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Submitted by Shivam Saraogi Roll No:1221334 (MBA-L Sec)

Under the guidance of Prof. KSHETRAGNA, Christ University, Institute of Management Bangalore, India 2013

A Report Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of the Degree of Master of Business Administration


I, Shivam Saraogi, hereby declare that the Summer Internship Project report entitled MARKETING-ADVERTISEMENT AND VOLUME SALES has been undertaken by me for the award of Master of Business Administration. I have completed this study under the guidance of Prof. KSHETRAGNA, HOD MARKETING Christ University, Institute of Management. I also declare that this project has not been submitted for the award of any Degree, Diploma, Associate ship or Fellowship or any other title in this University or any other University.

Place: Bangalore Date:

Candidate name: SHIVAM SARAOGI Register No: 1221334



This is to certify that the Summer Internship project report submitted by Shivam Saraogi on the title ADVERTISEMENT AND VOLUME SALES is a record of Sales work done by him during the academic year 2012 – 2013 under my guidance and supervision in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of Master of Business Administration. This dissertation has not been submitted for the award of any Degree, Diploma, Associate ship or Fellowship or any other title in this University or any other University.

Place: Bangalore Date:

Prof. kshetragna


Certificate Issued by the organization to be pasted here. 4 .

I am extremely grateful to MyDeals247. without which this dissertation would not have seen the light of day. I thank the Vice-Chancellor Col. Matthew and Associate Dean Professor Zohar Ghadially of Christ University for giving me the opportunity to do this project. Head-Administration for their kind support. I thank my parents for their blessings and constant support. First. Chandrasekhara. T. Christ University Institute of Management and Prof. I thank Prof. for giving me an opportunity to learn and to Mr. kshetragana for his support and guidance during the course of my project. V. Aneesh sharma for his invaluable contribution towards me so that I can work more efficiently. I thank Fr. K. Shivam Saraogi 5 . C..) Thomas C. Dr. (Fr.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I am indebted to many people who helped me complete this project report. Thomas T.


mobile device and telephone as well. Modern Ecommerce typically uses the WWW at least at one point in transaction although it may include a wide range of technology such as email. A large % of ecommerce is conducted entirely in form for virtual items such as access to premium content on a website. marketing. selling. but mostly electronic commerce involves the transportation of physical items in some way.INTRODUCTION 1. ECOMMERCE In the simple language ecommerce is the buying and selling of goods and services online. 1. Online retailers are sometime known as e retailers and online retail is sometime known as e-tail. Around 1994 internet became so powerful but it still took 5 more years to make it safe for usage. delivering. E commerce also include the entire process of developing . servicing and paying for product and service. 7 . A sale on internet is increasing now a day as the customer takes the advantage of low prices by the wholesaler retailing the product.1 HISTORY OF E COMMERCE Electronic commerce was identified as the facilitation of commercial transaction electronically using technology such as Electronic Data Interchange and Electronic Fund Transfer. The growth and acceptance of credit card was also a form of Ecommerce. People use ecommerce to describe a purchase when the payment is been made online.

Online banking 8. Domestic and international payment system 3.3-GOVERNMENT REGULATION Some electronic commerce activities are regulated by Federal Trade Commission. Automated online assistant 5. Online office suites 9. Group buying 4. Shopping cart software 10. Teleconferencing 11. online advertisements.2-COMMON APPLICATION OF ECOMMERCE 1. Electronic ticket booking 1.1. Document automation in supply chain and logistic 2. 8 . and consumer privacy. Online shopping and order tracking 7. These activities include the use of emails. Instant messaging 6.

