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Move to 3D with the Company That Brought You 2D
Make your move to 3D with Autodesk Inventor® software products, the best choice for AutoCAD ® software users. With the fastest and easiest migration path to 3D, Autodesk Inventor has outsold all competitors four years running. No company is more focused than Autodesk on helping designers innovate and bring better products to market faster and at less cost. As the creators of AutoCAD software, Autodesk understands your design process and created the Autodesk Inventor family of products to make the move from 2D to 3D as easy as possible, providing the best way to maintain your company’s 2D design data and AutoCAD technical expertise. The Autodesk Inventor product line gives designers the freedom to integrate existing 2D designs into their 3D design environment, making it easy to reuse and share both AutoCAD DWG™ files and 3D design data with other Autodesk manufacturing applications and their users. Available in different product configurations to provide specific levels of functionality, Autodesk Inventor is the best choice for AutoCAD users in the manufacturing space. The Autodesk Inventor product line provides a comprehensive and integrated set of design applications and 2D transition tools to help manufacturing companies move to 3D. It includes Autodesk Inventor® Series software for 3D design and documentation, Autodesk Inventor® Professional products for creating routed systems and validating designs, AutoCAD ® Mechanical for 2D drawing and detailing, and Autodesk® Vault software for data management. Autodesk Inventor also delivers a new ground-breaking modeling paradigm, Functional Design. Functional Design enables designers to move beyond geometric modeling and into an environment where they can focus on the problem they are trying solve rather than spending time solely on the 3D geometry required to build the design. The Autodesk Inventor product line delivers enhanced 3D productivity while preserving your company’s 2D engineering designs through true DWG compatibility. It provides access to intelligent engineering content and offers the fastest way to generate production-ready drawings to help designers quickly go from concept to production. And the Autodesk Inventor product family is interoperable with other Autodesk design applications, enabling all areas of your engineering department to work together in 2D or 3D.

Design Your Complete Product Line ....... 1 Create Quality Products the First Time Around ................................................ 4 Deliver the Design in Less Time ............... 5 Manage and Share Design Data ...............9 2D to 3D ....................................................... 12 Autodesk Solution for Manufacturing .......................................... 13 Learn More or Purchase......................... 13

Design Your Complete Product Line
Large Assembly Management Realize the benefits of 3D design when developing very large assemblies. With Level of Detail Representations you have full control over which parts of your project are loaded into memory when you open the model. The capacity meter enables you to monitor memory consumption as you work so you can quickly open a huge project file to review the assembly structure and then choose to open only those subassemblies needed to get the job done. Other components of Autodesk Inventor software have been designed to support large assemblies, including advanced bill of materials (BOM) management and integrated data management to simplify the control and versioning of large numbers of part and assembly models.

Frame Generator Use the frame generator to automate the design of welded structural frames. Design and development of structural frames is fast with tools that streamline placement of predefined structural shapes and simplify creation of end conditions and welded joint cleanup.

N Sided Patch.AUTODESK INVENTOR 11 2 ® Assembly Configurations New assembly configurations make it fast and efficient to design and document product families by defining variations from a master assembly. high-quality products using Autodesk Inventor tools to create a wide range of complex geometry by easily combining solids and surfaces. Weldment analysis and reporting capabilities include bead volume reporting and comprehensive interference detection of all solid weld bead types. . Centerline Loft. Weldments With a built-in environment for designing weldments. welding. You have precise control of shape characteristics. Sculpt Tool Use the new Sculpt tool to create 3D shapes by quickly and easily combining closed sets of surfaces. and automatically generate associative 2D weld symbols for documentation. Then document the entire product family using the new Table tool to add a parameter table in your assembly drawing. G2 Continuous Fillets. and Face-to-Face Fillets. and postweld operations. gap. you can exclude or substitute individual components and make changes to dimension and constraint values. it’s easy to model welds in 3D and improve quality by simulating weld preparation. such as tangency and continuity. Incorporate imported surface data into your design using the Sculpt tool to modify existing parts by adding or removing material. by using enhanced modeling tools such as Loft to a Point. Automatically create 3D annotation based on industry or company standards. Sweep Normal to Surface. and groove weld beads as 3D solids. Advanced Shape Description Develop aesthetically pleasing. With assembly configurations. Classify and model fillet. Full Round Fillets.

