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ingenuity DENKYEM "crocodile" adaptability . resourcefulness BESE SAKA "sack of cola nuts" affluence. interdependence DAME-DAME name of a board game intelligence. creativity ASASE YE DURU "the Earth has weight" divinity of Mother Earth AYA "fern" endurance. leadership AKOBEN "war horn" vigilance. nurturing AKOMA "the heart" patience & tolerance AKOMA NTOSO "linked hearts" understanding.ADINKRAHENE "chief of adinkra symbols" greatness. valor AKOKONAN "the leg of a hen" mercy. wariness AKOFENA "sword of war" courage. charisma. unity BI NKA BI "no one should bite the other" peace. harmony BOA ME NA ME MMOA WO "help me and let me help you" cooperation. abundance. agreement ANANSE NTONTAN "spider's web" wisdom.

quality control HYE WONHYE "that which cannot be burnt" imperishability.DUAFE "wooden comb" beauty. a war hero" bravery. freedom. valor . feminine qualities DWENNIMMEN "ram's horns" humility and strength EBAN "fence" love. interdependence FAWOHODIE "independence" independence. hygiene. unity in diversity GYE NYAME "except for God" supremacy of God HWEMUDUA "measuring stick" examination. extravagance KWATAKYE ATIKO "hairstyle of Kwatakye. safety FOFO "a yellow-flowered plant" jealousy. security EPA "handcuffs" law. emancipation FIHANKRA "house/compound" security. slavery ESE NE TEKREMA "the teeth and the tongue" friendship. justice. safety. endurance KETE PA "good bed" good marriage KINTINKANTAN "puffed up extravagance" arrogance. envy FUNTUNFUNEFU DENKYEMFUNEFU "siamese crocodiles" democracy.

reconciliation MPUANNUM "five tufts" (of hair) priestly office. sanctity MPATAPO "knot of reconciliation" peacemaking. preparedness MMERE DANE "time changes" change. OHU "he who does not know can know from learning" knowledge. perseverance MFRAMADAN "wind-resistant house" fortitude. life-long education NEA OPE SE OBEDI HENE "he who wants to be king" service. precision NKYINKYIM "twistings" initiative. adroitness NEA ONNIM NO SUA A. life's dynamics MMUSUYIDEE "that which removes ill luck" good fortune. prudence ME WARE WO "I shall marry you" commitment. versatility NSAA type of hand-woven cloth excellence. loyalty. authenticity NSOROMMA "child of the heavens" guardianship . leadership NKONSONKONSON "chain links" unity. genuineness. human relations NYAME DUA "tree of god" God's protection and presence NKYIMU the crossed divisions made on adinkra cloth before printing skillfulness.MATE MASIE "what I hear. knowledge. I keep" wisdom. dynamism.

all will be well" BIRIBIARA BEYE YIE hope. steadfastness SANKOFA "return and get it" learn from the past SANKOFA (alternate version) . faith OSRAM NE NSOROMMA "the moon and the star" love. prudence. ingenuity.NYAME BIRIBI WO SORO NYAME NNWU NA MAWU "God is in the heavens" hope "God never dies. providence. therefore I cannot die" life after death NYAME NTI "by God's grace" faith & trust in God NYAME YE OHENE "God is King" majesty and supremacy of God NYANSAPO "wisdom knot" wisdom. intelligence and patience ODO NNYEW FIE KWAN "love never loses its way home" power of love OKODEE MMOWERE "talons of the eagle" bravery. harmony OWO FORO ADOBE "snake climbing the raffia tree" steadfastness. faithfulness. strength ONYANKOPON ADOM NTI "By God's grace. diligence OWUO ATWEDEE "the ladder of death" mortality PEMPAMSIE "sew in readiness" readiness.

perseverance WOFORO DUA PA A "when you climb a good tree" support.SESA WO SUBAN "I change or transform my life" transformation TAMFO BEBRE "the enemy will stew in his own juice" jealousy WAWA ABA "seed of the wawa tree" hardiness. cooperation WO NSA DA MU A "if your hands are in the dish" democracy. pluralism . toughness.

