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Star Wars 8: The Unknown Boy
A Short Science Fiction Novel
Nadhief Trygve Swandaru 5/30/2013

This short novel is written to fulfill the assignment of English Language Art subject on Grade 5, Lazuardi GIS elementary school. The story was inspired by the famous Star Wars comic and movies, and intended to be the imaginaries next sequel of the published story.

Dedication This novel is dedicated to Ayah, Bunda, my brother Kyko and my sister Zayona. I would like to say thank you to: - Allah SWT, for giving me imagination, creativity and willingness to write this novel - My ELA teacher, for assigning me this task and teaching me an art of English language - Ayah, for reviewing and giving inputs to this writing, and off course: the football shoes - Bunda, for consistently encouraging me to finish this long task - George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars®, for inspiring me to create the imaginaries next sequel of Star Wars - Google, for making a helpful translator and thesaurus Cirendeu, February 1st, 2013 --- May 30th, 2013 Nadhief Trygve Swandaru

Star Wars 8: The Unknown Boy
a short science fiction novel written by Nadhief Trygve Swandaru Grade 5 Banten Lazuardi GIS

Introduction Once upon a time, there was a desert with nothing can be seen as far as the eyes could see, except sand and dust. It seemed like those shiny sand had been crushed into dust by the terror that ever happened on this planet. The things that remained were sound of the wind blowing blended with heat that coming from the shine of the two suns. Tatooine was an old planet, even the oldest one in a known space. It was a witness of many civilization histories. May be that explains why it spreads charisma while no other planet does. When somebody ever notices the surface of Tatooine, he would see that rocks were scattered at some places. They were coloring the planet, made the ground to be not so plain and boring. However, it was far from enough to wipe away the ancient sorrow feelings which had been built the place. Somewhere up on the rock’s top, looking far through to the dark dust storm, a great shape male body was standing and staring without blinking to all the way the edge of the dessert. None of his body part was moving a bit, except the hair and clothes. The long wooden stick he hold rested firmly on the rocky ground. His name is Gorg, the senator. Far before the time, he was a Jedi. Somehow the Jedi was disappeared in a time when he was young. It was obviously a terrible moment when he was witnessing the destruction of Jedi temple. It was really a huge loss for this religious group. Indeed Sith, the dark side religion, just need a little step to take over the universe. At the other place in the universe, there was a boy who didn’t know his name himself. He was born in an unknown planet and universe. He was actually a normal, ordinary boy. In fact, his father was a Jedi, but had died killed by the Empire. The father was being set up by Senator Garm, and the boy was taken to the empire.

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The boy then grew as a Sith, who was evil and betrays to each other. He was taught to live, survive and behave in a dark side. He had a special weapon: an electricity power that none of the Jedi ever had it. One day the boy had a mission from the master of the Sith, the emperor. He was ordered to kill one of a Jedi master named Cart Slaver. Cart Slaver was one of the eight Jedi remains alive in the universe. The boy was searching on Cart Slaver all over Tatooine. Some way he got an information from a small Jawa that they were hide Cart Slaver from the Sith within certain area in Tatooine. Following the guide from the information, the boy found Cart Slaver in a broken old spaceship. Cart Slaver was gazing the twin sun with holding his light saber on his hand. His face showed firmness and fury. “Who are you, boy? What are you doing in here?” asked Cart Slaver in a low, hoarse voice. In no time, without saying any word, the boy lighted up the light saber and attacked Cart Slaver, tried to kill him. But Cart Slaver was not an easy opponent to beat. Cart Slaver defended himself using his light saber weapon. The fight went long and exhausted. It was all about the boy’s speed and agilities against the older man’s strategy, tactics and experience. Cart Slaver was a long reigning well known fighter that could easily make the boy overwhelmed. However, the boy was never give up to beat Cart Slaver. He was truly obedient to the command. Besides, his young blood was starving for glory and fame. At some point, the boy exploited the dark side power of electricity and caused Cart Slaver a shock. He was electrocuted. It badly hurt Cart Slaver, but that was not the end of the story. Realized that the wind of victory was on his side, the boy kept on striking his opponent to weaken Cart Slaver. Finally, the boy got a chance to stab Cart Slaver right to his heart. “Old man, time is changing, and now the time is mine” said the boy to the dying warrior Cart Slaver. Shortly thereafter, he died. After winning the battle, the boy went back to his ship. He flew back enthusiastically to the Emperor spaceship and proudly brought Cart Slaver’s light saber to prove that he had killed Cart Slaver. The winning smile was quite hard to be swept away from his face, even though he was trying to. The Jedi was just only seven left.

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New pilot A self-cure device was moving up and down. It caused a buzzing sound that was audible from fairly far distance. Despite of his victory, the boy had a cut on his hand. He was hit by a light saber in the battle. Looking at his body, anybody would easily guess that his age was not even more than twenty. When he was a child, he was a smart boy. He had already gained knowledge about spaceships, galaxies, stars and planets. Nevertheless, he was weak about an electric and yet he couldn’t control his emotion. All of these facts were told to him by the emperor. Somehow, he couldn’t remember or tell about his childhood stories by himself. The boy’s spaceship was in medium size; not too small, yet not too big. There are two parallel corridors along the body of the ship. The corridor’s wall was made from light metal. This kind of metal was quite common, and can be found on many planets in the galaxy. On his ship the boy was introduced with his new pilot. “Hello. How do you do?” said the boy. “How do you do Sir. I am honored to serve you here.” “Got a name, pretty?” “Fico is my name, Sir.” “Fico, huh?” the boy was wondering on her name. “Correct, Sir. In Subrotan, Fico means responsible pilot.” “So, you are from Subrotan planet.” “Positive, Sir.” “Hum. Your parents were really wonderful that they could see the future of you. They chose the correct name for their beautiful daughter.” “Thank you, Sir.” “Welcome aboard. Please take any action you are responsible and authorized to do.” “Yes Sir.” “Don’t be so formal with me, okay?”

