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my dress would fall: "mine" you said.Yours no hands as yours on my parts compelled me more. catching my covers. afraid the night might hide my face. and you were tall again. my centre in your mouth. "yours" i said. the cat in me purred. and my chocolate room smelt of love again. you built a house of glass. but i was weakest at each appearance of the moon. Meg Canto 3 .

Duet after W. The cat glows golden in the afternoon light It watches the birds dip in and out of the tree They call sharp warnings from their pulsing throats The cat watches the birds The birds wing and cry The sun falls across the yard in honey-gold light Eileen Chong 4 .C.W.

its oval roundness heavy in the palm. Your words. I can still smell the citrus spray in your poem (you showed me once). our fruit that I should like to peel. to prise away skin from flesh with movements of my thumb. This. I know each crescent will fit perfectly in my mouth (and yours). I should like to peel it slowly. the female parts. if you’ll wait a while. Stroke the tender interior encased in lace. too. My hands. The orange. Eileen Chong 5 . Back and forth my fingers rock.Minuet for Camilla Chen For you. here. Pull the whole into halves: observe its shapely cheeks. I should like to peel a mandarin. Warm.

Of this place I know the window houses three pigeons under the sill. The insect that chirps here every night tonight is chirping under the bed. ii. How the mind moves out when there is only one glass for the seeing. The sound of this insect that nightly chirps buries its loneliness inside me. for a few inches of brick. 6 . Every hour I wipe clean my eyes. Two are arguing now. I am wearing my favourite black coat. he mutters. I stand at the window and mark each bird. spire as the boundaries of the neighbourhood they define. These birds scour the roof each night for warmth or whatever.At the Katz i. It's after midnight and a young man returning from late shift tests what strength he has left by kicking a bottle against the brick work of the front wall. He is the collective curse on this night that reeks of tinned fish and TV. roof. iii. Son of a bitch. The insect sound is cold and constant as the rain whispering outside the window.

without aiming at anything. something simple. Graham Nunn 7 . And while I wait. I am waiting for a poem. hoping for sleep to arrive. Words that come naturally. undisturbed by curses. I will continue to listen to the insects and birds at the window. Words that release themselves from the night.iv.

Last The road is long Full of rocks and Stones. beckoning Always. and The panacea is At hand at last Malobi Sinha 8 . slowly For at the end Of your journey lies The light. Tread Them softly. keep The faith alive In yourself. that cut And rub beneath your Feet like knives. it glows From afar. keeping faith Alive when all Seems lost.

What is The meaning If our short hours On this Earth Cannot be lived As an eagle Swooping in the sky Gliding all the Way to Paradise Malobi Sinha 9 . The Stars come out To view the Tragedy that is A life.Paradise After all it Is the night. Here Today. gone tomorrow.

The Light in my Life the people Who sit by My banks And talk to me. The Sun That sets knows My sorrows and The Moon lends Her hallowed light To the darkness That encompasses My night. The children who Play in my Blue waters The birds and animals That drink Of me.The Sea All I am Is a river Ebbing and Flowing towards The sea. The River I am Will dissolve All your trials And tribulations A river is all I am Flowing to The Endless sea Malobi Sinha 10 .

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