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Separation unit

Cleaning system for fuel and lube oils

Fig. 1. Separation unit.

The new Alfa Laval Separation Unit is a fully integrated, modularised oil cleaning system that has the lowest installation costs and operating costs. It is a small and very compact system and has the highest separation efficiency on the market. Application The Alfa Laval Separation Unit is specifically designed for cleaning a wide range of fuel oils and lubricating oils for all types of diesel engines found in the marine and power industries. • Heavy Fuel Oils with high densities up to 1010 kg/m3 and viscosity up to 700 cSt/50°C. (Higher viscosities on request.) • Lubricating oils for all slow, medium and high speed diesel engines. • Distillate and light diesel oils (MDO). The Separation Unit is suitable for shipbuilders and ship operators in newbuilding applications; power plant builders

and operators; diesel engine builders and in retrofit applications to replace or supplement existing cleaning systems. The Separation Unit range has seven sizes to suit all capacity requirements. Concept The Separation Unit is a totally new approach to cleaning fuels and lubes. It combines a new separator and its ancillary components, together with control system and starter box, in a fully integrated modular design on its own base plate. In laboratory tests, it has been measured as having the highest separating efficiency on the market. It can be further combined with a unit for heating and pumping to form a System Module. More combinations of system modules are also available, together with several more options to suit the installation or operators requirements:

The EPC 50 automatically controls the method of water removal depending on the water Fig. Drain valve .• Single System Module Comprising a heater (steam. oil Pneumatically controlled change-over valve Control unit Pressure transmitter. 7. hot water or thermal oil) and a three screw pump connected to the Separation Unit. System layout. and the associated vent pipe and heating coil are not needed. is fed continuously to the separator for cleaning of impurities. longer discharge interval and accurate controls. 13 12 Sludge outlet 11. 9. Operating principle Untreated oil. As an option a small intermediate sludge tank is available. with monitoring of control and alarm functions. No gravity discs are fitted. Untreated oil Clean oil outlet Water outlet Paring tube CentriLock™ Seal ring Discharge ports Discharge slide content. Water is then removed either by opening of the drain valve or through the discharge ports in the bowl during a sludge discharge. Clean oil outlet EPC-50 1 Inlet for untreated oil Oil return Conditioning water 6 7 8 9 10 2 3 4 5 Feed pump Heater Temperature transmitter Pressure transmitter. The system operates on the ALCAP principle. A patented paring tube adapts itself to remove the water from the bowl and a paring disc pumps away the cleaned oil. which takes care of the discharged sludge and water with its own small tank and pump set. which is supported by bearings and special composite springs. • Remote Control The Separation Unit can be operated remotely from a control room using REMIND™ software. Special text messages indicate process parameters and alarms on the LED 1. After centrifugal separation. 5. and signals changes to the control unit EPC 50. oil and water during the discharge process is considerably less than any previous separator model due to bowl size. Separator 13. cleaned oil is continuously pumped away and separated sludge and water accumulate at the bowl periphery. on a module base. therefore a water transducer in the clean oil outlet measures the capacitive resistance. The separator is driven by an electric motor via a friction clutch and belt. The separator design incorporates a sludge evacuation which is absorbed by the casing and allows the sludge volume to be discharged to a sludge tank. No adjustments are necessary in the bowl. • Double System Module Two complete separation systems. 8. The EPC 50 control system masterminds the entire operation of the Separation Unit. 3. water 12. 2. 10. oil Water transducer Regulating valve Pneumatically controlled shut-off valve TT PT PT MT 14 PT Water outlet Water inlet Optional 11 Opening water Closing water 6. The Sludge Removal Kit takes care of the sludge by pumping automatically to the main sludge holding tank. 4. 2. Fig. Separator bowl. with their own heaters and pumps and interconnecting pipework. The total losses of sludge. 3. • Sludge Removal Kit A unique sludge handling system. heated to the correct temperature. water 14. The separator bowl is fixed at the top of a spindle. This means that the conven- tional sludge tank under the separator can be avoided. The CentriShoot discharge process incorporates a patented flexible discharge slide. electric. Pressure transmitter. Solenoid valve block.

