And they encompass nothing of His knowledge Except what He pleases. therefore. And what is behind them. To Him belongs What is in the heavens. He alone can present the complete truth. The Ever-living. and is not bothered if these words displease even men in power. All praise belongs to God. the mystical offshoot of Islam. The following words quoted from this "introduction" present the true character of a man under the benign influence of Saturn and Mars. The opening verses of the Quran possess rare spiritual majesty and beauty: (We commence) with the name of God.A writer under this impact of Saturn and Mars in his prominent houses can only speak the truth and present hard realities of life. we read about the power and glory of God: God! There is no deity but He. Nor sleep. snatchest the kingdom from whom Thou . or both. Below are given a few verses taken from the English translation of the Quran by Al-Haj Hafiz Ghulam Sarwar. And Thee alone do we ask for help. owes much to the Upanishads. has remained largely unaffected.

then. For such. And the Christians. And he who gives his wealth. And Thou exaltest whom Thou pleasest. And believes in God. got hold of the firm handle. in spite of his love for it. Verse 256 of Chapter 2 of the Quran upholds religious toleration and fellowship: Let there be no compulsion in religion. And the Sabians Whoever believes in God And the future day And does good. And the Book. No breaking therefore: And God is Hearing. Nor shall they grieve. And in ransoming the slaves. The Quran contains specific mention that salvation is not the monopoly of the Muslims. He has. And injury. then. And these! They are the reverent. And the Prophets. The prophet had set a high example of tolerance and respect in his dealings with non-Muslims. Verse 62 of Chapter 2 says: As to those who believe (in the Quran). And (in) the messenger-spirits. And the Jews. And the orphans. And the beggars. To the near of kin. And the persevering ones In hardship. And in time of war. And those who fulfill their covenants who they covenant. And (in) the future day. The right path has surely been made distinct from the wrong. Knowing.pleasest. . there is a reward with their Lord. And there shall be no fear on them. Then whoever disbelieves in the transgressor. And the needy. But virtuous is he who believes in God. The Quran insists that the only condition to be fulfilled to obtain divine mercy is good life and good deeds and not subscription to a creed: There is no virtue in your turning your faces Towards the East or the West. In Thy hand is all good: Thou art capable of doing all Thou pleasest'. And Thou abasest whom Thou pleasest. And the wayfarer. These are the truthful. And pays the stated alms. And who keeps up the prayer.

with the Arab national mind keen for the acquisition of. No scripture can legislate on these for all time and for all peoples. Iranian. In periods of dynamic social changes. Islamic learning and culture suffered a terrible eclipse. But from the early thirteenth century. desert Arabs. so that it may emerge reconstructed to meet the challenge of the new age. nourished a culture and a political state which had freely learnt . and Indian cultures. 'a winnowing process'. which overwhelmed the simple. Witnesses for the sake of God. twisting the personalities of its followers. but the spirit gives life'. This was the second phase of Islamic contact experienced by India from about the twelfth century onwards. And though it be against yourselves. for the 'letter killed. and reactionary orthodoxy entered into unholy alliance with military adventurers. surely. or rather adapted Islam. may not be beneficial to the Indians or Indonesians. And your relations. The laws that were beneficial to the Arabs of the seventh century A. during the preceding centuries. even to the Arabs themselves in the twentieth century. blessing their violent deeds and converting them into a succession of holy wars and jehads with the seal of religious approval. Europeans or Americans. as it constitutes its personal laws and social rules and regulations all those elements that form the socio-political content of a religion. God knows well what you do. If this is not done. new ideas. This is of limited application. Whether a person be rich or poor. But the spiritual message of the Quran. in the language of Indian spiritual tradition. When reason and love of truth were dethroned. The conquerors. adopted Islam. and the Mongol invasions in the middle of that century finally destroyed the hegemony of Arab Islam. Therefore follow not (your) low desires Lest you do not do justice. in the words of Toynbee with emphasis on its spirit and a soft-pedaling of its letter. This is Islam as a path to God. the 'letter of the law' triumphed. when India and its religions were systematically battered in the name of that religion which had.Verse 135 of Chapter 4 (also verse 8 of Chapter 5) emphasizes justice and equity in inter-personal relations: O ye who believe! Be maintainers of justice. is eternal and universal. Then God is nearer to them (than you). There is also another aspect of Islam as a way of life in society. These and other similar verses of the Quran proclaim truths which are eternal and universal. every religion needs to be subjected to a re-interpretation process. Progressive Arab states today are wisely modifying them in response to the demands of the modern age. Then. Or your parents. all this changed. which was to continue for centuries together. Dissensions and corruption set in the wake of imperial power and luxury. Indian contact with Islam was through Muslim Arab merchants and missionaries during the first four centuries after the birth of Islam. Or keep away. and strangely enough. as the New Testament puts it. and other central Asian groups in their wake. and taking freely from Greco-Roman.D. and warmly hospitable to. This constitutes the large smriti content in the Quran. its teaching which shows man a path of spiritual realization. And if you distort (the evidence). the group of ideas and values which the prophet gave to his people to weld them into an Arab nation. This phase represented the normal form of inter-religious and international contact. they constitute. the sruti content of Islam. a greater stress on the eternal and less on the historical. to their own low cultural standards and purposes. the religion concerned becomes a Procrustean bed. resulting in mutual benefit from a peaceful give and take process. It was also the period when Islam reached the height of its power and glory.