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“Okay Sir.” “Hey… I told you. No ‘Sir’, please.” Fico smiled and nodded. Her face blushed knowing that the boy’s eyes were intently looking at her, didn’t move a bit to another place. Fico was from academy of air spaceship. She was from the planet where the Emperor was born. Subrotan was an evil planet. In one year Subrotan warriors invaded to other planets and killed almost 1000 species in the whole galaxy. They also destroyed the place where the first Jedi temple was built, in Bujja. Planet Bujja was destroyed by Subrotan Muninja. In Subrotanian language, “Muninja” means mafia. They destroyed the planet because Bujja planet was full of Jedi and good people. Despite of it, Fico was a good person anyway because her father was from Bujja, though her mother was actually from Subrotan. That was possible because her mother masqueraded as a Bujja’s person. She successfully deceived her husband for so many years. Later, Fico’s father found out that his wife secretly ate zaquile in her bedroom. Zaquile was an animal that only Subrotanian people loved to eat it. Immediately afterwards, her father realized that his wife was actually being under cover, and originated from Subrotan, that was evil and loved to eat zaquiles. “Dear, please...” begged Fico’s mother. Fico’s father was trembling raised his palm and said “Just.. don’t say anything. I know where you are from. I am really sure of it.” “Look, I can explain it. Just give me a chance to... ” “Please... no more words. How dare you have been lying to me for the half of my life?” whispered Fico’s father with a rising tone. “… I didn’t mean to... I am truly in love with you, my dear husband.” “Love? What kind of love these are all about? Leave me alone. Go away of my sight. There’s no life with evil Subrotanians. Not in my life.” said Fico’s father sadly while slowly shaking his head. They are divorced when Fico was a child. After the separation, her mother is the only parent for Fico. That was why she lived as Subrotanian. Those two persons were sitting on the sofa when Fico was telling her life story to the boy. He attentively listened to every single word she said. After some time, Fico was impressed with his
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thoughtfulness, and starting interested with the boy. Nevertheless, she didn’t tell him about her feelings. “You didn’t tell me your name.” “Huh?” “Yes. You told me not to call you ‘Sir’. But how can I call you since I don’t know your name.” The room was then becoming silent for a while. “Just… call me whatever you want.” “What do you mean by that? You asked me to call you whatever I want? But, how do people call you?” Fico was quite wondering. “Look, Fico. To be honest, I don’t know my name.” “What in the universe was going on to you, Sir?” shout Fico. She wrinkled her forehead. “Hey, come on. No ‘Sir’ okay?” “All right. All right. But... what should...” “Shhhhh... no more question, okay?” interrupted the boy. A couple of minutes later when the atmosphere had become more relaxed, Fico realized that the time was not right for it, and she learnt to accept the mystery. Fico hold the boy’s hand, took him to go to another room. Fico introduced her helpful robot to the boy. The robot’s name was RT 68. RT 68 loved to help his boss Fico, and his new boss, the boy. RT 68 has lived since three generations before his two bosses was born. He was an old robot who was lazy and slow. However, he was always helping his two bosses. Second mission In the next day the boy was sick. His head was always dizzy and it felt like his head was stabbed by eight light sabers. He told Fico about his illness, and then Fico gave him a medicine from Subrotan. Just before Fico gave the medicine to the boy, he said “Hold on! I don’t want to drink any medicine from Subrotan.”

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“But… why?” “Subrotan was an evil planet.” “Hey... handsome, I’m not evil if you think so.” “You told me, you are from that planet.” “Yes I am. But look, I am not like them. I told you that I was raised by good person.” Fico continued “This is a real medicine. We made this from karo.” “And... what is that?” “Karo is a kind of herb which grows in Subrotan. It can stop the dizziness in your head. You can safely drink this medicine.” “Hmm. Okay, I will try.” “Good. I am glad if I can help you.” The medicine seemed to work. It wiped away the boy’s illness. With the healthy physique of the boy, he felt ready to wait for the next mission from the emperor. In the day after, the boy sense something weird on Fico’s body. There was a gorbla stuck on her body. Gorbla was an alien that its body was like a snake, but it’s chewy like a gum. This gorbla was just about to kill Fico by its stings on its sharp tooth. Knowing the danger that approaching Fico, the boy took his weapon and cut the gorbla’s head. Fico was saved, but she got a little shock due to gorbla. She had a trauma on it. Besides, she was also poisoned by gorbla’s skin. The skin of gorbla had a tectrum that can cause a reddish colour skin. After that incident, the boy received another mission. He must go to Redna planet, a place where the second Jedi temple built and live in the galaxy. Redna was another rocky planet with many volcanoes in it. There were abundant of long valleys created by ancient lava streams. The long, meander and huge valleys were perfect places for aliens to live and protect themselves from the enemies. When approaching the planet, the boy noticed from his spaceship that it was hardly to find any living things in such a big planet. It seemed that almost all living things were hidden inside the huge valleys. Despite of the tenderness of her arms, Fico had a great ability to control the

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spaceship flying through the twists and turns of the valley. They need to fly down through the valley if they want to find the target. The boy’s mission was to eliminate all civilians in the Redna’s Jedi temple. In addition, he must destroy the main person, which is master Lullana. Master Lullana was effeminate, but was also sturdy, even more powerful than the boy. Therefore, the boy had to find the weakness of master Lullana. In Redna’s language, Lullana means effeminate. That was why he got that nick name in Redna. Actually his real name was Rembo, but because he was insane, he behaved like a woman. Master Lullana was born in Zumba planet. Zumba was a planet that closed to Jomba. Jomba was a bright planet. From a far sight, it was almost like a star, but in fact the planet was covered by ice in the center of galaxy, where no creatures had ever come there before. The brightness came from many light sources in the galaxy, reflected by the ice which covering Jomba. After spending three days exploring many valleys and chasms, they finally found the Jedi temple. The temple was a gigantic building covering with plants. It seemed like they didn’t have time to clean the building. Fico had a hard time to find the right place to land the spaceship. It should be far enough so nobody would be able to notice, but on the other hand if it was too far then they would need a long time to get into the temple. It took several minutes after the landing for the boy to get into the Jedi temple. Without making any sound, the boy was able to get through the main room where the clones stay there. When he was noticed, in no time the boy was surrounded by the clones. Since the clones were not moving quickly enough, he fought and defeated all of the clones without difficulty. Subsequently after clearing up all of the obstacles, the boy managed to break through into the Lullana’s room. The boy met Master Lullana and fought him with his dark side force of electricity and tornado of electricity to defeat Lullana, but Lullana was still survived. Lullana even attacked back expertly until the boy was pushed and cornered. At one time the boy found Lullana’s weakness in his arm. After identifying the weakness, the boy punched to the arms until Lullana was weak. Afterwards the boy cut Lullana’s hand up until Lullana fell down. The boy then forced up Lullana and threw Lullana’s whole body out through the window of the tallest Jedi temple in the universe. Lullana’s body was crashed to a flying car beside the tallest Jedi temple. He died due to severe injuries. The boy accomplished his mission in Redna planet. He then moved back to his ship and brought the Lullana’s light saber to the emperor. Third mission
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The emperor told him that he should increase his power, agility, and controlling abilities. When the boy was on the ship, he was telling RT 68 that he should track Dumma planet for researching about droids. The boy needed a droid who was knowledgeable about spaceships, lasers and viruses. Furthermore, he also needed a teacher because he felt not so confident when he faced the emperor. He felt like he was just a Heman; a kind of species similar with monkey, but even little more unintelligent then a monkey. The boy went to Dumma planet by himself. Slightly after landing on Dumma planet, he received a letter from Fico that she was in Subrotan planet. She told him to be careful, because there were many danger droids, many hazard tanks and very dangerous high technology robots. Fico was in Subrotan planet to take care of her mother. The boy sensed and heard something from his mind that his father told him “Don’t follow your anger, son. Let go your emotion. Just follow your pure heart, and don’t hear anything coming from the evil side. Just hear what I said.” Suddenly, the boy heard something from east. A big giant robot appeared. It was called havretz. In Dumma’s planet language, it means the super duper biggest and the highest robot in the planet Dumma. Subsequently, the boy involved in one on one fight with the biggest havretz in Dumma. The boy jumped to havretz shoulder. The havretz took the boy and threw him 1000 meters out from the havretz temple. After one hour the boy came back to the havretz temple after thrown 1000 meters from the temple. The boy said “I will never give up. I will defeat you in a second or maybe a minute or an hour or a day. No matter how long it takes, I will defeat you anyway.” Whatever words the boy told to, the harvretz didn’t understand what he spoke, so the harvretz keep on attacking the boy. The boy was a little bit busy because his light saber was broken apart into two. He didn’t know what will be happened next, but he still had a force of a dark side. And then the boy jumped to the harvretz shoulder once again, and forced his electricity to the harvretz. Harvretz was stunned and couldn’t move because inside the armor there were little words that tell “beware of electricity” that written in Dumma’s language “yu gi ura sina”. When the harvretz was stunned, the boy cut the harvretz front machine and rear machine until the machines of harvretz were malfunction. Unfortunately, the harvretz still had one deadly super-duper launcher. The harvretz shot the boy using his last weapon. But the boy jumped
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over the last weapon, forced to turn the weapon back and threw it right into the harvretz heart. Then the big explosion was heard from kilometers away. The biggest robot in the planet along with the temple was exploded. The boy got a chance to jump out from the temple when it was destroyed. The boy was continuing his mission on Dumma planet. Senator Gorg When he saw the sun came up, he got an enlightenment that he should continue his mission on Dumma planet for one month. It was a voice from his heart telling that his father told him to go to Dumma planet for finding his right premonition in Dumma planet. In his mind, his father said “You should go to Shaompoah city. It was a nice and peace city. But after the emperor was born, the city was evil and full of evil droids. It was 60 to 40. 60 percent of them were evil droids, and the rest 40 percent were good droids. Be careful, there are many thieves of robots with high technology. Go find senator Gorg.” Following his father’s voice, the boy went to the told city from Apona desserts where he landed. He walked more than 14 km all the way to Shaompoah city. After arrival in the city, the boy looked for a small motel to sleep over for one day. In the next day the boy woke at 8 am, and at 9am he started on searching for the man all over the city. He found senator Gorg with his blind eyes. They talked together about empire and about his father. Senator Gorg said that his father was actually still alive. “In the name of all stars and galaxies, are you sure that my father is still alive?” “Yes son. He is alive.” said Senator Gorg. “Where is he? How can I find him?” “He lived somewhere in one galaxy in this universe.” “I need to meet him. I really have to go there. Please tell me the name of the planet.” asked the boy. “Not now, son. You need to be there with me. And one other thing ...” “Tell me what is it, Senator?” “You need to be a strong boy before going there. I will help you to be.”

