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June 22-23, 2013

Sat., June 22 St. Paulinus of Nola,Sts. John Fisher & Thomas More +Dr. Lee Like (Mark & Donna Bishop) 5:00p Sun., June 23 Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time 8:30a +Sunne Mastracci (Michael & Lenore Mastracci 11:00a People of the Parish Mon. June 24 The Nativity of St. John the Baptist 8:00a +Kevin Faricy (Teresamae Faricy) Tues. June 25 Weekday 8:00a +Amedeo H. Mirolo, Sr. (Sue & Dan Summers) Wed., June 26 Weekday 8:00a +Sarah Elizabeth Mohl (Tim & Carol Wright) Thurs., June 27 St. Cyril of Alexandria 8:00a +Herman & Catherine Baumann (Dick & Kay Baumann) Fri., June 28 St. Irenaeus 8:00a +Joe Conie (Carol Baker) Sat., June 29 Sts. Peter & Paul, Apostles 5:00p +James R. Young (Betty Young & Dan Davis) Sun., June 30 Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 8:30a People of the Parish 11:00a +Elvira Bowers (Rismo & Marylou Gualtieri)

Sunday, June 23 SECOND COLLECTION - HOLY FATHER (PETER’S PENCE) • 8:30a Mass - Church • 11:00a Mass - Church Monday, June 24 • 8:00a Mass - Church • 9:00a Vacation Bible School-PLC Tuesday, June 25 • 8:00a Mass - Church • 9:00a Vacation Bible School-PLC Wednesday, June 26 • 8:00a Mass-Church • 9:00a Vacation Bible School-PLC Thursday, June 27 • 8:00a Mass - Church • 9:00a Vacation Bible School-PLC • 6:00p OLV Serves YWCA Homeless Dinner Friday, June 28 • 8:00a • 5:30p

Mass - Church Wedding Rehearsal-Church

Gifts for God
June 15-16 132 Envelopes Rec’d; 745 issued 13 Loose Checks Loose Cash 25 Automated Giving 6/10/13 Total $4,047.00 655.00 388.00 2,185.00 $7,275.00

Saturday, June 29 • 2:30p Wedding (Estes/Veitch)-Church • 5:00p Mass - Church Sunday, June 30 • 8:30a Mass - Church • 11:00a Mass - Church

Thank you to all who support the work of God

will be hosting the next YWCA Family Center dinner for the homeless on Thursday, June 27. Please sign up in the church vestibule to serve as well as bake brownies and/or cookies. Please come out to support this great cause. For more information, you can reach Beth Anderson at There will be a second collection taken during all Masses this weekend for the Holy Father (Peter’s Pence). TUITION RAFFLE – The Our Lady of Peace Knights of Columbus Council is sponsoring a raffle for 20132014 school year tuition to a Columbus Diocesan High School of your choice, for a student of your choice. First prize is one year’s tuition; second prize is ½ year’s tuition. Only 250 tickets will be sold at $100 each. Drawing will be held on July 28, 2013. Winner need not be present to win. Tickets will go on sale beginning 6/22/13 until all tickets are sold. For more information (pdf of rules) contact Wayne King at

COLLECTION COUNTERS NEEDED: This important ministry
is in need of several people to be regular and substitute collection counters. You would need to be available to assist in collection counting on Sundays after 11:00a Mass about once every six weeks for usually no more than 2 hours. Interested? Call Barb Schofield at 488-5457 for more information.


e are a group of people bound by our belief in Jesus Christ. Through our baptism, we are called to share in His work. Therefore we pledge ourselves through the ideal of shared ministry to build a community where all are welcomed, loved, needed, and appreciated; to celebrate the gift of life together in word and sacrament; and to promote justice, peace and equality for all people. - Our Lady of Victory Mission Statement


5:00p Saturday, June 29
Extraordinary Ministers: Lectors: Servers: Ushers: Joyce Gold, Dorie Kirwin, Brenda Martin, Linda Mazzitti, Jacqueline Milsom, Paul Milsom Joanne Bellisari, Sr. Dorothy Doyle Not Available Terry Rodeman, Nancy Tarini, Steve Tarini, Jim McCauley


ISABELLA CATHERINE KARST who was recently baptized at OLV and through the Sacrament of Baptism became a member of God’s family.

