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The Barracks Arsenal

Issue: 2
IN THIS ISSUE well as the local residents of Petersburg. Without all of your support, this dream wouldn’t have been possible. Anyways, enjoy this issue of the Arsenal. Hope to see you at the shop soon!

Welcome to the Barracks!
By Ken Sheldon

Hi everyone; thanks for picking up this month’s issue of the Arsenal. My name is Ken Sheldon, owner and proprietor of the Barracks LLC, your local friendly game store that prides itself on customer service and its friendly gaming community. We highlight Magic, Warhammer, Warmachine and Hordes, and are always looking to expand our community with both new and old games. Personally, I’ve played Magic since Ice Age. I’ve seen it change with its many new sets and rules. I’ve played Warhammer Fantasy since the days of the Lizardmen and Bretonnian starter box, and absolutely love both the game aspect, as well as the hobby aspect. I’ve owned and managed one other game store, and spent a lot of my work life in retail. I used to blog professionally about miniature games, mmos, and other game related topics. Owning and running a successful game store was always one of my points on my bucket list. Why? Well, I’ve been to too many game stores where the guy behind the counter was not only rude to their customers, but, also inconsiderate about various player ideas. I feel that this mentality is all too common, and there is no place for that in a gaming

atmosphere. Games are just that, games, and while yes, power gaming exists, and there is nothing wrong with it; but that doesn’t mean that new ideas are bad ideas. Games are ways for people to escape the everyday reality and have fun. No one’s idea of how they want to either build an army, or construct a deck, is a bad idea as long as they have fun. This mentality has spilled over into our community, and I’m happy to say that we’ve got the best group of gamers here, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. So, what else is the Barracks? We’re located in Petersburg, MI, on the corner of Wood St. and E. Center. We currently have a 12 ft x 6 ft war gaming table, as well as 16 spots for our regular FNMs. Now, we’re a small store and we’ve often experienced overflow. This brings me to our biggest news since we opened! We’ll be changing locations to a space that is at least twice our current size! This will give our card flippers more table space (around 30 or so spots) and our war gamers more tables (around 6 tables minimum)! And even better, we’re only moving across the street! Now, this wouldn’t have been possible without the gaming community we have as

What is Tsuro?

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New Magic Set (M14)
The new set M14 is discussed.

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The Daemonic Hordes in the Grim Darkness of the Future
By Ken Sheldon

target when he’s fielded. Enough shots will ground him, and eventually you won’t be able to make your save. So, if you field him, make sure you get him into close combat as soon as you can to avoid him becoming a bullet sponge. Next up is Ku’Gath, Plaguefather. I personally don’t care much for him; however, I don’t feel I’ve utilized him to his full potential. So, let’s cover what he is. He’s a high toughness, high wound model that uses poison attacks, is a psyker, and has a decent blast ranged attack. He is a high point cost model, however, with his high toughness; it will be hard for your opponents to get a shot through. Having him running with Epidemus will only make him tougher as the tally grows. I could see his viability in bunkering down in cover, holding down an important objective along with some Nurglings while tossing plague ridden blast templates at your opponent’s troops. Remember, he’s a daemon of Nurgle, which increases cover saves to a ridiculous 2+. That leads me to Epidemus, the Tallyman of Nurgle. He’s one of the lesser heralds, so that means that you can still take 3 more heralds for 1 HQ choice. His ability keeps a tally of all wounds inflicted by Nurgle units. The more wounds you inflict, the more bonuses you gain, including the ever amazing Feel No Pain on high toughness troops. If you run anything Nurgle, you really should take him.

A few months ago, Games Workshop released their long awaited update for the realms of Chaos with the Chaos Daemons Codex for Warhammer 40k. I’ve had a few chances to play with my Chaos Daemons force and it’s left me with a few thoughts on these guys. This issue, we’ll touch on some of the Daemon’s HQ. The immediate top contender is Skarbrand. He’s big. He’s beefy. He kills things with authority. Essentially he’s a Greater Bloodthirster who was such a jerk; Khorne kicked him out of his realm. This guy is a beast when it comes to close combat. He hits on a 2+, can re-roll misses, and will instantly kill just about anything. He’s not invincible though, and becomes a huge

The Keeper of Secrets was a huge surprise for me as I never used to run Slaanesh in my daemonic hordes. However, the Keeper seemed too useful to pass up, especially with the high initiative and weapon skill. While not the strongest unit in the game, the ability to instant wound with no saves is really nice. I would consider this HQ to be more of an assassin, targeting one of your opponents high point model, and letting it go to town. I wouldn’t recommend using it in every match, however, when it comes time to knock off a high point model, this may be your unit. The tricky thing to balance though is the point cost. I sometimes find it hard to justify a Monstrous Creature as an assassin.