The second phase. as in the first phase. In most cases of accidents. The main reason for the spread of violence in the world is lack of fear of governmental authority. and mystics and saints did not fail to arise from time to time during this period as witnesses to the eternal and universal values embedded in the Islamic-religion. Such saints and rulers have always responded to the spiritual beauty and depth of Indian wisdom as expressed in Vedanta.' ESSENTIAL ENERGY FOR LIFE Without a sufficient quota of energy though life cannot be sustained. A man coming home late in a drunken state is unmindful of the well-being . And India is facing this stupendous task with the strength and dynamism. justice and equity in human relations. torture and death. which proves that the driver had lost control over himself and. S. far sight and foresight of her Upanishad heritage. The period also saw the occasional appearance of a king or an emperor with forward-looking state policies. Hinduism would have gladly learnt these lessons from it. They use energy not for happiness in their lives but to disturb the peace of others. whose far-reaching evil effects constitute the most serious challenge to Indian wisdom today. all the Sruti aspects of Islam which are the nurseries of the progressive trends of a religion became submerged in successive waves of bigotry and intolerance. the driver is found to be drunk. This is one of the crucial might-have-been of history. or drunkards or gamblers. It is one of those sad chapters in inter-cultural contacts which yielded bitter fruits. Chenghiz Khan. husbands are found to be either headstrong or extravagant. Radhakrishnan says in Eastern Religions and Western Thought: Toleration is the homage which the finite mind pays to the inexhaustibility of the infinite. including some of Islam's loveable saints. There is a uniqueness about Indian toleration in that it has always been the product of religious faith. but which. while imparting its own Vedantic outlook and tolerance to the sister faith. as a friend and in peace. A rapist. and toleration and respect for other faiths in short. much give and take and cross-fertilization of the two cultures did take place. therefore. It is Mars. A rapist has energy in excess of what he needs to keep himself satisfied and. Hindu tolerance continued in the midst of Muslim intolerance because that tolerance was the product of a spiritual vision and philosophical conviction bequeathed by the Upanishads which had become an inseparable part of the Indian outlook and way of life. therefore. But the fact that Islam in its most effective forms came to India through ignorant zealots and militant conquerors. It would then have contributed its equalitarian social gospel to the purification of the caste-ridden social edifice of Hinduism. All the lofty ideals of love of God and man. would have had potential for great results for the religion and culture of mankind. unlike the toleration developed by the modern West. Muslims themselves. The history of India and the character of Indian Islam and Hindu society would have been different if Islam had come to India in its second phase. A man free to use his weapon or sword. such as the early Mughals and Sher Shah. In all unhappy marriages. Explaining this Indian approach. thus demonstrating the vitality of its Sruti aspect. Hindus and their saints were not the only victims of this reactionary Islam. curbs and checks which exercises self-control for keeping discipline in life. over the vehicle. later. And yet. equality between man and man. the energy should not exceed its limits. made Islam an eyesore to the Hindu mind. all actions become chaotic. In the armed forces. discipline is considered a sine qua non. resulting from its waning of faith in religion. through what Nietzsche terms Violence of deed and demeanor'. in a different form. placed in exaltation sign in Capricorn ruled by Saturn and known for restriction.from Indian knowledge and wisdom and had been the torch-bearer of science and humanism. Dr. without any self-discipline and fear of governmental authority becomes a nuisance. became subjected to persecution. The reason is obvious: without discipline. Nadir Shah and all other marauders and ruthless destroyers of life had excessive energy. They do not care for the happiness and well-being of their spouses. a criminal or a man of violence has excessive energy. holding progressive spiritual views or upholding rational sociopolitical ideas and programs. he does whatever he likes. has written a sad chapter in the history of India.

