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CAREER - Career Cluster Interest Inventory Assessing Interests

This activity helps you match your interests with types of careers. For each of the 86 items below, circle the letter of the activity you would rather do. It doesn’t matter if you like both of them a lot or dislike both of them a lot; just pick the one you would rather do, and circle that letter. 1. A. Operate a printing press B. Study the causes of earthquakes C. Plant and harvest crops R. Replace car window and fender E. Measure and grade logs F. Run a machine G. Work in an office H. Answer customer questions D J. Write reports Help someone just out of prison find a job 15. A. Choreograph a dance K. Lobby for a cause 29. B. Figure out why someone is sick R. Fly an airplane C. Learn how things grow and stay alive H. Sell cars I. Work as a restaurant host or hostess D. Fight fires G. Keep payroll records for a company J. Work in a nursing home G. Hire new staff O. Operate ventilators - help people breathe R. Drive a taxi A. Be a news broadcaster K. Work for the IRS B. Sort and date dinosaur bones O. Give shots C. Design landscaping P. Provide technical support for computer users D. Work in a courtroom Q. Care for injured animals I. Serve meals to customers L. Build kitchen cabinets N. Refinance a mortgage A. Sing in a concert R. Direct the take off /landing of planes G. Operate a cash register B. Collect rocks G. Start own business L. Draft a blueprint


16. H. Sell clothes E. Work with hands 17. I. Work at an amusement park N. Broker Insurance






I. Learn about ethnic groups P. Manage an information system



19. N. Appraise the value of a house M. File books at the library 20. E. Make three-dimentional items D. Analyze handwriting B. Design sprinkler systems for new building F. Run a factory sewing machine G. Develop personnel policies Q Train racehorses D. Work as a security guard H. Work in a department store



L. Design a freeway M. Plan educational lessons


21. 7. N. Balance a checkbook O. Take an x-ray P. Write a computer program Q. Train animals C. Be in charge of replanting forests A. Act in television and movies 22.







10. D. Solve a burglary F. Check products to make sure they were made right 11. E. Build an airport G. Keep business records for a company

24. A. Write for a newspaper G. Use a calculator 25. O. Help people at a mental health clinic L. Remodel old houses M. Care for young children D. Locate a missing person





12. F. Put small tools together P. Design a website 27. 13. M. Tutor students Q. Work at a zoo 28. 14. J. Take care of children O. Plan special diets N. Plan estate disbursement P. Enter data


42. A. Design a book cover E. Assemble toys following written instructions

Stock shelves I. Guard money in an armored car B. Deliver mail . 55. Read blueprints 63. Order building supplies E. Follow step by step instructions N Work at a collection agency 78. Work with a microscope I. O. N.) 43. A. F. Design an airplane O. Play an instrument J. C. Operate heavy equipment Q. Work with computer programs N. J. Protect the environment L. Buy merchandise for a store 73. M. Enlist in a branch of the service 48. Balance accounts M Develop learning games 84. Work on solving technical problems J. M. 45. 74. Hunt K. B. Check guests into a hotel M. Repair computers 71. F. R. Study weather conditions 70. Repair bicycles K. R. Be a minister Q. Inspect cargo containers F. Make tee times at a golf course 67. O. Set up a tracking system G. Deliver babies H. Ask people questions for a survey 64. Teach Special Education P. Play the stock market C. Oversee a logging crew B. Loan Money 54. Persuade people to buy 79. N. L. C.CAREER Assessing Interests CAREER INTERESTS (cont. Raise worms 69. H. Install rivets Q. Wrap a sprained ankle I. 46. Guard inmates in a prison L. 59. Testify before Congress 76. Research soybean use in paint J. Provide consumer information 51. C. Set up a website 81. Fix a television set M. Lead others E. Work in a cannery 80. Manage a store H. Q. Manage a factory O Work as a nurse in a hospital 65. J. 82. Work to get someone elected C. Be a railroad engineer L. I. E. Fix controls on a control panel Help a friend with a personal problem 66. 50. Guide a tour group out of the country P. Identify plants in a forest 62. H. Distribute supplies to dentists I. Manage a fish hatchery F. Be an instructor at a school 53. D. Hang wallpaper D. Manage a veterinary clinic K. Make an arrest H. Sterilize surgical instruments B. Sell sporting goods J. Classify plants O. B. Paint a portrait K. E. Grade papers R. Fish 85. Conduct experiments to find new metals N. Teach dancing 56. Plan activities for adult day care 58. K. Pack boxes at a warehouse A. Be a bank teller G. Coach a school sports team P. D. Serve drinks at a concession stand 86. 60. 49. Compete in a sports event 44. 72. Cut and style hair 83. Teach reading to adults 47. M Assess student progress L. Compare sizes and shapes of objects Q. Develop new computer games H. Paint motors P. 61. 75. I. Line up concerts for a band K. F. Study soil conditions 57. Assemble cars K. 77. Read to sick people P. Study why people do the things they do 52. Protect our borders A. Transcribe medical records 68. Advertise goods and services R. R.

