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St Christopher’s C E School


No : 19 - Wednesday 19th June 2013

D ear P arents/ C arers
We have had a very busy couple of weeks since the last newsletter! The first week back saw the school moderated once again, this time in the Foundation Stage. I’m pleased to say that again we received glowing feedback from the external moderator. On the Friday, KS2 went off on their travels to Leicester Space Centre. There is a great write up by Gaby in this newsletter, but a thank you to all the staff who kept the children safe and help organise such a memorable experience. Last week saw a small group of our school councillors take part in a partnership school council conference. They listened intently to what other councils have been doing and then presented our council’s work. Year 5 also enjoyed and gained much from the Enrichment Day organised by Burford School. Sorry to end on a negative note, but we had an unfortunate incident this week where a speeding car drove through a puddle at such speed as to absolutely soak one of our children walking along the path. I do not know if it was one of our parents, but could I please ask you to watch your speed whilst driving through the village and be mindful of those walking to school.

Mr Shaw Goodwin - Headteacher  

Absent from School ?
If your child is absent from school for any reason, please don’t forget to let us know. Absences are recorded in our registers with the appropriate reason code, i.e illness, holiday, medical appointment etc. Where no reason is given the absence is recorded as “unauthorised” and may be investigated by the Educational Welfare Officer. Please remember that requests for holiday should be authorised before booking. See website for Absence Policy for further details. Please notify us about the absence by telephoning school on 01367 860318 and selecting option 1 to leave a message. Thank you.

¬ Tomorrow ! – 80th Birthday Celebration Tea Party – don’t forget “best” clothes to change into & baking homework ¬ Friday 21st June –Sports Day ¬ Saturday 22nd June – SCPA 80th Anniversary Fete – Everyone Welcome! (donations and tickets, if possible, please by Friday) ¬ Monday 24th June – Year 5 Athletics at Burford School – don’t forget PE kit & packed lunch. ¬ Monday 24th June – Year 5 Cycling – as advised – don’t forget bike/helmet! ¬ Tuesday 25th June – Ginkgo Swimming with Oak & Willow – don’t forget swimming kit! ¬ Wednesday 3rd July – Year 5 Music Festival Rehearsals – don’t forget to arrive at school at 8.30am prompt & packed lunch. ¬ Friday 5th July – Year 4 French Day – don’t forget to arrive at school at 8.30am prompt & packed lunch SCHOOL UNIFORM – St Christopher’s uniform can be ordered from: - Tel: 0800 404 6644 or

Quick Reminders

DAILY FROM 7.45AM (PRE BOOKED) £3.00 8.15AM (DROP IN) £2.00

Booking forms for July now available from Mrs Brindle or the School Office
Missed a Newsletter? If you have missed a newsletter, they are available on our website

Emergency School Closures
In addition to our text system, school closures will be broadcast on: HEART FM – 102.6 FM GWR – 96.3 FM BBC Radio Oxford – 95.2 FM Or check local radio station websites



School Lunch Menus! Wednesday
Week Commencing 24 June 2013


Breaded Fish Chunky Chips & Baked Beans & Peas Chocolate Ice Cream Sponge Roll

BBQ Chicken Pasta Seasonal Vegetables Shortbread & Orange Juice

Chicken & Potato Pie Seasonal Vegetables Lemon Iced Sponge

Roast Pork With Yorkshire Pudding, Roast Potatoes & Seasonal Vegetables Fruity Yoghurt

Aberdeen Angus Burger in Bap Diced Potatoes & Seasonal Vegetables Summer Fruit Salad

Week Commencing 1 July 2013

Pizza With Potato Wedges & Seasonal Vegetables Jam Sponge with Custard

Jacket Potato With selection of fillings Seasonal Vegetables Cookie & Fruit Juice

Roast Chicken With Yorkshire Pudding, Roast Potatoes & Seasonal Vegetables Chocolate Orange Mousse

Sausages Mashed Potatoes, Gravy & Seasonal Vegetables Apricot Oat Crunch with Custard

Breaded Chicken Fillet Chunky Chips & Baked Beans & Peas Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream

Also available every day: Yoghurt, Fresh Fruit & Water Dinners are £2.00 per meal. DINNER REGISTERS - Dinners should be paid in advance on a Monday of the week in which dinners are taken.

As usual, the correct money in a named envelope is very much appreciated. Cheques payable to Oxfordshire County Council.

Diary Dates
24th June 25th June 26th June 27th June 28th June 8.00am Multi skills & Breakfast 2.45pm Celebration Assembly 3.15pm Kwik Cricket Club Cook 4 Books - Maple 5th July Year 5 Cycle Training - as advised (don’t forget cycle/helmet)
Cherry & Maple Burford Partnership of Schools Music Festival Forest School – Cherry & Year 1 3.15pm Chess & Board Games Club

Year 5 Burford Partnership of Schools Athletics Festival 3.15pm Nature Club 1st July

All children in Ginkgo, Oak & Willow Swimming 3.15pm Athletics Club 2nd July

SCPA Lunchtime Bookshop 3.15pm Football Club

3rd July
Year 5 Music Rehearsal at Burford Forest School – Cherry & Maple (packed lunch) 3.15pm Chess & Board Games Club Year 5 Music Evening Performance at Burford Secondary 7.30pm SCPA Meeting in the School Hall – Everyone Welcome

