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com programmer

Career Sumary

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2.6 years of experience in analysis, design, development and deployment of web based applications. Fair knowledge in ASP.Net with C#, Sql Server 2008,Html, JavaScript, JQuery and CSS. Excellent planning and execution skills, extensive work with clients and team members on a variety of challenging projects. Excellent requirement gathering and analysis skills.

Professional Summary

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Working as a Programmer for Tychon Solutions Pvt Ltd., Chennai., From August 2010 to Till date. Worked as a Trainee at Tychon Solutions Pvt Ltd.,Chennai from February 2010 to July 2010.

Educational Background

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M.C.A from University of Madras, Chennai, Tamil Nadu in the year 2007 2010(75.83%). B.Sc from Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu in the Year 2004 2007(76.14%). HSC from Amali Girls Higher Secondary School, Vickramasingapuram, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu in the Year 2003 2004(81%). SSLC from Amali Girls Higher Secondary School, Vickramasingapuram, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu in the Year 2001 2002(89.8%).

Technical Skills

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Languages Web Technology Validation Script Back-end Tool IDE Mobile Technology

C#, ADO.Net. ASP.Net 3.5, HTML, CSS. Java Script, JQuery MS-Access, SQL Server 2008. Visual Studio 2008. Android, Phonegap


Operating Systems

Windows XP,Windows 7,Ubuntu

Projects Summary

Project 1: Title Technology Used Role & Responsibility Team Size Description: This ERP Project caters the need of all departments that include Admin, purchase, sales, production, accounts, Inventory, HR and has a detailed reporting section. Its salient features include approval of orders by head office, recording of all the transactions where inventory is involved, security level for users based on designation or customized rights can be given to users, etc. : Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) : ASP.Net with C#, JQuery, Sql Server 2008 : Analysis,Design,Coding and Testing :5

Project 2: Title Technology Used Role & Responsibility Team Size : Fasttrack Calltaxi Management On Tablet : HTML5,Javascript,Android,Phonegap : Analysis,Design,Coding and Testing :5

Description: we developed an application for our client company ,which specializes in its call taxi

services in and around Tamil Nadu.We have developed an advanced, sophisticated,efficient used for the purpose of recording the status of the vehicle and the driver. With our system, the driver uses an user friendly GUI


user friendly system which replaces their Interactive Voice Response System, which was basically for the purpose of updating

information in the screen provided within their respective taxis.Once the driver is on board ,he selects his status from the list of options given.Based upon the availability of the driver and the vehicle, he is allocated a trip.On confirmation to his availability, an acknowledgement is sent stating the nature of the trip, details of the customer or user along with the road map directing to him stating the various details like the user`s source and destination.On closure of the trip by the driver,an immediate response is sent to pick up point(source),drop out point(destination), distance covered,duration of the trip and the cost /tariff in the form of a printed receipt.An additional functionality we have provided is interested people can advertise their product or service in the space provided at the driver`s display ,which seems to attract the customers on board.

Project 3: Title Technology Used Role & Responsibility Team Size Description: The application provides an interface for children to learn English. The teacher version works as the controller and the student version will work based on the directions received from the teachers version. The unique feature includes Observe and Broadcast. The features are available on the teacher version. On broadcast, the teacher will be able to share the desktop to the students in the network. On observe mode, the student will be able to visualize the screens of all students connected in the network. Required audio files are also supported in the application. : DiSEL : C#.Net, MS-Access : Analysis, UI Design, Coding and Testing :5

Project 4: Title Technology Used Role & Responsibility Team Size : DCR : ASP.Net with C#,Javascript,Jquery and Sql Server : Analysis,Design,Coding and Testing. : 13

Description: This application comprised the modules such as Survey Management Module, Alumni, and Security Clearance etc. Survey Management Module handles the creation, deployment of surveys and response evaluation. This module has its own database and connects to the supplier database. This module has also had different type of users based on roles to respond the survey.

Personal Information Date of Birth Fathers Name Languages Known Permanent Address : May 28, 1987 : S.Subramanian : Tamil, English : 62F,North Street,Pasukidaivilai, Vickramasingapuram, Ambasamudram(TK) 627 425 Tirunelveli(Dt) Additional Qualification

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Completed certified course in Hindi up to level 2(Madyama) and have basic proficiency in read and write in Hindi. Completed lower level in English typing.