restaurants. This was a increase of 15% over 2010 in which revenue was $9. Prodigy pioneering efforts in online ads were followed by a company called global network navigator in 1990 and shortly thereafter by Hotwired the first website to sell large volumes of banners ads to big businesses. 2. It was started in 1980 and although the company initially used ads to promote sears product. Some of the first big companies to buy these online ads from Hotwired included AT&T and Coors 2.2.1 THE SIZE OF MARKET We should clearly know the difference between the size of the online market segment and the offline market segment so as to understand which medium is better. 2. 2. 9 . There has been a major competition between the major players in this field. According to internet advertising bureau the internet advertising is on second number after the broadcast television advertisements. For the sake of knowledge and a more perfect understanding of online ads we should also study history of online advertisements. online advertisement has become the fastest. educational institution.1 The pioneers A joint venture b/w IBM and Sears. it is one of the essentials needed for a successful business. Most of the corporate. and one of the most effective advertising mediums in history .2 History Online display advertisement was started as a very limited experiment in 1980s and since then it is continuously growing and has become a multibillion dollar industry. known as prodigy.4.6billion.3 THE EARLY DAY’S-BANNER AD’S 2.ONLINE ADVERTISEMENT IN INDIA Internet advertising is an accepted medium in India today.3. which is 35% of the $35billion in total ad revenue for all category of online advertisement. was the first company to experiment with online advertising. It is a media platform that allows interaction with customer in the most creative and interesting ways.1 Background A Brief Overview of online advertisement In its 17 year existence.1billion.4 A GROWING MEDIUM 2. It eventually took on other customer. and Real estate’s company prefer online advertisement.IAB figures reveal display ad revenue in 2011 topped $11.Today.

With various choices in the category of pricing models ad buyer can use their campaigns internet marketers are in a unique position to capitalise on the favourable trends in online advertisements if they plan their strategy carefully. Facebook. 2. This model charges the client based on number of specific actions directly linked to advertisement.this model prices based on the number of times the ad is clicked. 3.5 Pricing models There are basically 3 types of pricing models that are been used for online advertisement:1. so the number of people who view the ad establish the price. Similarly these pricing models also have some pros and cons. Yahoo.2. Other players are AOL. Collectively these companies accounted for 53. many ad buyers like CPM pricing because it allows them to compare their online ad buying with their offline marketing efforts.7 Summary With online advertisement taking such a dominant role in overall advertising and with display advertising growing as a percentage of all online advertising. Cost per Action.It is also called as performance based pricing. Everything has advantage and disadvantage. 2. 2. 10 . In the coming future Google is likely to displace Facebook as the biggest seller of online ads in 2013.6 TOP PLAYER Google is the top player in the category. Microsoft. Cost Per thousand-this model uses views as the measure to establish price.8% of total display ad revenue in 2011. Cost Per Click.

3. The least amount of money is spent on the outdoor mediums as now a day the advertisements through the outdoor medium are not that preferred. Now a day’s less people are using the radio so as to get aware about the advertisements by keeping that in mind the amount of money spend on the advertisement through radio is decreasing as compared to the previous years. HOW MUCH MONEY IS SPEND ON WHICH ADVERTISEMENT MEDIUM From this figure we can clearly make out that most of the money for the purpose of advertisement is spend on the television ads as it is one of the best ways of communicating with people and making them aware. In the past few years the advertisement through internet is becoming more popular and in the picture also it is shown that the amount of money spent on the advertisement done through internet is constantly increasing because now more and more people are using internet so it can be the best medium to promote the product and make customer aware about it. 11 .

VISION As the world is changing so to survive in this world we must understand the trends and forces That will help our business in future. Moreover we believe in satisfying our employee by continuously growing as a company and offering them excellent work environment to work in. Our vision also includes the full use of technology and the staff which we have. Our 2020 vision also says to create a long term vision for the business and provide with a roadmap so as to have a better understanding of it. we also believe in satisfying our investor by giving them proper return on their investment. We also want to be a globally known company for our product and services. 12 . We must get ready for tomorrow today itself.MISSION AND VISION STATEMENT MISSION Our mission is to provide services which will improve the way our customer works and will result in increased productivity and efficiency.

