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070148MHB1 My Place (Sally Morgan) and Australian Son (Gordon Matthews) Sally Morgan’s My Place and Gordon Matthew’s

Australian Son both showed a different side of Australia during the 1950s up to the early 1990s. During these times Australia My Place was situated in Australia Manning, suburb of Perth in Western Australia. Their place is filled with wide variety of plants and animal. The story of My Place revolves around Sally Morgan’s quest to reveal her true identity and how Australia treats the Aborigines. It also revolves on the lifestyle of their family wherein they preferred to stay in their home. This is evident whenever Nanna tries her very best to impress their landlord so as not to be evicted. Australian Son on the other hand is situated in Melbourne; the place is more developed because there were more buildings like commercial stalls and hospital. The story depicted the social stigma in the society of Australia. People still discriminated Aborigines despite the special treatments that they received like scholarships. The story of Australian Son also revolves around the status of Aborigine in Australia and Gordon’s quest in finding his real identity but unlike Sally he did not have a hard time convincing his parents. Unlike Sally’s family, the Matthews are exposed to different culture because they had travelled to different parts of the world like in England, Singapore, Malaya, Scotland and Canada. Aside from the fact that both stories tackle Aborigines in Australia, the Australian Son opened another chapter in their history about unmarried pregnant woman letting their child be adopted since the society in the 1950s thinks that they don’t deserve their child. Thus, adoption contributed a big part in their history and how their society works. The story showed the period of change in Australia especially in the 1960s. The ethnic diversity produced by post-war immigration, the United Kingdom’s increasing focus on Europe, and the Vietnam War (to which Australia sent troops) all contributed to an atmosphere of political, economic and social change. This is evident in chapter four where Gordon mentioned that they can see Italians in their place and later on Indians. Also being an Aborigine in the story of Australian Son became an advantage to Gordon because it was counted as an additional point for him to become a diplomat. In contrast to My Place wherein

being an Aborigine does not give you much incentive aside from the scholarship that one can avail. Their only difference is that Sally accepted everything with open heart while Gordon harbored ill feelings towards her birth parents. The main characters -Sally and Gordon. He was not emotionally ready to openly communicate with them. After knowing everything she wants to know. They were not contented with the small details that their family provided. Also the story of Gordon shows that one’s race is not a hinder to achieve a higher career because who would have thought that being . Both were eager to know who they really are that it came to the point that they hurt the feelings of their family. In Sally’s case. his classmates assumed that he is an Aborigine. Even when they went to London. Also he did not have a hard time collecting documents because he had met people like Margaret Campi and Dick Rutenberg who helped him. Sally Morgan and Gordon Matthews both told their story well but the story of Gordon Matthews is more appealing to me because it showed the other side of Australia apart from its Aborigine history. Sally’s Nanna Daisy was disappointed that she is insisting to know their history and Gordon’s birth parents (Collete and Vivian) who were also disappointed because they do not want their story to be published. she is not contented with the confirmation of her Nanna that they are of Aborigine descent. unlike his adopted siblings he is not contended with the only fact that he is adopted. While in Gordon’s case. She really wants to know every little detail of their family history but Sally had a hard time looking for evidence since official papers regarding Aborigines were not available until 1960. For instance.of both stories showed perseverance and diligence in searching for their true identity. she was at peace and started living her life happily because she knew who she really was. Gordon assumed that he is an Aborigine because a lot of people say so. In chapter five of the book. The mother or the parents should be the one who will decide. Unlike Sally who is sure that she really is an Aborigine. he says that none of their adopted mothers willingly surrender them they are just victims of the circumstances. The adoption of babies from their unmarried mothers is much better than aborting the baby I still think that the society should not be the one who dictates these things. Although he found out later on that he is not really an Aborigine he still continued incorporating his life with the culture because he was thankful to the Aboriginal society for giving him a race.

.Another thing is that the Australian society in Gordon’s book shows the diversity and maturity of the Australians towards other race and Aborigine is an advantage in his application to become a diplomat.