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Part 1 – Universe as a Friendly Place
Part 2 – Universe as a Friendly Place Solar Wind, Unknown Cause ;) Abraham - Everything is always working out for you - Long Beach closing The Secret is Incomplete - Bashar Video Journal
Okay, things are getting a bit ridiculous for me. I've got five written journals, already, and here is number six – and as usual, no idea what it will contain. I've been feeling a bit restless, lately. How about you? I'm also finding it easier to sit for a bit and just be. Had CCCleaner running, which requires a closed browser, and rather than find some media file to play or book to read or whatever – I just sat. It both felt nice to just sit and to watch the self do it reasonably peacefully. Hey, winning out over mind – which always wants to both control and keep us mentally busy – well, quiet is nice. Quiet where the mind doesn't feel it has to churn and stir things up. Empty quiet. Wasn't totally that, but close enough to enjoy. Hey, it's the small things. We forget – of course. We are programmed that way. Yet so many of us, now, are awakening to enough of what's going on to both start watching more closely while having less trust. It was the trust that lulled us to sleep . Had we not trusted so completely, we would have been more

suspicious all along. Some of us were. In all ages the few stand on the watch tower to sound the alert. Yet often, in days gone by, these wound up in the care of men in white coats. Their concern was labeled paranoia or some such, and many were neatly taken out of circulation – for their own good, but of course. :-\ As we look at things, now, the things we put up with are amazing. So many things got a pass, then, that are receiving close scrutiny, today. I like that. Not that I promote fear - there is nothing to fear. Be in Heart with me, please – let us start out from there, so you'll track with my meaning more than the words. We're going beyond words, the awakening ones – and there are so many of us. The experiences we're having, whether in sleep or meditation or walking down the street – everywhere – defy the ability of words to contain or convey. They go beyond. Being a bit of a wordsmith, I find that intriguing – rather exciting. I don't have to wonder what comes next – nor do you. Just look within. Look at the times you just knew things – what someone was going to say, how someone feels, who is going to call – that sort of things. We're plugging in on deeper and deeper levels, and it's really starting to show – and not just in us. One of the big blessings we have – those who gather here – is our openness . You have to be open to stick with the kind of things the journals present. Some of the ideas are really “out there,” when viewed from mind. Well, we've gone beyond mind's limits, so that's to be expected. I don't mind being among the advanced guard, testing the waters, as it were. I guess that's what we're all doing – testing the waters in our own ways, in our own life. Most of us are pushing the boundaries that didn't used to bother us so much – if at all. Now we're finding the limits we used to accept to be burdensome – even unreasonable. Our vision, our scope has broadened, at least a bit. Now hey, I know there must be some, even many of you out there who go well beyond where I do, here. I'm all for you speaking up, too. I'm in communication with several of you who have so much to offer the broader community. You do a lot of that by commenting on the videos you watch – and that's great. I'm doing

more of that, too – much more. Spirit is guiding us that way. I hope many of you are finding ways to journal . Doing it privately is awesome – it still goes out into the group mind , even if no one ever (physically) sees it but you. Remember – we are One. The big thing about journaling, though, is the alchemy of it. Don't ask me to explain – I don't know why or how – just what, and the what is alchemical. Any of you – do you have something that's been bugging you, say for a while? Something maybe you've pondered on a good bit – even discussed with friends? Yet somehow a solution or response to whatever it is hasn't arisen just yet. This is ideal material to use for your journal. Take up pencil or pen and paper and just start to write. Do it in stream-of-consciousness style. Don't worry about punctuation or spelling or grammar at all. That's not the point. If need be, you can clean that up, later. The point, now, is to step into the flow , to lock it down through your words. Be very much in Heart for this – otherwise you'll find it's just mind's meandering or hamster-wheeling play. Start out centered and stay that way. You know how, if you keep a dream journal, it's important to have it there and ready to go, both pencil and paper, right when you wake up? Otherwise you might lose the dream. The journals are not quite like that, but there is a delicate flow that can be lost if you're not a bit organized in writing things down. When an idea comes to you, if you have WordPad or NotePad pinned to your Windows Task Bar, then with one click you can have your writing material right there, ready to go – nothing in the way of your flow. If you prefer to use a word processor, that's fine. I wouldn't go saving it down too many levels in the folders & subfolders, though. Sometimes, while drilling down into that you'll lose your original point. Do you see, do you feel where I'm going with this? You have an internal level of genius that is worthy of respectful and careful handling – of having all things sorted out to go right for that. It's, on the one hand, a form of respect . You're respecting the flow. It's also a way you show that you Love you – which is supremely important in all of this. After all, you are Source – is that not