Energy.of his children and wife. A serious-minded person should have a balanced life and possess the quality of having the right judgment as his guiding light. The child needs freedom to carry out his pursuits. and if a gambler he should say goodbye to it. Libra and Taurus. Rabindranath Tagore is a pertinent illustration of such a person. He has transgressed the limits of his thought (Saturn) and has violated the tenets of right action." For a person with Mars prominent in horoscope. Gold and silver will be good investments for them. If your child is born with Aries ascendant. are highly beneficial to him and give him great success. The child should be admitted to a good school where conduct and character are taken care of. Government service or banking career will be highly auspicious. action and effort need self-control for success in life but thought and concentration cannot advance if the person is quick-acting. keep a watch on his pioneering and inventive energies. As the Aries and Scorpio ascendants have Sun and Moon as rulers of Kendra (square) and triton (angular) houses. Studied with understanding. Saturn is a yogakarka. A refined man with a balanced outlook and with a sense of judgment is helped by thought-power. Astrology is based upon reason and its basis is truth. The company that the child keeps should also merit prompt attention. India provided the British an empire but the British gave Indians slavery and servitude. but the latter finds the former inimical. "You Indian saints have no value for time. Aurangzeb. Capricorn and Aquarius. Great care should be taken with regard to the child's education. The British who came to India as rulers also burnt midnight oil in studying the languages and cultures of the Indian people. Nausherwan was a just king because he had a serious outlook in life for he was a sober man. Saturn appears useless but self-control and discipline. He did not possess a university degree but could produce marvelously beautiful verse in Bangla and English. One who gives one's empire to the other naturally becomes a slave of the latter. is debilitated in the Aries sign. He was in no way inferior to the other great poet and "yogi". The word 'educated' should not be restricted to an academically qualified person who has studied in a university/college but should also include a person who is self-studied. But if a man with Aquarius ascendant has Venus not properly placed in his horoscope it will be a wise step if he changes his name to be ruled by the Libra sign. They can also be successful doctors. ruled by Saturn. For the Taurus and Libra-born persons. He has the greatest potential to do either good or bad. with the strength and potentiality to do the utmost good. Akbar. Bring him the books of great inventions and discoveries. A person with Scorpio ascendant has a magnetic personality and good psychological knowledge. respect of the parents is very auspicious. the British experienced flowering of their abilities in India but few Indians have made a mark in England because Saturn. The reason is apparent. The reason is that Saturn is debilitated in Aries ruled by Mars. the ruler of Capricorn which is India's sign. on meeting Shivapuri Baba. A man born under Aries ascendant is very inquisitive. who had spent 40 years on world pilgrimage. Great care should be taken for the upbringing of a Scorpio-born child. it will reveal very deep secrets. I live in eternity. study of law and legal vocation is very useful and ensures success. If the father is a drunkard he should stop drinking. which is a quality of Venus because it rules Libra which signifies the scales of balance. as he has a good scope for a rise in army life. the great emperor who believed in unity of Hindus and Muslims. Similarly." But the Baba retorted. A man of action dislikes serious-minded persons and calls them lethargic. remarked. The child should be given good food so that he grows a healthy body. Aquarius and Capricorn. Don't try to suppress and thereby kill his initiative. lacked in the sense of justice. This shows that Saturn is very useful for Mars. For Saturn-ruled ascendants. was a sober man. who had Aquarius ascendant. are very useful and ensure success in their lives. "It is you who are slaves of time. He should study law and keep company of judges and advocates. This looks very strange but it is based on reason. That is why George Bernard Shaw. Venus is yogakarka for Saturn-ruled ascendants. The child should be encouraged to mix with educated and cultured people. a great saint hailing from Kerala. . Since India is ruled by the Capricorn sign where Mars is exalted. which Saturn rules. Aurobindo.

moral and physical Dr. who undertook a world pilgrimage. France and other important places in Europe for 40 years starting at the age of 60 from Nepal. visiting Mecca. When the Baba told him that he taught three disciplines spiritual. If this is not possible he should change the job or office. It represents a balance between freedom and restrictions. Thus tension is not caused by Saturn but by the violation of the rules of Saturn. Radhakrishnan. It is also not essential that he has foreign tours to his credit but he can be a travel agent or have connections with foreigners living abroad or in far off places. The placement of Mars of a Scorpio-born ascendant person does not mean that he will contract diseases but that he concentrates his thought on diseases to find out medicines to treat them. spiritual. what is concealed. Saturn and Mars were placed in the tenth and fourth houses respectively but because of the Guru's knowledge of samyak vani and samyak karma the two planets turned out to be highly benefic. was a man of great physical endurance. Jerusalem. A C. for Mars. Radhakrishnan remarked: 'The whole truth in so few words. A person with Moon in the Scorpio sign does not indicate that he will be an unhappy person.I.A postmaster has generally Gemini ascendant as communication comes under Mercury. Buddha has rightly indicated the quality of Saturn in saying that samyak vani (appropriate language or economy of words) is essential for success in life. because a judge has to concentrate on what is hidden or what is behind a curtain or concealed. Saturn never indicates suppression or repressive control. . A person subjected to excessive control parental or official feels tension because he needs more freedom. It has generally been found that those who suffer depression indulge in loose talk in the present and have used it in the past too. Excessive parental or official control in discharge of duties is oppressive. Similarly. He has said that one should avoid useless actions. Mars turns out to be highly auspicious. For a person who knows the value of right language and economy of words. or Saturn placed in a prominent position in the birth chart. officer will have Mars placed in the eighth house with Cancer ascendant because his attention is focused on bringing to light. He should learn yoga and make his mind free from excessive noise of words. Dr. He should learn the art of using telegraphic language or economy of words. moral and physical. who met him on way to the coronation of the king of Nepal. could not but be born under Aquarius ascendant. A chief justice born with Leo ascendant has Jupiter and Mars (his yogakarka) placed in the twelfth and the eighth houses." The very statement is characteristic of a man with Saturn as a ruler of the ascendant. One who knows the value of right action and does not indulge in useless activities and acts upon what the Buddha terms as samyak karma. Tension is an indication of the fact that the person has more duties than rights and is too much engrossed in the worldly affairs. the Buddha has prescribed samyak karma (right actions). respectively. In a telegram one is very economical in the use of words. This gives a signal that one needs more freedom for the flowering of one's personality. A person with his ascendant lord in the eleventh house does not indicate that he will be a businessman but that he has connections and dealings with the rich and the influential.D. with the help of evidence. The best description of a Saturn man is that he uses telegraphic language. was surprised by his very simple philosophy. If Saturn is placed in the Capricorn sign one should not be afraid of it. He is not making proper use of words and the want of right words creates friction with other people. He can be a student or teacher of comparative religions. Saturn turns out to be highly benefic. In Guru Nanak's horoscope. stamina and mental and spiritual force. Shivapuri Baba who laid stress on three disciplines. A person with his ascendant lord placed in the ninth house need not be a religious man. A doctor with Scorpio ascendant has Mars placed in the sixth house with his attention on diseases ruled by the sixth house. He can be a psychologist and a student of serious thought. or what the Buddha calls samyak vani. England. Introspection is a sine qua non. The Baba. Italy.