4th July

Burford Partnership of Schools Swimming Gala 3.15pm Nature Club

Oak & Willow Swimming 3.15pm Athletics Club

SCPA Lunchtime Bookshop 3.15pm Football Club 3.15pm Trampoline Club
Year 5 Music Evening Performance at Burford

Year 4 MFL day at Burford Secondary 8.00am Multi skills & Breakfast 2.45pm Celebration Assembly 3.15pm Kwik Cricket Club 12th July Year 6 at Burford 2.45pm Celebration Assembly

8th July Cherry Class Multi-skills Festival 3.15pm Nature Club

9th July Cherry & Maple Class Fun Swim 2.00pm KS2 Performance

10th July 9.00am F/S & KS1 Music Festival in School Hall – Parents Families & Friends Welcome
6.30pm KS2 Performance (children to arrive at 6.15pm)

11th July Shuffle Up Day Year 6 at Burford SCPA Lunchtime Bookshop 3.15pm Football Club



LUNCHTIMES for reserved books and stamps.

Don’t forget your pennies –

in a sealed envelope please! due course.

“Breakfast with Books” – Friday 19th July 2013 - further details to follow in

GENERAL KITCHEN ASSISTANT 10 HOURS PER WEEK / 5 DAYS A WEEK / TERM TIME ONLY Carillion/Food with Thought are advertising for the above position at St Christopher’s School. For further details please phone: David Cook – 07789 756203

We have taken delivery this week of some fantastic books which we ordered recently thanks to the donation of tokens. If your family eats Nestle cereals, please remember to tear off the token on the top of the box and bring it in to school. It takes as little as 10 tokens to get one book so the more tokens we collect the more books we can receive for school.

Congratulations to all the children who took part in the Burford Partnership of Schools Kwik Cricket tournament last week. The children had a great time and demonstrated good skills and teamwork. We are delighted that St Christopher’s won the tournament and are now through to the next round. The winning team were:-

Please note the additional dates for clubs which, unfortunately, had to be cancelled at short notice. NATURE CLUB – Monday 8th July BOUNCE TRAMPOLINE – Thursday 18th July KWIK CRICKET – Thursday 18th July (to be confirmed)

Jack Curtis, William Daft, Charlie Driver, Henry Findlay-Wilson, James Lea-Biles, Simon Porter, Jake Romanek, Ben Ross, Euan Tyrrell & Alex WybrantsJ

TRIP TO THE NATIONAL SPACE CENTRE BY GABY SMITH, OAK CLASS First of all we arrived at the Space Centre on the coach. We walked up the path to the Space Centre and it was forty two flights of stairs. First, we went in the planetarium and the screen was all around you and up above you. After we finished in the planetarium we went up the tower where it had a rocket inside, so we went up some stairs then we went through a door and there was some cool stuff around you and the first one we went to had this game called Guess Who? where we had to guess the people who went up into space. We had lunch and then did a workshop which was about life in space. We all went back to school after having a brilliant day!

SATURDAY 6TH JULY – 7PM AT SHILTON CHURCH David Bednall, the brilliant young organist will be playing the Allen organ and bringing a young soprano, Naomi Macleod-Jones. Also playing is Charlotte Strivens, a junior exhibitioner at the Royal Academy of Music. Concert only tickets - £15.00 Concert plus post-concert supper - £20.00 Applications for tickets should be made to Shirley Cuthbertson – 01993 842404 Marily Cox – 01993 842470 Jean Roberts – 01993 841194 The concert is in aid of the Debs Price Foundation and will be supporting St Christophers’s CE School.


to Humphrey Barclay,

who has been awarded the British Empire Medal in last week’s Queen’s Birthday Honours list. As you are aware, Humphrey has a close association with the school and our link with Presby A School in Ghana. His visits to our school are always a joy and inspiration to our children.


RETELL THE STORY OF THROUGH SONGS, SKETCHES & DRAMA On Tuesday 9th July 2013 - 2pm Wednesday 10th July 2013 - 6.30pm
The children in Ginkgo, Oak & Willow will be retelling the story of Joseph. For the evening performance on Wednesday all children will, therefore, need to arrive at school by 6.15pm please. Refreshments will be available whilst the children are preparing for their performance which is scheduled to commence at 6.30pm. As usual to comply with Fire Regulations in the hall, we need to limit the number of seats available. Tickets, at £1.00 each, will be sold on a first come, first served basis, with a maximum of 2 tickets per family to ensure everyone has the opportunity see their child. Please note that if you wish to use any filming equipment i.e camera, video, mobile phones etc, you will need to collect a form, on arrival, requesting and agreeing to the conditions stated therein. Please allow yourself appropriate time. Equipment may not be used without this completed and signed form. To order your tickets please return the form below by Friday 5th July 2013. Any spare tickets available will be released on Monday 8th July 2013. As you will appreciate, all the children have all worked really hard towards these performances. cannot attend please do let your Class Teacher know as soon as possible – thank you. If your child

I request 2 tickets for the KS2 performance on Tuesday 9th July ¨ I request 2 tickets for the KS2 performance on Wednesday 10th July ¨

(Please tick your preference)

I request 1 ticket for the KS2 performance on Tuesday 9th July ¨ I request 1 ticket for the KS2 performance on Wednesday 10th July ¨

I enclose ……………………………. (£1 per ticket)

Cheques payable to St Christopher’s CE School please.
Class ………………………………………………………

Name ………………………………………………………………………………………..