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Vinash Seenath

Languages Engines SDKs & APIs Software & IDEs C/C++, Unreal Script, C#, ActionScript 3&2, 68k Assembly, HLSL, Objective-C, Java, Python Havok Vision, UDK 3, Adobe Flash, Unity3D ScaleForm, DirectX, Maya C++ API, Xbox XDK, OpenGL, WPF forms Visual Studio 2010 & 1012, Perforce, Xcode, Eclipse, Maya, Real Flow March 2013 – August 2013 Grapple FIEA Capstone 3D action-adventure game. Engine: UDK 3. Designed and implemented Scaleform based main and pause menus Created HUD trackers for objectives and enemies Built kismet nodes for designers to render text and images to screen


May 2013 – July 2013 Combines multiple Maya files with animations to a single file with all the animations Exports a single .FBX file with a text file listing start and end key frame for each animation Allows artist to select which animation files and in what order to combine the animations April 2013 Sparkle Magic C# WPF form program to visualize and speed-up creation of particle effects for the Cocos2D API (Particle Effect Used by FIEA capstone game “Pitch Jumper” to rapidly create particle effects by artists Visualizer) Engineered the WPF UI, using Maya as a base to encourage artist use January 2013 – May 2013 Game Engine at C++ game engine with data-driven architecture, event system and a custom XML scripting language FIEA Used for the 19 programmer game: “Baby Rambo” Programmed mini-map UI for “Baby Rambo” December 2012 – February 2013 Intrepid 3D cooperative puzzle-solving adventure game. Engine: Havok Vision. FIEA Capstone Feature owner for the main character, a corgi Implemented duo-animations for the main character and AI companion Ensured code base would compile and run on all team member’s workstation throughout project Created a live authoring system for use by designers November 2012 Geometry Wars A cross-platform remake of Geometry Wars for Xbox console and PC. Engine: Custom C++. Handled porting to Xbox (rendering, audio, controls and HUD), created enemy AI, HUD, menu system, win/lose states August 2012 – December 2012 Rapid Prototype Galactic Bumper Monkey – 2 player competitive asteroids game. Engine: Flash. (2 Week Cycles)  Implemented physics, collision detect & response, and particle effects Carpe Diem – No combat, top down story game. Engine: Custom Objective-C.  Designed & implemented a data driven UI system that displays story text scripted in a pList Uniwaji – Paper airplane flying game for iPad. Engine: Unity3D.  Implemented paper plane controls, handled building and distribution to iPad April 2011 – August 2012 Allogy Interactive, iOS Software Engineer LLC Programmed UI for “Infection Illustrated” and prototype UI for “Centra Care” Prototyped a networked iPad app to allow employees at multiple VAs to communicate in real time Maya .FBX Export Plugin

UCF Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA) Master of Science in Interactive Entertainment University of Central Florida Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Pending December 2013 December 2010