unbecoming of a warrior like Arjuna. he or she will not mar the married life but rather make it happier. cancels the so-called bad effects because right thinking is very vital for right action and." Kant's philosophy of categorical imperative. They have forgotten the message of the divine gospel that anger. Precisely speaking. The refusal to fight at the battlefront is an unwelcome act. The Baba asked him again to bring flowers but the next day the flowers. Had he asked the Baba or understood himself the purpose for which the flowers were required. were not of the size that could fit in the flower vase kept in the room. He asked him to bring flowers. We should do our duty without caring for the pains and pleasures. the right thinking or samyak vichar. he says elsewhere. Human beings have been quarrelling with each other without getting the real import of scriptures. the gandiva. Ask an urchin "what does Mars stands for?" and he will abruptly reply: "For anger". therefore. on the ground. the President replied: "We are not concerned whether God is on our side or not. the suitable match should be a bride or a groom who is least talkative and sober-minded. The words of Guruji that "Man should realize that he can lose nothing because he has nothing to lose" are also true characteristics of Mars. though fresh. With Saturn influencing the personality of the boy or the girl. vengeance and quarrels are useless actions. strong likes and dislikes. A true son of Saturn hears "sermons in stones and finds books in the running brooks". During the American Civil War somebody suggested to Abraham Lincoln. "Now that God is on our side." Mars in Aquarius in the fourth house is also an exception because the qualities of humanism of this particular sign will not make the partner aggressive and ill-behaved. But this is far from the truth. "The pains may come and pleasures may come. were not fresh. in the Sermon on the Mount." Arjuna is taught the lesson of nishkam karma (selfless action). says Lord Krishna." This whole teaching if applied in life will make Mars highly auspicious although it is prominently placed in the birth chart in Kendra or trikona. Mars in Cancer in the seventh house also promises a happy marriage because Mars is a yogakarka for Cancer and the partner is a virtuous and good-natured person. drops his weapon. The Quran is full of useful advice for the uplift of man and for the glorification of Allah. The Bhagavad Gita like all other holy scriptures. if the partner happens to indulge in a wrong . Arjuna shudders with compunction and. is very specific in prescribing right action and right thinking. The Baba told his disciple that before bringing flowers he should have known the purpose for which the flowers were needed. The Zen philosophy and the Japanese small verses using economy of words called Haiku are true examples of Saturn. he would have brought flowers that could fit in the vase. At the battlefront when all warriors have taken their places on either side. we are bound to win". Mars bestows discipline and. The Bible. refusing to fight. Again. He sees his kith and kin confronted against him and he declines to take up arms against them. cannot be quarrelsome. and if he or she overcomes whims. Mars in Capricorn is an exception to the Manglik yoga "because the consort is possessed of disciplined life and. "Act in such a way that your action becomes a Universal law". Mars actually stands for freedom from anger through self-learning. Parents who find it difficult to get a suitable match for their grown-up sons and daughters having Saturn in either the first or the seventh house would do well to consider what should constitute the correct match. The placement of Saturn in the same house where placement of Mars makes one a Manglik.The Baba taught his Nepali disciple. they should look for a spouse living a disciplined life. "the good and bad motives of a material activity are dharma and non-dharma. Thakar Manalal Dhar. a woman of great virtue who had learnt the value of discipline in her life was his spouse. is the true significance of the qualities and nature of the planet Mars. aggressive or violent. Mars represents right action or Swadharma and Saturn. the value of right discrimination. the match should be either from armed forces or from an organization which lays stress on discipline. Pleasure and pain are not motives for war but the doing of one's duty (Swadharma). We are concerned whether we are on the side of God or not. The Prophet has also taught great wisdom through Hadith. A shallow person with a shallow philosophy cancels the effects of Saturn in his life. therefore. brought to him the next day. Sita. and by taking to the philosophy of nishkam karma he is successful in life. therefore. has also pinpointed wisdom in precise and concise terms. Rama had Mars exalted in the seventh house. With Mars influencing the seventh house. The flowers. For a warrior. Arjuna represents wrong thinking while Lord Krishna stands for right thinking.

