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Rationale of the Report
This assigned work is a requirement for course completion and conceptualize the aspects of brand management in practical context. This report is done to support the work that is done for the assignment and thus contains all the relevant information regarding the work methodology and justification.

The main objective of this assignment is to develop a advertising campaign for any brand/product of any local organization. For this assignment, the specific objective is to develop a campaign which includes all possible touch points and making of advertisements for Link3 Technologies with their home solution package. We have given a new image and positioning for the package.

The Organization
Link3 visions to be the largest broadband user based ICT solutions service provider in Bangladesh by the year 2015. They believe that their success as an enterprise depends on us being pro-active, innovative and by maintaining our leading edge in ICT solutions. They want to be interactive and inspirational. Right now it is the leading broadband corporate internet solution provider.

The Package
Infinity is Link3's new retail product which will bring customer satisfaction and service quality to home users. This is the home solution package with which the organization wants to get a position in the home solution market. The package offers high speed unlimited internet in affordable price (BDT 1400 per month for 2.5 mbps). The package is broadband based and has no fair usage policy; even line is not being blocked for any limit.

This research was conducted using two tools. Home internet solution will be an extension of our already developed corporate solution. we are providing internet. . data and security services to over 600 corporate offices across the country. The question answer session in the actual format is rewritten in the following section. There is a definite void in the premium market segment. one qualitative tool: in-depth interview and the quantitative tool: survey. Corporate clients require instant. for example: gamers.lag free. and we have been able to provide that on a consistent basis. Qualitative Analysis: The in-depth interview was conducted with one of the marketing manager of Link3 Technologies. 48 of them are leading banks. Do you think you are capable of doing that? As the industry leader in corporate internet solutions in Bangladesh. you tubers do not get the speed. What motivated you to enter the consumer market? We did a market survey and found out that none of the current service providers operating here are able to fulfill consumer’s needs. we have a solid infrastructure and strong technical knowhow on this field. As you may know. not the download capacity from the current providers. Home users generally do not have these features. We would not be able to acquire such rich clientele without state of the art internet solution. People who are heavy internet users.Primary Research Primary research was conducted to get consumer insight about what they want in their internet service or what they value the most. zero downtime nonrestrictive internet access 24/7 to function properly. So we felt that we need to step in to fill that void. You are one of the largest corporate internet connection providers.

For instance. even though they have subscribed to an expensive 1mbps package. Wimax is not a good solution. These limitations make Wimax a very poor option. Let’s see some of the biggest obstacle this technology is facing: Lack of Quality The Wimax network has lack of quality service because there are hundreds of people trying to get access at the same tower so due to heavy traffic it is very hard to maintain high quality. Wimax range The other disadvantage of Wimax network is range. These features are what set our solution apart from the run-of-the-mill home solutions available in the market. It’s just that they do not know that these features can be available to them. Still Consumers stay with their current providers in the hopes that they will fix these problems one day. Can you elaborate on that? For a heavily populated city such as Dhaka.Out home solution have most the features that only corporate clients can have. . As Wimax offer 70Mbps in range with moving station but in practice it is quite different because it is possible only in specify or ideal circumstances. But the fact of the matter is these problems will never go away as these are core limitations of Wimax technology. Do home users really want all these features? They absolutely do. at the fraction of the price. or that their connection drops frequently. Qubee/Banglalion Wimax users often complains that YouTube stream frequently stutters. You will also hear that video conferencing becomes almost impossible due to frequent lags. If a user staying away from the specified environment then speed can drop considerably. There are numerous limitations to Wimax.