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Senator Gorg didn’t tell the boy that he should be a Jedi. If he told him right now, the boy will very angry and potentially will kill all of people in the Shaompoah city. Up until that time, the boy still couldn’t control his emotion and need more patients, because he should throw out th e dark side sense. And then the boy was trained by Gorg to be a good guy, not an evil guy. After one month the boy was trained by Senator Gorg, he was called to go back to take his ship with RT 68. The boy was ordered to come to the emperor ship and meet the emperor. When the boy was in the emperor room, suddenly he was grabbed and then got stabbed from his back. The emperor forced him down, up, right and left, and then threw him to a window. The boy was flying on the space. RT 68 found the boy and took him back to the ship. The boy already woke up and still had a medicine for check that his heart was strong again. After the boy’s body was becoming stronger, RT 68 implanted a droid hand to him, because his right arm was cut off by the emperor. The boy was screaming when he realized that he lost his right arm. In spite of what had happened, he headed back to Shaompoah city for continuing the training with Senator Gorg. “Senator, I’m back.” said the boy sadly. “What had happened, son?” He told the story of what happened to him the day before. “It was the worst thing that ever happened in my life. It hurt me so bad, all over my body and mind.” “I have a really super-duper big trauma” continues the boy with tears in his cheek. “Tell me boy. Tell me all your feelings.” said Gorg. “I should know it. I got bad feelings when I was in emperor spaceship after taken by emperor.” The boy was also telling to Senator Gorg that he felt not good when he was grown as a sith. And that he feels like heman who was unintelligent in front of emperor. Be a new person After four months trained by Senator Gorg, the boy was becoming stronger and bigger. Moreover, he was also trained to control his emotion, to be a more patient person. When he was alone, the boy had a feeling that his father said him to be a good people or be a Jedi.
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However, he was still thinking about his father words that asked him to turn into a Jedi. He doubt of it, because it was not so easy to change everything of what he believe and what had been through with his life. One day he went to the Jedi temple in Bujja once again, because he found a clue that his father was there. When the boy entered the main room he saw the emperor was fighting a Jedi that he didn’t know who it was. By immediate reaction, the boy helped the emperor and fought the unknown Jedi. They light the light sabers and the boy fought the unknown Jedi. After the emperor was lying, the boy was confused how to defeat this unknown Jedi. In fact, he still had the dark side. The boy lied to the Senator that he still keep the dark side power to kill the unknown Jedi. After that, the unknown Jedi said “You don’t have to fight me. I am one of your future friends.” The boy didn’t hear what the unknown Jedi said. When the boy was tired, the unknown Jedi stopped attacking. The unknown Jedi saw the boy’s face and said “You are my son.” The boy didn’t believe that the unknown Jedi was his father. “My father had died, killed by the empire many years ago.” The unknown Jedi said “I did not die after I was stabbed by the empire. I am your father son.” The boy said, “No. You are not my father.” After that the boy ran towards the unknown Jedi and was trying to stab him again. But after the boy stabbed the unknown Jedi, he felt very wrong when the boy saw his face. He was really his father! “I’m sorry father... Now I know that you are really my father. I thought that my father was killed by emperor. Forgive me father. I thought you are a Jedi who want to destroy the universe.” “Be a Jedi my son. Be a Jedi...” That was his last words. After the boy’s father died, he brought and burned the body of his father. After the burning, he had a strong feeling that he must be changed to be a Jedi. However, he still had a pending mission from the emperor. A year later
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The boy finally meets Fico again after one year taking care of her mother. Finally, Fico’s mother died due to her illness, so Fico came back to the boy. After Fico came back the boy didn’t need to drive his ship alone with RT 68. But now the boy needs to come back to Shaompoah city for continuing his training again with Senator Gorg. In that time, the boy was already half of a Jedi. But because he still had a mission from the emperor, sometimes there are doubts in him, and then felt compelled to carry out the mission from the emperor. But the boy was wondering “Why to this day, the emperor has yet to send him to face the gods sith?” The emperor said “You are not ready yet. I had your last mission in hand. After completion of this mission, you are ready to face the god of sith with me.” This emperor’s words discouraged the boy because he believed that he had a lot of merit to the emperor. A month later, once again the boy came back to Shaompoah city to meet Gorg. This time he determined to be a true Jedi. The voice of her father was continuously ringing in his ears and mind. Accordingly, the boy intended to be a Jedi because he desired to be like his father. He wanted to follow anything about his father, his dress, his power, and his characteristics, because he loved his father so much. Lastly, he wanted to satisfy his father’s last words, that asking him to be a Jedi. He planned that after being a Jedi, he would revenge to the emperor who had made him to be an evil, betray to each other and killing to each other. The boy said “I swear I will kill you the emperor”. But the boy was still unsure that he can kill the emperor, because he needed more training with Gorg and with another Jedi. In the next days, the boy being told that he should find Master Pujol for one month training, and found master Lima for training of patient, controlling emotion and how to talk nicely. And then the boy landed on planet Sagitaire where master Pujol stays. Gorg said that Pujol was one of the richest people in the galaxy. Pujol house was the biggest in the planet Sagitaire and there are many securities many small dwarfs and pola. Pola was an animal who was smart. “Hello. Please come in. You must be the boy sent by Master Gorg.” said Pujol. “Yes I am.”
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“I am very lucky to get this opportunity to train the future Jedi.” “Master Gorg said that you are really good on tactical training. I am honored to learn it from you.” The boy attended the trainings very seriously. He had his own mission now, and unlike to be the slave of the emperor, being a Jedi was much more respectable. In one month of training, he mastered the fight tactics like what other Jedi has. He then went to master Lima to complete his next training for another one month. His willingness to fulfill his father’s will was helping him very much to complete all of the trainings with excellence. It came the time when the boy was ready to face the emperor together with the Jedi warriors, but apparently the boy need to wait for some more time, because not all of the Jedi was ready. While waiting, the boy was trying to call the all of the pilots in the planet for their readiness on protecting the people in the whole galaxy. Since the boy was well trained, he should have a stronger mind to control his own feelings. No question that he had a long story fighting on behalf of emperor. More or less those memories affect his spirit to switch his side to fight back the emperor. Conversely, he tried his hardest to manage the dilemma. In between black and white “Fardo!” One minute later, “Fardo, come on. Hurry up!” Still in in a state of semi-consciousness, he suddenly found that he hobbled across a narrow bridge. He just realized that he was dragged by a rope that apparently binds a dozen of people in front of him. He saw everything in sight tinted in red. “Where am I?” he whispered to himself. “Fardo? Who was he talking to?” The guy who right behind of him was a gigantic male with a deep voice. The man pushed him forward with power that he almost tripped and fell down. When he was pushed, a hard object in the hand of the man hurt his back pretty decent. After he got back to stand steadily, he looked back and was surprised to see the man’s face. The man had red eyes and his face was full of scars. By looking at the face, a flashing vision came in a second to him, but then disappeared very fast.