interests. MyDeals247 has three unique business models and each of them is described below briefly. Most shoppers spend a significant amount of time by going through multiple websites and related comparison websites and still they cannot make a quick decision . It's pretty much like having their own e-commerce or online store to fulfill your own needs on daily basis. they confine to a couple of choices. MyDeals247. All 13 . offers revolution technology in the e-commerce industry which identifies individual's preferences. doesn’t maintain inventory as it acts as a facilitator between buyers and sellers.average time to make a decision to buy any product online is between 2 hours to a week . Once they place their order on the website the system notifies the consumer request to all the sellers whoever is selling that particular product or service along with the consumer's provides the current need analytics (on daily basis) to the sellers in the local markets. Then sellers make offers against the consumer request along with the offer expiry times and system picks the top 5 best offers in terms of lowest price. Also.COM Today's most E-commerce sites routinely experience transaction closure rates in the range of 3 to 5 percent of the total visitors .no personalization whatsoever. They do this by giving the consumer the choice of categories he/she wants to select and they get updates on these categories alone. then delivers on-the-fly adjustments that make each consumer feel the site was built just for him or her.WORKINGS OF tries to address this need for personalization by consumers to an extent. Unlike other e-commerce websites Mydeals247.the primary reason for the failure is most of the sites are too generic . MyDeals247 brings the lowest offers from the sellers based on buyer’s request in the local markets .all the bids from sellers happen real time. Real-Time Market Place This model uses reverse auction and there is no inventory maintained as everything starts from the consumer interest.

For instance. as it is too low and most of the time. if someone is looking for the footwear and watches in Bangalore.. Consumers can buy big and save big. they are NOT in a mood to purchase anything at that time. consumers are NOT paying any attention to these random Ads. amusement parks. system consolidates all the local Ads relevant to footwear and watches under "Bangalore Talks about. Since most businesses purchase in large volumes they place lot of importance on price and Mydeals247." Mydeals247. The famous “Pay per Click” model is not very effective as the websites charge the merchants whenever there is any random click. 14 . and services companies. Volume Based Discounts This model falls under Business to Business segment as the consumers are usually other businesses. they can avail discounts based on the volume of the order they have placed. The very reason being. entertainment. Based on the offers available consumers takes advantage of the best offer and purchase the same. the consumers are getting annoyed with the random Ads about products that they are not interested in. local events..this takes place in real-time and rank order changes based on the offers received by the deals with only reliable retailers and the company focuses on general house-hold items. education. the current online Ads are not effective for the merchants in terms of Return-On-Investment (ROI).com website displays local Ads based on the consumer’s interest at any given point in has long standing contracts with vendors who supply products at discounted prices based on volumes. professional conducted a research which says that. By creating healthy competition among the suppliers with whom the company has long standing relationship the consumers need is fulfilled. Mydeals247. Personalized Ad display and ‘Pay per Lead’ model Mydeals247. Apart from this.

15 . 2-3 questions). there will be a video (1-2 minutes length) and simple product description (500 characters maximum) and asks the consumer to answer a simple questionnaire about the uniqueness of the product or service (i. Consumers can answer these questions very easily based on the information provided and they will be paid 60% of the Ad revenue.e. Same user won’t be allowed to answer questions relating to same Ad twice and advertisers are provided with potential lead’s contact information.Whenever the consumer clicks on the Ad. The contact information of consumers is disclosed by taking express consent from them.

Personality development 2.Key people of company As the CEO of the company Venu is responsible for day to day operations. As a Director. Intel.endorsed by Dr. Time management 5. establish business partnerships. 16 .E in Information Technology from Rajasthan University. as well as leading the company’s technology development and innovative strategies. in India. Venu’s passion revolves around accelerate growth and innovation. Bill Gates. Brian Tracy. franchise development. Shashikant Kabra holds a B. He is a frequent speaker at fortune 500 companies including Google. inspiring. Ravi holds a bachelor degree from Andhra University. Sales coaching 3. new developments and internet marketing. one book for life success. Ravi is passionate about offering the best quality products at the lowest prices across India. mentoring. Jaipur. motivating sales team. coaching. Abdul Kalam. Business training 4. Leadership 6. Venu is having a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering and a master’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering from PSG Tech. customer management and vendor management. Shashi is responsible for the online / offline sales. and an ecommerce company known as My Deals 247. He runs a management consulting firm called TECHINTELLECTS located in San Francisco. Jack Canfield. India. unlocking individual’s true potential. global sales & marketing. Venu is very famous for his international best selling self help. and vendor management. India. Venu is a serial entrepreneur in the technology industry. transforming business to next level. and more. Conflict resolution As a Vice President. and Accenture. It has sold over 5 million copies worldwide. Venu inspired many individuals and business leaders from different walks of life. Ravi is responsible for MyDeals247’s rural area’s business development. Shashi is passionate about Ecommerce. operations. Some of his favorite topics are:1.

