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Dear Sir or Madam, On August 2, we ordered and subsequently received one case of handsaws, model 78c. We paid for the order with our check no. 2832. When we decided to order these saws instead of model 68c, it was at the urging of your Sales representative, Jim Thomas. He assured us that the new saws were more durable and efficient than the older model. However, we have now had the saws on our selling floor for three weeks and already extremely dissatisfied customers have returned seven with broken teeth. We are therefore returning the entire order of 78c saws and would like to be refunded for their full purchase price plus shipping expenses. Yours truly, Adjustment Dear Mr. Peterson, We are sorry that the model 78c handsaws you purchased have not lived up to your expectations. Frankly, we are surprised that they have proved so fragile and appreciate your returning them to us. Our lab people are already at work trying to discover the source of the problem. We are glad to assume the shipping costs you incurred. But may we suggest that, instead of a refund, you apply the price of these saws to the cost of an order of model 68c saws. Your own experience will bear out their reliability, and we are sure your customers will be pleased with an Forever-Sharp Product. If you will drop us a line accepting the shipment, your 68c handsaws will be on their way within the week. Sincerely yours, Complain Dear Dr. Peters, On the afternoon of October 9, my neighbor's daughter, Susan Oslo, was raking leaves in her family's yard when she tripped and fell. From the degree of pain she was obviously experiencing, I suspected she might have broken her ankle. Thus, as the only adult around at the time, I drove her to your hospital. When we arrived at the emergency room, no one was available to help Susan from the car, and I had to help her hobble in as best as I could. The effort increased her pain, yet when we were inside, the receptionist, without looking up, told us to take a number and wait our turn. We waited for more than two hours before a doctor saw Susan. As a member of the community your hospital serves, I am outraged by the treatment my young neighbor received. The lack of concern was upsetting; the lack of attention could have been life threatening. All of us in Shamlet County deserve better treatment, and I hope you will look into the situation to see that an employee of your institution never again inflicts the suffering caused Susan Oslo. Yours truly,

00 10 $300.00 Fertilize lawn $40. Thank you for calling me on April 16.85 $95.00 Total annual contract of $370.00 3 $30. Landscape maintenance for the year ending: 2001 Function Price/visit Visits Annual cost Mow and edge weekly $30.35 4 x 5-foot straight $130. Signed:_______________ .85 The prices indicated apply to all four colors available in modacrylic partitions. This will confirm our telephone discussion about prices on the Modu-Screen acoustical partitions. Acceptance of proposal. Jansen. and conditions are satisfactory and are hereby accepted.The above prices.00 $112.Confirmation Dear Ms. You are authorized to do the work as specified. specifications. 2000 Job Name: Waits Job Address: same Phone no. and I look forward to hearing from you. I am prepared to send you the partitions you need upon receipt of your order. All frames (clear and anodized aluminum) and hardware (end legs and top caps to match frames) are provided at no extra cost.00 1 $40.00 may be paid in full or in 12 consecutive monthly payments of $30. Smith St. These prices will be slightly higher after April 30. NOTE: This proposal may be withdrawn by us if not accepted within 30 days. Partition dimensions Regular price each Special price each (15 or more) 4 x 4-foot straight/TD $123.00 Spray herbicide $10.: 674-2298 I propose to furnish all materials and perform all labor necessary to complete the following at the listed unit prices. Washington 72097 January 23. Yours very cordially. Here is the information I gave you during our talk. Contract one Evergreen Landscaping Contract proposal Proposal submitted to: Bill Waits 349. Payment will be made as outlined above.83. Seattle.

negligence. entitled "The Latest Trend in Car Purchase" appeared in the May issue of Consumer Today.A statement clarifying under what conditions the contractor is responsible ex. doing business as landscaper hereinafter referred to as the "contractor" and Sally Lank herein referred to as the "Owner". Nevertheless. • Attorney's Fees. have been overwhelming. • Law: This contract shall be governed by the laws of the state of New Hampshire. . • Equipment: The Contractor shall furnish all labor and equipment necessary to perform its duties as specified in Paragraph2. herein called the "property". The purpose of this agreement is to state the terms and conditions under which the contractor will provide landscape maintenance for the property of the "Owner". 2000 Signed:_______________ Date: January 28. • Materials and Supplies: Contractor will furnish all materials and supplies necessary to perform the services specified with the exception of the following items: water..A statement stating that in the case of litigation. Requests for our pamphlet. • Termination: . Name of "property: Wiggims. An interest charge of 4% shall be issued after thirty (30) days. 2000by and between Ralph Wiggims. hereof. Authorized Agent Delayed delivery Dear Mr. By: _______________________ Contractor. As a result. and I have added your name to the mailing list to receive a copy as soon as it is available. • Terms: This Agreement shall commence the 3rd day of September 2000 and shall end on the 4th day of September 2000 unless sooner terminated as herein provided. Payments shall be made on the 1st day of the month following the month services are performed.Date: January 28. Authorized Agent By: _______________________ Owner. • Liability: . 2000 Landscape Maintenance Contract This agreement is entered into this 14 day of September. which is located at 45 Mill woods Rd. Smith.A statement stipulating the terms of ending the contract and the degree of notice necessary. of the Seattle Institute of Technology. • Amount: Owner agrees to pay to Contractor the total amount of two hundred dollars ($200). "10 Points to Consider When Choosing a Car". • Services to be performed: Contractor agrees to perform the landscape maintenance services as set forth on schedule A as attached hereto. you may find an article by Professor Julian Ibsen. In the meantime. we are temporarily out of copies. the "prevailing" or winning party will be entitled to attorney's fees. to be of some help. the new printing is presently being prepared. The article.