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All of those ragged people were walking over the extreme long narrow bridge, singing a weird song. Again, at a glance, that song reminded him of something, very strong feeling at first, but only briefly and then fading. “Watch out! Watch out!” some people was panic and pointed up to the hill. At the same time, there came a roar that grew louder and louder. Shocked by the circumstances, he looked back. The hill behind the tied folks was collapsed. The avalanche was coming as fast as lightning. Then suddenly everything became dark. “Fardo… Fardo...”, a soft voice sounded. “Fardo, wake up son. Giox is waiting.” “Huh…? Who is that?” wondering on the voice, he rubbed his eyes, stretched and yawned. “Was that only in my dream? Me and the people on the bridge?” he wondered. Opening his eyes slowly, he saw a faint figure of a woman’s face. Now everything was tinted in white. The woman smiled, held his hand and asked him to get out of bed. The boy really did not understand what had happened to him. Was she his mother? He had never known his mother at all. He moved to try to get out of bed. But then he really stunned to see his body. “What?? I am a kid?” he shouted. “Off course you are, Fardo.” said the woman. “Hmm… I am not wondering you said that, son. You must have been dreaming. I know you always want to quickly become a man”, she smiled. “Hurry up, take a shower now. Your friend is waiting for you.” Under conditions that could not be fully understood by him, the boy carried out just what was requested by the woman. He then further astounded to learn that he seemed not to feel unfamiliar with the house. He automatically went to the bathroom without having to find the place first. Alone in the bathroom, the boy was having a plenty of time for asking to himself, “Was this my house? Was this the life of my childhood? Why I don’t have even the slightest memory of all these things? Is this the real one, or just another dream? How and why all of these things happened to me? Who did this to me and for what purpose?” All sorts of the unanswered questions haunted his mind. “And... and... why I have my adult mind in my child body? In the name of all galaxies and universe, what actually happened to me? Time travelling? Hmm… I learnt quite a lot about time travelling, but I did not run any procedure to perform time travelling. Well may be this just in

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my dream. Well, Fardo. This should be my name, at least in this dream. I will get used of it anyway.” After bathing, the boy went to play the game with Giox in the backyard. “Fardo! Catch!” Giox threw the ball fast. The boy jumped to catch the ball. “Ouch, this is heavy!” he screamed. He could reach out and catch the ball, but he fell down due to the weight of the ball. Giox was laughing. “Hey come on, Fardo. That was not you!” It was then the boy’s turn to throw the ball. He threw it way high for Giox to catch. With his body shape, Giox was unable to jump to catch the ball. He then even tried to run to get it, but not fast enough. Giox was several years older than the boy. He was also tall and weighty. Yet he was playful and a cheerful boy. Therefore, his attitude was like several years younger than his age. Feeling defeated after several turns, Giox planned to avenge. With all of his power and height, he hurled the ball to the boy as a whirlwind. The ball flew rapidly through the air and there was no chance at all for the boy to catch it. “Haaa…” Giox shouted satisfied with his victory. He was then making fun of the boy by patting his chest with pride. The name of the sport game was lutanomi. The name was taken from the material which made the ball. Lutanomi was a kind of hard metal which quarried in the planet. To shape it into a ball, people do it by banging a rather large-sized chunk of metal for approximately one week. Lutanomi was strictly prohibited to be played by girls. If there was a girl who get caught playing lunatomi, people will force her to wear boy clothes until the end of low-gravity season. That was why some girls were taking chance to play lunatomi in about the end of the season. Hence if they were caught, the punishment would take place in a short time. Low-gravity season was a time favored by boys to play lunatomi. They played in the season because objects became lighter; so the ball can float better, and the kids can jump higher. Lowgravity seasons occur at any of nearly a thousand rounds of the closest star, where the star's position at that time closer to the planet, causing the star's gravity reduces the planet's gravity. It was really a hot season, yet also relaxed and fun. Amazingly, the boy knew all this knowledge instantly as a series of sudden flashes of light that comes into his mind, as if he actually lived on this planet with family and friends. He himself was really surprised by knowing this reality. After he saw all the evidence in front of him, he began to realize and accept this fact.
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Now, due to his last defeat, the boy could not admit the loss. Something overrode his adult mind, took over the control of his emotion to be as innocent as the body’s age. With incredible speed, he threw the ball back leading to Giox. This time the ball bumped to the ground heavily and bounced to the direction where Giox was standing. Shocked by the bumped, Giox was motionless. In no time, the metal ball hit his face at full speed. “Help, help!” cried the boy because he saw Giox lying on the ground with his face covered in blood. Shortly afterwards, people came to help Giox. He was then taken to the healer. Using special soothing device, the healer immediately tried to recover Giox. It took about one hour and she nearly made it. All wounds healed successfully, except the eyes. Giox’s eyes were deformed and permanently have red color. Fortunately, his ability to see was not much affected. The healer put a ring on Giox’s right hand finger. “Wear this thing for the rest of your life. This ring has a healing effect that will keep your eyes to see normally.” “Giox, I… I am so sorry about this. I didn’t mean to…” “Shhh… that’s okay. Not your fault, Fardo. Look, I am fine.“ said Giox. “But your eyes, they will never be the same.” “That’s my fate.” Suddenly everything was becoming black as the boy fell unconscious while the word “fate” kept on echoing in his ears. Then silence was surrounding him. Once again, the sound appeared in the distance. Then it came closer and closer, became louder and louder, “Fardo, wake up! Wake up!” Then came a great shock, “No!! Help!!” the boy was screaming in horror. “Fardo? You are alive! Ha ha.. my pal is alive! Woo hoo…” the big guy was jumping up and down like a kid, leaving the boy in confusion. “Oh God.. he was the big man in my dream.. on the bridge” the boy said to himself. “The man with red eyes who wore a hard object in his arm” “Where am I now? And who are you” asked the boy. “Ah come on, Fardo. You’re kidding me” “Really, I.. I don’t remember. All I know is.. there was a bridge.. and..”