All the user information (whoever answered all the questions correctly) will be shared with the Advertiser. Advertiser can ask up to four questions. The cost for the "Pay Per Potential Lead" will be calculated by number of questions Advertiser wants to ask the user: a) For Rs. If there is any wrong answer(s). 10 per click. 20 per click.if the user answers all the questions correctly. MyDeals247 charges the cost per potential lead from the Advertiser.COM Pay Per Potential Lead: MyDeals247 displays the Ads based on the user's interest. Advertiser can ask up to two questions. c) For Rs. Advertiser can ask up to three questions. When the user clicks on any Ad. Advertiser can ask up to five questions. 25 per click. Advertiser will not be charged at all. 17 . 15 per click.ADVERTISEMENT IN MYDEALS247. MyDeals247 showcases a questionnaire asking a couple of questions related the Advertiser's product or service . b) For Rs. d) For Rs.

One click per Ad  Get paid 60% of what the Advertiser pays when the user answers all the questions right about the product or service for the first time – only one chance is given whether to make it or not. the credit earned for the month of 1st August – 31st August will be paid during the first week of September.  Earn money and use the same credit to:  To recharge any prepaid or postpaid mobile phone(if you have a minimum of Rs 50 credit)  To purchase any item(s) at MyDeals247.  All taxation laws of Government of India are applied.PAN card required – transfer happens once in a month – For instance. 18 .com right away(whatever the credit available)  To transfer the money into your bank account once in a month  A minimum of Rs 250 credit is required to transfer the money into your bank account .

If you click any Ad without being logged into the system is not a paid Ads. Advertiser can post up to 2 questions. Advertiser will have access to the user data whoever answers all the questions correctly.How Advertisement work at My Deals 247? At MyDeals247. Advertiser can sign-up as a seller and post the Ad about the product or service. Rs 15 allows up to 3 questions. How does it work for the Advertiser? It’s a very simple process. If chooses Rs 10. we focus on the personalized Ad display for the users (patented solution) based on your personal interests or preferences and current location (once you login). The good news is that. we do not annoy the users with irrelevant Ads. Advertiser can showcase the Unique Selling Points about the product or service and ask the user some basic questions as part of the questionnaire. Rs 20 allows up to 4 questions. At the same time. Advertiser sets the budget per click or potential lead. Unlike other websites. 19 . you get paid for every click and answering some basic questions.

The more amount of quantity purchase the more will be the discount offered. restaurants looking for online advertisements and target them.Problem Definition 1. Large sector should not be focused much because they are already doing advertisement and are known by the customers. Find out effective ways to promote the company on social networking sites  Facebook  Twitter 20 . Construction companies also require purchasing material like steel. 3. Mydeals247 provide them the same quality of the material they are purchasing in the best price the company can offer. educational institutes and coaching centers providing education and knowledge to the students. To find out the educational institutes. Various restaurants requires large amount of food items which they purchase in bulk. institutes. cement etc in bulk. various upcoming restaurants and various already established restaurants who might need online advertisements so as to increase their sales And maximize their profits. restaurants should be targeted so as to help them out by telling my deals 247 online advertisement model. Those companies. So mydeals247 also offer them these materials and the more the quantity they will buy the more discount they will get. coaching centers and restaurants of small and medium size because the advertising model of mydeals247 will be very cost effective for them and will help them to increase their sales. There are many startup companies. Another main focus was to target educational institutes. 2. To find out the restaurants and construction companies looking for volume sales and target them.