utterly Lovable? In what other ways – little and great ones – are you showing how you Love you? In what ways do you make your own life easier ? How do you cherish the self? What we're waking up to amounts to divine, unconditional Love, my friends – and the more we love self – well, it's a way to prime the pump . It's also a way to reflect, already, our own awakening out into the world. Don't be thinking the little things you do – and how you do them – don't count. Stop, please – be sure you're centered in the chest with me – and remember – you are Source . There is quite literally nothing you do that could ever be inconsequential. It's all a lie, the nonsense we've been told about being accidents of nature, about nature being like a machine. Stuff and nonsense! Some get upset with me because I am willing to look at, to speak of the dark side – to mention TPTW (The Powers That Were). Well, to each her own, for sure. I'm confident that powerful lives can be created by focusing wholly or entirely on Light alone. I celebrate and support that – but for others , since it's not my way – not in this amgodiment, at least. I'm sure it is in plenty of others. You see, we've each got tremendous variety from which to select and choose among our various lifetimes – what I call amgodiments, since we come in to am-God-I-me-nt, see? To be God as I, as me in form. That's really what we are all doing – yes, in all of them – some knowingly, more not. It's really important, this time around, or in our Now, to really lock on to being Source – to claim that as our true identity. It's time we firmly, strongly, forcefully recognized that we have a body, but we're not that. We have a mind, but we're not that. It's the mind that will fight this the hardest. It seems to me that those whose whole focus is on the Light may not be completely willing to engage successfully with mind – in other words, to put it in its place, which is second, not first. In everyone out there who is not yet awakened, I can assure you of one thing – their mind is in control of their life – and of them. This is universal – mind controlling the being, the individual. It's considered what is normal , even though it's evidence of being cut off from Source – not entirely, of course, just practically. Now stay

in Heart with me – this stuff can be tough to hear, since mind wants to argue and resist it. I'm fond of saying, sure, mind can do that later . Just give the journal one chance to make its points by being open in your reception – by viewing from Heart. That's all I ask. Mind is always there for you – but how often to do enter deeply into Heart, and take up that perspective on anything ? It's a most spectacular view. Friends, I'd like to remind us all that, whenever we feel sad or depressed, or angry and resentful, or frightened, or maybe just plain grouchy – that is how mind is feeling, is experiencing things – not you . You, as Source, are both present with that, but you are also so far above and beyond it that it cannot touch you in any way. So you are both . You have infinite abilities, including a perspective that is infinitely flexible. That being the case, I'd like to draw your attention to the fact that mind tends to take up a rather static view . Mind likes to keep its viewpoints consistent – likes them to make good sense, based on what it already knows. Mind is not terribly progressive – I suppose that one is obvious. But here's the thing – here's my point – haven't you got enough of that, already? Why, oh why, would you want more of being boxed in that way? I really take it to heart that “If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got.” I just LOVE to explore – whether it's Cosmos or my own soul or the flower over there – it doesn't matter – I love to go deep. The fact that you're with me here, indicates to me that you feel at least somewhat the same. So, that being the case, my suggestion to you is to ALWAYS center down when you start one of the journals – whether reading or listening to the videos. There is an underlying flow that, now that we're awakening, more and more are able to tune into, to feel. This really works best from Heart. Also, when you're centered or what I call in Heart, you're in your strength . There's a lot we've got going for us there that remains hugely unexplored. My journals are largely me, reporting in from my most recent explorations. I don't want it to be about me, though – I want it to be about you .

