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All pump systems require electrical energy to provide these services. no fresh linen and. air conditioning. But as well as the human face of hospitality. just to name some. simply by optimising these systems. Once electrical energy consumption is optimised with high quality and energy-­ efficient pumps. 70% rely on pumps It is a startling figure. but none the less a reflection of the integral role pumps play in your operations. Given this fact and increasing competition in the travel and hospitality market. APPLICATIONS RELY ON PUMPS SPACE HEATING 9% 4% 5% 31% 12% HOT TAP WATER COOLING VENTILATION REFRIGERATION LIGHTING 3% 4% 17% 15% COOKING OFFICE EQUIPMENT OTHER Source: Leonardo Energy 2008 . no hot water or pressure in the shower. which is one of the reasons why they account for a considerable amount of the electrical energy hotel’s consume. laundering. no drinking water. As much of 70% of a hotel’s critical electrical energy consuming applications actually relies on pumps.introduction ROOM FOR EFFICIENCY BY GRUNDFOS 24-hour efficiency Hotel management is a 24-hour business. there is no doubt that there is room for improvement and definitely ROOM FOR EFFICIENCY. pump system optimisation offers you a chance to turn both of these challenges into a win-win situation: installing energy efficient pumps is a proven money maker that at the same time helps you demonstrate your green profile. no comfort for your guests. It may come as a surprise to many hoteliers to learn that they could save between 20-60% of their pumps’ electrical energy use. savings and 70% OF A HOTEL’S ENERGY RELATED. and swimming pools and spas. you can deliver the supreme level of comfort your guests demand and at the same time save substantial amounts of energy and money. Hotels are one of the top-5 energy wasters Hotels are among the top five building types that consume the most electrical energy in the service sector. And since 9 out of 10 pumps installed today are inefficient. importantly. Grundfos can help you exploit this opportunity by carrying out a comprehensive assessment of your hotel’s current pump system if you are refurbishing and your pump requirements for new build projects. Without these there would be no air-conditioning. You rely around the clock on your establishment’s ability to provide optimal service and meet your guests’ needs to ensure maximum satisfaction. many services actually rely on pumps: hot and cold water supplies.

There must be plenty of hot water around the clock to ensure comfortable baths and showers on call. 2. 3.on all floors. 1. Circulation pumps ensure that the AC-system can react immediately to your guests’ preferred requirements. Bed linen and towels must be spotless and crisp. Boosting pumps deliver ample and constant water pressure to provide comfortable showers . Good for business in both financial an environmental terms. 3. The pumps working behind the scenes Grundfos produces the most energy efficient pumps available. which adds up to lower than average life cycle costs. Disparate climate conditions around the globe demand either heating or cooling of indoor guest areas. Source: Rambøll Management 2. . electrical energy-hungry pump systems with high efficiency models that require less maintenance. Wastewater pumps safely transport dirt water from washing equipment to the sewer line. 1. to ensure the indulgent. topof-the-line-hotel-feeling guests expect. On top of that Grundfos can help you choose or replace inefficient.Pumps & energy ROOM FOR EFFICIENCY BY GRUNDFOS What makes a hotel stay comfortable? Surveys reveal that there are three key reasons why guests enjoy a stay in a hotel.

Our most advanced booster sets are based on applicationoptimised software. We design and deliver fire systems ranging from simple pump-driver systems to highly innovative. Tap water has to be safe Safe water is vital for many applications. For complete peace of mind you cannot do better than a Grundfos fire fighting pump system. . The potential hotel areas for energy optimisation are considerable. while controls and integrated frequency converters ensure maximum system intelligence.Pumps & energy ROOM FOR EFFICIENCY BY GRUNDFOS There is room for efficiency in every application With Grundfos pumps installed you can provide maximum comfort while keeping electrical energy expenditure to a minimum and thereby lower carbon footprint. whatever floor they are staying on. Fresh air at a comfortable temperature is a must Pumps are the heart of any circulation system and accurately controlled circulation is the key to guest comfort and the efficiency of the entire system. No guests want to wait for hot water Your guests want a constant and even supply of hot water. flexibility and the lowest possible life cycle cost. intelligent and quality pumps that guarantee performance and reliability. You could also benefit from the soft pressure build-up function. A few of them are highlighted below. Grundfos supplies superior. This includes features such as the proportional pressure function used for friction loss compensation in large pipe grids. As well as drinking and shower water. Fire fighting is the ultimate test of reliability The safety of guests is the prime concern of any hotelier. swimming pool and spa facilities must be free from bacteria and viruses to prevent potentially fatal illnesses like for example legionella. Grundfos’ dosing and disinfection solutions for water systems offer the best possible protection for your guests’ health and safety. which is ideal if your installation has to operate in an area with an unstable power supply. engineered and packaged systems that comply with all relevant fire standards.