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“Look, my friend. We were survived. See.. I am okay.. so are you” said the big guy while holding the boy’s cheek. “You know me. But I don’t know you.. at least, I don’t remember” “Healer!!! Come over here… my friend suffers amnesia!” “Shhh.. please do not shout. It makes me dizzy.” Then came someone using a distinctive headgear, “Hmm.. let me check him.” He then prepared a kind of strange helmet. It has a lot of wires connected to the big buzzing machine. “Hey who are you?”, the big guy shouted. “You are not the healer. Where is she?” The man with headgear kept silence. “I am asking you. Where is the healer? Hey!!” Without any word, the man took a light saber and stabbed the big guy right to his chest. “Noooo..”, the boy cried as he got out of bed to help the big guy. But it was too late; the great body with face that full of scars was lying on the floor, dying. “My.. frien..d. D..don’t you re..member me? I.. am your best friend, Fardo… I.. am.. Giox” Giox passed away with his red eyes opened. The boy gently swept Giox’s face and closed his eyes. Starting at that time, with the death of Giox, his childhood friend, the boy promised himself that he believed on what Giox had called him, that he got a name, Fardo. “Fardo.. my name is Fardo. And look what you did to Giox. You killed him!!” Fardo turned to the killer, and tried to grab the man’s light saber. But the man waved his hand and instantly makes Fardo sat down. He felt completely powerless. While reinstate the remnants of his strength, he asked to the man, “What do you want? Who are you? Why did you kill my best friend?” “You will serve the emperor” said the man with a deep voice. “I will not serve emperor! I will not accompany with Sith!! You are all evils!” “You will. Nobody can stop us. No one will be able to protect you after the death of your parents. Your father was a great Jedi, and your mother was a full hearted woman. We will take over you, because we know that you inherit the combined power of your parents, and someday you will be an invincible warrior. We were commanded by the emperor to guarantee that you are not going to be the next Jedi.” Now, Fardo started to understand. “I, Fardo, will destroy all of you. Fardo will crush you!!”
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“You have no name. Remember, no name!” “I am Fardo!!” he roared as he felt that his power was back, and started to jump and choke the man. But a wallop hit the back of his head. Once again, he fell and was unconscious. The returns Slowly, Fardo opened his eyes. He found that he was sitting cross-legged on top of a rock hill with both of his hands cupped. A breeze was chilling, when a strange fragrance surrounded him. Thin white smoke was billowing, covering some of the lights of millions stars. Sound of wind blowing in the distance was felt so close. Sometimes, weird sound of night birds was noticeable, but no one would know where the birds were. Other than those, there was no other kind of sound can be heard. “Welcome back, Fardo” a familiar voice broke the silence. Fardo turned, and saw that Senator Gorg was sitting beside of him. He pointed up to the sky, “Look at those three little stars over there. From here, the highest place of Tatooine, we can see there is a small planet in between. It is Gerima, a planet of wish. It was the peaceful place where you grew up with your parents. It used to be a planet with good people, until Sith came and changed everything. The people were able to defend by taking advantage of gravity change season, but after a while the Sith successfully managed it.” “You... your eyes, can see?” “Without eyes, I can see more” “So, what had happened to me... was a dream? It was very confusing.” “It is not a dream, my boy. We were entering a kind of ancient ritual which brought you back in time, witnessing your history by yourself. To find the truth of whom you are, and wipe away your doubts.” “So, Fardo was my name?” “It is your name in past, present, and future. It was, is and will be your name of all time. I was not calling you with your name to let you find it yourself. To find what had been removed by Sith from your memory, including the facts of your father and mother.” “I met my mother. She was a tender woman, but only a slight of vision. And, there was Giox, my best friend, who was killed by Sith right in front of my eyes. But why didn’t I meet my father? I really want to know him personally.”

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“I knew your father very well, and your father knew you very well. Your journey was not controlled by me at all. I just helped you to initiate it. I believe that your father’s spirit involved in it. He was the one who structured your journey to take you jumped into very important moments so you know your past very well. In that way, you would know your father, even without meeting him. Not meeting him personally will keep you strong. And he knew it. He knew it.” Senator Gorg nodded in confident. After a short break, he sighed and continued, “His name is Slerion. In your planet, Slerion means ‘good man’. And your father was really just like his name. Too bad, he was being set up by Senator Garm. One time in a past, when you were about 10 years old, Jedi was invited by Sith, to sign a peace treaty. The invitation was written by emperor himself. Your father is the most appropriate person to carry out the task as Jedi’s representative, and senator Garm was sent by emperor to pick him up.” Senator Gorg sighed again. His eyelids were blinking for a while. This time his voice was trembling slightly, “In the name of all galaxies... Slerion was really a good man…” He turned his face away from Fardo, sobbed while continuing the story, “He flew with Garm by an emperor’s spaceship. Redna planet was the location where the treaty should be signed and agreed. We were all really happy with the agreement to be. We were dreaming about peaceful life.” Gorg waved his right hand, “The spaceship departed, along with your father and our hope. But...” Senator Gorg could not help crying, “When we were waving our hands to say good luck to him; that was the last time we saw him. Your father was never coming back. We believed that he has never arrived on Redna. No agreement was ever signed.” Fardo’s eyes filled with tears. He couldn’t stop his eyelids from blinking, “Are you sure he was killed, or he was just missing? And if he was killed, do you know where the body of my father was buried?” Gorg shooked his head as he sighed, “After we lost contact with the emperor’s spaceship for one hour, we sent a lightweight hunter spaceship to pursue them. When the hunter was successfully approached, the emperor’s spaceship opened fire on it. They destroyed our spaceship, but one of our crew successfully jumped into the emperor’s spaceship, and went inside through the hole made by our hunter’s missile. Without anyone noticed, he managed to infiltrate the emperor’s spaceship and reached the control room. He found the voice recorder and sent the recordings to us through communication line. He was then caught and killed by the emperor’s alien, we got the recording.”

