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BFMA International

2011 BFMA Sponsors BFMA Association provides exceptional value to our members by providing opportunities for learning the latest technology and practices for managing data collection, business process and forms within your organization. Become one of our proud members online at BFMA and its members wish to extend our sincere appreciation to the corporations that are generously sponsoring our educational efforts throughout the year. Become one of our sponsors online at

Focused on best practice for Data Collection, Business Process and Forms

“Mobile technology is providing business efficiency opportunities that we never dreamed of”

1147 Fleetwood Avenue Madison, Wi 53716

Managing Structured Content is key to assuring organizational success in today’s mobile world.

Randy Popson President, BFMA International

Phone: 1-888-367-3078 Fax: 1-937-885-5320 Email: Website:

Free Sponsor-Driven webinars on the latest products and services . BFMA International‘s largest chapter is in Washington DC .live and recorded for online viewing at our member’s convenience.  BFMA Membership . Reduced cost for certification offerings. 2. Reduced cost for attending BFMA’s annual conference. Top 10 Member Benefits (cont. Website ‘Members Only’ blog and forum sections used to facilitate questions and discussions with your peers.   Top 10 Member Benefits 1. Wi 53716 Phone: 1-888-367-3078 Fax: 1-937-885-5320 Email: bfma@bfma. BFMA Membership provides over $1300 in total annual savings available to each of our members. 9. Structured Content Management focus includes data Website: www. 10. 6 Person Membership Cost = $1000 10 Person Membership Cost = $1750 Headquarters 1147 Fleetwood Avenue Madison. or you are a professional that has responsibility in the areas of data collection. For about $16 per month. Free (6 or more) knowledge-based webinars annually on highly pertinent topics .BFMA Membership If you are an executive with business line responsibility for your organization’s management of structured content. an annual BFMA membership offers the business skills. ‘Members Only’ monthly newsletter filled with valuable information. 8. ‘Members Only’ article and white paper knowledge database. business process and and recorded for online viewing at member’s convenience. 3. Reduced cost for attending BFMA partner conferences. (member savings of over $300) 6. business process or forms then our association is for you. 7. (member savings of $400 dollars) Individual Memberships Membership in BFMA is affordable whether the annual dues are paid by individual professionals or the companies that employ them.) 4. Individual Membership Cost = $200 Company . Lifetime membership option for our retired members. (member savings of over $100 per webinar). Free annual ‘Member’s Only’ gift. We provide best practice knowledge with real world experience through our many members and sponsors. education and support network that information professionals need to be successful.Group Memberships Organizations have the opportunity to purchase multiple memberships for their company associates providing a lower cost per member and simplifying annual renewals.