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whats new in 2.2.9 Manager unicode upload fixes ---------------------------------------------------------------------whats new in 2.2.

8 Manager 3ds Max install fixes ---------------------------------------------------------------------whats new in 2.2.7 Manager Manager Manager Manager user new communication to remove UAC and Admin issues user new communication to remove MAC folder permission more languages now supports Unicode symbols

Modo 401 removed - not supported anymore Modo 7 support Modo fix for double photometric files with same ies names Modo now error for gi lxi file with unsupported chars Modo fix for mdd2 LW 11.5 support and install fix Blender fixed texture sharing path issue Blender 2.65 support (now with python 3.3) Blender mac download issues Blender add support for Ocean Modifier Blender add "image sequence" texture support Blender add linked .blend library support Blender fluid cache upload support Cinema version 9 and 10 - not supported anymore Cinema cmyk tif crash fix Cinema Error for SSS on vray DR Cinema new gi texts Cinema r14 gi fixes Cinema Error for sun tag 3ds version 9 not supported anymore 3ds if test.vrmap is exsiting the test00*.vrmap were not copied anymore although they are needed 3ds enable render cam lock in 2013: bug in max sometimes switches the current re ndercamera when saving and reopening 3ds FG 0-100 are 101 frames 3ds vray ies power settings are reset everytime the path changes, so cache them 3ds mcc support 3ds fix for realflow problems with spaces in bin file path 3ds vrayproxy file extension check 3ds bmp filetype check 3ds maxwell mxsref, binmesh, mxs, particle support 3ds Poincache path bugfix Maya check if IBL type is set to image file and not texture Maya Arnold support (beta) XSI arnold support (beta) ---------------------------------------------------------------------whats new in 2.2.6

2.2.7x support .4 Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager fixed invoice for special symbols üöäé.2..3 .. Italian.5 Cinema Cinema Cinema Cinema Cinema R14 support now supports now supports now supports rounds image relative path for textures //.8 support blender for Mac Cinema new xref type now give error Cinema texture check for directory Cinema Maxwell support 3ds support for vray lense files 3ds realflow improvements 3ds vray camera lens file fix support Maxwell 2..2. German languages added Win7 firewall fix OSX 10..Cinema Cinema Cinema Cinema GSG Transform support HDR Sky fixes Alembic fixes Plugin in render menu 3ds VRay lens file support Lightwave mac fixes Blender texture sharing support Blender smaller bugfixes Manager portuguese translation Manager push download fixes ---------------------------------------------------------------------whats new in 2. Realflow Maxwell resolution for distributed render automatically Lightwave complete new way to gather all textures for the farm Blender now supports Vray Blender fix for smoke. particle caches Maya image sequences now work correctly ---------------------------------------------------------------------- whats new in 2. remove space at the end of user name for login limit download for overlay files to one French.

.2 Manager ..) Maya utils.2.2.0 Manager delete project fixed with progress Manager prio can be changed before starting the render .Maxwell add SDK for gras textures Lightwave new package scene script for job submit Lightwave new way to link caches files (mdd ptx .py renamed to fix a strange bug some user had XSI 2013 support XSI possible workaround for SAP 2012 problems ---------------------------------------------------------------------whats new in 2.mb_rebus_rebus_rebus_ .2."your job will start in" bugfix if job is paused 3ds 2013 support 3ds ! support for Vray IRR Multiframe incremental and LC flythrough 3ds ! no more Keyframe error for distributed still image render 3ds status messages during export and smartcheck 3ds workaround for 2013 texture check solid SDK features 3ds open asset tracker for texture errors Lightwave 11 support Lightwave files of size -1 now error on upload Modo Modo Modo Modo Modo Modo 6 support ! complete new interface and installer report render logs in detail (modo6 only) mdd2 file support now checks for existing online files to avoid overwrite error for missing mdd files ! support for Vray IRR Multiframe incremental and LC flythrough file not found error for vray env maps Surface Spread error if clone count not 100% test for CMYK textures .2.) Maya alembic support Modo new EXR support XSI polygonizer caches XSI mdd support Blender point caches added ---------------------------------------------------------------------whats new in 2...more languages Manager .1 ..not supported on Windows Cinema Cinema Cinema Cinema Maya 2013 support Maya prevent cyclic file name (scene.