We are all the same me or the same you, at the very heart of things, so we can connect up with one another much better that way – while centered deeply, within. Besides, you'll also have some really cool experiences if you choose to make this centering thing a habit. That's practically a guarantee. Of course, no one can really guarantee anything. Do you know why? It's because you can't really make any broad generalization and have it be universally the case. There is always the exception , somewhere. Thus, all guarantees must ultimately fail. Besides, a guarantee is a mind thing – perhaps a cowardly one, at that. After all, we're explorers, right? What need have explorers of guarantees? They're out looking into the unexpected, the unexplored – so who is there who can guarantee something, and what would it be? Anyway, back into Heart. How are you feeling, just now? Can you sense a sort of small field around the central chest or Heart area? Can you feel a certain hum of energy, a certain sort of almost buzzing going on? Not something audible, mind you – just how the energy feels – the sense it gives you. Once you begin to feel that now and then, it can help you stay centered. It can be a bit like an anchor, reminding you where you've chosen to place your attention. And do recall that the flow of your attention has a power all its own. So even if there was nothing going on in that part of your anatomy, just your intensity of focus there could stir things up – could activate the flow. As you go on there will be things that come to show you that what you're exploring is real – that this thing I call Heart really does exist and in a tangible way. The thing is, such as that comes in on the flow . It's not something you can go within and just demand . Things don't work that way. Can you see why they don't? I bet some of you can. It's because that would be to bring mind – its energy, its activity – into Heart. Mind is the demanding, leading one – Heart is the flow. When you're truly centered, mind must be in the background, not in the front running things. I hope that is plain. Boy, this is another bit of an odd journal. I notice the words being

somehow handled differently. It's a bit strange. But then, I laughingly say that I wake up to a new world every day – and I really do. People make jokes about that, but that is my life. And with the accelerating pace of change, I bet more and more people like me are popping up, are popping our heads above the crowd. While a lot of us don't yet care to speak out, that doesn't mean we're not there. Friends, we are so tremendously powerful, even when we don't speak a word. What we think, do, and say counts – quite a lot, actually. From mind and from the 3D vantage point this isn't seen, but from just a bit up it's clear. Okay, this journal may have run its course. I'm getting inner silence , now. I may take this last bit to put in a few special points, to make a few special requests. One of these is that, what we find, universally, when deeply within can be called unconditional Love . That's always present, though not always strongly felt. We may find surprising things – stick with your feelings to tune into these things. Your sensing is far, far more accurate than your thought for this. Two other things I find of late are Compassion – which is so clearly of the divine it requires a capital “C,” and capital-R Respect . These are divine attributes, not something for which you can find a dictionary definition – won't even touch it. By being fully open to accept the self as Source you can taste deeply of these. By identifying with the 3D being or lesser self you limit their fullness of manifestation. You are the one fully in charge of your life. Source won't interfere with the way you choose to run things, there. That's up to you. So I call on us to be not only Heart-centered, but also open – as widely open as we can. Now, this can be challenging. When we are open, this means we are also open to being hurt. When we open our Heart to life, we trust Life – we trust Source. Yes, we are Source – but so is Life. A whole, a completely new way of looking at Life is appropriate, here. Let me share. When you are thus fully open – as widely as you can stretch – then you are open to others . They may say or do things that bring you pain. Most of us closed the self off to this ever so long ago . We did it by anchoring in the mind, by calling logic to the fore in place of

