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Spencer Russell Period 5 April 19, 2009 Chapter 48 outline I. Community Structure A. Individualistic B. Interactive hypothesis Commun. Interactions A.

Coevolution B. Interspecific interactions Predation and Parasitism A. Predation B. Predator C. Prey D. Parasitism E. Parasitoidism F. Herbivory G. Cryptic coloration H. Aposematic coloration I. Mimicry 1. Batesian 2. Mullerian J. Parasite K. Host L. Endo/ectoparasites Interspecific(- -) A. Interspecific competition B. Interference competition C. Exploitative competition D. Competitive exclusion principle E. Ecological niche F. Fundamental niche G. Realized niche H. Character displacement Commensalism and mutualism (+ 0) and (+ +) A. Symbiosis B. Symbiont C. Commensalism D. Mutualism






Structure A. Trophic structure B. Species richness C. Relative abundance D. Species diversity E. Stability F. Community resilience Competition, predation, and envio. Patchiness A. Exotic species B. Keystone predator Changes after disturbance A. Ecological succession B. Climax community C. Primary succession D. Secondary succession E. Intermediate disturbance hypothesis Species distribution A. Biogeography B. Island biogeography