AFRICAN GODS Adroa Other Names: "God in the sky". Akuj Location: The Turkana of Kenya. Description: He is pictured as tall and white with only half of his body visible. God on Earth". Location: The Lugbara of Zaire and Uganda. death. law. River God. Rules Over: Social order. Creator God. Rules Over: Divination. .

Rainbow Snake shown with tail in his mouth. Father of Ale. The Earth Goddess. vegetation. Mwenco. help. Asase Other Names: Yaa. Danh Location: Dahomey. goodness. Rules Over: Wholeness. Fa Location: Dahomey." Location: Akamba of Kenya. Description: Snake God. Description: Fish God. Description: Extremely popular Goddess and Earth Mother. blessings.Ala Other Names: Ale. harvest. Grass is used in rituals for him. Rules Over: Wealth. Rules Over: Help. Description: River demon. "Old Woman Earth. "Creator". . Is self-created and omniscient. Chiuta Other Names: Mulengi." Location: The Ashanti of West Africa. Wamtatakuya Tumbuka. Rules Over: Cultivation. oaths. Description: Goddess of creation of humans and receiver of them at death. surviving the impossible. Rules Over: Community laws. Rain God. Emayian. Rules Over: Rain. Behanzin Location: West Africa. Rules Over: Sorcery and Shape-Shifting. Offerings and sacrifices were done for him in groves. Cagn Location: South Central Africa among the Bushman. Location: The Ibo of Nigeria. Description: "The first great cause". Aberewa. food. Description: Sky God. Rules Over: Destiny. help. Description: Creator God. "the strong lord. Location: The Ibo of East Nigeria. Efua. unity. She is a Creator Goddess and Queen of the Dead. Anayaroli Location: The Temne. Chuku Other Names: Chineke. Rules Over: Rain. Rules Over: Mercy. plant growth. morality. harvest. Description: Creator God. En-Kai Other Names: Parsai. Location: Masai. Asa Other Names: Father God. Ane.

Heitsi-Eibib Location: The Hottentots. Meteors are his sign. health. Description: Sorcerer God. Rules Over: Protection. Bigirimana. fertility. Rules Over: Disruption. Description: Leads the spirits of the deceased. planning.Famian Location: Guinea. Kaka-Guia Other Names: Nyami. Description: Created all men on Earth. Ibibio. Location: West Africa. Rules Over: Shape-shifting. Description: Moon God. Rules Over: Fertility of the Earth. Ndagijimana. Gawama. smiths. Obasi Nsi. Location: White Nile. Rules Over: Power. harassment. Habyarimana. Rules Over: War. death. Alur. Location: Among the Bushmen. Guruhi Location: Gambia. Description: He brought souls to the Supreme God. Supreme God. goodness. Location: Uganda and Zaire. magick. Description: Black goats were to be sacrificed to him when rain was needed. Juok Other Names: Shilluk. Ison Other Names: Eka Obasi. Location: The Volta areas. Description: Evil God. Ge Location: Dahomey. Gauna Other Names: Gawa. children. Rules Over: Rain." Location: The Banyarwands. Imana Other Names: Hategekimana. Jok Other Names: Jok Odudu. Description: Tortoise-shelled Goddess. . "Almighty God. Ekoi. Hashakimana. Gu Location: The Fon of West Africa. Rules Over: Power and death over enemies.

Location: Masai of Kenya. Description: Supreme God. Description: Supreme Goddess. Gguluddene. the harvest. beer. Judgment. judgement. cultivation. Banayis. Description: Creator God. Rules Over: Protection. Kwoth Location: The Nuer of South Sudan. Rules Over: Rainbows.Katonda Other Names: Lissoddene. Ngami Description: Moon Goddess. Nnyiniggulu. Ssebintu. Descriptiojn: Creator God. Description: Rain God. help. Rules Over: Protection. divination. fertility. rain. oracles. Resided in the clouds and was a dreaded spirit. Description: Creator God. Rules Over: Agriculture. Description: An Evil Storm God who was linked to the rainbow. Location: The Ganda of East Africa. help. Ssewaunaku. Kagingo. architecture. Namugereka. divination. control over spirits. Description: Goddess of what she rules over. Description: Chameleon God/dess. Lugaba. Leza Location: Dahomey. Ssewannaku. Rules Over: Life and Death. justice. Mungo Location: Giryama of Kenya. aid when the odds are against you. Mbaba Mwana Waresa Location: The Zulu of Natal. crops. Rules Over: Rain. Description: Great Spirit God. Rules Over: Help. creator of everything. `Ngai Location: Masai. Rules Over: Storms. `Nenaunir Other Names: The Rainbow Snake. compassion. creator of all things. Namuginga. Njambi Location: Lele. Mukuru Location: Macouas of Zambesi. . Mawu is worshipped by The Fon of Benin in West Africa as a Moon Goddess and creatrix of everything. Rules Over: Nature. Mawu Location: Dahomey. forests.