All balanced diets come under the domain of Saturn because Libra. Sardar Patel had Mars in Capricorn but Pandit Nehru with Mars in Virgo. The social sense and the pleasure of your friends induce you to partake of these things which you actually abhor. While for a king. Mars stands for self-discipline. makes a person an engineer because theory and practice are essential for an engineer. Suppose one has Mars in the fourth house. All great men have disliked to bathe in the glare of fame. They have studied the cases of hundreds of patients who suffer due to excessive or extravagant acts and deeds. and in whatever house it falls. are ruled by Mars because discipline is essential for the conduct of his duties. which rules the Libra sign. Therefore. Jupiter shows fondness for sweet things and in the company of your friends you are induced to take excessive sugary things. It becomes for him a highly benefic planet. Sun in Aries gives dignity in action. Bridges and canals help people in ameliorating their lot and saving them from a lot of inconvenience and trouble. Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed knew the truth and taught it to others. Venus. Mars. A good understanding in married life is essential. Buddha. RULES FOR HEALTH Rules of health lay stress on a balanced diet. Pandit Nehru became Prime Minister during the dasha of Mars. This disease comes under the control of Venus. It is because Mars is exalted in the Capricorn sign. has to remain silent. A person already practicing these virtues in life has not to fear Saturn. The army comes under the domain of Mars not because of war but because discipline is sine qua non for carrying out army activities. You are sitting in a company and your friends compel you to take liquor and rich food although you are not in the habit of taking rich food and liquor. Almost all books on good health recommend a balanced diet and we cannot learn the value of a balanced diet unless we suffer ourselves because of overeating and overindulgence. The reason why doctors do not fall ill too often is that they take balanced food and do not indulge in luxurious life. But it is possible that one should learn from the example of others. and the tasty foods develop liking for their excessive use. her life will become miserable because the choice has been far from satisfactory and there are few chances of improvement in their matrimonial relationship. When the diet is plain and nutritive. Saturn in all signs except Libra. Fame came to them though it was not sought by them. When your sugar intake rises. ghee. Lord Rama. spices. He also taught the countrymen the importance of discipline in life. Happy sexual relations are essential for a happy married life. it connotes the subject's mother having self-discipline as her trait and that the subject has learnt self-discipline from her. It is neither possible nor necessary that everybody should have Mars placed in the Capricorn sign. the sobriety of Saturn will check those wrong activities. The measures (upaya) prescribed for removing the so-called ill-effects of Saturn and Mars in traditional astrology are based on Dana (charity) and daya (mercy). is the exaltation point of Saturn. combined with Saturn. This is only possible when Mars is taken care of. Freud has diagnosed that all emotional disturbances are due to repression of sexual feelings. Lord Krishna. including minerals like zinc. He has to be dignified when he meets the rich and show humility when he meets humble persons. but one can learn from those who have Mars in the Capricorn sign.action. a drunkard or a gambler. you develop signs of diabetes. has been discouraged by doctors and books on health. even a police officer. dignity or dignified living is essential. Venus. it denotes that part of the individual's life or career shows self-discipline. Sun is exalted in the Aries sign and one cannot keep the semblance of a good administrator unless one is a bit aloof from one's subordinates. gives fondness for tasty foods. Thus Venus is extravagant not by nature but according to situation. If a Manglik girl marries a boy with a bad trait. acquired knowledge . All educational efforts would have been futile if it was not possible to learn from others. The work of an engineer is to construct new buildings and roads for the welfare of mankind. could also acquire the knowledge and guidance of Saturn in Libra. the planet of love and sex. on intake of all important ingredients of food. it does not excite gluttony. But it is forgotten by the people that these two virtues constitute the real nature of Saturn. Similarly. the sign of balance. quiet and unruffled in all walks of life and its activities. One may have Mars placed in the Gemini sign. for a thinker balance is essential. all good books on character-building and self-improvement recommend simple living and avoidance of useless activities of extravagance. etc. This is why Venus is exalted in Pisces. and not showiness and extravagance as is generally thought. An army officer. An administrator has to keep his station higher and care for his self-respect and prestige. Intake of rich foods with too much of butter.