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He bowed his head and resume the story, “From the recording, we knew that your father was tied up and tortured in the spaceship. He tried to fight back but he was beaten every time he did. He was interrogated about the position or our defense and many other things. No answer from him. Not even a single word. He was steadfast and immovable. The only words he said was, ‘You all deserve punishment. If I die today, one day my son will repay you.’” Gorg’s carries on with a low voice, “He was killed in the interrogation room. We heard that Garm did it with his light saber. His body was then stored somewhere in other room. We did not know which room. All we knew was somebody called it ‘cold storage’. We then sent another spaceship to overtake the emperor’s spaceship. But when it approached the spaceship, it has landed on Subrotan. The mission was then to bring your father’s body back to us, because we knew in that time we wouldn’t be able to strike Subrotan. If so, it would be just a suicide mission. Our intruder successfully entered the empty spaceship and found your father’s body. We then brought your father’s body to Gerima planet. He was buried at a nice place near your parent’s house.” Fardo clenched his hands as he growled, “I have to kill Garm with my own hands!” “Be patient, son. We must ensure that every decision we made, we made it when our emotions were stable.” “So, when can I fight back the emperor?” “It is not that easy, Fardo. To do so, we need good strategy. Pretend that you are still on their side, so you can easily find out what they are planning to do, and fight them back in a right time, in a right place, in a right way.” The time of payback One year later, Fardo had the ability to use his white force. White force was a force that would make someone who loved you will like you all the time, and always help you. But at that time Fardo understood that sith were evil as a shark. He was stronger, older, and more became a gentleman. He could access a lot more power from his sense, his heart and his force. Another fact was Fico truly fell in love with him, because Fico could see Fardo’s future. In that day all of the pilots had a meeting about which planet should be prioritized to have protection. The senator directed them to prioritize Redna, Dumma, and Flavar planets. After the meeting, Fardo went to emperor. He then received a mission from the emperor that he should meet the evil senator. It was senator Garm who was living in planet Subrotan, the evil planet. This time, Fardo got a chance to start his mission. For this time on, his first mission was to maintain the emperor trust on him.
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Fico asked, “Where are we heading, Fardo?” “We are going to visit your home planet, Subrotan.” “Okay, let’s go Sir”, said Fico. Fardo noticed her as she was unable to hide a little smile on her lips. When approaching Subrotan, they landed in the centre city of Subrotan, Hewer town. Muninja was staying in this town. Last year, Muninja killed the president of Redna planet, because the president was collecting gold in order rebuild enough resources to destroy Subrotan Muninja. One groups of muninja masqueraded as securities in Redna’s castle, enable them to smoothly execute their mission to eliminate the president. After landed in Hewer town, Fardo killed one of muninja and wear the uniform of muninja. Apparently, he killed the effeminate muninja because there was only one person who was guarding outside. And when Fardo masqueraded as muninja, he went into the temple of muninja and acted like an effeminate muninja. Fardo was actually shy to act so, but he had no choice. In that day he stayed in a muninja house. They stayed in parallel. In one room, there are 40 people. After the morning came, Fardo hurried to find the senator Garm’s room, and carried out his mission from the emperor that they should talk together. After they talked together, Fardo left the temple using the uniform of effeminate person. He came back to the ship and changed his clothes wearing his normal uniform. Now, the boy came back to the emperor spaceship to prove that he had done with the emperor’s mission. By accomplishing the mission, he won more trust from the emperor. The mighty Fardo then came back to Shompoah city once again for talking about his mission with Gorg. Senator suggested him to meet master Lima in his office house. With his abilities, master Lima would be able to analyze the emperor’s mood and confidence against Fardo. To master Lima, Fardo told everything he had done in his last emperor’s mission. Many questions were asked by master Lima in order to analyze the situation. As a preliminary conclusion, master Lima stated that the time was right to fight back emperor. What Fardo needed to do was waiting for the next mission from emperor. But he also needed to be extremely careful, because emperor had amazing power on reading his mind and always stayed in alert to any kind of unusual situations. Starting from that day, Fardo had also got an opportunity to have additional series of training with master Lima for making him a better speaker, better incognito, better influencer, better
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negotiator, and had a mind which was harder for others to read. It was really not an easy training. Furthermore, Fardo was also studying knowledge of advanced technologies, societies, psychology and management. Master Lima was really a knowledgeable person. He taught everything he knows to Fardo. With a very smart brain, Fardo was well trained and studied well at the same time in a very limited time. While Fardo was on training, he saw a vision of his father, smiling behind a giant tree. He starred to his father’s face for a while, until it was fading away. When he turned to continue the training, he heard a gentle voice in his ear saying, “You will be ready, son. I know you will.” As he was hearing the sound, he could not hold back the tears from dripping down his cheeks. But he soon realized that he had to be strong and not affected by the sensitive part from his past. Instead, he just had to take lessons and made his past as a cornerstone to the success of his great mission against evils. However, the long-waited mission from the emperor did not come. Hence, Fardo need to initiate something himself without any trigger from the emperor. At least, he needed to be well prepared for the worst. After three months of trainings and studying with master Lima, he did a research to build a system to destroy Subrotan planet. It would definitely weaken the emperor. In his plan, he estimated that the work might take over than nine years to complete. That would be just too long. To speed up, he called over all of the good brainer, good health and good attitude people in the planet, even in the galaxy, to join the organization he had just made. It is the organization which aimed to build a system for destroying the evil people in the galaxy. Unfortunately, because so many people were suddenly involved, his plan leaked and was known by the emperor. When the emperor knew that Fardo was the one who made the organization, the emperors were really angry to him. The emperor was then sure on which side Fardo was, and was trying to kill him. However, in that time it was not so easy anymore, and even the emperor need more time to make a good strategy. The idea then came to the emperor, that Sith must destroy the Fardo’s organization, but in a timely manner. They should wait slightly after the organization almost done. The emperor estimated that it would be the weakest time of Fardo and his organization, since Fardo spent almost everything to build it, so he would run out of resources, yet the organization was not ready to operate.

