EXTERNAL FACTORS  Recruitment policy  Human planning  Size of the firm  Cost of recruitment  Growth and expansion resource

 Supply and demand
 Labour market  Image/Goodwill

 Political-SocialLegal Environment

 Unemployment rate  Competitors Recruitment Policy of a Company

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, a will defined recruitment policy is necessary for organizations to respond to its human resource requirement in time. Therefore, it is important to have a clear and concise recruitment policy in place, which can be executed effectively to recruit the talent pool for the selection of the right candidate at the right place quickly. Creating a suitable recruitment policy is the first step in the efficient hiring process. A clear and concise recruitment policy helps ensure a sound recruitment process. It specifies the objectives of recruitment programme. It may involve organizational system to be developed for Implementing recruitment and procedures by filling up vacancies for implementing recruitment programmers with best qualified people.

 The general recruitment policies and terms of the organization  Recruitment services of consultants  Recruitment of temporary employees.  Unique recruitment situations  The selection process  The job descriptions  The terms and conditions of the employment  A recruitment policy of an organization should be such that:  It should focus on recruiting the best potential people.  Top ensure that every applicant and employee is equally with dignity and respect  Unbiased policy.  To aid encourage employees in realizing their full potential.  Transparent, task oriented and merit based selection.  Weightage during selection given to factors that suit organization needs.  Optimization of manpower oat the time of selection process.  Defining the competent authority to approve each selection.  Abides by relevant public policy legislation on hiring and employment relationship.  Integrates employee needs with the organizational needs.

 Organizational objectives  Personnel policies of the organization and its competitors.  Government policies on reservations.

the recruitment department of the company and the job seeker. automated and interactive interface between the online application system. accurate and reliable processing of applications from various applications. unbiased. The features. o Helps to reduce the time-per-hire and cost-per-hire. the final decision marking to the main recruitment process. outsourcing recruitment. It is one of the technological tools facilitated by the information management system to the HR of organizations. Just like performance management system helps to contour the recruitment processes and effectively managing the ROL on recruitment. the unsolicited applications. solutions and optimizing the recruitment processes to ensure improved ROI . Preferred sources of recruitment. o Recruitment management system provides and a flexible. functions and major benefits of the recruitment management system are explained below: o Structure and systematically organize the recruitment processes. o Recruitment management system maintains an automated active database of the applicants facilitating the talent management and increasing the efficiency of the recruitment processes.  Recruitment costs and financial implications Recruitment Management System Recruitment management system is the comprehensive tool to manage the entire recruitment processes of an organization.  Need of the organization. o Recruitment management system helps to incorporate and integrate the various links like the application system on the official website of the company. o Recruitment management system facilitates faster. o Offers tolls and support to enhance productivity.

Recruitment Strategies Recruitment of the most crucial roles of the human resource professionals. (2) Candidates to target the recruitment process can be effective only if the organization completely understands the requirements of the type of candidates that are required and will be beneficial for the organization. the strategy should cover the following element: (1) Identifying and prioritizing jobs requirements keep arising at various levels in every origination: it is amount a never – ending process. performance level required: Different strategies are required for focusing on hiring high performers and average performers. This covers the following parameters as well: A.o Recruitment management system helps to communicate and create healthy relationship with the candidates through the entire recruitment process. The recruitment management system (RMS) is an innovative information system tool which helps to sane time and costs of the recruiters and improving the recruitment processes. Organizations have developed to follow recruitment strategies to hire the best talent for their organization and to utilize their resources optimally. It is impossible to fill all the positions immediately. there is a need to identify the positions requiring immediate attention and action. The level of performance of and organization depends on the effectiveness of its recruitment function. For formulating an effective and successful recruitment strategy. To maintain the quality of the recruitment activities. it is useful to prioritize the vacancies whether to focus on all vacancies equally or focusing on key jobs first. . A successful recruitment strategy should be well planned and practical to attract more and good talent to apply in the organization. Therefore.

