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21 June 2013 16:48

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Aidan Burley MP’s Diary Aidan backs local remanufacturer Co-sponsor our Bill, help us win historic EU vote Burley welcomes government support for Cannock Chase businesses Photo news: Launch of Cannock Chase Business Club MP condemns teachers union for scaremongering Photo news: Norton Canes Primary School visit Parliament Labour would take £234 from 18,520 pensioners in Cannock Chase Burley welcomes greater say for local communities over wind farms Aidan in the papers: New deadline for hospitals How to contact Aidan Burley MP

Issue 65 – Friday 21st June 2013


Since the last edition, Aidan has:
Met with Rail Minister Simon Burns MP at the Department for Transport to discuss the line speed upgrade of the Chase Line. Organised a second public meeting for residents on the Newlands estate and surrounding areas to receive the latest information about the ongoing odour problems from the anaerobic digesters on the Poplars site. Visited local business ATP Industries Group, where he met with a delegation of Chinese business people looking to do business in Cannock. Welcomed pupils from Norton Canes Primary School and residents from Etching Hill and Western Springs to Westminster for a tour of the House of Commons and a question and answer session with Aidan. Held the first meeting of the Cannock Chase Business Club – a networking club for local businesses. Welcomed former Conservative MP for Cannock, Sir Gerald Howarth MP, back to Cannock. During his visit, Sir Gerald addressed a gathering of local residents at the Cannock Conservative Club. Held a help and advice surgery for local residents in Cannock.

Aidan backs local remanufacturer

Aidan at Cannock remanufacturing company ATP Industries Group with a visiting delegation of Chinese business people. Aidan recently joined a remanufacturing company as they welcomed a delegation of Chinese business people to their site in Cannock to share best practice and demonstrate their award-winning credentials. ATP Industries Group was one of just a handful of benchmark companies across Europe selected for a visit from the Chinese Parts Remanufacturing Association (CPRA). The CPRA are on a fact-finding mission as they look to develop remanufacturing in China as part of their commitment to reducing environmental damage, gas emissions and use of materials. Aidan, who addressed the delegation, said: "I was delighted to welcome the Chinese delegation and support ATP. They are a hugely successful and important employer in my constituency who are doing precisely what the government wants business to do – invest in manufacturing and create green jobs." Chairman Alan Smart added: "In China companies aren't currently allowed to remanufacture. ATP have been in China for 15 years and all we can do there is repair a transmission via a dealership. We can't currently create an exchange system to send transmissions all over China and receive the broken ones back. "I have visited the CPRA in Beijing and they are forming a series of licenses so that companies like ours can be official remanufacturers in China. The purpose of their visit is to see how it works in practice and ATP are doing all we can to help and assist them." Wayne Yao of Shanghai based Duxes Business Consulting, who set up the visit, concluded: "We believe that ATP is the leading transmissions remanufacturer in the UK, if not Europe and their award confirms this. We would like to extend our relationship with this excellent company." Founded in 1969, ATP remanufactures a broad range of advanced vehicle components, including automatic and manual transmissions, torque converters, hydro and electromechanical subassemblies, electronics and ABS and EMS units. It also builds its own range of test equipment. The company counts a number of OEMs among its customers but also sells remanufactured electronic and industrial products to the independent aftermarket and has subsidiaries in the US and China.

Co-sponsor our Bill, help us win historic EU vote

Conservatives will today invite the public to 'co-sponsor' a draft law underpinning an EU referendum; supporting James Wharton MP's EU Referendum Bill when it is launched today. If successful, the Bill will lead to the first public vote on Europe for 40 years, after a renegotiation for a new deal in the EU. People in Cannock Chase will be able to back the Bill using a newly innovated online co-sponsoring form as part of the campaign. Commenting, Aidan Burley MP said: "Conservatives want to give the British people a say. That's what this innovative campaign will help us to do. "Sadly, Labour and the Liberal Democrats don't want to give people a say. That's why today, I'm calling for the people of Cannock Chase to back the Bill and ask Labour and the Liberal Democrats to unite behind it."

Burley welcomes government support for Cannock Chase businesses

Aidan at local firm Goodfish, where MD Gregory McDonald shows him one of their injection moulded products. Figures obtained by Aidan show that 38 small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) across Cannock Chase have received loans totaling a value of £2.91 million to support their businesses through the Government's Enterprise Finance Guarantee (EFG) a scheme to facilitate additional commercial lending to SMEs who would otherwise be unable to obtain a normal commercial loan due to having no or insufficient security. Another scheme, the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) has assisted 25 manufacturing firms in Cannock since January 2012, with the firms benefiting from their support forecasting over £3 million in growth, 83 jobs safeguarded and the creation of up to 26 new jobs over the coming year. (Picture left - Aidan on a recent visit to Goodfish Ltd in Cannock) Commenting Aidan said: "Small and medium sized businesses are vital to the local economy, not just in terms of providing jobs but also supporting wider economic growth and giving opportunities for young people in the world of work. I am pleased that so many local businesses are taking advantage of Government help and that other local businesses in Cannock Chase who may be struggling to secure credit or expert advice will seek out the support available. My Help Zone will always be pleased to provide additional advice."


