REPORT BY NITY NIHARIKA PGDM 1ST YR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT EDUCATION organised an INDUSTRIAL VISIT to YAKULT DANONE (P) LTD, HSIIDC Industrial Area, Rai , Sonepat, HARYANA for PGDM Ist yr and PGDM IInd yr students with the objective : 1) To help students gain first hand information regarding functioning of the company. 2) To gain an insight of YAKULT’s production process. 3) To co-relate theoretical knowledge with real time practice of the company. As the bus reached the plant, we were accompanied by the representative, YAKULT DANONE to the seminar room where she gave a brief presentation about the company’s history, its presence across the globe, distribution channel, turn over and strong research. While briefing the company’s profile she explained that Yakult is a probiotic (friendly) bacteria- Lactobacillus casei strain shirota which was named after the founder Dr. Minoru Shirota in 1930. Yakult was introduced firstly in Japanese market in 1938. She explained the whole production process from initial stage to the final stage i.e. packaging the product. After the presentation, we were taken to the factory tour where we saw various stages like mixing of raw material, storage tank / blending tank, injection moduling room, printing machine, filling machine / sealing machine, packaging machine and refrigeration room. Students were amazed at the speed at which the process occurred and how the automation systems could be set according to requirements, as minimum of human efforts was required. Thus, the visit was very informative, knowledgeable, educational and enriching. Every one of us enjoyed the visit as we learned a lot of new things which will certainly help us in future.