OBJECTIVES  The main objective was to learn the sales technique and the strategies that should be used so that the deal can be converted. Closer of which will be taken care of by the head business development manager.  Another objective was to install Alexa software in at least 50 computers.  Another objective before starting with the working was to be very clear about the frequently asked question about the advertisements.  Another objective was to give the company at least 10 deals. 21 .  Another objective was to find out suitable ways by which the promotion of the company can be done online.’  Another objective was to give the company 10 deals from my side closing of which will be taken care by the head BDM.

With this innovative advertising modal MyDeals247. you can literally see the amount you get paid on 22 . Advertiser can post up to 2 questions. Advertiser can showcase the unique selling points about the product or service and ask the user some basic questions as part of the questionnaire. Unlike other websites. With the knowledge you get through the video. If you click any Ad without being logged into the system is not a paid Ad. we do not annoy the users with irrelevant Ads. it showcases the video and talks about unique selling points of the product / service. Rs 20 allows up to 4 questions. At the same time. you will be asked to answer 2-4 basic questions about the product/service. Rs 15 allows up to 3 questions. In fact. Do I get paid for real? Yes. Based on the Ad. All the Ads will be shown on the right side (once you login into the system). The good news is that. MyDeals247 shares the advertiser’s money with the users. Advertiser will have access to the user data whoever answers all the questions correctly. you will get paid Rs 12 when you answer all the questions correctly. you get paid for every click and answering some basic questions. you see the Ads based on your interest ONLY .you will get paid 60% of what the Advertiser is paying. we do not annoy the users with irrelevant Ads. we focus on the personalized Ad display for the user(patented solution) based on your personal interests or preferences and current location (once you login). Advertiser sets the budget per click or potential lead. you get paid for every click and answering some basic questions. Most advertisers spend huge money on the branding/advertising and pay hefty sums to the websites.These are the questions that the advertiser can ask us thinking from the customer prospective How does Advertising work at MyDeals247? At MyDeals247. For example. if the advertiser pays Rs 20 for every click. it will be very easy for you to answer those basic questions. How much do I get paid? Firstly. Advertiser can sign-up as a seller and post the Ad about the product or service. That is the whole idea of this revolutionary advertising model. If you answer all the basic questions right at the first time . If you click any Ad without being logged into the system is not a paid Ad. The good news is that.MyDeals247 covers both the local city Ads as well as nationwide Ads. Whenever you click on any Ad. we focus on the personalized Ad display for the users(patented solution) based on your personal interests or preferences and current location (once you login).el. If chooses Rs 10. Unlike other websites. How does it work for the Advertiser? It’s a very simple process. But the ROI (return-on-investment) is too low since the random Ads are not getting much attention from the users.

if you try to create more than one account using multiple cell phone the same time. you will NOT get paid any money. If you don’t answer all the questions right. email and contact information with the Advertiser.for example. The third option is that. if you have the credit of Rs 3000 for the month of August. you will get the money transferred to your bank on the first week of September (i. if you have a credit balance of Rs 200 and would like to purchase an item of value Rs 500. Can I create multiple accounts and click Ads to make more money? It’s totally a that time. You are NOT allowed to create more than one account as per the terms and conditions. Firstly. we can easily find the patterns (using the secured algorithms) and block your account completely and proceed with legal action in the country . we share your name. At the same time. Secondly. only if you provide the PAN card details . Does MyDeals247 share my personal information with any Advertiser? Unlike most of the websites. you have to pay back the cost of all the damages. Second option is that.we transfer the money directly to your bank account if your credit is more than Rs 250 once in a month (during the 1st week of following month). First option is that. within one week). You have to provide your PAN card number. When you answer all the questions correctly. MyDeals247 works with the decent Advertisers where they have unique selling points or differentiations at what they offer. They use your information for the right cause to notify about their future promotional offers etc. MyDeals247 allows you to create one account per cell phone number . you will NOT get paid and your information will NOT be shared with the Advertiser. you can pay the remaining amount Rs 300 (after using the credit balance). For example. Let’s be HONEST! Is the amount taxable? It’s totally based on the taxation laws of the state and country. we do NOT share your personal information with the Advertisers without your permission. if you do NOT answer all the questions correctly.e. 23 . you will get paid in 3 ways. you can literally use the credit when you purchase any product or service at MyDeals247 . We deduct the TDS as per the government cannot use the same cell phone number to create more than one account. How often do I get paid? Whatever the money you make through Ads. you will get paid 60% of what Advertiser pays for the click . you get real money transferred into your bank account monthly. you can recharge any of your pre-paid or post-paid cell phone using the same credit. In case. MyDeals247 will NOT get paid of every Ad.

