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REVISED - 12.4.


FORMAT FOR THE FINAL PROJECT REPORT The report should adhere to the following format: 1. 2. 3. 4. Cover page: Write a title which reflects your work; specify the product and company, Roll No. along with name. Contribution Page (see details under Additional Points to Note below) Table of Contents (and lists of figures and tables) Executive Summary (One page) Highlight the decisions, supporting evidence for your decision, and research processes. It should be an abstract of the full document that you are going to present in the main body of the report and it should simultaneously create interest among the readers to go through the entire report. It can be organized along the following format. a. Objectives b. Results, including key trends/issues affecting future scenario. c. Conclusions d. Recommendations, based on point b above 5. Body (Not more than 50-60 pages in double space) a) Introduction i) ii) iii) b) Background Relevance Objectives

Methodology i) ii) iii) iv) v) Research Design Data Collection methods Sampling Field work Analysis


Results and Discussion

d) e) 6.

Conclusions and Recommendations Limitations

Annexure a) b) c) General Tables References Other support material.

Additional Points to Note: i. All pages must be numbered. ii. All figures and tables must also be numbered in a continuous sequence. iii. Tables and Figures (Charts) in the text should be placed on the same or the next page where they are first referred to. iv. Only A-4 size papers should be used for the report. Any software output (e.g., SPSS outputs) should be properly edited and formatted/printed on A-4 size papers. v. The report should be typed in font size 12 points in Arial with double line spacing. vi. The report should be brief, specific, and to the point. vii. Please limit the main body of the report to 50-60 pages, excluding the exhibits, table, charts and appendices. viii. The report should contain the full references for the secondary sources of information. If it is an internet site, specify the date of access and the full web-site (or the IP) address. Such as: accessed on April 20, 2013. ix. Reference from Research Journals should be mentioned in standard format as: Salmi, J (2000), Tertiary Education in the 21st century: Challenges and Opportunities Washington DC:World bank. x. All submissions must contain the name and roll number of the student on the cover page. All group submissions must contain the names and roll numbers of all members of the group. Submission must indicate the specific contribution made by each group member on the first page after the cover/title page. xi. Any questionnaire or any other instrument used must be attached in Annexure.