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The completion of this engineering data sheet is necessary to correctly apply and design an accurate measurement system that meets all of your requirements. Please furnish all information requested below. Please complete an Instrumentation Data Sheet to define your instrumentation/interface needs. Please attach a free hand sketch of the application to this data sheet. If you would like to conduct a material test, attach a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for each product to be tested. DO NOT FORWARD MATERIAL AT THIS TIME. You will be given a shipping address, required sample size and a Material Authorization Number after your MSDS sheet(s) have been reviewed and approved. :       :       :       :       :       :       Contact Title Phone Fax E-Mail :       :       :       :       :      

Company Street Address P. O. Box City State Zip/Postal Code Application: Totalize

Project Name :      

Measure Feed Rate

Control Feed Rate

Batch Batch Size (minimum) Batch Size (maximum) Batch Time Batch Frequency : : : :                         batches per

Feed Rate (minimum) :       Feed Rate (normal) :       Feed Rate (maximum) :       For rate control application preferred drive type is Accuracy Required Material Specifications: Ingredient Name Particle Size Bulk Density (Minimum) Bulk Density (Maximum) Moisture Content % Material Characteristics: Abrasive Adhesive Bridges Corrosive Dusty Explosive Floodable Fragile :       :       :       :       :       max       min :      % of

Chemical Name :       Max. Lump Size :       Specific Gravity :       Temperature Dry :      º Damp Wet

Free Flowing Friable Hygroscopic Interlocks & Mats

Packs Under Pressure Rat Holes Toxic Similar to      

Types of Feeders known to be suitable for handling material: Belt Vibratory Screw Rotary Vane

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Group Class . 91 Schoosett Street. Division . Division . If right angle. Division . Pembroke. Group and Electrical Area Classification for drive : and Electrical Area Classification for instrument : and Power available for motor/drive :       VAC. diameter bin discharge WEIGH BELT/FEEDER Data Sheet Process Flow: Material is gravity fed through       Material is gravity fed through       Material is fed via type pre-feeder. width of pre-feeder is       . Group Non-Hazardous (unclassified) Class . USA 02359 Phone (781) 826-8101 • Fax (781) 826-7944 E-MAIL sales@thayerscale. O. wide x       long bin discharge opening. MA. Feeder discharges to:       Weigh Belt/Feeder Construction Requirements: Construction Type: Materials of Construction. INC. HYER INDUSTRIES.thayerscale.       Hz Weigh Belt/Feeder Data Sheet Page 2 of 2 .       Phase. Box 669. Division . • WEBSITE http://www.THAYER SCALE. weigh belt. Group Class . Division . Group Non-Hazardous (unclassified) Class . Enclosure Requirements: Design Pressure Rating:       Dust Take-Off: Design Vacuum Rating:       Belt Cleaner: Frame: Paint: Contact Parts: Paint Tint (RAL):       CENTERLINE OF INLET       CENTERLINE OF DISCHARGE Installation Notes: Ambient Temperature range:      º to      º Location is: Electrical Area Classification for weigh belt/feeder : Non-Hazardous (unclassified) Class . Division . Group Class .