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It was not only the organization that Fardo was building. In the same time when the technology division built the big spaceship, the society division was building a civilization that would operate and live in the spaceship. They consist of well-equipped troops, along with wellprepared logistics and supporting team. To know the precise time to attack, emperor sent a secret agent to apply as part of the Fardo’s organization. He need to silently and regularly report the progress to the emperor. The secret agent was a woman named Sonaris. She was recruited by the emperor from Dumma planet, and converted to be a Sith. She was successfully joined as a part of Fardo’s organization, in technology division. That was a perfect division for her undercover mission, since the construction of the big spaceship would be the main indicator of the whole progress. The organization activities were performed on master Pujol’s place, near of Jomba, because Jomba was dark and no one would ever notice the activities of the organization from far away. One of the challenging things is how to destroy Subrotan planet. Subrotan was a small planet, covered with ice. It was well-known as the coldest planet in its star system. Besides, for thousands of its star revolution year, the Sith built their bastions, bunkers and all kind of defensive buildings and weapons. It almost impossible that weapon attack by spaceship to the planet would result in success. Fardo knew this situation very well. That was why he was using another way to demolish the planet. The spaceship would need to melt the ice that covering Subrotan, generating gigantic flood on the planet. This was an ambitious plan actually, because it seemed ridiculous to melt all of the ice in the planet, using only one spaceship. Master Pujol contributed an amazing idea. He told a secret of the ancient great flood that ever happened in another ice planet, Jomba. He believe that they could do the same to Subrotan. The secret was told in a million years old book saved on a library in Jomba. “You don’t have to find and read the book, Fardo. I will tell you what it is.” said master Pujol. Then master Pujol described everything to Fardo for several hours. They were then discussing of how to make the same fenomenon to Subrotan. The day after, master Pujol told Fardo and his team to use his spaceship. “It was made of a hot metal so the ice will melt.” Fardo used the master pujol big space ship to come beside the Jomba planet. Master Pujol were also following him to Jomba. Fardo brought all the things he might need to land over the snow area on Jomba. The team then brought down an ice crusher machine and started to work.

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Meanwhile, all of the plan and activities of the organization had been noticed and reported by Sonaris to the emperor. So in regular basis, the emperor had the leaked information. They prepare huge attacking squadron to go over Jomba and crush the big spaceship built by Fardo’s organization which was located in the orbit of Jomba. By emperor’s calculation, they should attack Jomba 10 days before the completion of the big project of Fardo. A moment in history It was the 11th days before the project completion. Sonaris was busy on transmitting the information to Subrotan. “Remember, only one day remaining. How are you preparing?” “Positive, Sonaris. All set, we are ready to go to Jomba planet by tomorrow morning”, said the man over the communication line. Sonaris smiled and started to imagine the reward that she will be getting from the emperor. A new big and luxurious compartment will be rewarded for her staying. Meanwhile, all the way in the Subrotan, the emperor was preparing for the attack. They build a new kind of weapon, while the research was still going on. Agurano was one of the commanders in Subrotan side. He was the one who regularly communicating with Sonaris. In the middle of the day, emperor asked him, “Agurano, how is the progress? How long will it take to finish our research and construction of the new weapon, and our attacking plan? Please report me if there is any issue.” “My lord emperor, everything is well controlled over here. Nothing has changed from the schedule as I had reported to you two days ago. Certainly there is nothing to be worried, sir.” The nearest star was hiding behind the Jomba planet, as the night came. Sonaris was unable to close her eyes even a bit. As planned, the first Sith’s space capsule would approach the organization’s space ship to rescue and escort her prior to the strike. The capsule would arrive first time in the morning, right after the star arise. This night was the longest and the most anxious one in her life. Any sound she heard, any light she spotted was very much making her nervous. But one thing that she was assured of, she would finish this restless mission, and would soon get her freedom as she went back to her compartment in Subrotan. The glimpse of the first ray of star light appeared in the morning. Her heart was pounding. Sonaris was really nervous, waiting to be contacted. After a while, her communication device lighted up. Instantly, she grabbed it and talked with tremble, “Yes?” “Are you ready, Sonaris?” said the escort man over the communication device. “Yes, I am ready.”
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“Okay, the carbon capsule is now approaching the spaceship. Remember, the color is black so you will hardly see it. But the ray of star light would help you find it. Anyway, I will also keep on telling you its exact position. Please do not make any suspicious movement, and please ensure that nobody is following you.” Sonaris was carefully proceeding through a path to emergency exit room that she had learnt before. She met few persons but was trying to behave as reasonable as possible. Along the path to exit room, she was hearing the instruction from the escort man using her earphones. Without facing difficulty, she reached the emergency exit room. Before entering the room, she typed in a special security codes to discharge the security alert system. She knew it because she was part of technology team who built the space ship. She was then entering the exit room and closed the door from inside. Sonaris took the space life suite and wear it. She was looking outside the window to see if the capsule was coming. The instruction said that it was approaching and will be attached in 1 minute. “There it is”, she saw the black capsule near the window. She opened up the outside door, as she lost the gravity. While flying, she reached the capsule, opened its door and then went inside. She was lying down in the capsule, locked its door from inside, and pushed the escort button. Shortly, the capsule engine turned on, cruised through the space, took her all the way to her home planet, Subrotan. In Subrotan, the emperor’s team was restlessly working to prepare everything. In the center of Hewer town, Subrotan, there was a huge clock shape countdown counter. It was showing a big bright number: 100. People would easily see the countdown counter, even from the edge of the town. They talked each other about the counter. “What does the number mean?” asked an old man with a white beard. A member of force squad answered to the old man, “It shows the remaining days when Subrotan will strike the spaceship built by the ex-Sith boy who betrayed us. I heard that they are building a big spaceship near Jomba planet.” “Hmm… how could we know they will not attack us before it?” “We deployed a secret agent in there. She is still in there, communicating with us almost every time. And as I heard that it is a one way trip for her. She will keep staying there until we attack the spaceship. She will be in our memory as hero.”

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“Well… it is some kind of suicide hum? Always happen in here, no wonder.” muttered the old man as he walked away. In Hewer communication center, Agurano was intensely communicating with Sonaris. “So how are you today, Sonaris?” “Very well, Agurano. Still keep my eyes open of all activities over here. Many challenges faced by the boy, there are still many parts which have not working yet, but it seem that this spaceship will be completed as scheduled, 110 days from today.” In the spaceship, Fico was assigned by Fardo to pretend to be Sonaris. Her voice was similar to Sonaris, and with her knowledge and experience, she was privileged to imitate as the Subrotan’s secret agent. “You are the one who will be the pilot of this big spaceship. But now you have nothing to do, so this is the side job for you.” said Fardo while smiling to Fico. “But Fardo, how did you know that Sonaris was a secret agent?” Fico was wondering. “Master Lima is a great master. He taught me many things. He even taught me how to read other person’s mind and how to control my mind to not be able to read by other person. So I knew who she is from the first day she was here. Then I asked our communication team to make interceptions of her communication with Subrotan.” “You… can read other person’s mind?” asked Fico. “Yes, very very clear.” “Including… me?” asked Fico gingerly. Fardo smiled, “So do you want me to express what you are thinking?” Fico waved her hand with blushing, “No no no no no… not now.” Then she changed the subject, “So what happened to Sonaris right now?” “She has no communication device in the capsule. The capsule is heading to Subrotan, as she wished. It was good for her actually. We saved her life, right? Before sending her over here, the emperor promised to rescue and escorts her from this spaceship. But I know, by hearing the voice of Agurano, he was lying. The emperor is actually has no escort plan. They will let her die in this spaceship.” “It’s good to hear that you saved her life. So what is your plan now?”