Finally, there’s the most underrated, and the most costly HQ unit, Kairos Fateweaver. He won’t last you in close combat, as his weapon skill and toughness is awful. But, he really shines in his psychic abilities along with his staff. Let’s focus on his psychic abilities first: he is two level four psykers in one. He can essentially take four abilities from four different schools, while also knowing the entire school of Change. This offers a lot of choice and variety to his abilities. His


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other ability lies in his artifact, which allows for one friendly dice re-roll per player turn. How many times have you had a game on the line where one dice roll stood between you and victory? Well, this can help change that. It’s any dice as well, so, if you need to pass a save, or to re-roll a charge. While it’s only one dice, it still can help turn the tables. Chaos Daemons also have a boat load of lesser heralds they can take, all of which can be equipped with some pretty great stuff, which alone can be less than intimidating, but exploring the combos that can be done with these in a squad can really prove to make a death star unit. This force generally seems to rely heavily on combos. Daemon’s

alone don’t have a ton of stopping power, however, when you start complimenting your units with bonuses you get from HQs, you start seeing the power that lies within the denizens of the warp. Next issue, we’ll discuss the Elite choices within the Chaos Codex.

Magic Forum
By Christopher Cannon This is a section we will feature every month in which we will answer any questions or address any comments received. However, this section will not be possible without the support of our readers so participation is encouraged. Any questions or comments can be submitted to either Ken Sheldon at The Barracks or to myself, either in writing or through the website. All questions and comments that we display will be done anonymously.


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Standard Tsuro game

Full Game!

Tsuro: A Game of Paths
By Ken Sheldon

Game board!

There is a certain ‘Zen’ about Tsuro. Whereas most games focus on immediate competition and placing you against your fellow players, or trying to gather the most resources to outlast your opponent; Tsuro is simply about your choices before you fill the game board.

pan out? Or, you can approach the game as a way to avoid your opponent, taking subtle risks, and abstractly planning out your strategy. Either of these strategies works, but personally, I’ve found the more relaxed you are, the easier it is for your opponent to move themselves off of the board. Tsuro is for 2-8 players, and takes around 20 minutes to play. It’s a great de-stressor while you wait for dinner to finish cooking, or after a busy day at work. It’s a great value for $29.99.

YOUR AD HERE Advertise with us! (734)279-1565

Tsuro: A Game of Paths (by Calliope Games) was released back in 2004, but has seen reimplementation in their sequel Tsuro of the Seas (2012). Both games follow a simple premise. Follow the path you lay in front of you and don’t fall off the board. If your path crosses another player’s path, you are both removed from play. While this premise is incredibly simple, the game has seen many play hours on my dining room table. The beauty of Tsuro is in the way you approach the game. While you can approach this with your opponent’s destruction in mind and try to lay a trap for them to fall into, you’re taking risks. And as in the name, will those paths


Issue 2

By Christopher Cannon

Besides fireworks and Barbeques Magic players have something else to look forward to this July, the release of the M14 Core Set. This core set signals the return of the Slivers. While I like tribal themes in the set I do not know why they brought back the Slivers instead of making a new tribe. I personally believe that a Sliver deck is for the unoriginal because of the lack of thought and planning required to construct one. All you have to do is put all your Slivers together with some mana and your deck is ready to play. Not to mention that if you do play a Sliver deck, you might as well paint a bull’s eye on your forehead because you are definitely going to be targeted. Of course you know the planes walkers will be back as well. Will this be the set in which we actually receive a usable Chandra? There has been new Chandra art leaked on the internet which leads me to believe there will be a new one. However, only time will tell if it is actually functional. I believe that they will reprint the same Garruk

and Lilianna from M13 in M14. As for white, I believe they will reprint Ajani, make a new Ajani, or replace Ajani with Gideon or a

running this card in standard is probably hoping that they do as it is probably a staple and hard to replace. Hopes are also high that they will reprint the dual or “buddy” lands. With the current mana pool available in standard this decision will greatly impact every player’s deck building strategy. What does the future hold for the M14 Core Set? Only Wizards knows…….. The Barracks will be featuring multiple release events, the schedule is as follows:

new planes walker. Unfortunately I also believe they will reprint Jace Memory Adept. I personally would like to see him replaced however, since he is a fan favorite I do not think that will happen any time soon.