Heart. We use the mind in self-defense . Are you aware of this – of doing this? When we don't put forth Heart, but only logic, only thought, it's less easy to be hurt . Sure, we can take offense when disagreed with by someone, but that's not really the same. We're not really so vulnerable there. Do you see or sense what is meant? Now be in Heart. I feel some of you in retreat, back into your head. Do stay with me, for I have something precious to share – something only Heart can grok. I have a whole and completely different way of looking at Life – from the perspective of Heart. You're in Heart, right? Okay, then consider or ponder this: all life is out to bless and serve you . Absolutely everything that happens, that comes your way, is for your blessing, only . Nothing comes to bring you harm – nothing at all. Do not listen to mind, here – you know it won't understand. Remember, or remind mind you will get back with it, later. Now is for us. Okay, I'd like you to settle in with this view, this perspective – this idea that everything is for your blessing – nothing else. Nothing – no thing – is meant to harm. All is for your best and highest good. I'll deal with a couple of mind things, here, because I see some who won't be able to rest in Heart until I do. No, I do not mean that it's fine if you're being abused – of course it is not. No, I don't mean that if you get beaten up, that was an actual blessing in itself. No, I don't mean that if you abuse someone then it must be okay, since life only blesses and nothing else. Friends, this is mind churning , mind hamster-wheeling – please set it aside for now. It is really pointless stuff, and if you can't see that right now, then take it on faith for a short while to give this a chance. If you're hanging out in mind, there is no way you can connect what what is offered, here – so just let it go. Pick it up later, if you must. Now, back deep into Heart with us. Just ponder – ignoring mind – a universe of universal blessing – of unconditional Love. Ponder – let it in. Feel into it. What would that be like?

Before you get to imagining that I'm speaking of some other Universe, some other dimension, some other time, let me tell you I mean only NowHere – only this. So even though it may seem to make no sense at all, stick with it by staying within. This isn't easy. I feel a good bit of pulling away – of people slipping back into the head. I am in support of you, here. If you find this hard to do on your own, make a silent call in your Heart for my support. It will be provided. I am in support of all waking up. This is taking more force than I have exerted in any journal adventure, thus far. It is really calling on me to provide that base of support. So I ask you to put forth the extra effort, as well. Let us go there, together – deeply within. Now, we take the next step – going in even deeper. Get good and centered. Push pause if you like – when you can do that, it gives you evidence that mind is not in control. (Since when we're in mind it simply doesn't happen, no matter how much we'd like it to.) You are divine . You are one with Source. As such, you've arranged your life this way. Before you came into this amgodiment you made arrangements with your soul family and friends – you made your plans for how you would interact this time. With great Love, it was arranged to bless all of you – to support your growth into awakening, to help you get over certain things that have bugged you through numerous lives. The Universe is actually a friendly place. Stay in Heart with me! Don't leave it by listening to the siren call of mind, with its various tales and arguments. Remember, that is for later – this is for now. So I'll say it again – the Universe is a friendly place – to you. All things are arranged, not only for your blessing, but for you highest blessing, with utmost Love. Each and every thing that has happened to you has blessed you in some important way – without exception. You didn't see or accept all of them, but they are there. Yes, it may well be that you have not fully sorted out some of the difficult feelings that arose when you felt challenged or harmed by what was transpiring. That can be the case – and the Universe can still be a friendly place. Keep centering down – be

stubborn about this. Do hang in. Some of you will have left, already. That's fine. That was their choice. It will actually make it easier for the rest of us to continue deeper within. Just for Now – just for this moment – I ask you to adopt this temporary belief – that the Universe is a friendly place – that all things have happened for your blessing . Only if you can open the self to this will you be able to perceive it. Otherwise, your other beliefs will simply shut it out. Mind will rule this day. So the choice is yours. For those still with me, let's continue on down in . It's more than a friendly place. It is actually so deeply, openly, unconditionally Loving that it will bring tears to your eyes the day they are opened to this. It's that magnificent – it's the Love of Source for the deeply Beloved – that would be you, in this case. Are you still with me. Keep centering. Deeper, yet. The Earth , herself, is a sentient Being – one of great Light. As Source, She Loves You truly, deeply, madly, even – enough to rejoice at your footsteps – and all the more that they are bare to her – as She is bare to you. The plants, the grass, rejoices at the touch of your foot. It gladly supports you, softening the Earth for you as you walk. The breeze loves to caress you, to play with your hair. The animals, too, are happy when they come into your Presence. To them, you represent God. They simply rejoice when you are truly Present to your own divinity – as they are to theirs. The storm steers its course with you in mind, my friend – especially the awakening and awakened ones, for these are cherished, are needed to help & support, not so much Mother Earth, who is mighty and powerful, but the awakening ones require your masterful support for their creche – their cradle in which to birth the Christ Consciousness. Nature is sentient. Storms are sentient. The very space is sentient – as is the air. Everything is. Everything impacts everything else. Deep inside you know that. And you can now sense how what you bring is a great Light, and how the rainbow beauty of this Light blesses everything else – everything it