As he grew older he became bald. He cared little or nothing for external appearances. and turned up. he used this profession of ignorance as a weapon of offence. He was a man of the noblest character and of the simplest life. Socrates would express himself as delighted with this. Mars punishes a person if he or she is not living rightly. we get a true picture of a typical man of Saturn. On two occasions. it clearly implies that it wants to see us make progress in life and attain our cherished goals. who was for them a centre of intellectual activity and a fountain of inspiration. the nature of goodness. his nose was broad. or the ignorance of the answers. which could be known by any name. With such persons he would open the conversation with a confession of his own ignorance and an expression of his desire to learn the wisdom. He was short. When he served with the army in the Peloponnesian war. Such hollow pretence of knowledge met with uncompromising exposure at the hands of Socrates. profess himself to be totally ignorant of the matter in hand and only anxious to learn the wisdom possessed by his interlocutor. for the most part. He was endowed with the utmost powers of physical endurance and moral strength. to expose the hollowness. which he used with specially telling effect against those who. Similarly. If you have learnt to follow rules of positive thinking you are bound to achieve your goals in life and attain peace and prosperity. It was chiefly the young men of Athens who gathered round Socrates. He believed that the self-styled knowledge of the wise was. A man who is under the influence of Saturn is positive in his approach and seeks divine guidance and attributes all his wisdom and knowledge to the unknown and invisible force. It was this fact which afterwards formed the basis of the charge that he "corrupted the youth". and it became in his hands a powerful rhetorical instrument. was a true example of Saturn. nothing but pretentious ignorance. and his cheerful endurance of every hardship. Saturn is always guided by a supernatural voice. in ignorance of the things that are the most important to be known. Saturn punishes a subject because his mode of thinking is erroneous. caring nothing for worldly desires of men. it is established beyond doubt that Saturn and Mars represent positive thinking and positive living. Mars. alone had value. puffed up with their own importance and wisdom.T. Stace. the shallowness. Socrates would. at considerable risk to himself. In their eagerness to show off their knowledge. and ugly. If Saturn punishes as a hard task master. This professed ignorance was not affectation. he walked with a peculiar gait. for the most part. wisdom and virtue. which he knew they possessed. rush into the breach with some very positive assertion. divine wisdom or unknown power. with a few dexterous questions. only punishes the real culprits and acquits those who are innocent and have been implicated in false cases by evil persons for vested interests. Vincent Peele has used most appropriate words to guide his readers in learning the correct way of thinking and living. Nevertheless. perhaps. he saved the lives of his companions. and he would precede. In the beautiful account of Socrates by W. but would add that there were one or two things about it which he did not fully understand. Socrates. as a rule. like humility and faith in an inner voice. We cannot avoid quoting him because the qualities attributed to Saturn. thick-set. he astonished his fellow-soldiers by his bravery. Another peculiar Socratic feature was Socratic 'irony'. and had a trick of rolling his eyes. beauty and truth. POSITIVE LIVING When a teacher punishes a student for a mistake it means that he wants him to learn and would have certainly wished to reward him if he had not committed such an error. Accepting no fees.and wisdom by self-learning from men of wisdom and great books. in his eyes. In any discussion. His clothes were old and poor. pretended to have knowledge which they did not possess. flat. Hence. the eminent Greek philosopher and master of Plato. like a fair and honest judge. Pandit Nehru had Saturn in Leo but it aspected the Libra sign. he devoted himself exclusively to the acquisition of that which. he acquired no wealth. At the battle of Delium it is said that he was responsible for the rout of the . He was genuinely impressed with the notion that not only he but all other men live. are present in him in true colors. Poor. they would. respectively.

he would become a King of Kings and would also be a Monarch of the animal world. to honor the gods according to the custom of that city. But Socrates got up. Again. Mars is at its best when it works under the true disciple ship of its master. The second charge appears to have been based upon the claim of Socrates to be guided by a supernatural inner voice. she knew that it was not an opportune time and that if he ascended the throne at that moment. Since Saturn is exalted in Libra. if occasion called for it. was equally baseless. and his general influence upon the Athenian youth was the very opposite of corrupting. Plato was his friend and his faithful disciple. many of them openly denied the existence of the gods. was a true illustration of the power of Mars. and went down to the market place to begin his daily work. and (3) corrupting the youth. no doubt prejudiced the philosopher in the eyes of the Athenians. One by one the guests succumbed. According to Xenophon. therefore. Socrates is depicted sitting all night long drinking and talking philosophy with his friends. had refrained from any such attitude. Plato came under the influence of Socrates and he burnt all his own poetical works. For it is precisely in the last dialogues of his long life that some of the most charming and admiring portraits of Socrates are to be found. leaving only Socrates and two others. to have grown continually stronger. The teaching and personality of the master constituted the supreme intellectual impulse of his life and the inspiration of his entire thought. but yet. The first might well have been brought against almost any of the earlier Greek thinkers with some justice. All these charges were entirely baseless. he would remain only a King of Ayodhya. Thus he needed no wine. these two also fell asleep. On the contrary he always enjoined veneration towards the gods. (2) setting up new gods of his own. and guards over the lives of men. HISTORIC EFFECTS OF SATURN AND MARS Let us have a close look at the events recorded in history and holy books: In the Ramayana we study about the step motherly treatment to Lord Rama by Kaikeyi. He was to Socrates what Arjuna was to Krishna. King Asoka would not have been a known figure had he not come under the influence of Lord Buddha in the post-Kalinga period of his life. sign of devotion and true discipleship. who is described as an evil woman. who had been a favorite pupil of Socrates. almost alone. though simple in his habits and independent of all material pleasures. He became a well known writer of dialogue and gave all credit to Socrates for his philosophy. however. guides. far from waning as the years went by. she could not be .Athenians. she was mother of Bharat. Mars is exalted in Capricorn. nor allowed it to degenerate into a harsh asceticism. She was one of the noblest women on earth. it can hardly constitute good ground for a charge of introducing new gods. washed himself. seemed. he not only drank but could drink more than any other man without turning a hair. but if he went to the forest for 14 years. afterwards turned traitor to Athens and led a dissolute and unprincipled life. For the last eight years of the life of Socrates. And the devotion and esteem which he felt for Socrates. and at last. that of corrupting the youth. He was an excellent companion and. he distinguished between the many gods and the One Creator of the universe. though the fact that Alcibiades. So she did not care for her personal humiliation and disgrace. But is it so? No. Socrates. He was only a medium through whom Socrates preached his philosophy. In his seventieth year he was tried on three charges: (1) denying the national gods. When Rama was to be enthroned as King of Ayodhya. Krishna told Arjuna to think himself to be like a medium as everything was done by God. Socrates became for him the pattern and example of the true philosopher. on the contrary. a very noble soul. and urged his hearers in whatever city they might be. The third charge. who controls. never made a fetish of this independence. but whatever we may think of this claim. Most of them disbelieved in the national religion. as Plato worked under Socrates and Arjuna under the command and guidance of Lord Krishna. as dawn broke. In the 'Banquet' of Plato. the celebrated disciple of Socrates. The role of a true mother is to lift her children sky high and not to bother about herself. Plato. it weighs pros and cons of a situation in the most honest and just manner. But Socrates was not responsible for the misdeeds of Alcibiades.