technical. (4) Trained recruiters the recruitment professionals conducting the interviews and the other recruitment activities should be well trained and experienced conducting the activities. diplomacy. the job market has undergone some fundamental changes in terms of technology. psychometric tests. C. They should also be aware of the major parameters and skills (e. He/She can be from the same industry. (5) How to evaluate the candidates the various parameters and the ways to judge them i. HR interviews. HR Challenges in Recruitment Recruitment is a function that requires business perspective.Which are the sources to be used and focused for the recruitment purposes for various positions. Employee referrer is one of the most effective source of recruitment. etc. sources of recruitment. different industry. In the last few years. return tests. . The HR professional handling the recruitment function of the organization are constantly facing new challenges. (3)Sources of recruitment the strategy should define various sources (external and internal) or recruitment. Category of the candidate: the strategy should clearly define the target candidate.g. top performers of the industry etc. competition in the market. expertise. Experience level required: the strategy should be clear as to what is the experience level required by the organization. etc) to focus while interview and selecting a candidate.: behavioral. unemployed. The biggest challenge for such professionals is to source or recruite the best people or potential candidates for the organization. Like the rounds of technical interviews. ability to find and match the best potential candidate for the organization. marketing skills (has to sell the position to the candidates) and wisdom to align the recruitment process for the benefit of the organization.b. The candidate’s experience can range from being a fresher to experienced senior professionals.e the entire recruitment process should be planned in advance.

i. the changes taking place across the globe HR should maintain the timeline of the process  Lack of motivation – recruitment is considered to be a thankless job. profiles and qualities of the successful candidate. culture. The major challenges faced by the HR recruitment are:  Adaptability to globalization –the HR professionals are expected and required to keep in tune with the changing times. HR professionals are constantly facing new challenges in one of their most important function recruitment they have to face and conquer various challenges to find the best candidates for the organizations. where the practices like poaching and raiding or gaining momentum. in an already saturated job market. adaptive and responsive to the immediate requirements. reviewing staffing needs and prioritizing tasks to meet the changes in the market has become a challenge for the recruitment professionals. Responsibilities. Therefore.etc. as well as the open position to be recruited for … This step is essential to enable us to jointly determine rules .e. development strategy. The recruitment process should also be cost effective  Strategic prioritization – the emerging new systems are both an opportunity as well as a challenge for the HR professionals. The process should be flexible. . Even if the organization is achieving results. HR department or professionals are not thanked for recruiting the right employees and performers  Process analysis – the immediacy and speed of the recruitment process are the main concerns of the HR recruitment. management style. organization. ORGANISATION ANALYSIS AND NEEDS ASSESMENT We meet together in order to gain a clear understanding of your company and your business – history.

B) We source candidates through our established network of contacts within the industry. . evaluating and putting forward the right candidates. This is followed by the identification of relevant candidates within each of these companies. SEARCH FOR CANDIDATES The two main search methods are (1) Head hunting:a) We jointly establish a list of target companies within there is a high probability of finding the candidate profile to be recruited. We will prepare the ad text. Throughout the recruitment assignment. we will keep you regularly updated through return and / or verbal reports. CANDIDATE INTERVIEWA AND EVALUATION Candidates who have passed our initial selection process are invited for to face indepth interviews with our consultants. In each case. we also meet with / discuss with relevant managers and colleagues the candidate will work together with it. both of which are submitted to your approval. The better we understand the human and organizational context. c) Advertising:Either through press ads or advertising on selected Internet sites. It is very important to have timely and concise feed back to enable us to refine our search even further. and propose a relevant media plan. it is equally important that we are kept up to date with any few decisions or company changes that could have an impact upon ourselves for appropriate candidates.When necessary. including O/s of identified candidates. Our specializations in the telephone and Internet sectors enables us to identify candidates in a quick and efficient manner. the more efficient we will be in finding.

and to reconfirm their motivations. we will be happy to organize these interviews. should you require. including Those from internal application will be forwarded to us. These will be treated by our company on the same basis as all other applications. as well as his/her ability to integrate effectively into his/her future work team and your organization in general. REFERENCE CHECKS Once you have taken your decision to hire a candidate. we continue to in regular contact with both your selves and then newly hired candidate to ensure his/her successful integration. FOLLOWUP OF CABDIDATE INTERATION Following Your Decision to hire a candidate. we contact the candidates for their feedback. we will take references (whenever possible) from former employers or other preference. CANDIDATE INTERVIESW WITH THE CLUENT COMPANY Short-listed candidates are interviewed by relevant parties within your company involved in the decision – making process. The evaluation will take into account not only the suitability of the candidate’s experience and skills required for the job. EXCLUSIVITY We work on an exclusive retainer Formal acceptance of our terms and a condition implies that the assignment is exclusive toes. we stay in regular contact with him/her until their start date. but also his/her motivation and career aspirations. Therefore any applications made direct to your company. GUARANTEE . Throughout the probation period.PRESENTATION OF SHORT LISTED CANDIDATES a written assessment of each candidate that we fell has profile and experience to succeed in the position will be presented you.