It provides an easy-to-use content browser with search and filter tools to help you quickly find the right part families. or by extruding special contours. The software automatically calculates bend allowances based on material and thickness. simplifying creation. Sheet Metal Design sheet metal components for manufacturing using specialized tools that allow for quick changes and instant drawing updates. It also includes tools to set up intelligent part catalogs. while providing customizable bend tables for correct flat pattern creation.AUTODESK INVENTOR 11 3 ® Content Center Access the content you need—when you need it. A powerful set of tools enables you to create parts face by face. The Content Center includes more than 650. . As you move the cursor over valid geometry. flange by flange. bolts.000 components—such as nuts. AutoDrop boosts your productivity by providing intelligent component insertion with one-click placement. Content Center Publishing Tools Quickly prepare and publish large catalogs of library parts. AutoDrop When you need to add many standard components to a design. The Content Center’s publishing tools include an editing environment and batch processing of large data sets to streamline the process of preparing and publishing company parts as well as vendor catalogs. and management of all company-approved content. reuse. and screws— and enables companies to add in-house parts and standard features to userdefined libraries. Graphical preview and intelligent 3D grips provide incremental adjustment based on sizes available in the Content Center. AutoDrop selects the part with the correct dimension. The Content Center gives you fast and easy access to a centralized library of engineering content.

With component selection and isolation. incorporating design engines for parametrics and adaptivity. Design Views Boost productivity when working with large. allowing the parts to be measured for proper fit. And you can now easily create assemblies with multiple instances of a subassembly—each in a different positional state. and hole tables that update automatically with changes. Quickly isolate specific parts or subassemblies to see what you want to see. You can also vary the component tolerance to validate manufacturing flexibility.AUTODESK INVENTOR 11 4 ® Bill of Materials (BOM) Provide earlier visibility into accurate component lists to improve costing and sourcing decisions. and lighting to your models. connect. when you want to see it. Hole Features Improve productivity by automatically creating holes. Create. and subassemblies in the context of the design and assign realistic materials. Control component visibility to enhance assembly performance and speed up design tasks. This way. Parametrics and Adaptivity Cut down design steps by making changes that propagate instantly throughout your design. To assist in making the right design choices. The result is accurate engineering BOM data and faster release to manufacturing. complex assemblies by storing and sharing frequently used views and representations. 3D Visualization Take advantage of constant feedback on component relationships in all design modes to improve every aspect of your design before it’s built. view sketches. higher-quality products through rapid virtual design iterations. including virtual components. parts. Timesaving features include the following: • Automatic numbering with support for numeric and alpha characters and item number override • Material definition for virtual components such as glue and paint • Direct editing of materials in the BOM table so you can make material changes to more than one item at the same time Component Selection Quickly focus on just the assembly components you need for the task at hand. And it’s easy to drive assembly motion. Contact Detection Solver Drag a component to collide with another component to validate the reaction between the two—a simple way to reduce errors early in the process and help improve product function. . Quickly sketch shapes without worrying about details. Autodesk Inventor software offers an intuitive visual design environment for working with parts and assemblies. Streamline the placement of holes. and reuse multiple sketches to build 2D/ 3D layouts of design concepts. you can simulate and test designs interactively earlier in the design process. a faster approach than using AutoCAD software to lay out designs. using a linear (place by two edges) or concentric method—and define hole parameters based on standard fasteners. The BOM functionality provides a single source for managing the assembly and subassembly structure of purchased and nonpurchased parts. Dimension-Driven Design Now it’s easy to test multiple design concepts before defining the exact form and fit. Interference Analysis Cut costly errors and improve design manufacturability with automated tools that test for part interference. providing the ability to test and retest design function. Create Quality Products the First Time Around Virtual Prototyping Build more innovative. hole notes. you choose a specific assembly component and isolate your view to focus only on that component and the items within your selection criteria. This functionality helps you associate parts in a way that allows the change of one part to drive changes in associated parts. which inspires interactive design simulation to resolve product function before committing to a finished part. independent of the sketch. textures. Sketching Create conceptual sketches of your designs using a free-form sketching environment. applying dimensions to drive the geometry to the desired shape.

