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Glossary:Country  codes

From  Statistics  Explained Member  States  of  the  European  Union  (EU)  and  other  countries  have  been  assigned  a  two-­letter  country code,  always  written  in  capital  letters,  and  often  used  as  an  abbreviation  in  statistical  analyses,  tables,  figures or  maps. The  'protocol  order'  in  which  countries  are  normally  listed  is  based  on  the  alphabetical  list  of  countries  in their  national  language  for  EU  and  EFTA  Member  States  and  for  candidate  countries;;  for  potential candidates,  it  is  based  on  the  alphabetical  order  of  their  country  code. EU  Member  States  come  first,  followed  by  European  Free  Trade  Association  (EFTA)  Member  States, candidate  countries  for  EU  Membership,  potential  candidates  and,  finally,  other  countries.  The  order  in  the tables  below  is  first  column  down,  then  second  column  down,  etc.. European  Union  (EU) Belgium Bulgaria Czech Republic Denmark Germany Estonia Ireland Greece Spain (BE) France (BG) Italy (CZ) Cyprus (DK) (DE) (EE) (IE) (EL) Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Hungary Malta (FR) Austria (IT) Poland (CY) Portugal (LV) (LT) (LU) (HU) (MT) Romania Slovenia Slovakia Finland Sweden United Kingdom (AT) (PL) (PT) (RO) (SI) (SK) (FI) (SE) (UK)

(ES) Netherlands (NL)

European  Free  Trade  Association  (EFTA) Iceland (IS) Norway (NO) Liechtenstein (LI) Switzerland (CH) EU  candidate  countries  (Iceland,  also  a  candidate  country,  is  already  mentioned  above  as  EFTA  Member State). Croatia The  former  Yugoslav Republic  of  Macedonia Montenegro (HR) Serbia (RS)

(MK[1]) Turkey (TR) (ME)    

Potential  candidates  (all  other  Western  Balkan  countries)

 at  09:30.   ↑  'XK'  is  a  code  used  for  practical  reasons  and  not  an  official  ISO  country Retrieved  from  "http://epp.   ↑  'MK'  is  a  provisional  code  which  does  not  prejudge  in  any  way  the  definitive  nomenclature  for  this country.php/Glossary:Country_codes" Categories:  Geography  glossary  |  Glossary This  page  was  last  modified  on  6  September  2012. .eu/statistics_explained/index.  which  will  be  agreed  following  the  conclusion  of  negotiations  currently  taking  place  on  this subject  at  the  United  Nations.Albania Bosnia  and Herzegovina (AL) Kosovo  under [2] UNSCR  1244/99 (XK )   (BA)   European  Neighbourhood  Policy  (ENP)-­East  countries: Armenia (AM) Belarus (BY) Georgia (GE) Azerbaijan (AZ) Moldova (MD) Ukraine (UA) European  Neighbourhood  Policy  (ENP)-­South  countries: Algeria (DZ) Lebanon Egypt (EG) Lybia Israel (IL) Morocco the occupied Jordan (JO) Palestinian territory Non-­European  countries Japan United  States  of America (JP) (US) (LB) Syria (SY) (LY) Tunisia (TN) (MA)     (PS)     Related  concepts Currency  codes Notes 1.eurostat. 2.