Applying for a position. We believe our system makes it easier for people to apple for vacancies and for our recruiters to process applications as quickly and as fairly as possible. FNB careers will not consider applications for positions sent to us by fax. Suitable candidates may also be sourced through relevant academic. All the available positions that match your search criteria are displayed in a table that highlights positions that needs to be filled urgently or that are nearing their advertisement expiry date. We have tried to structure the application process is such a way that the entire application process should not take more than a few minutes of your time. This guarantee is applied only at our client’s request and on the condition that the position and profile initially defend remains unchanged. All our vacancies are published on our careers website and occasionally in the press. As a rule. professional and vocations institutions. you will find search tools that you may use to search for positions that match your needs. email or through the postal service Searching for a position: On our Careers site. . allowing applicants to apply directly to FNB. if you see a vacancy that you are interested in please use our system to apply for the vacancy. Recruitment process How we recruit: We conform to a recruitment process that fairly evaluates all and that is managed with the aid of a sophisticated applicant tracking system.Clementine International commits to put at your disposal all necessary means to replace a candidate that leaves the company within his/her probation period. You may click on the position title to see the detailed position description. whatever the reasons for this departure.FNB has relationships with a number of recruitment agencies that are able to present their candidates through special technology provided for them. simply follow the instructions displayed on the screed.

depending on the position as well as the requirements of the particular business unit. Offers:All our offers for employment are subject to satisfactory references (including credit.You will normally be asked to complete a page with personal information. . or some additional evaluation procedures. In some cases we will ask if we may keep your details on our system. If you are not selected for an interview. this information will not be used to evaluate your application. You will also receive emails fro0m us that will keep you up to date with the latest news about the position. qualification and criminal checks) as well as a clearance from the South African banking register of employee dishonesty system (Reds) Index. Once you have applied for a position. attach a CV and a covering. If you are successful. Feedback:Our communication processes are automated. When we invite you for interview. You may sometimes also be asked to complete a questionnaire specific to the position of your choice. Should you decide to supply any personal information that is not mandatory. you may be invited to attend a second interview. our recruitment system will create a My page space on our Careers website which you may access at any time to check progress with your application. we will let you know what the format of the interview will be. Changes:Our recruitment processes may change depending on the requirement of a particular business unit or vacant position. We will normally contact you by email or telephone to arrange an appointment for an interview. which means that there are no needs to contact out recruiters to check on the status of your application. Selection and Interview:We will select candidates to interview against the stated criteria for each position. we will inform you as soon as possible.

These contain: o Posts to be filled o Number of persons o Duties to be performed o Qualifications required o Preparing the job description and person specification. A general recruitment process is as follows: Identifying the vacancy: The recruitment process begins with the human resource department receiving requisitions for recruitment from any department of the company. Recruitment process involves a systematic procedure from sourcing the candidates to arranging and conducting the interviews and requires many resources and time. o Locating and developing the sources if required number and type of employees (Advertising etc) o Short-listing and identifying the prospective employee with required characteristics. o Conducting the interview and decision marking 1 7 f 2 RECRUITMENT PROCESS 6 4 3 5 . o Arranging the interviews with the selected candidates.The recruitment and selection is the major function of the human resource department and recruitment process is the first step towards creating the competitive strength and the strategic advantage for the organizations.

3. but . recruit. who want to e-enable entirely ort partly their recruitment process in order to improve business performance. Since the late 1990s. Key players in this sector provide erecruitment software and services to organizations of all sizes and within numerous industry sectors. 4. Job boards allow member companies to post job vacancies. Website captures candidate details and then pools them in client accessed candidate management interfaces (also online). Online recurrent websites can be very helpful to find candidates that ate very actively looking for work and post their resumes online. the final interviews and the decision marking. candidates can upload a resume to be included in searches by member companies. 6.1.e. Identify vacancy Prepare job description and person specification Advertising the vacancy Managing the response Arrange interviews Conducting interview and decision marking The recruitment process is immediately followed by the selection i. conveying the decision and the appointment formalities. 5. employ and retain quality staff with a minimal amount of administration. Candidates can upload a resume to be included in searches by member companies. the recruitment website has evolved to encompass end-to-end recruitment. Internet Recruitment / websites:Such sites have two main features: job boards and a resume/curriculum vitae (CV) database. 2. Alternatively. test. Fees are charged for job postings and access to search resumes. The online software provided by those who specialize in online recruitment helps organizations attract.