providing visual confirmation of surface continuity and tangency • Gaussian surface analysis. providing feedback of surface curvature • Cross section analysis displaying wall thickness with color-coded feedback of minimum and maximum thickness violations • Draft angle analysis displaying color-coded draft angle based on a pull direction that can be defined by an axis. Tools include the following: • Zebra analysis with density control and enhanced display accuracy. distance. Use AutoLimits to monitor length. or planar face • Check of minimum distance between two components or faces in an assembly Deliver the Design in Less Time Supplier Content Center Reduce the time and effort required to incorporate standard components into your designs. And. Physical Properties Improve product design by using real-world properties to build a virtual prototype of your design. . volume. area. diameter. The simpleto-use browser provides quick and easy access to models in native Autodesk Inventor format. color. The Supplier Content Center provides web-based access to component models from more than 100 leading manufacturers. density. angle. and mass. and texture—to help you make more-informed design decisions. Parts and assemblies created in Autodesk Inventor carry physical property information—such as center of gravity. loop length. Geometry Analysis Validate surface characteristics to create high-quality models and then check design data for manufacturability to avoid costly changes during the tooling phase. material type. plane. it’s fully integrated with the Autodesk Inventor Content Center.AUTODESK INVENTOR 11 5 ® AutoLimits AutoLimits help reduce errors—and engineering changes—by monitoring key design parameters and providing color-coded warnings when the parameter exceeds the design limit. Comprehensive analysis tools for checking geometric properties of an Autodesk Inventor design are available in both the part design and construction environments.

Autodesk Inventor software includes component generators for mechanical connections. Create parts and assemblies based on real-world attributes and use conditions such as power. material properties. This means that if you edit associated components. so that a change made to a part is reflected in the assembly design and all associated drawing files. analyze. Use the engineer’s handbook. o-rings. assemblies. speed. power. gear design. The Multisheet Plot Manager automatically arranges drawing sheets to generate a composite plot file that optimizes sheet layout on a selected paper size. Associate parts and assemblies with design relationships. a change to the assembly is reflected in the parts and drawing files. mechanical calculators. those changes ripple throughout all parts. Design Accelerators Move beyond sketching and constraints and accelerate design by working with parts that are based on mechanical relationships rather than geometric descriptions. such as parts and subassemblies. Multisheet Plot Optimize paper usage and reduce plot setup time using the Multisheet Plot feature in Autodesk Inventor software. belt and chain drives. In addition. drawings. or save them as a batch file. and create commonly used machine components based on functional requirements and specifications. . and springs. Component Generators Rapidly design.AUTODESK INVENTOR 11 6 ® Associativity Take advantage of automatic propagation of design changes to reduce errors and speed time to market. and material properties. shafts and hubs. working temperatures. Print plots directly. torque. and lubrication conditions. power screws. and component generators—part of the design accelerator—to automate the process of creating parts and assemblies that are based on real-world attributes such as speed. presentations. and related partner add-ins (such as CNC tool paths or finite element analysis).

AUTODESK INVENTOR 11 7 ® Mechanical Calculators Avoid costly rework and improve design efficiency with easy-to-use online engineering guidance and analysis tools. Feature Generator Drag-and-drop shape libraries accelerate the transition to 3D modeling by making it easy and fast to create and edit parts. . Engineer’s Handbook With engineering theory. and algorithms at your fingertips. brake. you dramatically reduce time spent on engineering research. formulas. A comprehensive set of engineering calculators builds on standard mathematical formulas and physical theories used in both design and validation of mechanical systems. Activate the 3D grip and simply drag the appropriate arrow to the required location. This comprehensive online reference and manufacturing knowledge base is easily accessible from anywhere in Autodesk Inventor. 3D Grips Grip editing is a fast and intuitive way to edit parametric parts. fit and tolerance. and clamping joint operations. Use the feature generator to create fully editable Autodesk Inventor parts by simply dragging shapes from a library of standard geometry. plain bearing. plate calculator. Included are calculators for weld and solder.

subassemblies. and assembly features. all formatting instructions in that style are applied at once. Styles make it easy to format characteristics such as font size. standards. Autodesk Inventor associates drawing views to the original components so any change made to a part or an assembly is automatically reflected in the drawing. timesaving utility for copying assemblies. ISO. Create overlay drawing views that illustrate various positional states of assemblies. GB. and sketched symbols. and auxiliary views—with automatic retrieval of model dimensions—to reduce the time it takes to create drawings using traditional 2D methods. Workfeatures. . side. The Drawing Manager supports technical drawing standards such as ANSI. BSI. and linetype. The utility includes automatic naming functionality to create same-as and except versions of the design while maintaining the integrity of assembly constraints. DIN. welds. ISO. and 2D symbols to quickly complete your drawing set. When you apply a style. And Autodesk Inventor supports global updates of drawing resources such as title blocks. color. section. And you can configure a set of common company styles for everyone on a project to use. detail. and parts from previous designs.AUTODESK INVENTOR 11 8 ® Component Copy Dramatically reduce the effort required to reuse designs with a flexible. GOST. Styles Work faster and help ensure the work conforms to company standards with the ability to control and instantly change the formatting of an entire document. and JIS. Automatic Drawing Views Automatically create front. borders. iMates. Automatic Drawing Updates Dramatically reduce time spent updating and checking drawings. annotation. Use a robust palette of dimension.