Porter. Cordially. "The Cost of Conservation: Public or Private Responsibilities?" Following the debate. we appreciate your confidence in our company and your willingness to communicate this confidence to others. Berkley. A number of these dealers also sell Hercules Health Food at discount. As we discussed in our telephone conversation this morning. divulging our wholesale prices to a consumer would be a violation of a trust. We are pleased that you will be joining us in our annual Ecology Colloquium. It is our way of meriting both the loyalty and good faith of those with whom we do business. Thank you for referring JR Co. Clearly. where you will. I have enclosed for your reference a list of our dealers in your area. Because we do not sell our health products directly to the customer. Nevertheless. However. Very truly yours. of course. of course.Sincerely. . But even more. Letter of Appreciation Dear Mr. We are. Sincerely yours. Be assured we will continue to make every effort to live up to your expectations. be a guest of the Committee. I am afraid I cannot supply you with the information you request. we try to keep our wholesale prices between our dealers and ourselves. The Colloquium will begin with the keynote address at 10:00 AM. luncheon will be served in the main dining room. We certainly appreciate your interest in Hercules Health Food. At 10:30. Along with the other members of the Committee. Follow up Dear Ms. I am looking forward to our meeting on the 1st. you will join our guests of honor in a debate on the topic. Inquiry reply Dear Mrs. to us. Hunt. pleased to take on a new client. the Colloquium will take place on May 1 in the convention room at the Hyatt Regency.

Sincerely. Please make arrangements for these 2 new comers to have their own office. They will be arriving on Feb 26. Franklin. You have worked hard for Trident Consultants. Ingrid Howard from the Finance Dept. (Our policy for all orders under $120).Letter of congratulation Dear Alan. Order Acknowledgment Dear Ms. Your order (No. She has always been willing to work long hours and has been diplomatic in handling difficult callers. As you move into your new office and assume the weight of responsibilities that go along with your new position. 20-Subject: Intercompany transfer Here are the two people transferring from our head office to your office on March 1: 1.o. Smith has been a receptionist in the sales department since 20--. He is in his second year with us. Megan. . and payment will be c. please let me know if I can be of any assistance. John Linden from the Sales Dept. We are pleased to have received your order of June 27 and would like to welcome you as a new customer of Lopin's Plastics. She has proven to be a hard-working and trustworthy employee. Ms. Let me know if you need more details. Office Memo To: Susan Freeman From: Thomas Grey Date: July 2. Congratulations on your promotion to Senior Accounts Executive. 2. 29933) for a dozen 6?by 7?sheets of Lucite is being processed and will be ready for shipment on July 6.d. I am happy to provide the information you requested regarding Karen Smith. and I am delighted your efforts have been rewarded. Sincerely yours. with the understanding that this information will be kept confidential. She is in her third year with Yolanda Travel. Letter of reference Dear Mr. It will be delivered to your workshop by our own van.

Thank you. I am therefore referring your letter to Mr. Folders. Kline. 62733. . I am extremely sorry for any additional pain Susan may have experienced and any emotional stress you may have felt under the circumstances. Yours truly. Remittance Dear Sir or Madam. Michael Bowles. comes to $50.We are sure you will appreciate the clear finish and tensile strength of our entire line of plastics. Thank you for bringing to my attention the inexcusable wait you and Susan Oslo endured in the emergency room on October 9. Yours truly. The total amount.293.80 is in payment of invoice no. $40. your sales representative. James. can best answer your request for information regarding our new language learning software.273-711-M). including the 5% sales tax and an $8 handling fee. Yours truly. The enclosed check for $4. Juno. Please credit our account (Great Joy . Order reply Dear Mr. Referral Dear Mr.00. Cordially. copper. be in touch with you soon. Thank you for choosing Hennesman Inc. will call on you soon with a catalog and samples. I am sure. Please let us know if we can be of further service to you. Mr. expiration date 7/96). Mr. This amount has been charged to your VISA account (account number 003 0232 8323.00. our marketing manager. We have sent out by UPS the weather vane you ordered: Model EPC-18?eagle with arrow. Response to complain Dear Ms. He will. Folders.

a small rural hospital.Allow me. our emergency staff was stretched to its limits to assist these people simultaneously. Yours truly. and I can assure you that in the future. to offer an explanation. Yours truly. . Orlanda. arrivals to our emergency room will be treated with concern and prompt attention. as you know. Franklin of your intention as soon as he returns. Stopgap letter Dear Ms. I will be sure to inform Mr. Again. I have spoken to the receptionist with whom you dealt. Since we are. Mr. Franklin to discuss the purchase of the lot at Malibu Drive arrived this morning. Franklin is out of town and is not expected back before the 4th. however. an automobile accident just outside the city resulted in three seriously injured people being rushed to our hospital. Shortly before you arrived. you and Susan should not have been ignored for two hours. I apologize for the events of October 9 and greatly appreciate your letting me know about them. Nevertheless. Your request to meet with Mr.