touches as you pass by, whether in thought or body or spirit, it doesn't matter. Keep centering down. You can feel this, now – this sense of the energy of Heart. It will buoy you up, helping you stay deeply within. This may be enough – at least for some of you. You can see how it is that, all of Nature being sentient, right down to the cell and atoms of your body, the energy you bring with you wherever you are impacts things. It couldn't be otherwise. The conscious mind not being aware of this is inconsequential . It is the case. Once you know it, that makes it much easier to tune in, so you can perceive it directly, yourself. If this is as far as you can go, that's great! Remember, don't push the self, but Love the self, firmly but gently taking back your power from every which way you gave it away, along with everyone else. For those who are still game, let's go even deeper . Let's look at actual seeming hardship coming your way. Before you listen to mind on this one, just stay centered down and ignore it for now. Let's look at how this seeming hardship could be, not just a blessing or benefit, but the gift of the deepest Love of all – that of Source. You, my friend, are no wuss. You are no sissy, else you won't be messing around on planet Earth. So know yourself as courageous and strong – even if life seems to have beaten you down a bit. We're applying age cream to that as we go forward, here. So you're getting younger as we go. Who You really are – have been all along – is this divine One, right? But you didn't know it, before. Just due to the way things are and have been, that divine identity has been strictly hidden from all of us. Well, that part is over – we know that. But let's look back on things. First, I ask you this – would you be as awake as you are had you had no hardships in your life? Do you think so? To get really strong, the weight lifter lifts heavier and heavier weights, right? What about the spiritual weight lifter? Will the 5 pound dumb bell take you into serious strength?

Just a thought. Okay, now, keep staying open . Keep centering down in your true identity – in the one you didn't previously know that you had. Now, let's take a quick look back at your life – at something you called quite difficult at the time. Take a moment – in Heart, remember – leave mind out of it – and quickly let one instance come up for you. Let intuition show you – it's instantaneous. Okay, now let's look, again – only for maybe the first time in this life, let's take a Heart perspective on it. When you went through whatever it was, you were firmly in mind. That's just about guaranteed, right? Okay, no harm, there – that's not bad – it's just what was. So, you say there was pain, there was hurt – right? Let's take another look. Let's look and see who was harmed. Let's see what part of you was hurt. One thing I can promise – it wasn't your deep Heart, since that simply can't be touched – not by anything at all in 3D. It's not a 3D thing, so it's not even available to be touched, there. (Right now you're in 5D with me, btw.) Okay, still looking at that from Heart – what do you see? What aspect of you was hurt? It wasn't Heart, so that leaves mind, right? Heart can see this, so if you stick with it, you can, too. It was mind that took offense, mind that got upset – mind that was seemingly harmed there. Let's keep looking. From Heart, it can be seen that what we're calling mind is really more like the false self – the mind-created identity or persona . Heart can see right through this. Heart knows that it isn't actually real. Actually, who got hurt back then – that one may already have largely died . By that I mean we've been seeing the false self fall away , lately – faster and faster. It's been really intense. Some have experienced it as the Valley of the Shadow of Death – the actual death of the false self, the mind-created identity that you only thought was the real self. From Heart you can see it was not. If you're still with me, then, you can see that no one was truly hurt – no one who is real, that is. Look closer – maybe you can see how this hurt that was received blessed the real you in some way. It's there, if you'll just look – if you're ready.