Q. Maharani Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi with Saturn in ascendant. Thus Saturn was more auspicious than Jupiter. Please explain them. To seek Truth. She was full of service and devotion to Lord Shiva. omniscient and omnipresent. Q. why are we so unhappy? S. But Mars in the seventh house made her a gem of female beauty and chastity. Mars rules all such places where martyrs' last remains are deposited. Lord Rama remained the virtual king. Saints and sages are represented by Saturn. It is a life with some definite aim. contentment. A visit to martyrs' shrines like Fatehgarh Sahib Gurdwara. at Ajmer and finally got a son by the blessings of Khwaja Salim Chishti at Fatehpur Sikri. What are the chief elements of the Right Life? S. joy. Perpetual peace. Astrologers will find that the sojourn of Lord Rama in the forests for 14 years is due to placement of Saturn in Rama's fourth house. But the selfless dedicated service of Hanuman triumphed over Ravana's worship of Lord Shiva. THE RIGHT LIFE IN A SAINTS WORDS In order to illustrate the true nature of Saturn. Bennet in his celebrated book. Akbar visited Jwalaji.B.G. Gurudwara at Anandpur Sahib. or Shishganj Gurdwara in Delhi provides a devotee with radiant grace. which gives radiant grace. he remained affectionate to her despite this decision. Why should we want to seek Truth? S. Long Pilgrimage. Q. It gives mental and spiritual solace. ruled by Mars. What is the Right Life? S. which represents priesthood and worship. It is a planned and discriminative life. Lord Rama knew in his heart of hearts that she could not think but of his well being and. and fame which are everlasting come from Saturn and Mars. Discrimination and devotion. What is the greatest aim of life? S. Because before that we cannot be omnipotent. The meditation and recitation of Hanuman Chalisa spreads radiant grace in the hearts of devotees. Again Lord Rama had Mars in the Capricorn sign in his seventh house. Hanuman was a great dedicated servant of Lord Rama while Ravana was a great worshipper of Lord Shiva. Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti's holy shrine. with duties necessary and helpful for achieving the aim in the shortest possible time.B. According to the Hindus.B. which represents service or dasya bhava (attitude of service) is more auspicious than Jupiter. intriguing woman (kutila). Sir. was lifted to skies in fame and glory and was one of the purest jewels of female beauty and bravery. therefore. Thus Saturn. History confirms that this decision gave India a most colorful legend in the form of the Ramayana. Ravana.B. But his sojourn in forests and the life of a recluse for 14 years was highly auspicious and gave the world a holy book full of blessings and radiant grace. Although Bharat was installed King of Ayodhya. Her purity is as much respected by Muslims as that of Rabia Basri and by Christians as that of Mary. Q. . Sita suffered a lot and was kidnapped by Lankesh (King of Lanka). I am giving below a talk between a devotee and Shivapuri Baba as recorded by J. and was confined to Ashok Vatika for about a year. Mother of Jesus. Jupiter and Venus only give short-lived pleasures and prosperity. although she lost her life at Gwalior. Because you don't live the Right Life. published by Hodder & Stoughton: Q. She had Jupiter in her eighth house. which could not save her son's life. Hanuman is respected and even worshipped throughout India and his temples are infinite.B. Q. she is the holiest woman ever born on earth. The lagna lord of Hanuman was Aries.

