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Introduction Rahimafrooz a private limited group of Companies operates in three broad business segments – automotive after market, storage power and energy, and retail. While the Group activities are coordinated from the Rahimafrooz Corporate Office (RACO), it has eight Strategic Business Units (SBUs), three other business ventures, and a not-for-profit social development enterprise. Rahimafrooz Distribution limited (Distribution of automotive product) Rahimafrooz Super stores limited (Agora) Rahimafrooz Energy Services Limited (Generator and electrical Product) Rahimafrooz Renewable energy limited (Renewable energy products) Rahimafrooz CNG limited (CNG conversion and CNG bossiness) Rahimafrooz Excel Retread Limited (Tyre retread) Rahimafrooz Accumulated Limited (Industrial Battery Mfg) Rural Services Foundation (Not-for-profit initiative) Metronet Bangladesh Limited (WAN facility provider) Rahimafrooz as an organization, is committed to driving growth, prosperity, ethical values and social responsibility. Rahimafrooz Group continues to delight its customers through unparallel quality, excellence and service superiority. Business success of Rahimafrooz is complemented by the commitment to the environment, society and community

2. Findings and Recommendation

Rahimafrooz operates in four broad segments and they are Storage Power, Automotive and Electronics Division, Energy and Retail. RDL deals with the storage power, automotive and electronic division. In the battery sector, their leading brands are Lucas and on Spark and the other hand, Optus, Volta, Delta etc are on the way towards achieving their popularity in the international market. They are the clear leader in IPS, UPS and Stabilizer industry and soon they will get a good position in the market of solar power system.

recently the force that is working against this is their Brand name crisis. Rest of the demand is fulfilled through the imported VRLA batteries from China. Their skilled workforce plays one of the most important roles behind their success. They are enjoying the monopoly to some extent in the battery industry. RDL monitor their level of commitment and orientation to serve customers’ needs and their strategy for competitive advantage is based on understanding of customer needs. They have established their brand name at the same time. They have a huge opportunity in this sector. or can develop a competitive advantage. RDL is now the market leader and making profit and arrived as reputed business house not only in Bangladesh but also in South Asia region.They have a secured market place in the present era because of the increasing demand of the type of products they produce. All of their managers understand how everyone in the company can contribute to creating customer value. 3. they are now capturing only 10% of the VRLA battery market. As this is their most profitable sector. Developing the R&D will bring situation in their favor in many ways. they should put more emphasize on VRLA production. They achieved todays position through long experience and learning. Today Rahimafrooz has diversified in many areas from storage power solution to automotive aftermarket to retailing. They should enhance their capacity of VRLA battery production so that in recent future they can capture 100% market of this. Their main lacking is their R&D which is not yet properly developed. But they fulfill only the 10% of the current demand. By deliveing superior value according to cutomer requirements and preference. This is the most profitable sector of their business. They communicate information about their successful and unsuccessful customer experiences across all business functions. The top management of RDL regularly discusses competitors’ strengths and strategies. . Finall it is articulted that RDL is becoiming market oriented and following some market driven strategies to gather sustainable competitive advantage in automutive after market. Rahimafrooz should focus on this and should increase the quality of their products and services to re-establish their brand name. Moreover. Rahimafrooz began its operation as a trading company in 1954. Conclusion From the study we can tell that Rahimafrooz Batteries Limited is practising market driven strategies which make the RDL market-oriented organization and achieve a sustainable competitve advantage through acquiring distinctive capabilities in this business arena. Especially it is mentionable that they are the only Bangladeshi company that produces VRLA batteries. RDL target customers and customer groups where they have. All of RDL business functions are integrated in serving the needs of their target markets.