Photo news:

Launch of Cannock Chase Business Club

Aidan at the launch of the Cannock Chase Business Club with the Managing Director of John Lewis Andy Street and local businessman Scott Murray.
Photo courtesy of Lee Morrall –

MP condemns teachers union for scaremongering
Commenting on the shameful scaremongering engaged in by the National Association of Headteachers at last night's "public meeting" of Heath Hayes and Norton Canes Primary Schools regarding their possible conversion into forced Academy status, Aidan said: "This was shameful scaremongering by the teaching unions who are opposed to any changes to improve our failing schools. It was a totally one sided and highly politicised meeting, which gave a biased view of the benefits of becoming an Academy. It is noticeable that all the Governors from Heath Hayes refused to attend, citing its "protest" and "highly political" nature. The Headteachers should have known better than to organise the meeting in this biased way, and I have now offered to meet with parents to explain the process. "My priority remains the welfare and the success of the children in my constituency who are attending failing schools. I cannot support the status quo, when the status quo means expecting these children to receive a lower standard of education than their peers at other schools and in other areas. I will not fight for our young people to be undervalued by the education system. "The teaching unions have got this wrong; it's not about fighting for more of the same, it's about demanding better for the next generation. Both Heath Hayes Primary School and Norton Canes Primary School are currently assessed as 'inadequate' by Ofsted. I cannot support calls from anyone to 'leave these schools alone' to continue to be inadequate. I am on the side of parents who want the best for their children, and who demand quality education from all local schools. "Unfortunately we have seen with Cannock and Stafford Hospitals the effect of Labour leaving things as they are and simply hoping that they will get better without intervention. I am not prepared to do nothing to tackle our failing schools and allow this to become the next 'crisis' in public services in Cannock Chase."

Photo news:

Norton Canes Primary School visit Parliament

Aidan addressing staff and pupils from Norton Canes Primary School during their visit to Parliament recently.

Labour would take £234 from 18,520 pensioners in Cannock Chase
Research by Aidan has shown that Labour's plan to cut pensions would hit 18,520 pensioners in Cannock Chase many of whom depend on their Basic State Pension to pay their bills and put food on the table. Labour have chosen to cap pensions rather than benefits, meaning the Basic State Pension would be £234 less a year by 2017/18. Commenting Aidan said: "Now we know that when Labour say they would cut welfare, what they really mean is they would choose to cut the Basic State Pension over capping benefits. "This would take £234 a year away from 18,520 pensioners in Cannock Chase – people who have worked hard all their lives. "This is about a simple choice: the Conservatives want to reward pensioners. Labour want to punish them".

Burley welcomes greater say for local communities over wind farms

People to have much earlier and better involvement in turbine plans Five-fold increase in benefits to be paid by developers to local communities Planning guidance changed to make clear need for renewable energy does not automatically override concerns of local communities


Aidan has welcomed recent changes introduced by Conservatives which will give people a much greater say over wind farms in their communities, shifting the balance of power to local communities in deciding whether to agree to onshore wind proposals. New planning guidance from the Department for Communities and Local Government will make clear that the need for renewable energy does not automatically override environmental protections and the planning concerns of local communities. It will give greater weight to landscape and visual impact concerns, especially for heritage sites. The law will be changed to make consultation with local communities compulsory for the more significant onshore wind projects, before planning permission is applied for. This will guarantee that local people can have their say at an earlier stage in more cases. Where local councils have identified areas suitable for wind farm projects they will not be obliged to give planning permission if they think the impact on the local area will be unacceptable. Aidan last year raised concerns about the reliability of onshore wind farms and their environmental impact. He also joined over a 100 Parliamentary colleagues in writing to the Prime Minister calling for a reduction in the amount of subsidy given to onshore wind. Commenting on this announcement Aidan said: "This is good news for those fighting unwanted wind turbines across Staffordshire. "In my letter to the Prime Minister last year I made clear that the new planning regime the Government introduced must ensure that local peoples' views are taken fully into account and we have a system that recognises the importance of the beautiful countryside and heritage assets. I am pleased that the Prime Minister has listened and introduced a system that does just that."

Aidan in the papers:
Cannock Chronicle Thursday 20th June 2013

New deadline for hospitals

Administrators have been granted extra time to develop a solution for Cannock and Stafford Hospitals. Healthcare regulator Monitor has given them a further 30 working days to draw up draft proposals for Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust, making the new deadline July 31. A 10-day extension to the statutory consultation period has also been granted. It will now run from August 6 to October 1. Dr David Bennett, chief executive at Monitor, said: “The Trust Special Administrators have been set a complex and challenging task and, while any delay is frustrating for patients and staff, it is important to get it right for local patients. “Monitor’s board recognised the scale of the challenges in identifying a solution that meets the needs of the local health economy and asked us to exercise even greater scrutiny at this critical stage.” Adopted The joint TSAs have been working with local NHS providers and commissioners to develop their recommendations since the trust was placed into Trust Special Administration on April 16. Wolverhampton NHS Trust has proposed to help utilise Cannock Hospital more fully by shuttling its patients there for non-emergency surgeries. If the proposals were adopted, staff would also move from New Cross to Cannock and there would be regular and free non-stop buses between the sites. Around £30 million would be spent upgrading Cannock Hospital, which was built 23 years ago, over the next two years. Two new operating theatres would be built and the hospital would house New Cross’ elective orthopaedic, neurology, gynaecology and rheumatology services, as well as the ophthalmology and renal departments it already runs there. Chase MP Aidan Burley warned that nothing had yet been finalised and said it was ‘too soon to be celebrating’. He said: “I fully support these proposals and believe they will be good for the people of Cannock Chase, Stafford and Wolverhampton. “I will be doing everything I can to make certain these proposals come to fruition. “However, at the moment they are just proposals. “During these additional 30 days the fight goes on.” “I welcome the extra time because it gives the TSAs a bit longer to come up with the best possible solution,” he added. “Until we see all the options we do not know what would be best for the people of Cannock. “I just do not want people to start relaxing. “We still need everyone to write to the administrators calling for a fullyutilised Cannock Hospital.” The original deadline for the TSA’s draft report was yesterday (Wednesday). Revised dates and venues for the public meetings have yet to be announced.


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