Do you go to a library? 14. How can we best help the world? S. fearlessness. at least ten per cent of our income should be devoted to charity. or 48 minutes. patience. The most important thing is to see that you do not waste your time on any other work.S. verbal. Yes. you have to discharge certain duties towards nature. after realizing Truth.B. we should wish well even to our so-called enemies. The content shows the true trait of Mars. If people practice charity well. This is discrimination. 1. Do you also love children of other people? 17. spiritual aspirants and institutions for spiritual life. The above conversation will clearly show the true nature of Saturn of Shivapuri Baba. Do you think before you act? 2. Giving up life means giving up craze for name and fame and enjoyments. When you continuously and concentrated ask the question: What is 'Truth' or do the like for one 'mahoorta". bodily and pecuniary. we can say Mars without Saturn has no root and Saturn without Mars has no fruit.B. Do you believe in self-improvement? 8. Do you use a few words. Do you like people? 6.B. This again should be divided into three parts. when possible. or appropriate words? 4. but giving up life does not mean merely going to a forest or a cave. History repeats itself and from its repetition a politician has ample to learn. Q. Extending the beautiful expression used in books of political science. We should not speak words likely to hurt others. Do you believe in right speech? 12. What he says reflects the correct approach of Saturn as far as expression is concerned. Do you follow the principle of saying the whole truth in a few words? 5. One can realize Truth even at home if one lives the Right life. Do you study the pros and cons before taking a decision? 3. S. By living the Right Life and practicing charity mental. Do you study lives of great men and women? 13. Do you show regard to even those who are lowly placed? 7. towards family. where can there be disorder in the world? Q. This is devotion. Do you say your prayers daily? 10. We should. Do you cry or weep when alone? . Even Buddha. You see that for maintaining the body. A Questionnaire The following is a questionnaire to ascertain whether the reader happens to know the secret of right understanding and right action. self-control. Do you help others? 16. Do you love your children and wife? 15. Another part should go to deserving cultural people and institutions. If his answer to a question is in the affirmative he should tick it. Q. together with the rest of the twenty-six virtues described in the sixteenth chapter of the Gita. All these should be planned and done with dexterity. charity.B. One part should go to the poor. The third part should go to poor people and their institutions for helping them. towards society. Mentally. Do you believe in humanism? 11. Do you study holy books daily? 9. Then for making your mind strong you have to cultivate virtues. said that it is not necessary to do that. The rest of the time you should devote to thinking of Truth in various ways without feeling monotonous. Some say we should give up life in order to realize Truth. and if not he should cross it. try to serve others physically. towards government and towards your profession. When shall we realize Truth? S.

A man with good qualities of Saturn and Mars does not remember ill treatment that he had received from others. they aspect exaltation sign and are blessed in themselves. Our unplanned and chaotic actions are bound to recoil on us even after several years. like drinking excessively. you should question yourself when you are indulging in a wrong activity. in great men Saturn is either placed in the Libra sign or it aspects in this sign. Likewise. The protection of Saturn and Mars is evident even when Mars and Saturn aspect their exaltation signs. visit to a holy place and performance of charitable deeds. 25. these planets start influencing a birth chart and one is sure to experience happiness. 24. 20. etc. Do you feel angry very often? Do you know the value of patience? Do you love simple food? Do you show regard to other religions? Do you meet your friends often or rarely? Do you remember the days when you quarreled with your friends and others? Do you have a sound memory? Do you remember the ill-treatment received from members of your family? Do you love good sights and want to visit places of scenic beauty? The purpose of this questionnaire is to know where you stand. 26. tensions and depression which reappear in the form of chronic diseases. otherwise it is only kalpana in the nature of a mental worry that haunts men and women. planned action comes automatically. When thoughtless. when they multiply. Therefore. though placed in the Gemini sign. a balanced thought is a real thought. Likewise. Only when the real nature of Saturn and Mars are studied and properly understood. therefore Sun. If man and wife experience not eternal joys but only ephemeral pleasures. All confusions. In Shivaji's chart Mars. Suppose Mars is placed in the Cancer sign in the fourth house of the natal chart. the planet of love. Action can be defined as an expenditure of physical energy in a specific manner. make life wretched and miserable. When one has sufferings and problems one runs to astrologers and wise-men that provide help by suggesting the study of holy books.18. It may be noted that once we acquire balanced thought. 23. A man who is balanced in his judgment cannot but be skilled in actions. satisfaction. When unbalanced thoughts cloud the mental horizon they are nothing but worries. 19. Without entering the futile controversy whether or not there is rebirth. and gratification of their desires. A thoughtful action is a real action. anarchy and confusion. it is owing to the influence of Jupiter and Venus because it is from them that these things emanate. is exalted in the Aries sign. Results are seen when the subjective and objective meet. by its aspect gets linked with its exaltation sign. By its seventh . One makes these two planets ineffective by one's ignorance and lack of thinking. He loves children of others as he loves his own. let us remember that life is one unified whole. while thought can be defined as an expenditure of mental energy in a specific manner. 21. It is only a lover who acts without thought of good or bad outcome. Ask yourself: Is this activity useful or useless? Will this activity help me in my future life and make me really happy in all walks of life? EPILOGUE I have established in this book that Saturn and Mars are highly benefic planets but their results are not experienced by individuals because their beliefs and the planetary effects are at variance. acting in lust or gambling. It must be noted that planets are considered favorable when they are well-placed. otherwise it is a useless activity. He wants to live a happy social life. 22. Capricorn. unplanned actions dominate one's life. Venus is exalted in the Pisces sign because we can have a sense of beauty when we are poetic by nature and have a great quality of appreciation devoid of critical judgment. there is chaos.

aspect it sees the tenth house. thanks to planning in actions. The subject will not have happy domestic life owing to lack of planning at home but will command respect and be successful in his official life. .