7/19@1:30– 1v1 7/19 @ 6:00 – 1v1 All Pre-release registration is $25 in advance / $30 at the door. Prerelease schedule: 7/13 @ midnight (1v1) 7/13@ 3pm (1v1)7/14@3pm (2headedgiant)

$99.99 per box $39.99 per fat pack

So what else will they reprint in this set? Hopes for everyone (including myself) are high that they reprint Thragtusk. Anyone


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Aetherling: The Sleeper of Standard
By Daniel Wylie This past week at FNM, I realized that Aetherling is a completely nuts card in a control/ tempo shell. Trying him for the first time in a constructed format, I Immediately fell in love. With his first ability giving you the option to exile him and return him to the battlefield at the beginning of the next end phase for just one blue mana makes him a great threat that is hard to answer. Your opponent will have to use two removals on your Aetherling, offering you a two for one in your favor just for having a creature, or this could be used to give him a sort of “pseudo vigilance”. His second ability is that for one blue mana, he can make himself unblockable until end of turn. This means that even if your opponent is flooding the board with some chump blockers, you can just turn your guy unblockable and bash in for as much as 8 each turn. This leads me into his next ability; which is for one colorless you can give him +1/-1 leading you to be able to pump him to an 8/1 unblockable for 5 mana. However, you may want to leave one blue for his safety net. Being a possible 8/1

though, it makes him by himself a 2 turn clock if you have done at least 4 damage to your opponent, or even if they’ve taken 2 shocks from lands. With many decks having such greedy mana bases, shocking ones’ self from two lands isn’t farfetched at all. His final ability gives himself 1/+1, making him able to block just about anything! For one colorless, he can trade with your opponents Thragtusk or you can even give him 0 power if the guy sitting across from you is trying to swing in with Boros Reckoner for the kill, making Aetherling an amazing win condition and utility creature. Even though his converted mana cost is 4 colorless and 2 Blue, most times you want to cast him with 4 Colorless and 3 Blue, leaving one blue open for protection, so they cannot kill your Aetherling the turn you cast him. Personally, in my deck I run two in the main board, along with two more in side board, but I really think he is worth running 3 main board just because he is the ultimate and perfect win condition, as long as you don’t personally make a misplay like I have in very inopportune times. I was sitting at 18 life after shocks and my opponent went to his attack step, and turned a 7/5 Thragtusk, that was made from a Master Biomancer, sideways to bash in for seven. I only had one blue mana up and I made the bone-headed move to instead of chump with a Deathrite Shaman or a Beast token, throw my Aetherling in front and exile it in

response to damage, which fell right into his plans when Aetherling was promptly putrefied, and in turn I scooped. In a control versus control, Aetherling is just a nuts card, which is when I always try to wait until my opponent has tapped out or I draw my singleton Cavern of Souls, and immediately name Shape shifter. I have thoroughly fallen in love with Aetherling, because he simply takes over and wins games. I foresee him to rise in price. Also, never, ever, under any circumstances ever, tap out leaving your Aetherling unprotected. Ever.


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Control Magic
By James Dluzen You only need to know three words if you want to play ‘control’ in Magic: The Gathering; nope, nope, and nope. If you can say these words with any amount of confidence, than you’ll be fine. If you want to learn how to control any deck in Magic, than you’ll have to know the opponents deck better than they. To understand how and why the opponent’s deck will win is the first step to control.

he does, it is time to focus on your own. The golden rules for building a control deck is as follows; be polite, be efficient, and have a plan to counter every card that is played.

Now after all the theory of Magic the Gathering control, here comes the actual card talk. Blue and black are usually related to control decks, since blue has plenty of counterspells, and able to bounce cards to their owner’s hands. Though black does not have very many counterspells, (a total of five), the color itself is very handy at creature control and also hand disruption.

