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Curriculum Vitae


Imran Rehman
Vognporten 14,st -449 Albaertslund, 2620 Copenhagen (Denmark)

Sex Male | Date of birth 13 Jun 80 | Nationality Pakistani

PREFERRED JOB WORK EXPERIENCE 01 April 2007 – 28 May 2008

Telecomm Engineer

Support Engineer
EC passage AB Drottninggatan 5 37435 Karlshamn Sweden Main activities: Assist with purchase orders for hardware and software procurement. Troubleshoot network usage and computer peripherals. Installing new applications. Performing system backups and data recovery. Resolving network communication problems independently. Assisting with PC installation, maintenance, E-mail administration, disc capacity monitoring and network security.

01 July 2004 – 03 August 2005

Network Support Engineer
main responsibilities include my main responsibilities includes support installation, configuration, troubleshooting, operation, IT management and up gradating computer networks

1 Jun 10 – Present

Social Media Manager
Tasks include designing telecom solutions for new Clients or upgrading and modifying existing Networks, specification for procurement of equipment, develop a detailed system design with drawings , documentation and testing .

EDUCATION AND TRAINING 01 August 2006 – 28 December 2007

Master In Electrical Engineering
Blekinge Institute of Technology Sweden, Telecommunication

Institute of Higher Education in Sweden

Related document(s): Picture_1.jpg 01 August 2000 – 30 December 2004

BS Telecommunication
University Of Sindh, Wireless Communication

Higher Education Commission Pakistan

1 Oct 07 – 27 Apr 08

Project Management
Swedish Project Management Association, Certifierad i Projektkunskap


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