Dhanmondi. No ports are blocked. How are you going to compete with them? It should not be a big problem. We are gradually expanding our network. they have started aggressive marketing. satellite.Wimax Bandwidth Like other network Bandwidth is collective amongst clients in a specified zone. All these limitations stop wimax from gaining sustainability in Bangladesh Market. Why is it taking so long to expand your network coverage? Unlike Wimax. In order to counter that. We hope to cover the whole Dhaka city within a year. Users can download/upload their hearts content. We already have 6 key regions covered: these are Gulshan. So no. What will be your coverage area? As we have mentioned before. we are not afraid of wimax. our primary customers are heavy users. So we need to build hubs in each zone to facilitate our expansion. ours is a wired connection. But Wimax providers are currently your biggest competitors. Same high speed both ways (download/upload). are very slow. Bad Weather The quality of services decreases in rainy season because the weather condition could interrupt the signal which may cause of bad signal and broadcasting may be stop or interrupted. Our strongest differentiating feature is that we give unlimited download. No other player in this market can claim this. Matijheel. Mirpur. cables etc. There is no fair usage policy. Data Rate The data rate of Wimax as compared to other network such as fiber optics. at least for the heavy user segment. People have already started to notice the fact that Wimax service is starting to decline. But if there are a lot of users in one area the speed decreases which may be 2 to 10 Mbps of shared bandwidth. Wimax basically drove other local broadband providers out of business with their heavy marketing. Nikunja and Uttara. Currently we are focusing on Dhaka only. The problem is having a presence in a location is very difficult as we have to face .

which was provided to 82 sample elements to get information. sabotage is a daily incident. Many of them among them also owns desktop. Wimax is not truly mobile. You cannot call that true mobile. The connection stays strong only in very specific zones. Unlike cellular network. starting from local subscribers to big players. which you do not have. 49% of the respondent which consisted 62 sample units owns laptop/netbook. So we have to take very careful approach when expanding our network. Wimax promises to give the best of both worlds: give mobility while providing speed. From the sample group. You are not exactly accurate. Chart 2 and Chart 3). Chart 1: Gender Chart 2: Age group . To get this group the survey was conducted specifically using computer assisted personal interview (CAPI) method using Google docs application. Quantitative Analysis: The survey was conducted with a structured questionnaire (Please see appendix A1). almost 88% were male respondent and rest was females among which 94% belonged to the age group of 19-29. One of the reasons Qubee/Banglalion became so popular is that they provide mobility. (Chart 1. In the arena of wired internet.numerous oppositions. but it ends up being the master of none. The sample consisted people from different age group but using internet for miscellaneous purposes.

Desktop Computer Laptop/ Netbook Tablet Smartphone Chart 3: Owning devices 45 29% 62 41% 14 9% 32 21% Among the entire internet service provider. Smile BTCL (Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited) Other 3 31% 2 2 24% 5 0 0% 1 10% 0 4 4% 6 6% 3 3% 8 8% 1 15% 6 Chart 4: Internet service providers . as shown in Chart 4. Qubee BanglaLion Ollo GrammenPhone (GP) Internet Citycell Zoom Ultra Link3 Technologies Ltd. followed by Banglalion with 24%. Link3 technologies seem to have very less popularity (only 6%) among internet users. most percentage (31%) of the respondents use Qubee.

Video Chatting etc.Allows Smooth Online gaming.Live Streaming (Buffering free video/audio) High Uploading Speed (Easy to upload and share videos and files) Local Server (Provides large library of downloadable content for free) No Lag (low latency) . 100% Unlimited Data Plan for any offered packages No Installation Fee Other 4 25% 9 3 16% 1 3 15% 0 2 11% 2 5 26% 0 9 5% 4 2% Chart 5: Preferred services Chart 6: Preference for mobility .

it can be seen that there is a significant preference of an unlimited package providing internet service to the internet users. Chart 7 and 8 can show the picture. The research shows with current usage policy and customer service. Chart 6 shows peoples’ preference for mobility and 34% gave the mobility factor most important in service.From the survey. 1 2 3 4 5 3 4% 23 29% 37 47% 15 19% 1 1% Chart 7: Customer service satisfaction . Only 33% and 31% people said they are satisfied with their used service on each issue respectively. We can see from Chart 5 that 50 people want the unlimited package closely followed by the response of 49 people who also consider no buffering as a preference. most of the users are in a neutral position.