1.---------------------------------------------------------------------whats new in Manager new layout/designManager automatically finds installed apps (from regist ry and from some file locations).8 file support VrayBitMap filter bugfix bug workaround: if hdr file is in the env slot it activates the env map.2. Manager if files are bigger after the overlay they were not downloaded.26 support Cinema R13 support Cinema physical renderer . maxwell option add to save mxi each 30min only IES set path abolute vray 2.9 Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager download results automatically during render pause ALL jobs if user is out of render points limit jobs to 10 pc if no payment done remove manual job import upload error is warning instead of error another try to make maxwell import more clear (maximal render points) popup for farm first time user random job delete problem hopefully solved layout polish Cinema preset texture support 3ds 3ds 3ds 3ds 3ds 3ds 3ds 3ds 3ds 3ds 3ds Maya Maya Maya Maya check for textures with same but different content error for missing animation render GI maps maxwell option add to save mxi each 30min only region render warning for vray frame buffer shademaps support error for camera shaders distributed render support animated proxys polished GI messages realflow . now they download normally Manager download message removed as sometimes the server does not zip the files intentionally Manager add set Priority of jobsManager waiting for with estimated timeBlender s upport (beta) 3ds better search algorithm for shadow map file 3ds always set Tif compression on export Cinema vray 1.5 .1.2 support ptex support XSI negative frames are error now XSI passes frame range fix Modo fix for IES radiance gets reset when the path is changed Modo another try to optimise the install of plugin blender still in beta and Cycles support -----------------------whats new in 2.

0 support ---------------------------------------------------------------------whats new in 2.2 display better job estimates submit job timeout added possible manager hung bugfix (I hope) 3ds !!! Realflow support 2010-2012 !!! 3ds 2012 workaround for script bug 3ds maxwell bugfix additional parameter 3ds Quicksilver support 3ds testing texture format (is a jpg a jpg ?) 3ds vray bugfix for HDR unsupported chars 3ds all numthreads set to 24 on export Lightwave Kray 2.88.2 support Lightwave new .3 .4 Manager Manager Manager Manager display up/down load speed and estimate time remain sort projects via submit date top to down frame info log files are resizeable now job status display if job is downloaded already Maxwell import dialog more clear Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager download progress bugfix connect to static IP file version support Lightwave version 10 MAC plugin renamed Maya Maya Maya Maya Maya Maya Maya all numthreads set to 24 on export particle cache fix vray ies support vray mesh support maxwell env texture bugfix only check for fur if folder exists (else it returns "Windows Error 3") FG maps now can be relative or absolute XSI some little fixes to scntoc Cinema image sequences with unsupported chars bugfix Cinema vray error if IRR maps missing animation render Modo inch/pixel bugfix Modo scene need to be save before submit .hopefully it solves many problems Modo now works for Distributed render again ---------------------------------------------------------------------whats new in 2.Cinema physical distributed render support Cinema Vray num passes set to 24 on export Cinema Tif output limited if 16/32bit Installer one version for 32/64bit Installer new icon Maya and XSI nothing serious Maxwell 2.6.