8:30a Sunday, June 30
Extraordinary Ministers: Lectors: Servers: Frank Bettendorf, Ron Kibbe, Dick Miller, Rick Monnier James Herlihy, Karen Hutson Claire Fishpaw, Grace Fishpaw, Allison O’Brien Anthony DiSante, John Frary, Elaine Broderick, Tom Murphy Rob & Crystal Dyckes, Jesse & Elaine Oddi, Katie Foley, Randy Harlor, Karen Hutson

The U.S. Catholic Bishops have called for a second Fortnight for Freedom, a two week period of prayer and action, to address many current challenges to religious liberty, including the August 1, 2013, deadline for religious organizations to comply with the HHS mandate; Supreme Court rulings that could redefine marriage, and religious liberty concerns in areas such as immigration and humanitarian services. The Fortnight will take place from June 21 (the vigil of the feasts of St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher) to July 4 (Independence Day). For the latest updates, prayer resources, educational materials, and action alerts, visit the Office for Social Concerns’ Religious Liberty website at SocialConcernsOfficefor/ReligiousLiberty.aspx. You will find a Litany for Liberty in this bulletin for your use during the Fortnight for Freedom.


Eucharistic Ministers To the Homebound:

11:00a Sunday, June 30
Extraordinary Ministers: Pat Feamster, John Frericks, Ann Gabriel, Lisa Schechter, Isabelle Tonneman, Brenda Young Jim Shannon, Dottie Spires James Shannon, Erin Sheehan, Kendra Sheehan Richard Broderick, Fred Lombardi, Tony Polletta, Mark McPherson Wayne Kottman, Catherine Vonderahe

Lectors: Servers: Ushers: Collection Counters:

PRAYER REQUESTS: Dorothy Lang, Eloise Miller, Elizabeth Rusnak, Irene Clay, Patricia Baumann, Patricia Sheehan, Eric Ray, Reid Hudson, Jada Brady, William Reed Orban, Jake Koch, Sr. Sharen Baldy, SCN, Casey Browning, Eloise McAllister, Eric Falasca, Betsy Holland, Isabella Karst, Margaret Richards, Jim Young, Jennifer Kosmas, Elizabeth Kessler, Beverly Daugherty, Andrew Johnson, Frank Michael, John Farrell, JoAnn Riepenhoff, Pam Kelly, Cynthia Carson, Mary Bass. Please remember in your prayers others who are not on this list. (Please notify the parish
office of any changes.)


June 22-23, 2013

FROM THE PASTOR. . . The Bishop’s Annual Appeal
provides the opportunity for each of us within our Parish to share in the good works of our diocesan family. In the words of Bishop Campbell: “As a Diocesan family, our united response to the goodness of God enables us to bring Christ to the sick, the imprisoned, the poor - both individual and needy parishes, missions and schools. To all those in any spiritual or material need we say “we care about you and we love you”. Please see the charter which outlines Diocesan needs and programs the Bishop Annual Appeal supports. Our Parish family has been asked to raise $57,704. Please know that Bishop Campbell and I are grateful to you for your sacrifice, regardless of the amount.

OLV Youth Ministry Summer Events
FIRE NIGHTS THIS SUMMER ~ FRISBEE AND ICE CREAM THAT’S REALLY EXTREME 7th & 8th graders + high school teens join us! Wednesday nights @ Miller Park, 7-8:30PM th June 26 , July 3rd & July 10th

Spiritual and Pastoral Programs -- 20% • Office for Divine Worship • Support for Hospital Chaplains • Diocesan Council of Catholic Women (DCCW) • Black Catholic Ministries • St. Therese's and Sts. Peter and Paul Retreat Centers • Catholic Latino Ministries Parish Life Enhancements -- 15% • Parish Support • St. Joseph Cathedral • Direct Administrative Grants Educational Programs -- 12% • Continuing Education for Priests • Marriage and Family Life Office • Office of Religious Education and Catechesis • Youth and Young Adult Ministry Office • Newman Center - OSU Campus Student and School Assistance -- 16% • Tuition Assistance • High School Operational Grants • Capital Repairs for Schools Priest/Deacon/Seminarian Education -- 22% • Vocations Office • Financial Support of Seminarians • Permanent Diaconate Office Social Concerns -- 11% • Joint Organization for Inter-city Needs (J.O.I.N.) • Office for Social Concerns • Catholic Social Services • Holy Family Soup Kitchen/Food Pantry • St. John Community Kitchen • St. Stephen's Community House • St. Vincent de Paul • St. Lawrence Haven Appeal Costs -- 4% • Office of Development and Planning

Please join us for a fun faith filled week June 24th-27th 9AM-12:00PM, registration forms can be found online: This Totally Catholic VBS has been especially created for Catholic children filled with activities, Scripture, drama, crafts, songs, snacks and lots more! Elementary kids will be in mixed-age groups with other children who have finished Kindergarten through Grade 5. Our VBS also offers a pre-k group (your child must be 4 years old by June 1st). We parents have the primary responsibility for the faith formation of our children, and the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults tells us that the greatest gift that we can give to our children is a life in the Church. Contact Michelle Fishpaw with questions or if you’re interested in volunteering:



June 22-23, 2013