Attract traffic 2. videos. email marketing. social media marketing. radio. telemarketing.INBOUND MARKETING Inbound marketing is advertising a company through blogs. and other forms of content marketing. Inbound marketing get the attention of customer by posting interested contents which grab customer attention. A newer model from business to community illustrates the concept in 5 stages:1. long research cycle and knowledge based products. TV advertisements. convert and analyze. sales flyers. In one case inbound marketing was defined by 3 phases: get found. and traditional advertisements are considered as outbound marketing. or bug their way in” the inbound marketing team was coined in 2005 by hub spot’s brain halligan. Convert lead to sales 4. Convert visitor to lead 3. beg. Analyze for continuous improvement 24 . David merman Scott recommends that marketers earn their way in””in contrast to outbound marketing where they “buy. Hub spot point of view is that inbound marketing is especially effective for small business that deal with and involve with high money value. Opposite of this is cold calling. Turn customer into repeat higher margin customer 5.

I m Shivam saraogi. In the test my sir also asked me to be the consumer who wants to advertise and ask all the questions that came to my mind. My head helped me with the preparation of the sales script also. the Business development Manager @ mydeals247. In the starting week I started watching videos that are put on the company website and the YouTube about the company working and model. This was really a good practice so as to think like a customer and understand it properly. For the process of volume sales also same briefing was done and mock meetings was conducted by my company mentor. I was asked to learn the sales script that was given to me the after that the mock test was taken. In the starting from March 29 to April 20 I was asked only to focus on the advertisement deals. My head helped me to understand the advertisement model in a better way. We have a wonderful and innovative model for you where in you can double or triple your sales. Is it possible for you to have a quick 15 min in person meet wherein I can explain how exactly our model works He has prepared me with all the answers of frequently asked questions. We are into online advertisements & ecommerce platform.PROCESS Initially for a week when the internship started the head asked me to go through to the company websites and understand it properly. Our model is 95% cost effective than Google ad wards. He has also taken several mock sales tests because they believe that mistakes can be corrected in front of them so that during the final meeting we do not commit any mistake. 25 . The first thing that was taught to me was the sales script. This has helped me to understand the working of the company in a much better way. Hello Good morning/ good afternoon/good evening Sir/madam If the name is known say:Am I speaking to Mr/Ms ____________ Good morning sir/madam.

Fixing the meeting. the next step that is to be followed is calling the prospects that are been identified. A proper lead of the target customer is to be generated so that it does not create any problem afterwards. After the target is been identified list of all the targets is to be made in a proper format so that all necessary information about the lead is available. The steps involved in the process of advertisement and volume sales are almost same just that sales script is different in some points rest everything is almost same. Briefing them about the advertisement model and sending email of the model with videos. For making and generating leads first the target where the focus has to be made should be identified. After the call is been made to the client the advertisement model and the Video is been mailed to the client so that he can also go through the model if he is interested in it. 3. 2. Lead generation. 7. Going for the meeting. Follow up. Calling the persons for appointments. 4. When the calling is been done for the purpose of volume sales the sales script can be modified accordingly. LEAD GENERATION Lead generation is very critical part for the process of sales. 6.The final process of closing the deal involves the following steps:1. 26 . CALLING After the lead is been generated. 5. Recording response of the client. When the call is been made to the prospects a particular sales script format is been given to us which we have to follow while talking to the clients.