Unfortunately, playing control in Magic is a rather difficult play style but the most rewarding. When setting up your deck, you will need a plan for every card in your opponent’s deck, then you will need back-up plans, and then contingent plans for both the original plans and back-up plans.

When playing a Magic match with a control deck, the object of the game is not to win, but to make sure that your opponent does not even come close to remotely winning. You will have to know the ins and outs of your opponent’s deck; you will have to know his win conditions, his colors, his play style and his sideboard. Then after knowing your opponents deck better than

There are plenty of blue cards and colorless blue cards that help control the opponent’s spells and board presence. A few that I use, other than straight Counterspell, are Aether Spellbomb, Vapor Snag, and Psychic Barrier. The fun way I use these cards, in conjunction, is that Vapor Snag is a one mana Unsummon that makes the opponent lose a life, while returning the creature back to the hand. It is useful in setting back your opponent a whole turn, all the while setting yourself up to use Psychic Barrier, a two mana counter spell just for creatures, for the same creature you


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returned not a moment ago. Plus, just for the extra comfort of a back-up plan, you have Aether Spellbomb on the field. A innocent one mana artifact that is just sitting cozy in the corner, just waiting to be used to either bounce a creature, if you have no cards in your hand, or draw a card, if there are no creatures in the foreseeable future. That’s pretty sneaky sis.

large creature, and you of course, do not want it on the battlefield. The first card that should come to mind is Murder, a three mana destroy instant. Well that takes care of that, now doesn’t it? But wait, your opponent just played another creature and this time it has hexproof (Can’t be targeted by spells or abilities your opponent controls), alas whatever shall you do? You play the Geth’s Verdict, a two mana instant sacrifice card, to make your opponent choose his only creature (Hexproof) to sacrifice. Then begins your turn, and to start off you play Inquisition of Kozilek, one mana sorcery, which lets you look at your opponent’s hand and choose a nonland card of converted mana cost three of less and make them discard it. I think you did a not bad job of controlling the board presence and controlling your opponent’s hand, with just straight black cards.

black have the most say in what’s getting played.

Now blue is not the only color that can control an opponent’s game play. The all too savage and niche color of black. Black is not always the considered to be a control color, but with black’s ability to destroy almost anything that touches the board, and the ability to disrupt the opponents hand, I find that black serves its purpose well. A few black cards that come to mind, that are especially useful at getting rid of anything and everything, are Geth’s Verdict, Murder, and Inquisition of Kozilek. All useful cards and all uncommon and common cards. Say your opponent plays a rather

Though all five of the colors can in some way, shape, or form, control some aspect of the game, in my opinion, blue and


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Upcoming Events Schedule
By Christopher Cannon & Ken Sheldon

The following is the events schedule for June-August 2013: Friday Night Magic
6-7-13: Sealed Deck $25 6-14-13: Standard $6 6-21-13: Booster Draft $15 6-28-13: Standard $6 7-5-13: Booster Draft $15 7-12-13: Standard $6 7-19-13: Sealed Deck $25 (M14 two release party events- one @ 1:30-5:30, the other @ 6:00-10) 7-26-13: Standard $6 8-2-13: Sealed Deck $25 8-9-13: Standard $6 8-16-13: Booster Draft $15 8-23-13: Standard $6

6-2-13: Constructed Pauper $2 6-9-13; Noble $2 6-16-13: Planeschase FFA- Modern $2 6-23-13: Assassin-Standard $2 6-30-13: Knights and Kings-Standard $2 7-7-13: Constructed Pauper $2 7-14-13: Assassin- Standard $2 7-21-13: Planeschase Modern FFA $2 7-28-13: Commander 2HG-$2 8-4-13: Constructed Pauper Trophy Tournament “Spartan!” $5 8-11-13: Assassin-Standard $2 8-18-13: Planeschase Modern FFA $2 8-25-13: Commander 2HG $2

Friday Night Magic Promo (June)
This months’ Friday Night Magic Promo is Izzet Charm. Players who finish in the top 7 will receive this foil promo during the month of June.

