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January, 1st, 1861 Dear, Children

Its been harsh as a new recruit. We as Negro soldiers have faced many challenges like lower pay and disrespect. Were treated bad by the white union soldiers, they feel as if were not good enough to go to war. Our colonel Robert shaw, a good man, but he treats us negroes like children. Our regiment hasn't fought in any battle but we've learned how shoot guns and discipline. War has hasn't been anything like i've imagined I haven't fought for my country yet and we haven't been training for war as much as we have been doing hard labor. Sincerely, Daddy

Rebecca W. Dixon 2446 Roosevelt Wilson Lane Rialto, CA 92376

February, 3rd, 1862

Dear, Mary This war has placed a lot of stress on me. As president I must stop union states from seceding, and finding enough men to fight. I've tried fixing theses challenges by suspending the constitution right of habeas corpus, and creating a military draft law. I have no regrets about my decisions . I feel that my decisions will all help us win the war. My Emancipation Proclamation has proved to be great. Using free slaves to fight in war has proved to improve our odds in the battle.
SIncerely , Abraham Lincoln

Mary Lincoln 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500

June ,15th ,1862
Dear, Robert Its been a struggle without your income in the household. So to support the family i've taken many jobs. I've worked in textile mills and garment factories making military uniforms. I now feel comparisons for Negroes. I feel their pain having to work in horrible conditions and low pay. This is a new experience for me i've hardly ever had to work this hard, but since you've been drafted I feel like the man of the house. Sincerely, Mary Walker

Robert Walker
Fort Sumter National Monument Charleston, South Carolina

July, 2nd , 1862 Dear, Rebecca I haven't seen any combat in weeks. Its been hard to coop with all this extra time. Its been very boring these couple of weeks. I've been having to keep myself busy doing various activities. Riding, hunting, singing and helping wounded soldiers. Around here all i hear is the screams of soldiers being amputated. I see people drop dead from thirst and infected wounds daily. I just want to fight for my county. I promise that i'll be back home safe. Sincerely, James

Rebecca Wilson
1208 Fieldcrest Road New York, NY 10013

October, 25th, 1864
Dera, mamma I feel unsafe in New York. Irish people are rioting saying that they don't want to be drafted into war to fight for any Negro. Their hanging Black people as protest. I think that if i leave my apartment i will be killed, I feel as if the government is cheating me out of money, after looking for months for a job i finally got one. The only problem is that i'm being paid 10 percent less than white workers. I feel like going to war and help fight for the freedom of black people. But if blacks are all free i feel that its going to be hard for myself to keep my job with all the competition from other black people.

Leigh W. Patrick 1976 Walnut Street Centreville, MS 39631

Sincerely, Edward Douglass

The most surprising thing that i've learned is that the slaves were freed to increase americas odds in war. This was surprising because even when the African Americans were fighting in war they were being treated badly by White Union soldiers and didn't get the respect other soldiers did. In the civil war I think the nurses faced on of the hardest challenges. Why because they had the responsibility to care for many wounded soldiers and treat them back to health. I think that the Civil war was overall necessary. Why because it helped free the African Americans, Stopping slavery in the U.S.