In the case of volume sales also the feedback is been taken from the clients. FOLLOW UP There are some client with which the meeting is been done and some clients who asks to call sometime later so a proper follow up was done with those clients also as the company do not wants to lose any of the clients. When the meeting is been done for the purpose of volume sales then in that case all the requirements that the clients have is been taken from them and if they want any particular brand for the requirement they have given that is been asked at the same time. FEEDBACK When we go for the meeting to any client a feedback form was given to us which we gave to the clients so as to know their feedback towards the company and from the feedback the company can also try to improve themselves as according to the CEO of the company there is always a scope of improvement. In the case of volume sales when the requirement is been taken then it been given to the head in the company so that they can find out the best possible price which has to be offered. When the best price is been finded out the proper quotation is been send to the client so that further decisions can be made after that/ 27 .MEETING when the call is been made to the client that time only after knowing if the client is interested a meeting with the client is fixed up so that we can personally go to the client and brief them about the advertisement model.

The meeting that was done with silicon study centre was converted into the final deal. Initially in the first week a sales script was given to me and I was asked to learn it.MRC layout o RR cyber center. I was also send to various cybercafé so as to install alexa in the computer their so as to increase the rating of mydeals247. I was given the task of advertisement and volume sales in the company. Unfortunately the meeting done with the owner of Stanley sports could not be converted in the final deal.near venkateshwara textile. And by doing this more person will become aware about the company.PROJECT WORKING 29TH MARCH-6TH APRIL In the first week of the internship I was given the brief introduction about the company and the models on which the company is working on. hampinagar o Sri Vinayaka enterprise.C.Marenahalli o Skynet world.RPC layout. Zakir Ahmed the owner of Stanley sports.Vijayanagar 8TH APRIL-20TH APRIL From 8th April calling to the restaurants for the purpose of advertisement was started. I also had a meeting with MR. Apart from calls I had a meeting too at silicon study center with Miss Shashikala. Some of the persons did not even pick up the call and some said they will revert back to us but they never did so. There were three models on which the company was working on. Vijayanagar o MN Enterprise & Cyber point. There were many restaurants who were giving a positive response but more number of restaurants was not interested in listing to the calls.Road o Create cyber café.M. 28 .Govindaraj nagar o Web space cyber café-Vijayanagar o Ganesh cyber café. Some of the cyber café I went were:o Rachna cyber café. I was asked to install Alexa software in my laptop as well as my friend’s laptops.

Getting the deals for the purpose of advertisement was much difficult as compared to the volume sales deals. As an intern in the company I was also given the target to bring the deal to the company and the deal was closed by the higher people in the organization. 29 . As the construction companies requires the material in bulk quantity so they were been targeted for the purpose of volume sales. 22ND APRIL-4TH MAY In this time period there was focus on getting the advertisement deals but now with the advertisement there was also the focus on getting volume sales deals. Because whenever the call is been made regarding the volume sales at least the purchase manager in the restaurant and construction company is ready to give requirement and take quotation from us. For the purpose of advertisement as well as volume sales the meeting was also done with the ISBR College near electronic city. 6TH MAY-18TH MAY In this time period few restaurants were been focused for the purpose of both advertisement and volumes sales but the main focus was on the construction companies. In the same time period the meeting was made with the SHARMA TRANSPORT in KALASIPALAYA as they were looking for doing some advertisements. As a part of mydeals247 we were also ready to help the construction companies to sell their apartments as we were having many corporate link up with the high level people in various reputed organizations.In this time period the main focus was to get advertisements deals.