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“As you know, this spaceship will be ready in ten days from now. You will then bring this spaceship heading to Subrotan planet. I know it is your planet, your past. But I am so sorry that we have no other choice. We need to eliminate all of the living things on the planet.” Fico said firmly, “Do what you believe to do for mankind. Let my past to be history. I will have my own future. And I know it will not be in Subrotan.” “I will also have your future” teased Fardo with smile. “You wish...” said Fico. She looked down and smiled. Again, Fico changed the subject, “Then what do you plan to destroy Subrotan? You said that to me as if the destruction of a planet is an easy job.” “We will not destroy the Subrotan planet. Instead, we will eliminate all things on the surface of the planet, the place of emperor, the place where Sith are living. In that way, if we fail to kill the emperor, at least we will weaken him. “ “Technically speaking, what will you do to the planet?” “Do you remember when we went to the ice fields of Jomba? We used master Pujol’s spaceship to melt the ice surface of Jomba planet, crushed the remaining ice, and then drilled 500 kilometers deep into the heart of the planet to find munasoti.” “Munasoti?” “Yes. It is a kind of living organism that always pierces the ground and always trying to get to the core of the planet. When the organisms are placed on ice, they are creating heat and will rapidly melt the ice. They are creating heat to be able to reach the ground fast and start drilling it. We successfully found the nest of munasoti in Jomba and collecting a huge number of them. We then made the organism hibernated, so we can bring them in this ship.” “So we have munasoti in this ship?” “We have a huge number of them, right in this ship. And we will bring them to Subrotan. The number is large enough to spread across the whole surface of the ice planet. In that way, we will create huge flood, even tsunami which will wipe away everything on the surface of the planet. We have surveyed that recently nobody is living in the planet except of Sith. ” Ten days after, the doom day for Subrotan was coming. The huge spaceship departed from the orbit of Jomba planet, unnoticed by emperor and Sith. Fico was still needed to maintain communication with Subrotan, acting as Sonaris. Then she employed her co-pilot named Syera. Syera was not as skillful as Fico, but she was also experienced pilot.
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In three days, the spaceship was approaching Subrotan. It approached the planet rotation pole where many huge ice mountains were located. The spaceship released big amount of munasoti over the top of the mountains. In several minutes, the ice melted. Massive ice slides occurred everywhere as the ice kept on melted. The spaceship continued its mission to spread the munasoti to wider and wider area. “Good morning, Sonaris. How are you doing today?” “Hi Agurano, I’m fine. How is the weather today?” said Fico. “The weather is just perfect. Not too cold today. Kind of strange, but it perfect anyway.” “So, how is the progress of the weapon construction?” “Almost done. Need another fifty days to complete.” “Is the capsule ready? For escorting me?” “Well… yeah... sure, sure. Ha ha. Sure it is ready. Just need to wait for the right time to launch.” “Oh okay. Well Agurano, I need to tell you something here. I miss Subrotan so much. Please come outside to the tower, and tell me everything you see from there. Every single detail, so I can imagine as I am in Subrotan. ” “How nice.. ok no problem. I will bring my communication device with me.” “Ah, one other request. Can you ask the emperor to come together with you?” “Hmm… why?” “He promised me that he will give me a reward to build a new big compartment for me. I will tell him personally where I want it to be built. So by imagining he places and vision that you will tell me from the tower, I will know where I want it to be built, and I want him to hear it right away, from me.” “I do not know that you are such a romantic woman. I don’t know whether he want to, but I will try to ask.” “Thank you, Agurano.” Agurano left his communication device in the room. He went to emperor and told him what Fico was saying. The emperor thought that Sonaris was in a bad mood. He still needed Sonaris anyway, because this mission was still going on and couldn’t be failed. After five minutes, Agurano came back, “Sonaris, you are lucky. He is coming as you wish.”
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“Ahh.. thank you again, Agurano.” “No problem, Sonaris. We understand what you are feeling.” After both persons were on top of the tower, they were seeing the sights around. “Okay Sonaris. Now we are both on top of the tower. From here we can see all places in Hewer town. Now I see the Hewer trade center, not very far from here. There are couples of luxurious compartments around the building. Behind it, I can see our defense center. Hmm … not so interesting to you, I believe. Looking farther, there is huge park. Again, many luxurious compartment surrounding it. Then far away from it, there are ice mountains surrounding the city. Now, I will turn on the loud speaker, so your voice can be heard by both of us. ” Fico said, “Okay, tell me again about the mountain.” “Wait!” the emperor cut the conversation. “Who are you? You are not Sonaris !” “What?” scream Agurano. “She is Sonaris, Sir.” The Emperor was doubtful, he thought that the voice was slightly different, but he didn’t want to fail the mission by making Sonaris in a stress condition. “Sorry… go on” “Sorry about the confusion, Sonaris. You know that we are sometimes facing hard situations.” Fico didn’t say anything. She worried that emperor will know her voice. Agurano continues to cheer up Sonaris, “Okay, no worries Sonaris. Now I will continue. About the mountains, right? As I said there are ice mountains surrounding us. There are three of them… wait… why only two? Well… oh noooo… they are collapsed!!” Within only ten seconds, all over the Hewer city was drowning below a new ocean. Actually, the whole planet became an ocean within less than 30 minutes. Looking at the catastrophe, no one would survive. Between life and career After making a perfect attack to the emperor, Fardo, the new Jedi, made a trip to Gerima, his childhood planet. He went there with Fico. Fardo was trying to find the footprint of places he found in his time traveling dream. After following the map that had been prepared, he found his parent’s house. It was not so big, but nice. Some of the windows have automatic light receiving adjuster. That was typical windows in Gerima, because in low gravity season, the star would shine very bright and the light would weaken in high gravity season.

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Gerima was left by Sith when they are preparing to attack Fardo’s organization. All of their alien and resources were sent to Subrotan. Therefore, Gerima was empty. Many of Sith buildings were left by them in Gerima. The buildings were ugly and dark, but bold and tough. They called their living place as compartment, since typically it has many partitions inside, and not connected one another. It was a strange building for living. After emperor had fallen, one by one a visitor was coming to Gerima. They built new houses in empty land, but some of them chose to live in Sith’s compartments, and some others destroyed the Sith’s buildings and build new houses over the ruins. May be that were symbolic actions to express victory against evil. Fardo and Fico walked leisurely from the house to the graveyard of Fardo’s father. In the headstone, Fardo read his father’s name, “Slerion: a good man”. They prayed beside the grave for quite some time. While praying, Fardo closed his eyes. He saw a figure of his father, smiling at him. After praying, beside the grave of his father, Fardo held Fico’s hand. He deeply starred to Fico’s eyes for a long time without any words. “Fico, witnessed by my father’s spirit, I am asking you. Do you want to accompany me for the rest of my life?” Fico was in silence. It took a long time for her to speak, “You… you may read my mind. So I don’t have to answer your question. It is fair enough, right?” “Please answer. I want to hear you say it.” “You will lose your pilot.” “I don’t care. You are far more than just a pilot.” One month later, they were married. They built a new beautiful house in Gerima, and lived happily ever after.

—The End —

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