1 support Maxwell internal mods to polish maximal job costs !!!! 3ds much more cheaper distributed render !!!! 3ds distributed render bugfix gamma reset 3ds testing texture path for kyrill letter 3ds Vray2.mb bugfix FG was not copied if inactive layers present allow relative FG paths to file copy fur folders completely to ftp due to SDK limitations Cinema now displays error if distributed render uses Caustics XSI scntoc overwrite to retarget textures XSI overwrite output subfolder structure Modo SP1 support User now can generate invoices per payment in user profile on my www ---------------------------------------------------------------------whats new in 2.2 Manager XSI support Manager refresh buttons for output and info moved to top Manager better Maxwell maximal job costs info Lightwave 10 support Lightwave support for image seq.1 .ma .0 version mismatch bugfix Maya Maya Maya Maya Maya Maya SSS not cause render error anymore mia portal lights does not cause render error anymore cache files .1.5.jpg" Ciname sky objects now set textures correctly Ciname vray do error if multipass have disabled entries ---------------------------------------------------------------------whats new in 2.1.Maxwell 2. with 2 digits Modo 5 speed up fixes due to SDK mods 3ds 3ds 3ds 3ds 3ds Maya Maya Maya Maya Maya Maya Maya disable placeholders on export to speed up render RPC support removed path with non ascii chars do error now distributed render show animated object names video post fix Maxwell suport remove of EXR support for distributed render some fixes and workarounds for distributed render shelf icon fix some missing cache fixed scene light existe tests removed Writeable textures disable on export Ciname fix outputnames with space at start " nase.

will slow down render A LOT past frame 10000 Ciname output names bugfix if user switches scene from MAC to Win OS Maya Maya Maya Maya Irridiance particles bugfix no support for external MI files cache file fixes cloth.mel trouble solved (hopefully) Modo distributed render workaround 3ds nothing serious Maxwell 2.1.25 Ciname Vray Animation Prepass and Animation Render support Cinema Vray no message unused material warning anymore due to SDK bug for Blend materials Cinema R12 support Cinema PNG output allowed Ciname GI mode "full animation" cache file bugfix Cinema possible resolution size Error bugfix Ciname new Error if textures are animated Ciname more than 10000 frames are not allowed .0.ifl files will load MUCH faster Cinema support vray 1.Manager create local cache files to speed up project imports (100 projects impor t in 3 seconds .0 Cinema Distributed Render for Advanced Render ! Cinema FPS project vs.1 SDK support Manager delete jobs much faster Manager import jobs much faster Manager Frame info tab shows render logfile per frame ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------whats new in 2. FPS render settings bugfix Cinema MAC now start Manager automatically Lightwave Path for IES files bugfix Maya Maya Maya Maya Vray multilayer support LC map bugfix Vray version check workspace.. hair and particles scene using Mental Ray and any other render engine need to be splitted Maxwell allow" ()+" chars in textures Maxwell delete project bugfix Maxwell download/zip bugfix ---------------------------------------------------------------------whats new in 2. yeah) Manager job status messages polished 3ds Iray support on CPU only ! NO CUDA AT REBUS YET! 3ds jobs using .9 .

image seqences Error Modo GI export bugfix Modo EXR support for distributed single frame rendering Modo MAC installer improved 3dsmax 3dsmax 3dsmax 3dsmax 3dsmax 2011 support Vray Frame Buffer supported EXR support for distributed single frame rendering Vray NumThreads always 0 Vray NumPasses always 16 IES light recognized Check for unsupported filenames save all objects included bugfix wired path problem if MAC and PC path mixed Lightwave Lightwave Lightwave Lightwave Cinema4D error if framerange more 10000 Cinema4D frame range all time "manuell" SPAM and FAKE users get overlayed images ---------------------------------------------------------------------- .0.we apologize in advance) 3ds distributed render Mental Ray interpolated materials bugfix 3ds non viewport layout bugfix 3ds vray frame buffer path bugfix Maxwell download bugfix for files bigger 2gb Manager non unicode cfg file bugfix Manager update plugins automatically on startup ! Manager now shows detailed info per frame ---------------------------------------------------------------------whats new in 2.8 new Edit option to remove ALL finished jobs in Manager Maxwell download now splits MXI into parts of 75mb Modo3 support removed :( Modo texture.XSI removed (maybe back later the year hopefully) Ciname + Vray single frame distributed render including Lightcache and Irridiance map prepass supported Maya is back !!! Maya Vray supported Maya Mental Ray supported Maya Software supported Maya Final Render ! REMOVED ! Maya Software distributed still image render supported Maya Mental Ray distributed still image render supported (!! since we switch from MR standalone to maya Batch maybe some problems could appear .