Description: Santeria Goddess of the rainbow. Pan Location: Agni. Nyambi Other Names: Nyambe.Nyambe Location: Koko of Nigeria. Rules Over: Cultivation. Barbers. removing difficulties. Destiny. rain and lightning. Nyame Location: The Twi of West Africa. Location: The Nago and Yoruba of West Africa. Description: Gread God. Description: Primary Mother Goddess. Smiths. Ochumare Location: Yoruba. Location: The Barotse of Upper Zambesi. Justice. Creator of everything. Description: God of iron and warfare. warfare. She played the role of Justice and rewarded and punished according to the deeds of man. Nyamia Ama Location: Senegal. Oddudua Location: Yoruba. . Olorun Other Names: Olofin-Orun. Rules Over: Fate. Description: Great God who prepared the soul to be reborn on the physical plane and gave out its fate. lightning. Rules Over: Restoring Life. Description: Great Goddess who created everything. Rules Over: Storms. Oba Description: Santeria river goddess. Steel. Ogun Other Names: Ogoun. Victory when the odds are against you. Location: Yoruba. Goldsmiths. Description: Son of the Earth. control of the Elements. Forsight. Rules Over: Justice. Hunters. Rules Over: Truth. Description: God. Description: Sky God. Rock-Sens Location: The Serer of Gambia. rain. Description: God of storms. A sky god. Nzambi Location: The Bankongo of the Congo. Rules Over: Iron. smoothing the path to a desired result. Olodumare.

Unkulunkulu Other Names: Nkulnkulu. Bantu. Sun God. prosperity. judgement. Rules Over: Medicine. Rules Over: Rain. storms. abundance. Rain. Location: Abaluyia. justice. Description: Sky God. lightning. order. Soko Location: Nupe of north Nigeria. sickness. Rules Over: Life. Description: Sky God who speaks with a voice of thunder. Description: Great God. Rules Over: Rain. Rules Over: Control of the Elements. Death. Rugaba Other Names: Ruhanga. Witchcraft. retribution. Lightning. death. Location: The Amazulu and Ndebele of Zimbabwe. celestial phenomena. Rules Over: Thunder. Father God. Shango Other Names: Schango. Description: Great God. Were Location: Luo of Kenya. . Sakarabru Location: Agni of Guinea. Rules Over: Fertility. harvest. Mukameiguru. sickness. creation. Tilo Location: Mozambique. Description: "The High One". Thunder. Magick. Storm. Earth God. organization. Sky God. Ruhanga Location: Banyoro.Description: Sky god. Rebirth. Thunder. Location: Ankore of Uganda. healing. Judgement. Rules Over: Sky. War. Swift to punish wrongful deeds. Storms. death. Kazooba. rebirth. Nature. Utixo Location: The Hottentots. Wele Other Names: Khakaba. Description: Creator God. Location: Yoruba of Nigeria. animals. children. Description: God who is strongest during the main phases of the Moon. Communication with the Deceased. Sky God. Rules Over: Rain. health. Rules Over: Birth. Rules Over: Fertility. Harvest. Creator God. Description: Creator God. Creator God. Description: Great God. Description: Carries a double-headed axe much like the nordic Thorr. Isaywa. judgement. harvest. Thunder. controlled the weather.

. rain. fertility. Description: River Goddess. Description: Agricultural Goddess.White Lady Location: Tassali of the Sahara. Description: He used a thunder axe. fertility. Ymoja Location: Yoruba. Xevioso Location: West Africa. Rules Over: Thunder. children. Rules Over: Agriculture. Rules Over: Women.