Name:  Kaushik  Barua                                                                    ID:  0930123030                                                                    Course:  Fin  435                                                                                SEC:  05                                                      Topic:  DSE  Stock  Track                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Submitted  To:                                          Mohammad  Zubair  Hossain  (ZBH)                                                                              Lecturer                                                              School  of  Business                                                      North  South  University                                                                        Bangladesh.        

scaling up effects didn’t materialize as expected.Introduction: In this assignment. However.75% Institution: 31. Financial Performance: In 2011.78% . Operating Profit and NPAT margin both had suffered significantly.11 Capital Details: Paid Up Capital: BDT 450 Million.98 Sector Beta: 1. Consequently. I’ve chosen Confidence Cement Limited for stock analysis from Dhaka stock Exchange (DSE).   Company Profile: Confidence Cement Limited (CCL) is the first private sector cement manufacturing company in Bangladesh established in early 90’s with having 4. gross margin stayed the same at 14% from 2010. Recently. I will be analyzing this company’s stock and related fundamental issues.000 M/T annual production capacity at Chittagong. CCL is the first ISO-9002 certified cement-manufacturing company in Bangladesh. 158.94 million and Tk. Sector details: Sector: Cement Sector P/E: 10.47% Public: 44. the company has reported net profit after tax of BDT 218. as last year cement consumption across the industry increased by only 4%. despite increase in price of raw materials in the international market and devaluation of BDT against USD. 4. In the latter part. It is one of the fastest growing cement companies in Bangladesh.38% Public Securities: 20134600 Public Capital: BDT 364 Million.86 for the period of nine months (Jan'12 toSep'12) as against Tk.80.675 Million Trade % of MCAP: 1. Market Capital: BDT 813. Share Distribution: Director: 23. 3.49 million with EPS of Tk. It Manufactures Portland Composite Cement.53 (restated) respectively for the same period of the previous year.

91 Beta Coefficient: 1. this stock is fundamentally very strong. Analysis: In my analysis. They have the record of sustainable Dividend payout over the years in the market.2012 EPS: Last EPS: BDT 2. So that. P/E: BDT 9. But the stock is more volatile than the sector’s average volatility compare with market.2508. Furthermore. investors have confidence to hold this stock in their portfolio.10 NAV: BDT 90. . I have found that this stock is “A” categorized company in Dhaka Stock Exchange.06.30 Q1. In the next chart. No. I will show the daily change of stock price and index price along with daily excess returns of stock and index. Of Securities: 44993520 Last AGM held: 26. Annualized EPS: BDT 9.20 Previous Year EPS: BDT 2.76/share Dividend: 20% cash dividend for the year of 2012.Basic Info: Market lot: 20 shares.

.Graphical presentations of Daily stock price Change and Index price Change.

Bollinger: Bollinger bands measure the market's volatility on deviations from its moving average. . Parabolic SAR is a technical indicator used to mark down potential price reversal points on an ongoing trend. there is a buying pressure present as 20% dividend has been announced for the last financial year 2012. In this graph we can see that the market is less volatile than the previous month. Parabolic: Developed by J. The dots are placed below the trend on a bull run and above when the trend goes south.W Wilder Jr. The indicator's effectiveness is at its peak during strong and steady trending markets other than that it is useless on range bound markets. one should pay close attention when the bands contract because there is always a possibility that a breakaway is about to unfold. the bands contract closer to its moving average indicating that prices are relatively stable. I observed selling pressure of this stock in the market. Contracting bands indicates consolidation among buyers and sellers. The bands contract closer to its moving average indicating that prices are relatively stable now. In recent days. When I started tracking the stock that was the perfect buying time as the indicator were placed below the trend line.. During times of low volatility. Parabolic SAR provides a point to where a position should be liquidated when an ongoing trend shows signs of weakening. the bands widen when price deviates further away from the simple moving average indicating huge swings in prices are in effect. In the middle of the period.

.Some Graphs show the performance of the stock in this particular period. 2013 and found that the price change of the stock isn’t much volatile than other small and fundamentally weak Companies. Investing in this stock for the long run can be worthy as this stock promises strong return in the future. Return on Change: Performance: Price Volume Trend: Conclusion: I’ve been observing the stock from 28th January.

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