The positioning and brand promise is decided on the fact that the internet users mostly want 100% unlimited data plan and live streaming from the service providers. This information has justified the objective of this advertising campaign. The depth interview revealed that the company is playing on the terms which competitors specifically Wimax rivals are lacking. No ports are blocked. The survey revealed that most of the internet users belong to the early and mid twenty age group. . The problem is having a presence in a location is very difficult as the company have to face numerous oppositions. If the company decides to start providing mobility they can increase their market share by a lot. The survey also has provided the information about the drawback of the infinity package. which is to make the buyer aware about the usage policy and benefits of this package which will translate into increased sales. the survey has indicated the fact that the buyers have very limited knowledge about Link3 technologies and their services and very less number of internet users uses this service. which is they don’t provide mobility. Same high speed both ways (download/upload). Moreover. starting from local subscribers to big players and as it is a wired connection. No other player in this market can claim this. They are about to provide package with no fair usage policy. Users can download/upload their hearts content.1 2 3 4 5 6 18 31 18 9 7% 22% 38% 22% 11% Chart 8: Current usage policy preference Summary of Findings: From this primary research valuable insight came across which has helped to determine the direction for this advertising campaign.

g.Objective of the Ad Campaign  Creating awareness and increase the customer base According to the survey of primary research. some even block their service after the limit is reached.  Highlight the competitive edge over the rivals This ad campaign is to highlight how and in which aspects the Link3 Infinity package is distinctive from other popular packages available to the consumers. Communicate with the customers the fact that this package is more affordable. All of them offer unlimited package but with a fair usage policy. That is because the company basically provided B2B solutions to corporate clients and has strong presence in that market but do not have this exposure in the home solution market.g Qubee) or in consumer mind. Which means they will not apply any fair usage policy. Link3 want to get this side of the service and they want a position as the absolute unlimited service provider. Banglalion) and uninterrupted connection (e. only 6% knows and uses Limk3 solutions and no one could recall any promotional acts that the company has done.  Get a new positioning in consumers’ mind Most of the internet service providers have taken the positioning of Speed (e. .that means reducing the speed of service when certain level is reached in their package. This campaign is aimed to create awareness about the package and its benefits and get new customer base. reliable and complication free for better customer services.

jobs. it was found out that the company is considering the heavy internet users as their customers. From the in-depth interview.Positioning Statement: Link3 Infinity is an internet service package from Link3 Technologies that provides enhanced usage policy to people of age group 18-25 years and who resides in Dhaka as it is the only absolute unlimited internet package provider with no fair usage policy in Bangladesh Brand name: Link3 Infinity Product type: Internet service package (Broadband) Target group: People of age group 18-25 years and who resides in Dhaka Need: Enhanced usage policy Reason to believe: Only absolute unlimited internet package provider with no fair usage policy in Bangladesh Target group selection and justification The target group for this package is ultimately the target viewer of this ad campaign. Again this is the group which is more dependent on the families for financial reasons and thus will most understand the importance of no fair usage policy and no port blockage. The downloading and live streaming is very popular among this group. This group also consist . This demography was selected based on two important findings from the primary research that is conducted prior to his campaign. such as. The target customer group is people of 18-25 years of age and residents of Dhaka. academic. The age group18-25 consist people who use internet in their day to day life for miscellaneous purposes. movies and music and also social networking.

most tech savvy people according to the primary research as the most percentage of surveyed internet users belonged to this group. They will plan for other promotional programs if they thought for expansion. The geographic factor was decided on the fact that the company is prepared to provide services in this region only now considering technicalities. The Big Idea .

TVC 2: The next one is in a different setting and the theme is towards a fun angle. is blocked due to overuse. the main theme is comprised in the tag line. ‘Most things in life are limited. who is in Bangladesh. The ad ends with sending the realization that the customer should use more reliable and true unlimited package to make their special moments happier. The demography of the target group was one of the major factors while designing the ads and also there is an emotional quotient in all of the ads that relates the irony of the life with this package. the ads are considering the facts that the positioning is on 100% unlimited internet solutions. your internet is not’ TVC 1: The first video ad shows the idea that there is no limit in your usage for Infinity package. This ad shows a lifetime crisis over bad internet package service. The ad shows a group of young people who are constantly using the solution over the time and usage volume exceeds the normal level of unlimited internet. With much suspense when the bride wants to agree to the marriage. The fair usage policy is absent which is shown with the fact that the pace of the ad is rapid constantly which reflect that with the usage volume speed is not compromised. the connection of the groom’s side.Print ads and Billboards: Here. Here. it is shown that a wedding is taken place via video conferencing in two different countries. Here. . All the series ads are on the theme how Link3 Infinity is providing the only limitless solution compared to every other player in the market.

Touch Points Budget .