In some instances, it will be by giving you help waking up . It takes some pretty strong catalyst in order to nudge us over into awakening – most of us. This seeming harm may have been in support of you waking up. It may also have been something that showed up some aspect of the false self for you to see more clearly. By your response, you likely learned something new about the self. I recommend Ho'oponopono be applied to all wounds of every sort. The balm of forgiveness can really accelerate healing. Now, as you do this – or your chosen way to forgive – remember just Who you truly are. Be the divine Self as you move into this – not the mind. This is Heart territory, strictly. Sometimes, the best thing that can happen is for the false self to just collapse . Then the butterfly can go free from the seeming prison that was the cocoon, right? Don't try to figure out why that seemingly bad thing happened, however. That would be mind, again – which will pull you right out of Heart. Leave thought aside . Okay, this didn't quite come out as I had hoped – but then what do I know, right? I trust that there is blessing in it, just as there always is. What I ask is that, as you go forward in life after reading or listening to this, you keep a part of your attention focused within. You will remember more and more Who you truly are that way. It will be a tremendous awakening help. To the extent you can keep your focus down deep – instead of always only in the head – you can look out at life through completely new eyes. You can see literally all things differently, now – if you remain open , that is. You don't have to be convinced – just open. It is enough. As you are open, ponder the possibility that each and every thing that comes your way has come for your blessing – both to bless you and to be blessed by you. Just be open to this. Let it be a possibility you play around with. See if you can look this way at what you see around you. Remember, though, to keep it to Self and NowHere , only. I wouldn't try to do this for someone else. Nor would I speak of it, just yet. Carefully consider before you do. Consider this: there is this thing called alchemy . There is a

sacred way to do things. Heart will quite naturally guide you into it. It's not something you need to look up or study. Everything is made of energy . You know this. Thought forms are energy beings. Some of the most powerful energy in the Cosmos is to be found within each one's Heart. Being so intensely powerful, this energy brings on changes – naturally. This energy has a natural flow . It is pure , as well as powerful . If you discuss this work, guess what you're doing, please. Can you see how you're bringing mind into it? That will affect the purity and the strength of it. I'm not saying it will destroy or harm it – but it will be less pure, less powerful, on being discussed. That is, unless you were to discuss it with your teacher, your guru, or some holy one who could hold the field for you – who could provide you the support, and not mislead you in your work. Most others will simply not understand – and then you will be more likely to get into mind in trying to explain things to them. You know how this works. So I'm not telling you what to do – not at all. I am saying that there are good reasons to be quiet about such powerful, deep, inner work – reasons that benefit you. As you are at peace with this – as you spend further time pondering this goodness, this friendliness, even Love of the Universe – both the purity and the strength of your inner energy will increase . The power of your Heart will expand out. It will support you in your pondering as you look out upon Life through this new perspective. It will help you gain penetrating insight – how often have we seen that phrase in a book - “ penetrating insight .” Let's have some of our own, shall we? Heart is Intuition Central, so it's also where you most easily hook up with your angels and spiritual guides – your soul family of Light – as well as your even higher being, “up there” running this one and all those other lives of yours. You have unheard of resources to call on – that will naturally come to the fore in support of such alchemical work. Added to this, we have the oncoming solar Light, which keeps intensifying – even in was NASA and science can't yet identify. I'll link you to my journal on the solar storm we're in right now that is

of “unknown cause.” Pretty interesting – but let's stay out of mind, even with that. We have all sorts of both internal and external support when we tackle such things, my friends. There are groups of angels that actually wait for someone to go in a direction like this – just so they can come and lend an assist. You see, by using your free will in this way – to pursue things along this line – that gives the green light to some who would love to assist, but require first the free-will request . Your action in pursuit of this understanding can act as that request. Of course, it wouldn't hurt to send up a prayer or two on your own. Just be sure to remember – YOU are Source. Don't pray to some being above and beyond Who You are. I know that's a tough adjustment, considering the programming we all received – but we can do this. We can turn this corner, can make this Great Shift . I Love you guys. I hope you can tell. Namaste. ~♥~


anything is possible, everything brings blessing, Universe is friendly, leave thought aside, going beyond words, open to whatever, alchemy

of journaling, Love the self, Compassion & Respect, everything is sentient, take your power back, lifetimes or amgodiments, death of false self, challenge as catalyst, Source God or Spirit, OWN being divine, watch and observe, awaken or enlighten, flexible perspective, live from Heart, abandon expectations

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