virtually eliminating human error. scenes. A well-documented application programming interface (API) helps you automate your specialized workflows. facilitating collaboration by enabling sharing and reuse of design data. Part and subassembly quantities are always kept up-to-date and are instantly organized and populated into a drawing parts list. wireframes. Migration functionality supports automatic drawing view creation. assemblies. . the AutoCAD Mechanical drawing automatically updates. Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD Mechanical Interoperability Get your products to market faster and with fewer errors using associative 2D and 3D collaboration between Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD Mechanical software. including SAT. When the design changes in Autodesk Inventor. Ballooning and item numbering are automatic. and more. and AutoCAD Mechanical creates a new linked drawing. choose a part or assembly file.AUTODESK INVENTOR 11 9 ® Associative Parts List Generate and update an accurate parts list in a fraction of the time required by traditional 2D methods. It enhances collaboration with suppliers and customers by enabling sharing and reuse of design data with other 3D CAD/CAM systems. STEP. STL. Mechanical Desktop Import Easy import of Autodesk® Mechanical Desktop ® software designs automates migration to Autodesk Inventor software. IGES. Export drawing files. DXFTM . And you have greater flexibility in creating and customizing parts lists to meet company standards. and points. and drawings in native Autodesk Inventor format while maintaining their original design constraints and drawing relationships. and the Autodesk Streamline ® on-demand collaborative project management solution. Import DWG. editing. surfaces. unit settings. SAT. Pro/E®. Manage and Share Design Data Import/Export Formats Autodesk Inventor software supports industry-standard data transfer for importing and exporting design and drawing information. It includes a comprehensive toolkit for inspecting. including DWG (with full layer mapping). Reuse your Mechanical Desktop models and drawings as parts. including solids. and correcting quarantined entities. IGES. recognizing model-to-drawing associativity for annotations. Construction Environment The Construction Environment provides fault-tolerant import of large STEP and IGES data sets. Export part assembly files. and DWFTM and DXF formats. Open API Customize Autodesk Inventor software for your specific environment— and optimize engineering productivity. and STEP files. Just open AutoCAD Mechanical and browse through your current Autodesk Inventor files.

and additional information in native file formats for Autodesk® Building Systems. Autodesk® Revit® -based software. you can also export 3D geometry to Autodesk® Architectural Desktop. AEC Exchange The AEC (Architecture. . intelligent connection points. assembly files (IAM). and print designs. and drawing files (IDW). and Construction) Exchange tool creates and publishes simplified 3D representations. Autodesk DWF The Autodesk DWF technology enables all team members to easily and securely view 2D and 3D designs published directly from Autodesk manufacturing design applications. Autodesk Inventor View Share designs with your extended manufacturing team with full-fidelity viewing and printing of Autodesk Inventor files even for those without the application. Nonusers can open and print part files (IPT). Autodesk Vault software is a centralized data management application for workgroups that securely stores and manages work-in-progress design data and related documents.AUTODESK INVENTOR 11 10 ® Autodesk Vault Integration Integrated with Autodesk Inventor software. and AutoCAD software. Engineering. Use Autodesk® Design Review to easily review. And all extended team members can use the free* Autodesk® DWFTM Viewer application to review and print designs. Use it to maximize return on your company’s investment in design data by driving design reuse. What’s more. mark up.

Schedule single or multiple (batch) automated tasks such as • File migrations from AutoCAD. and videos to train assembly teams on the manufacturing floor. Task Scheduler Automate repetitive tasks and boost your productivity with the new task scheduler. With Autodesk Inventor Studio you have streamlined access to this specialized and typically expensive functionality without having to learn a separate application. Autodesk Inventor Studio Improve communication and reduce the need for physical models by creating high-quality. . accurate. Autodesk Mechanical Desktop. approved. training materials. photorealistic renderings and animations to illustrate design concepts. and released to manufacturing in a timely and effective manner. and Autodesk Inventor software • Assembly and drawing updates • Print jobs • IGES and STEP import and export • DWF publishing • DWG import and export • Autodesk Vault check-in and check-out • User-defined tasks Autodesk Productstream Help ensure that your company’s designs are complete.AUTODESK INVENTOR 11 11 ® Technical Illustrations Quickly create technical illustrations. part manuals. process sheets. assembly instruction sheets. Autodesk® ProductstreamTM software automates the release management process by managing engineering changes and bills of materials while the engineering department maintains control of the design data.