1 MW of cooling and 2. In the basement of Crowne Plaza you will find of the world’s most advanced ATES (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage) systems. heating. Project facts Energy consumption only 51 kWh/m2 88% energy savings compared to a conventional cooling system Projected payback time 6. the building’s variable airflow volume (VAV) ventilation system allows guest rooms. including the building’s air-con. In addition. All in all the ATES system delivers 4. behind its shiny facade lies a building that sets new standards for sustainability and energy consumption reduction. black hotel.5 years View more cases at www. The excess heat from this process is then reused for winter heating. This system uses cold groundwater for cooling the guest rooms during summer.4 MW of heating at a significantly lower cost than that of other hotels. Same comfort – lower price Grundfos delivered all pumps for the ATES system. However. The hardware that makes it all possible At first glance there is nothing green about the 85m tall. and water .grundfos. lobby and conference facilities to be cooled.NEW BUILD PROJECTS ROOM FOR EFFICIENCY BY GRUNDFOS Making Crowne Plaza Copenhagen one of the world’s greenest hotel Grundfos was involved right from the start of this project because of our proven competencies in delivering environmentally sustainable solutions. heated and ventilated individually and in accordance to the actual load.

The report will recommend optimal improvements to be carried out that will ensure you start making savings in running costs and reducing CO2 emissions. a Pump Audit lets you know just how efficiently your pump system is operating. their sizes.REFURBISHMENT ROOM FOR EFFICIENCY BY GRUNDFOS Get a comprehensive review of your pump system In four straightforward steps. line drawings and operating data. In the latter. It will highlight all areas covered by the review in detail and include all current and potential operation capabilities. ages and the process flow. During the test period minimal disruption to your processes is ensured. By following the review’s recommendations you will ensure your hotel’s pump system operates at maximum efficiency. advanced data loggers. Efficiency is measured from test data related to pump operation temperatures. The tools used include ultrasonic sensors. The review includes a comparison of your current pump system’s life cycle costs against high-efficiency alternatives. they will discuss the types of pumps you have. amongst other tests and auditing. the inspection of piping. pressures and levels. Step 1: Appointment with consultant In the first step you meet with our consultant. The data is analysed and solutions are recommended. The process is simple and involves minimal or no downtime. . A Grundfos Pump Audit consultant visits your hotel and conducts a review of your pump system to gather necessary operations data. and establishes the overall efficiency of your current system. It will include. This can take place in the planning stages of building a new hotel or during the refurbishment of an existing establishment. Step 2: On-site inspection Step 3: Diagnosis Step 4: Recommendations A comprehensive inspection of your system allows us to pinpoint areas requiring optimisation. analogue sensors and digital/event sensors. and that means reaping the rewards of reduced electrical energy costs and lowering your hotel’s carbon footprint. Data from the pump audit is collected in a comprehensive report. Differences can affect optimal output and running costs. valves.

Fernando Cristovão the decision to replace the pumps was an easy one to make: “Our previous equipment used 3. The new solution uses 0. The results were compared with previous consumption figures and other factors.4 years Total savings over a 15 year lifecycle: €55.25 kWh to raise 1m3 of water. a large-scale assessment of the entire pump system was conducted.105 m3 Grundfos was called in to assist in the refurbishment of the hotel and presented some startling saving potentials: replace the three ageing pumps with one Grundfos Hydro Booster MPC system – and make electrical energy savings of up to 80%. Data-driven decision In Radisson Blu’s case.692 kWh every year. An easy decision According to Mr.66 kWh to perform the same job. and clearly showed the benefits of the switch. Up to 80% energy savings Initial investment: €22. such as the life cycle of the current pumps.REFURBISHMENT ROOM FOR EFFICIENCY BY GRUNDFOS Refurbishment options small to large Small scale: Old pumps are replaced with new ones Medium scale: Ensures all pumps are sized correctly and replacement of those that are not Large scale: A full assessment of the pump system is conducted Refurbishment of Radisson Blu in Lisbon hotel data 221 rooms 23.000 m2 Annual water consumption: 28. This determined precisely the volume of water being pumped and the energy consumed during an 18-hour savings .571 View more cases at www.340 Payback time: 4. without in any way impacting on the water supply or any of the hotel’s operations.grundfos.” This means the hotel saves no less than 74.

Grundfos is a global company and makes pumps and systems for all kinds of applications and building types. We are committed to the development of solutions that meet or exceed regional energy efficiency demands and that help businesses operate sustainably with respect to the environment and the economy. .About Grundfos ROOM FOR EFFICIENCY BY GRUNDFOS Grundfos – the world’s leading manufacturer of energy efficient pumps With more than 60 years experience we know pumps and the vital role they play in ensuring everyday life runs comfortably and smoothly.

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