Count the number of times you circled the letter “A” for your response. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R Step 2: Now write down the two letters with the most responses.Career Path Assessing Interests Exercise 2: CAREER EVALUATION Step 1: Go back through Exercise 1 and look at the letters you circled. list three. . Write that number next to the “B” in the table. (If you have a tie. Next count the number of times you circled the letter “B” for your response. These are your top two areas of career interest. Continue counting and recording your responses until you have completed the table.) Step 3: Read the description of your top area of career interest on page 4. Record your interest and the Career Cluster it is listed under. Write that number next to the “A” in the table below.

Education & Training M . Designing and Building: Interest in designing. Interest in the movement of people. hospitality services in hotels. air. planning. Information Technology P . and applying findings to problems in science. managing. including support services. directing and evaluating business functions Manufacturing E . development. Plants: Interest in activities involving plants usually in an outdoor setting. Technology. or techniques. informational and environmental services. Animals: Interest in activities involving the training. pipeline. Administration: Interest in performing government functions at the local. Interest in discovering. Agriculture. using sales/ promotional techniques. Investments. managing. hand tools. railroad and water O . Mechanical: Interest in applying mechanical principles to practical situations using machines. and caring for animals. Management & Administration G. materials. and recreation services Human Services J . Teaching: Interest in planning. and maintaining physical structures. feeding. Public Safety & Security D. Artistic: Interest in creative or performing arts. state or federal levels Transportation. Marketing. F . math and engineering Government & Public Administration K. Audio-Video Technology & Communications A. Finance N. Q . communication or A/V technology Law. Interest in the design. restaurants. therapeutic. library and information services. including researching and developing new health care services. systems integration services. Distribution & Logistics Health Science R. and technical support Arts. multimedia. social. Business. spiritual. collecting. and providing education and training services. Perkins Vocational Act 4 . and goods by road. Interest in judicial. Industrial: Interest in repetitive. Interest in helping others with their mental. raising. Interest in bringing others to a point of view through personal persuasion. support and management of hardware. and analyzing information and providing banking and insurance services.Career Path Assessing Interests CAREER INTEREST AREAS Listed below are 16 Career Clusters and the areas of career interest related to each. Care and Prevention: Interest in the providing help to others by providing diagnostic. organized activities in a factory/ industrial setting. building. or career needs. Business Detail: Interest in organizing. software. Interest in providing services to others in travel planning. Food & Natural Resources C. legal and protective services for people and property. and Insurance: Science. physical. Banking. Architecture & Construction L. Hospitality & Tourism I. Sales & Service H . Adapted from Washington State's "Where are you going? Career Guide" funded through the 1998 Carl D. Engineering & Mathematics Interest in financial and investment planning & management B.