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Noor Medical Complex Noor Medical Complex is a multi medical-purposes centre with an advanced keyhole laboratories and

Radiology section services to deliver accessible high quality health services in a focused and caring environment. The close proximity to the Erbil’s main encircle roads such as 60M Road and 100M Road, and it is also 10 minutes drive to Erbil International Airport. The location itself lies in heart of Erbil medical district named as (Doctors Street), which is a unique advantage to the project. The complex houses six levels of multi-purpose medical issues and an extra level for carparking, starting from bottom to top, the complex can be highlighted as follow; B2 (Basement-2): 2000 square meters car-parking suited for our local tenants only. B1 (Basement-1): 2000 square meters area suited for drug-stores and other medical equipments, which is fully ready to make partitions upon your request

G (Ground floor): 40 commercial-stores suited for all medical purposes such as; pharmacies, medical requirements shop, eyewear and eye-care shop, and other miscellaneous purposes. L1 (Level-1): 24 polyclinics, ranged between 2-3 rooms, plus a central clinical laboratory and a central Radiology department to provides the full range of radiological investigations from the simple plain X-ray to the state of the art CT and MRI imaging L2 (Level-2): additional 24 polyclinics, ranged between 2-3 rooms L3 (Level-3): up to 10 flats suited for medical companies and other purposes. The rest half of the level (1000 square meters) is open to suggestions and ready to make partitions upon your request. Physical therapy centre, or clinical centre, or eye-caring centre is place of recommendation. This area (1000 square meters) has also the chance to be a part of the proposed hospital. H (Hospital / Level-4): 3 operations halls, 24 patient beds, 2 outpatient rooms and all others related facilities such as recovery room, sterilizing room, doctor room, nurse room, administration section, kitchen, laundry room and services stores R (Roof / Level-5): 300 square meters terrace cafe to serve the hospital and the whole building We are mainly aimed to provide quality services and uphold standards of professionalism to improve the level of patient satisfaction that is responsive, efficient, courteous and helpful. For further details and business establishment please contact:
Ahmad Jamal Business Development Management Noor Medical Complex M: 00964 750 449 5652 E: Doctors Street Erbil, Kurdistan Region Iraq