8-30-13: Booster Draft $15

6-1-13 Booster Draft $15 6-8-13 Modern Masters Draft $30 6-15-13 Standard 30 pt. Highman $2 6-22-13 Modern 2HG $2 6-29-13 Chaos Draft $15 7-6-13 Modern 1 v 1 $2 7-13-13 Standard 30 pt. Highman $2 7-20-13 Modern 2hg $2 7-27-13 Standard 2HG $2 8-3-13 Chaos Draft $15 8-10-13 Modern 1 v 1 $2 8-17-13 Standard 30 pt. Highman $2 8-24-13 Modern 2HG $2 8-31-13 Standard 2HG $2

Schedule may be subject to change

Friday Night Magic Promo (July)
Rakdos Cackler has been announced as the FNM promo for July.

Friday Night Magic Promo (August)
Dimir Charm has been announced as the FNM promo for August


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Draft Tips
By Christopher Cannon

running blue.

In this section every month we will discuss drafting certain cards and other pointers that may help you out in a Magic draft tournament. In this second edition of Draft Tips I am going to focus on which commons, in my opinion, should be top priority draft cards from the Dragon’s Maze set. Chances are you are going to be drafting your deck mainly around your rares, and with the abundance of Guild Champions in Dragon’s Maze you should have no problems quickly determining your decks color identity. I have selected one common for each color to help you construct an effective deck.

rewards will be even greater. Not only do I recommend this card to be drafted for any deck running white, I also recommend it as a Commander staple.

The second card we will discuss is Hidden Strings. If you want to play control this card will definitely help to that effect. Two mana, tap or untap two permanents, then you throw in the whole “cipher” ability and really this card is just utterly disgusting and mean. All this adds up to a mandatory draft pick for any deck

The third card we will be discussing is Sinister Possession. A one drop enchant creature that will make your opponent have to think twice about attacking or blocking. This card will also help with any deck running control, highly recommended for any deck running black.

The first card we will discuss is Riot Control. This card has a very reasonable CMC of 3 and can definitely save you some pain. With Instant speed you gain 1 life for each creature your opponents control and prevent all damage that would be dealt to you this turn. This card can be especially effective when playing a multiplayer format because the


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The fourth card we are going to be looking at is Weapon Surge. The overload ability is where it is all at with this beautiful card, making one attack able to be the killing blow. You can also use this card to save one of your favorite creatures. A definite staple for any deck running red. I would definitely consider this card for one of my first commons picked.

regenerated and back in action! This card should definitely be on the top of the list for any deck running green.

Last Place = -1 point Team Player Format: 1st Place = 3 points each 2nd Place = 2 points each 3rd Place = 1 point each Last Place = -1 point each

Standings Points
By Christopher Cannon In order to promote competition at The Barracks we have created a point system as to the regards of the outcome of Magic: the Gathering tournaments. The tournaments included in this will be Friday Night Magic, Saturday Commander, and Saturday Night Magic. Points will be assigned as follows:

This is to promote competition and can even affect your strategy as you attempt to vanquish foes with higher point totals. Prizes will be awarded every two months for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Last place. (2 months shall be referred to as “Rounds”)Every 2 months the points will be reset and a new round will begin. A yearly total will also be kept. Good luck fellow Planeswalkers and good gaming!

Our final card is Mending Touch. Do you want to block but you do not want your creature to die? Have no fear if you have this nifty little card in your hand! Just one green mana and your guy is The Barracks Arsenal

1 vs. 1 & Multi-Player Format: 1st Place = 5 points 2nd Place = 3 points 3rd Place = 1 point

84 E. Center St Petersburg, MI 49270 734-279-1565


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Standings As of 6/21/2013
Matt Belair Chris Cannon R.J. Thoune Mike Cannon James Dluzen Ben Rachor Derek Cornell Allen Beck Melissa Lederman Bryan Youngpeter Dustin Nastally Dave Lafontaine John Stewart Kyle Thompson Kael Cardella Nate Darling Joe Dluzen T.D. John Goodin (Squid) Sebastian Rice Dave Steffes Dan Wylie Matt Ansley Austin Binkley Dave Tibbs

Yearly Round2 Points Points
34 23 19 11 8 5 18 3 3 7 3 9 1 1 -1 3 -1 -1 2 0 3 -1 2 -4 -1 11 11 10 7 5 5 4 3 3 3 2 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 -1 -1 -1

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