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St Augustine’s Primary School Bulletin: Monday 24th June BOARD OF GOVERNORS: I am sure you would wish to join me in thanking Mr Ronaldo Fernandes who has been a Governor, and more recently Chair of Governors, for the past 4 years. His term of office has come to an end and we are very grateful for his commitment and the time he has given to the school. Christine Hammersley, who many of you will know as a former Chair of Governors, has been appointed as a foundation governor. Classteachers should now be thinking whether changes should be made to their class. I have put in the newsletter this week if parents have any issues, they should come and discuss them with you in the next week or so. Ultimately, however, the decision must be the teacher’s. Year 6 children will be going to Mill Rythe, Hayling Island, next week. Mrs Holden, Miss McCusker, Mrs Martin, Mrs Cooper and I will be accompanying the children. Obviously, Ofsted have still called and there is the possibility that we could hear from them next week. In this case, we would initially ask for it to be deferred because of the absence of a key year group and members of staff. However, if this is not agreed (it is unlikely that they would take much notice of this reason), I will return as soon as I can. I will be taking my car just in case. Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday – Mrs Kirwan to register in 6b and dismiss Year 6 pupils not attending Mill Rythe There are a lot of changes to normal routines this week. Please ensure that all duties are covered if you are unavailable. Monday 24th Year 6 Residential Trip all week – Mrs Doyle, Mrs Holden, Miss McCusker, Mrs Martin and Mrs Cooper to accompany Junior Hall out of action until 10.15am Four Year 6 pupils to attend London Transport Museum – Mrs Kirwan and Mrs Diebelius to attend Mrs Donovan to cover Junior Office all day Four Year 5 pupils to attend Science Week event at Trinity – all week IEP Meetings all week – Please check separate timetable Assessment data deadline for EYFSP & KS1 Year 5 Sailing – Mrs Neale, Mrs Poole and Mrs Laxton to attend Year 1 Valentine’s Mansion – Mrs Fernandes, Mrs Fagan, Mrs Faulkner, Mrs Wade, Mrs Nandan (Please liaise with Year 1 teachers re timing) Work experience students: Claire Hickman to Nursery for 2 weeks, and Charlotte Rubery to Year 2 for 2 weeks Mrs Fenech away – Mrs Laxton to Class 3a pm Mrs Everett away – Mrs Williams to support Year 3 child am Mrs Jarvis in RB all day Mr Jan Choeanec (Guitar Teacher) in school

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AM 10.30am

Mrs Gallagher PPA - PE coach am KS1 Headteacher Assembly – Mrs Anthony to lead

12.30 – 1.15pm PM 3.00pm 3.30pm

Mr Junor-Sheperd to meet with staff in Mrs Ranjan’s Office Mr Roca-Mas PPA – PE Coach to cover KS2 Headteacher Assembly – Mrs Anthony to lead Spanish Classes – Mrs Neale Tuesday 25th Mrs Jarvis in RB all day Mr Hatzar away – Supply cover Mrs Williams to Reception am Mrs Shah – EAL work am Mrs Fernandes to Year 1 - am Mrs Laxton to Year 1 - pm Mrs Kirwan working in Class 6b with four year 6 pupils – Mrs Diebelius with pupils am, Mrs Shah with pupils pm

10.30am 12.50 – 1.20pm 3pm 3pm 3.30pm

KS1 Hymn Practice Dance Club – Yrs 3 - 6 KS2 Hymn Practice Mrs Wilkinson, Mrs Wade, Miss Alex and Mrs Dowsett to attend Hatton Taster Session – “Interaction and Play” Netball – Year 5 & 6 Wednesday 26th Mrs Fernandes to Year 1 - am Mrs Moody away Mrs Laxton to Year 1 - pm Mrs Kirwan, Mrs Fagan and Mrs Diebelius to accompany four Year 6 pupils to Science Museum Mrs Lecointe away - Mrs Williams to cover AM. Mrs Bari in Nursery all day Year 5 to attend Science event at Trinity Catholic High School Depart 9.45am, Return 12noon. Mrs Poole and Mrs Fenech to accompany. Miss Gilligan PPA am – Mrs Gallagher to cover


Mrs Pearce PPA am – Supply teacher Miss Leppard PPA – PE coach to cover Mrs Harris PPA AM – covered by Mrs Murphy

9.00 – 3.45pm 9.00am 9.15am 10.30am 12.15 – 1.30pm PM PM PM PM 1.00 – 3.30pm 2 – 4pm 3.00pm 3:30 – 4:30 3.30 – 4.30 3.15 – 4.15pm

Violin Teacher in school. Year 4 Drumming No KS1 Deputy Headteacher Assembly KS1 Violin Assembly – Mrs Sullivan / Mrs Anthony Year 2 to KS2 Hall for talk followed by lunch Mrs Pearce away – Supply cover Mrs Fenech to work in Year 5 1:1 Tuition – Mrs Murphy PE coach to cover Miss Gilligan – NQT time Cello Teacher in Youth Hall. Mrs Lucey to attend Literacy Subject Leader Meeting – cover Mrs Gallagher to cover KS2 Assistant Headteacher Assembly Instrumental Ensemble KS2 Hall No Film Club French Club in Infant ICT Suite Thursday 27th Mrs Fernandes to Year 1 - am Mrs Laxton to Year 1 - pm Mrs Diebelius away Mrs Casey away at Midday Educational Psychologist in school all day Mrs C Neale to register year 6 pupils in ICT suite and dismiss at end of day Year 6 pupils: 9.10 – 10.30 Nursery 10.30 – 12.15 Reception 12.15 Mrs Neale to escort to Juniors PM Craft Afternoon to be led by Mrs Shah and Mrs Fenech


Mrs Christou PPA – Mrs Gallagher to cover Mrs McCartney PPA – PE coach to cover Mrs Lucey PPA – Mrs Murphy to cover Mrs Kannathasan away at Midday

9 – 10am 9 – 3pm pm PM PM 1.20pm 1.45 – 3.10pm 3.30pm 3.30pm

Mrs Hayes away Mrs Pearce and Mrs Hughes to attend Key Person Course at Jack Carter Pavilion – Mrs Williams to cover am, Mrs Bari to cover pm School council to feedback to classes Miss Wilson PPA – PE cover Miss Scahill PPA – Mrs Gallagher to cover Mr Tim Eaton (Woodwind Teacher) in school Family Learning in Infant ICT Suite – Mrs Wilkinson, Mrs Wade & Mrs Brady to attend. Mrs Fagan to cover Year 1 pm Spanish Classes – Mrs Neale Staff meeting - Time for Data input Friday 28th Mrs C Neale to register year 6 pupils in ICT suite and dismiss at end of day Mrs Diebelius away Mrs Brady away Mr Hatzar PPA – Mrs Gallagher to cover Mrs Fernandes to Year 1 - am Mrs Laxton to Year 1 - pm Year 5 & four Year 6 pupils Retreat – Staff from Ursuline Academy Ilford to deliver KS2 hall out of use all day. Mrs Williams to accompany Year 6 pupils am, Mrs Fenech to accompany pm Mrs Fagan away

AM 9.15am AM 3.30 – 4.30pm 4.00pm

Miss Bergin PPA – Mrs Gallagher to cover Class 1A Assembly- Mrs Anthony to lead Mr Firman, Guitar teacher in school Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 Football Training – KS2 Playground Year 6 to return from Mill Rythe