In addition. eLearning provides a continually expanding curriculum of convenient. With a design environment featuring smarter commands. so it’s easy to find the areas that require your attention. Extended learning modules provide enriched online help. the software works the way you want to work. Reuse AutoCAD Drawing Templates Speed the transition from 2D to 3D by using your AutoCAD design templates. eLearning Flexible access to tutorials and best practices makes learning fast and easy. . Design Doctor Resolve errors in your 3D model with highly refined diagnostic tools that recognize potential design errors and recommend corrections. Advanced Help System Speed the transition to 3D with contextual help. The Design DoctorTM feature isolates conflicting constraints. Quickly import AutoCAD drawings and map layers into the Autodesk Inventor environment as a completed assembly or as a part for your 3D layout. Just copy AutoCAD profile geometry to the Microsoft® Windows® clipboard and then paste it directly into an Autodesk Inventor sketch. including layers. Skill Builders Speed learning through flexible access to up-to-date tutorials and best practices. and “show me” animations—with periodic updates available through the web. The Design Support System (DSS) provides browser-based support to quickly bring you up to speed and offers an electronic infrastructure for easy learning. title blocks. the software automatically senses AutoCAD units on import. Copy and Paste from AutoCAD Reusing AutoCAD data in your 3D Autodesk Inventor designs is now even easier. A valuable component of Autodesk® Subscription. and standards information. The Drawing Manager API provides full access to the drawing view geometry and commands for creating detail views. It includes tools to control selection filters and extend the Autodesk Inventor data model by adding custom attributes to Drawing Manager objects. Highly visual feedback and gesturebased interactivity respond intelligently to cursor movement to help you work more efficiently. and annotation entities. dimensions. Ease of Use Autodesk Inventor software offers the industry’s shortest path to full 3D productivity.AUTODESK INVENTOR 11 2D to 3D 12 ® AutoCAD Migration Utility Improve your workflow and make the most of your AutoCAD data. tutorials. targeted training exercises. Drawing Automation API Increase productivity by developing tools to automate the production of product documentation.

autodesk. Autodesk Inventor Professional for Simulation • • Autodesk Inventor Professional • • • • • • • • • • • • • Autodesk Inventor Professional for Routed Systems • • • • • Autodesk Inventor AutoCAD Mechanical Cable and Harness Design Tube. © 2006 Autodesk. 000000000000117346 . All other brand names. Inc. To locate the reseller nearest you. interoperable line of industry-leading software integrated with a worldwide network of services and partners. Mechanical Desktop. Productstream. DWF. and Flexible Hose Design IDF Import Stress Analysis (FEA) Dynamic Simulation Autodesk Vault Discover why Autodesk Inventor products are the best choice for manufacturing visit www. Autodesk Inventor. Learn More or Purchase Autodesk Inventor Product Line Learn about the different Autodesk Inventor products available to fit your specific design needs. or trademarks belong to their respective holders. and utilize training and support programs direct from Autodesk to help use your design and data management software more effectively. For more information on extending the power of your design product names. and Revit are registered trademarks or trademarks of Design Doctor.autodesk. in the USA and/or other countries. Purchase Autodesk Inventor software through your Autodesk Authorized Reseller. Autodesk Streamline.. Pipe. All rights reserved. Autodesk. The Autodesk® solution for manufacturing comprises a complete. and is not responsible for typographical or graphical errors that may appear in this document. Autodesk Inventor Series • • * This product is subject to the terms and conditions of the end-user license agreement that accompanies download of this software. Software maintenance programs help keep you up-to-date with the latest product releases and upgrades for your software.autodesk. visit www. DWG. For more information visit For more information on making the most of your software investment. visit www. Gain access to technical expertise for implementation. Designed to be deployed incrementally for minimal business disruption. DXF. Autodesk reserves the right to alter product offerings and specifications at any time without notice. Inc.autodesk. AutoCAD. the Autodesk solution provides the most effective way to stay ahead of the competition and achieve maximum return on your software investment.AUTODESK INVENTOR 11 13 ® Autodesk Solution for Manufacturing Never before have design applications and data management tools come together to simplify the way manufacturers design products and drive them through the manufacturing process.