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Mobile Money

Mobile Money
Pay, send and receive money with your mobile phone at home and abroad
The mobile phone represents a cost-effective solution to increase access to financial services. Mobile Money services offer secure and convenient means for banked and unbanked people to pay, send and receive money, everywhere at any time. Coexisting with other financial services, they provide users with new options for local cash-in or cash-out, micro-finance and bill payment operations.
Mobile Wallet a convenient solution to receive, store,

send money and pay merchants or bills everywhere at anytime. It targets both banked and unbanked users for a daily usage. From standard micro-payment to full banking experience, Oberthur Technologies provides a customisable solution for mobile operators and banks.
Money Transfer a universal service to trans-

fer money from mobile phone to mobile phone, domestically or abroad, facilitating interoperability and easy connection towards financial institutions and mobile operators.
Air Time Transfer a smart service to transfer air

A full set of Mobile Money services

Oberthur Technologies provides a customisable solution to mobile operators and banks wanting to deploy services such as mobile banking in de veloped or developing countries, branchless banking or any other mobile money programs. This solution is based on 4 main offers:

time domestically or abroad, designed for commercial street reload or for private transfer.
Mobile Banking a unified and secure access to

banking services like statements, bank transfers or trading tools through mobile phones.

Ecosystem benefits Money sender and receiver

Access to financial services at

Mobile operators
Offer a real payment service Benefit from a new revenue

Financial institutions
Gain unbanked customers

any time
Use a convenient service

for small purchases or bill payments

Benefit from lower remittance

stream based on transaction fees

Attract subscribers with a

in emerging countries with attractive service

Capture market share of

differentiating service

remittance services worldwide

Reduce operational costs Answer to a growing

fees than with traditional means of money transfer

Receive, store and transfer

customer loyalty thanks to a personal money service purchase

demand from customers

money thanks to a secure solution

Facilitate access to airtime

Oberthur Technologies comprehensive technical offer

HSM Mobile operator Money transfer operator

Bank Mobile banking platform Bank back-end system Other service providers

User interface

Secure gateway

Mobile wallet platform

Hub connectivity

User interface a full set of secured, convenient and

intuitive interfaces compliant with the widest range of handset models (based on mobile applications or STK menus).
Secure gateway sensitive transactions like mobile

sioning and bonuses rules definition. The solution also offers a complete set of tools for anti-money laundering and central banks controls compliancy.
Mobile banking platform Oberthur Technolo-

transfers require specific ciphering measures to comply with security regulations and to prevent fraud. The Secure gateway ensures data encryption for an end-to-end security.
Mobile wallet platform Oberthur Technologies

gies solution acts as a secure mobile channel to bank account and bank back-end systems for all types of banking services creation such as bank account consultation or cheque-book requests.
Hub connectivity hub connectivity extends

solution manages individual wallet accounts for customers, merchants or companies. The solution offers sophisticated agents network management and hierarchies functionalities as well as commis-

the reach of the Mobile wallet platform. Oberthur Technologies hub software offers to its customers the technical capability to connect to chosen partners, opening corridors to send and receive money abroad.

Ten years of experience and continuous innovation

Oberthur Technologies Mobile Money solution results from a strong expertise in software development, project management and deployment of turnkey solutions. This solution can be integrated in-house or operated from Oberthur Technologies data centres, relying on our unique and complete Managed Services offer. As a recognised leader in innovative technologies, we can also propose enhanced end-user experience for mobile financial services with NFC.

Oberthur Technologies has a unique experience to provide Mobile Money

65 references worldwide 10 years OTA platform Global OTA product range supply experience Latest technologies such as BIP and OTA platform upgrade for NFC

A solution development expert Deployment of turnkey solutions An international SIM card vendor

Software development expert in UNIX, C, C++ and Java environments Technology trusted by more than 250 mobile operators One of two industry leaders worldwide Latest technologies already available

A major actor in A leading supplier of MasterCard and Visa Trusted partner of over 5,000 banks and financial institutions the payment market Expert in security (EAL4+, MasterCard, Visa)
Best partner to offer NFC Now, a complete NFC suite combining

An innovation-oriented partner

payment, transport and loyalty services

Expert in Smart Authentication, Mobile Money and Secure

Application Suite

Full suite of certified payment applets (Visa payWave and qVSDC,

An application specialist Full suite of certified transport applets (MIFARE, Calypso)

Web Server)

MasterCard PayPass, CUP qPBOC, Amex ExpressPay, JCB J/Speedy)

Full suite of user interfaces (mobile applications, midlets, Smart Card

Trusted partner for hosting sensitive information A leader in More than 20 years experience in personalisation secured personalisation Unique global tool for all kinds of personalisation of all smart card products

A managed services expert High availability service and 24/7 support and maintenance
Secured and certified environment

Solutions operated from Oberthur Technologies data centres

Global and local support capabilities

Over 5,700 employees worldwide Over 30 service centres covering 5 continents More than 770 million smart cards personalised per year
Oberthur Technologies respects the environment. The number of printed brochures produced by the company has been signicantly reduced to save paper. Printed documents are produced on FSC-certied paper using aqueous inks to reduce environmental impact. Datasheets are available in electronic format only.

Oberthur Technologies is certified ISO 9001: 2008

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