Essentials of Selection Procedure The selection process can be successful if the following requirements are satisfied: . Some of these new search engines index and list the advertisements of traditional job boards. Job Search Engines:The emergence of vertical search engines. there are many other job search engines which index pages solely from employers’ website. choosing to bypass traditional job boards entirely. some candidates who are actively looking to change jobs are hesitant to put their resumes on the job boards. and online recruitment websites. These vertical search engines allow job-seekers to find new positions that may not be advertised on traditional job boards. Also. These sites tend to aim for providing a “one-stop shop” for job-seekers. for fear that their current companies.they will not attract the “passive” candidates who might respond favorably to an opportunity that is resented to them through other means. allow job-seekers to search across multiple website. searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in an organisation. co-workers. However. The objective of the selection decision is to choose the individual who can most successfully perform the job from the pool of qualified candidates. the management has to perform the function of selecting the right employees at the right time . customers or other might see their resumes. SELECTION INTRODUCTION Meaning and Definition After identifying the source of human resources.The oblivious guiding policy in section is the intention to choose the best qualified and suitable job candidate job for each unfilled job.

Some one should have the authority to select. The employee will become a liability to the organisation. a comprehensive job description and job specification should be available beforehand. Thus. the employee contribution and commitment will be at optimum level and employee relations will be consumption. it is said that recruitment tends to be positive while selection tends to be some what negative. Factors affecting selection decisions The goal of selection is to short out or eliminate those judged unqualified to meet the job and organisation requirements. as developed by an analysis of the work load and work force. The important among them are: (i) Profile matching. 2. A number of factors affect the selection decisions of candidates. the remaining functions of personnel management become easier.e. (iii) Successive hurdles. where as the goal of recruitment is to create a large cool of persons available and willing to work. 3. . i. If the right person is selected.1. Significance of selection process Selection of personnel to man to organisation is a crucial. There must be a sufficient number of applicants from whom the required number of employees may be selected. complex and continue function. (iv)Multiple correlations. This authority comes from the employment requisition. The ability of an organisation to attain its goals effectively and to develop in a dynamic environment largely depends upon the effectiveness of its selection programme. If right personnel are selected. There must be some standard of personnel with which a prospective employee may be compared. he is a valuable asset to the organisation and is faulty selection is made. (ii) Organizational and social environment.

for broader line cases multiple correlation method is useful and for other successive hurdles method is useful. Selection Procedure There is no standard selection process that can be followed by all the companies in all the areas.(i) Profile matching: Tentative decision regarding the selection of candidates (who are known) is taken in advance. Normally the decisions about the known candidates is taken at interview stage. applicants must successfully pass each and every screening device in case of successive hurdles as shown in figure 5. (iii) Successive hurdles: In this method hurdles are created at every stage of selection process therefore. Thus. government regulation to be followed etc.1 (iv) Multiple correlations: Multiple correlations is based on the assumptions that a deficiency in one factor can be counter balanced by an excess amount of another. The scores secured by these known candidates in various tests are taken as a standard to decide the success or failure of other candidates at each stage. each company may follow anyone or the possible combinations of methods of selection in the order convenient or suitable to it. Hence. A candidate is routed through all the selection steps before a decision is made. who are eminently suitable for the job. Companies may follow different selection techniques or methods depending upon the size of company. Following are the selection methods generally followed by the companies. Hence candidates specifications must match with not only job specifications but also with organisational social environmental requirements. Possible care is also taken to match the candidates’ bio data with the jobs specifications. The composite test score index is taken into accounting the selection tests. may fail as successful employees due to varying organisation and social environment. (ii) Organisational and social environment: some candidates. kind and number of persons to be employed. nature of the business. .

(6) Business Games. (1) Job Analysis. nature and behavior.Selection procedure employs several methods of collecting information about the candidate's qualifications. Therefore. (9) Medical Examination (10) Reference Checks. At each step. (5) Preliminary Interview. (7) Tests. (12) Employment. the selection procedure is not a single act but is essentially a series of methods or stages by which different types of information can be secured through various selection techniques. (2) Recruitment. Job Analysis Development Bases for Selection Application / Resume /CV/ Bio-data Written Examination Human Resource Plan Recruitment Line Manger’s Decision Preliminary Interview Business Games Tests Final Interview Medical Examination Asses the Fit Between the Job and the candidate Employment . experience. facts may come to light which are useful for comparison with the job requirement and employee specifications. aptitude and the like for judging whether a given applicant is or is not suitable for the job. (4) Written Examination. (11) Line Manager’s Decision. knowledge. physical and mental ability. (3) Application Form. (8) Final Interview.



