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tems™ lte offerings go ahead

“The TEMS™ Portfolio has once again demonstrated industry leadership with the first commercially available tools for LTE. it is crucial to ensure a proper roll-out and to constantly maintain the network to the highest possible standards.   LTE is becoming a reality. LTE supports and promotes the most important aspects of mobile telephony and broadband: Unparalleled mobility and coverage Increased focus on quality and operational efficiency Explosive growth of data service usage In order to satisfy users and reap the full benefits of LTE from a technological and operational perspective. The next big step beyond HSPA in the development of 3GPP technologies.2 tems™ lte offerings go ahead Ascom Network Testing shows industry leadership with its firstto-market TEMS LTE offerings. Doing this in the most cost-effective way possible is a challenge for every organization embarking on the LTE journey.” .

the TEMS Portfolio is among the first on the market to include commercially-available LTE functionality. Together. analyze. and the industry standard TEMS Investigation all already offer LTE support. LTE functionality is also planned for the upcoming release of TEMS Visualization. and optimize  mobile network performance and ensure quality of service. Already. the products in the TEMS Portfolio have had an unrivaled track record as industry leaders across all global wireless standards. Current releases TEMS Discovery. the TEMS Symphony Suite. our products help operators to move confidently into the LTE world ahead of the competition.tems™ lte offerings 3 Proceed with confidence Ascom Network Testing is preparing the way with its TEMS LTE offerings. . For nearly two decades. providing solutions to  measure. We can rely on our experience to support operators moving into this exciting next phase of wireless communication.

it was one of the first testing products commercially available with LTE functionality. 5. analyze. TEMS Investigation is always at the forefront of new technology support. spectrum scan and enhanced power scan (PCTEL only) Scanning features: Simultaneous scans on up to 1500 channels on any supported band Measures the Top-N LTE cells on each channel for best server and coverage analysis Cell Identity target lists allow precise selection of cells for measurement Supports LTE bandwidths of 1. troubleshooting.4 tems™ lte offerings Get there first tems™ investigation TEMS Investigation offers operators one solution to collect. and post-process data used for monitoring. and optimization of RF networks. 15. such as GSM or WCDMA channels. and quickly identify LTE presence Adjustable P-SCH/S-SCH detection and RS detection thresholds minimize unnecessary logging Measurements captured include Reference Signal. and Reference Signal Received Quality as well as PSCH and SSCH metrics TEMS Investigation – The industry-leading air interface test tool . 3. HTTP. Ping and UDP service testing in command sequence Serving and neighbor cell measurements LTE DL and UL information Throughput and delay measurements LTE scanning measurements including signal scans for up to 12 EARFCNs.4. Received Power. and 20 MHz in FDD mode Narrowband RSSI measurements reveal unintended interfering signals. As the industry leader. 10. Additional LTE features have been added in the latest releases: LTE measurements collected with Samsung LTE USB modems Support for DRT 4301A and PCTEL EX LTE scanners More than 130 specific LTE IEs More than 30 predefined LTE presentation windows Support for FTP.

as well as GIS data. It allows engineers to easily assess wireless performance and quickly pinpoint network problems.tems™ lte offerings 5 Explore the possibilities TEMS™ DISCOVERY TEMS Discovery is a highly configurable and extremely userfriendly post-processing tool. promoting operational efficiency in maintaining the LTE quality customers demand. neighbor lists and antenna patterns. and cell data. network cell configuration and parameters. TEMS Discovery uses multiple data sources for data processing. LTE functionality in TEMS Discovery: Analysis of both LTE scanner and LTE device data 200+ LTE Information Elements LTE scanner data: – Spectrum analysis – RSSI scanning LTE MAC LTE NAS LTE radio measurement LTE RLC LTE RRC state LTE serving/neighbor Events and cell data Seamless inter-RAT analysis and multi-RAT benchmarking User. NAS (EPS MM. X2AP and S1AP Import of LTE cell data in TEMS XML or generic csv/tab formats Support for IP layer analysis and LibPcap (coming in release 2. TEMS Discovery supports analysis of both LTE scanner data and LTE device data. events. hundreds of LTE information elements.1) TEMS Discovery – Chart your own course . EPS SM). For LTE. such as measurement data from drive test devices and scanners.defined Information Elements and events LTE L2/3 message decoding – RRC.

WCDMA. proven measurement system for the most demanding LTE benchmarking and QoS network testing requirements. WCDMA. 3. 10. 15. LTE functionality in TEMS Symphony: LTE Scanner LTE700 /3G Prizm – 700 MHz baseband scanning of bands 12.6 tems™ lte offerings See beyond your competition tems™ SYMPHONY The TEMS Symphony Suite offers wireless operators a powerful. 2. GSM. Band clearing tests – Detection of unlawful transmitters in the LTE frequency bands – RSSI sweep of the target frequency band – Real time display of the frequency spectrum across the selected bands – Setting of RSSI detection thresholds – Presentation on map of interferers Reporting with QVoice Presentation TEMS Symphony – The fine art of benchmarking . and 14 – 700 MHz uplink scanning of lower and upper 700 block 698 MHz to 805 MHz – 850 MHz CDMA. 4 – Cyclic prefix used — Normal or extended – Number of PHICH’s assigned LTE scanner decoding the primary and secondary sync Channel impulse response – The scanner can provide all the reference signals for each antenna whose phase has been normalized based on the cell ID and slot for the given bandwidth. and LTE band 2 MIB info – Channel bandwidth of cell sites — 1. 20 MHz – Number of antennas — 1. and LTE bands 5 and 6 – 1900 MHz CDMA.4. 5. 13. GSM.

This information can be used for troubleshooting.tems™ lte offerings 7 Continue to lead TEMS™ VISUALIZATION TEMS Visualization processes event-based data. subscribergenerated data TEMS Visualization – Bridging the optimization gap . and verifying network functionality. all the way down to the individual call level. monitoring. Operators have easy access to comprehensive information based on measurement results and call events. In upcoming releases. analyzing and organizing it so that it can be used for network optimization. TEMS Visualization will include the following LTE features: Support for Ericsson LTE Event Data from live network traffic Analysis of exceptional events such as dropped calls and blocked calls Analysis of detailed message sequences call-by-call for all recorded traffic Analysis of any Channel Quality problems and impact on subscribers Fully automated and centralized processing of high volume.

Our solutions embrace every stage of a network’s lifecycle. TRUSTED SOLUTIONS. All rights reserved. and the commitment to help you navigate through the ever-changing communications landscape.2010  © Ascom 2010. the  ASCOM NETWORK TESTING EVOLVING 09. | 2/287 01-FAM 901 023 Rev D Uen | Photo: Fotograf Paulina With nearly two decades of experience and a proven track record of technological innovation and quality-based offerings. Ascom Network Testing will be right there with you. Networks are constantly changing and growing. We understand the challenges faced by operators today and the opportunities presented by LTE. we have the experience. Ascom Network Testing Inc. Our TEMS Portfolio will further evolve to include additional products with LTE support as the technology matures and more devices become available.ascom. . TEMS is a trademark of Ascom. Through 4G and beyond. 1943 Isaac Newton Square  Reston | VA | 20190-5006 | USA  www. As you strive to grow your business and satisfy your customers.  www. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders. Ascom Network Testing is the right partner for mobile operators to trust when taking the next step in the wireless evolution to LTE.