SWOT is not only useful in looking for the profit for the company but it also help in taking the decisions that can be very useful for the company Strength   Very innovative model Cost efficient Opportunity   24/7 availability Industry growth  More effective than Google ad wards Weakness     Lame unattractive website Lack of information to customer Lack of trust No credit given  Market growth Threats    Competition Privacy concern Future legislation 31 . Strengths and weakness are internal to the organization whereas opportunity and threats are external to the organization.ANALYSIS SWOT ANALYSIS It is a process used to identify the strengths weakness opportunities threats in a business.

conversion of discoveries into products. preference Education level Social consumption trend   32 . unemployment) Socio.culture (demographics. Political     Legislation framework Market regulation Codes and practices Type of government Economical    Interest rate Fiscal policy Credit availability  Tax levies Technological   Increasing use of technology Online promotion Social  Social forces affecting attitude. taxation. education. inflation. income distribution) and technological (rates of obsolescence. knowledge generation) factor are examined to find out companies long term plan.PEST ANALYSIS A type of situation analysis in which political-legal (govt stability. interest. spending) Economic (interest rates.

Group buying behavior happen when like minded people come together to get the deal that they can never get as an individual. It was started in 2010 as a daily deal platform but also expanded into product retailing. Founded in 1995.Competitor The competition for mydeals in the field of ecommerce is:EBay – an American online C2C corporation that manages eBay. It was launched in started by Kunal Bhal and Rohit Bansal is a online retail website having its headquater In delhi. 33 . Mydala – it is a platform that helps you to get deals in the city you want. EBay expanded from its original "set-time" auction format to include "Buy It Now" standard shopping.snapdeal. it is now a multi-billion dollar business with operations localized in over thirty countries. Snapdeal has more than 20 million subscriber and is present in more than 4000 towns. an online auction and shopping website in which people and businesses buy and sell a broad variety of goods and services worldwide. It features a best deal everyday in various categories. it is one of the important and remarkable success stories of the dot-com bubble.

34 .it is a deal of the day website that features gifts certificate useable at local and national companies.It is a joint venture of battery ventures. It almost serves more than 150 markets in North America. TAGGLE.GROUPON. The value that we aim to bring to you does not stop at price but it also involves the experience that you get. The company was launched in 2008 November in Chicago. Customer delight is very central to everything that we do. Greylock partners.

efficient than Google ad wards. This models needs to be more focused on and promoted on so that many more restaurants and companies can give their advertisements on it. The website of the company is not so attractive and whenever customers visits the website they are not attracted towards watching it as they are attracted in case of Snapdeal and Myntra websites. And cost effective also. Closing the deals of volume sales were much easier as all the restaurants and construction company are willing to buy the raw material in the lowest price which they can get so they were at least ready to give their requirements so that the company cab provide them with quotation and if they find the price lower as compared to others they can buy the material from us.Findings The finding from the report was that the company is having a wonderful business model which can really help them in bringing the change in the thinking of the customers. photos and interested information were putted on the company page on facebook more and more people were liking it. All the three business models that the company is having are very unique and innovative. The advertisement model of the company is very innovative. As the blogs. this we can say as after doing this the likes on the page started increasing at a high rate. 35 .

Company should try to put more and more interesting photos and content on the website so that it can get more and more like on its page and the more the number of likes indicate more people know about the company. When the deals of volume sales are made the company should give credit to the clients because as a new player in the field of volume sales the company first needs to establish a position between other players and as the restaurants and construction company have their vendors from before from which they can get credit so if the company is not providing them credit facility it my loose many deals. Company should try to build more trust in the mind of the customers. 36 . As the company are getting good requirement for the volume sales from the restaurants’ and construction companies so they should not delay in giving the quotation back to the company.RECOMMENDATION One of the most important recommendations for the company is to improve their website as the website is not at all attractive as compared to the other competitor website which is very attractive.

Once this model has become familiar to the restaurants and Construction Company more and more of them will be willing to join this model so as to do their advertisement For the volume sales I can conclude that the company is getting a fair number of requirements from the restaurants and construction company the only drawback is the as due to the lack of vendor for the material the company cannot provide the price quotation to the clients on time because of which they are losing deals. As the business model which the company is using in the case of advertisement is very new to the customer so it will take some more time for the customer to understand this model. 37 .CONCLUSION After doing this project I can conclude that mydeals247 is a company with very innovative and cost effective business models.

com A road map for internet marketing 38 .com/my_deals/paid_ads_home/home?mode=buyer http://mydeals247.thestar/marketing.References http://mydeals247.