. Approval from Man-Power for the recruitment of the vacancies.RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION PROCESS 1. 2. 5. i. Process is done in the following two ways. Receipt of the as CATEGORY General/OBC PERCENTAGE 50 application within the mentioned in the time limit notification.  Internal source  External source 3. Written test The test is conducted of 85 marks. Scrutiny of the list of candidates is done. As per presidential directives only categorized. i. 7. Newspapers EMPLOYMENT EXCHANGE The vacancies are sent to employment exchange for the desired candidates. 6. The list of finalized candidates is sent to the recruitment cell in the ratio 1:20. Issue of notification.e.e.. done in two ways:PUBLIC NOTIFICATION Publications done through advertising. These marks having qualified in the categorized way as in the following: application and short- . Roster 4.

i. Group-C And Grope-D posts. the appointment letter for the job. 9.  Representative from Minority (other than Hindu).. Medical Examination The selected candidates from both written and interview are called for medial examination. Since the test is validate for 1 year from the letter list candidate i.  Lady Representative in the case of non-executive posts. The selection comprising the member of:  Representative from indenting department  Representative from SC/ST/OBC. 10.e.. i. 11.SC/ST 40 8.e.e. Interview Test Interview is done by comprising of selection committee. written and interview.. Induction and Training Program The candidates who got offer letters are eligible for induction and training in this process the candidate are posted in the following way: CARD Executives TRAINING PERIOD EDUCATIONAL POSTED QUALIFICATION Management Graduate with 60% Junior Manager Trainee with 12 in General/OBC month 50% in SC/ST Senior Trainee Diploma Charge Man with 18 months Engineering Highly Skilled . If any reason the candidate fails in the test the next candidate in the list is eligible for the medical test. The committee is appointed by the CMD of VSP. Issue of offer letter.  Representative of personnel Department.

2) The “R/DP” Card holders are those who loss the for VSP they were given age relaxation. 4) The qualification is 10th pass as Minimum. 3) In VSP there are around 5000 employees are their who are “R/DP” Card holders. Their vacancies and the criteria required. Written Test Trade Test Police Verification Medical Test Interview Offer of Appointment to the candidates Executives:- . 5) The reservations are fallowed as per the Govt. and also the candidates who are possessing “R” card (land losers) or Displaced person Card. Non-Executives:1) The candidates were called through employment exchange.Un-Skilled Trainee Khalasi Illiterate with 12 months Khalasi 12. Place of posting DIRECT RECRUITMENT In this process the VSP releases advertisements in various news papers regarding the post i. Executives & Non-Executives.e. Laws.

Tech/B.A and additional.For the executive posts the candidates are called throw employment exchange.Tech Experiences) Non-Technical:. o Formulate hypothesis.Graduation with 60% or M.B. Research Methodology The study is directed to wards the currently followed recruitment practices in VSP and includes the opinions of the recruitment practices representing the sample Size. o Review the literature. The general methods adopted in conducting the research are as fallows: o Define the research problem. o Design research. The required qualification regarding Executives are as fallows:Technical:-M. . or Diploma in Technical Field (With/Without Written Test Trade Test Police Verification Medical Test Interview Offer of Appointment to the Candidates INDIRECT RECRUITMENT The indirect recruitment was done by a circular to various departments of the VSP. o Collect data.

SAMPLE SIZE:SAMPLE TOOL:. The function of the research design sis to provide the collection of relevant evidence with minimum expenditure of efforts. RESEARCH DESIGN:Research design is the conceptual structure with in which research would be conducted. o Report the data. The suitable design is the one that minimizes bias and maximizes the reliability of the data collected and analyzed. PRIMARY SOURCES:The primary data is collected from the respondents belonging to different departments of the organization. o Interpret the data. time and money.  Discussions and personal observations. . SAMPLE SIZE:A SAMPLE SIZE OF 100 is drawn the respondents belong to different departments of the company COLLECTION OF DATA:The data is collected through primary and secondary sources.o Analyze data. SECONDARY SOURCEY:-Secondary data is collected from the following sources.Simple random sampling was administrated Questionnaire with consisted of open ended and close ended questions.  Organization report and files.

RESEARCH ANALYSIS:Research analysis is the computation of certain induces or measures along with searching patterns of relationship that exists among the data group. 45 days. THE METHOD OF STUDY FOLLOWED IN THIS PROJECT (IN BRIEF) Sample Size Data collection Method Duration of the study Analysis : : : : 30 Questionnaires. The information gathered is represented in the form of tables so that the interpretation would be precise. which contains all the particulars regarding the position all the specicaytions are made and approved by the concerned HOD and that from is sent HR department. Journals and websites. Discussions and Organization reports. HRD will begin to fill up that position by considering all the specification. Through percentage method As the requirement to fill anew position will arise the concerned HOD will look into the matter. The particulars like the Position Experience Qualification Skill set Budget Time limit No. Statistical tools such as percentages were used. observations. of positions Location . He/she will take all particulars regarding the position and prepare a manpower from.

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