Single system module (Separation Unit with Heating and pumping system). • CentriLock™ non-threaded lock ring means quick opening of the bowl and no heavy lock ring spanner and hammer! • Sludge Removal Kit. which is type approved by many classification societies. saving materials and installtion costs. This saves significant costs. giving quicker commissioning. Separator Operating water solenoid block Service shelf Operating air solenoid block Water transducer Change-over valve Pressure transmitter (oil outlet) Control cabinet Temperature transmitter Sludge Removal Kit (optional) 10 . which is available in several languages. 10. 9. REMIND software is included with every delivery. 3. Separation unit. optional for lube and diesel oil. 1. maintenance and spare parts. avoiding the need for a sludge tank under the separator results in considerable savings in material and installation costs. installation manhours. 6. 4. 5. The EPC 50 and the starter box combine to form the Control Cabinet. 2. In-line configuration (two Separation Units with heaters and pumps). Network solutions using REMIND and SATTBUS communication or PROFIBUS and own software allow remote operation from a control room. 3 Clean oil outlet 2 9 Untreated oil inlet 4 5 6 Oil recirculation 7 Displacement water 8 Water out 1 Sludge outlet Fig. • Pre-tested system means that all functions are tested and approved at the factory. • Same design for fuels and lube oil! Operators have one type of system for operation. • Separation efficiency of over 85% for 5 micron particles tested in the laboratory ensures the best removal of harmful contaminants. Schematic system layout diagram. Separation Unit and System Modules The Separation Unit can be manufactured with heaters and pumps to form system modules in different combinations to suit machine room layouts. Features & Benefits • Small footprint and compactness gives flexibility in positioning in the engine room and saves space. 8. 7. • Installation ease as all components and hardware are pre-installed. • Longer service intervals mean that planned maintenance is performed less often and spare parts consumption is reduced to give low operating costs. 4. • No water tank needed to supply operating water. design and materials compared with loose components. Consult Alfa Laval for the best module solution for you! Double system module.display. • Remote control is available in several options.

2 m3 Weight 630 kg 700 kg 1060 kg 1200 kg 1575 kg Main supply voltage Control voltage Frequency Control air Operating water pressure 3-phase. SU 800 SU 700 SU 600 SU 500 SU 400 SU 300 SU 200 0 2 000 4 000 6 000 8 000 10 000 12 000 Fig. Please visit www. – Installation Instructions.8 m3 3. • Maintenance intervals – Inspection Service every 4000 h or 6 months.Operations Preventive maintenance procedures are much quicker and simpler and no hydraulic compression tool is required. 5.alfalaval.8 m3 1. 400/440/480 V up to 690 V 1-phase.4 m3 4. Also contains the Inspection Kit.3 m3 3. • All services are incorporated in specially tailored Alcare Customer Care packages. . – Support Kit with strategic spares to back-up the operation and maintenance. 100/110/115/230 V 50 or 60 Hz Min 5 bar. The Separation Unit also complies with the Marine Equipment directive. • Service spares kits contain all necessary spare parts for each service and tips for maintenance in Checkpoints – Inspection Kit with O-rings and seals for separator bowl. Capacity Table. belt. max 7 bar Min 2 bar. – Overhaul Kit with parts for drive system. . • Training in all aspects of oil treatment. 800-PD1en-0106 How to contact Alfa Laval Contact details for all countries are continually updated on our website. bearings and pads. max 6 bar Conformity The mark of conformity confirms that the equipment complies with European Economics Area (EEA directives). details are available from local Alfa Laval offices. The patented CentriLock™ lock ring. – Alarms & Fault Finding. Based on 85% removal of 5 micron particles from laboratory to access the information direct. instead of the conventional lock ring spanner and heavy hammer for removal. – Service & Spare Parts. l/h 380 cSt/50ºC. • System Manual includes detailed information in electronic format or paper copy – Operating Instructions. fresh water generation and cooling is obtainable. – Overhaul Service every 12000 h or 18 months. Technical data Separation Unit SU 300 SU 400 SU 500 SU 600 SU 700 Size 1360x1050x1245 1380x1050x1245 1643x1440x1407 1674x1440x1407 1761x1520x1585 mm mm mm mm mm Volume 1. needs only an Allen key. • Commissioning & technical service is available from all Alfa Laval offices to start-up the system and to advise about operation & maintenance.