Chapter 1; First Days of School Cassie‟s POV: I was in a glass room when I woke up, I walked around a bit and

the glass was solid really solid. Beneath me was a crowd of people my age and younger and a strange man wearing a cloak the kids my age where all wearing their school uniforms, from the corner of my eyes further down the room was a boy presumably my age with a creepy grin that got me both frightened and intrigued. I turned to face him fully and noticed the flames surrounding his hands; I choose my elements and focused the material around me and changed it to water. A fire ball came at me but purposely missed. The colour of the glass went black indicating time for battle I couldn‟t see anyone outside but they could see me at least from what I

saw on the brochure, tension filled the room. “No please don‟t do this!” I screamed immediately another fire ball came at me using instinct I dodged. My opponent let his hand on the drop on the floor I knew what he was about to do, I remembered the rule my parent always told me never to dodge twice. ”Okay bring it on but if you end up dead it isn‟t my fault.” I said in a calm voice trying to sound scary. I put my hand on the ground used my power over earth allowing the water to flow through it I countered his attack and solidified the water as it got close to him making him stumble back. He went cold and pale the colour of his flames changed to a scary shade of blue. I noticed our powers where

equally matched I decided to fight with both water and air. I felt my body slowly growing weak until I felt the adrenaline kick in. I shot a huge ball of water in the air and made it evaporate using it to my advantage. I ran across the room and gave him a swift punch making him stumble back. I gathered the steam in the room making it a ball of water, I let the water fall flowing under him and I froze his solid. “Sorry but I warned you.” I said feeling accomplished. I walked away trying to leave the room until another fire ball hit me I absorbed the blue flames but I fainted immediately. “You‟re awake. Do you need anything?” the nurse asked happily

noticing me open my eyes, but realized I couldn‟t talk. “Ahhhhhhhhh.” I screamed as I felt the impact of the fire. “What the **** was that for?” I screamed. I was irritated and in pain because they left me in a room with a guy that could have killed me. I felt my eyes slowly give up on me I tried to fight it but I fainted. I woke up not sure what day it was but I was sure it wasn‟t the same day I got to Gifted Academy. I got out of bed and felt a craving for some fresh air and I also wanted to practice my powers. As I got out of the nurse‟s office I saw the field where lots of students were either standing around or going from place to place. I paid no attention to anyone around

and raised the ground beneath me and I was floating it the air people looked at me in shock, let the ground fall down and let the wind guide me down. I felt a thrill as I covered my left hand in water and my right in fire. “You know the rules Ms. Blunt.” Professor X said. “Follow me.” He said trying to sound stern. Once we got to his office he handed me a piece of paper that had my lesson schedule and my room number, room 24. “Go freshen up in your room and go for battle training your last period.” He requested as I left the room. I got to my room after 5 minutes of searching for it. “Hi my name is Cassie Blunt your new roommate.” I said cheerfully as I noticed girl at the side of the room.

“Hello Cassie I‟m Daphne Caster, my gift is super speed and agility.” Daphne said equally cheerful. “What is your gift?” She asked. “Elemental control water, fire, wind and earth.” I answered. “I don‟t believe you. Prove it!” She said in doubt. I opened my left palm and created a ball of flames in that hand I did the same for water on my left hand. I looked out the window and saw 2 rocks lifted them up to our room and twisted it round my finger combining the rocks. “Enough I believe you.” Daphne said amazed. I heard a knock at the door. I told Daphne to wait a bit as I quickly changed to my school uniform. My uniform and other clothes that were already packed at the side of the room.

“The door is open.” Daphne said excited. A boy entered the room and Daphne got up from her bed and kissed him passionately, they continued kissing ignoring I was in the room. “Get a room.” I said rudely. Daphne gave me an „I can‟t believe you just did that‟ look. The boy introduced himself as Jake Winchester and his gift is telekinesis. He lifted my bed with his mind giving a demonstration. I left the room because I was jealous and I had to go for battle training. Daphne and Jack also left the room but I left them behind. I was regretting leaving them behind because I didn‟t know where I was going. I wandered around and stumbled into a guy with deep blue eyes, blond hair and kissable pink lips we both fell. I was lost

in his eyes and could tell he was lost in mine. “I am so sorry. I wasn‟t looking were I was going.” I lied. “My gift is elemental control.” I said trying to impress him. “No it was my fault sorry. I‟m Ryan Parker and my gift is flight and super strength. “Please where is battle training class?” I asked quickly as the bell rang. “Follow me we are late.” He said walking towards battle training class we were the last to class so my teacher Professor Humphrey said I should pick who I want to fight with. I noticed the boy I fought with in the glass room the first time. He introduced himself as James Winchester and for the first time I noticed how cute he

was. We both entered the glass room I fought in before and the glass went black. “Cassie remember to use all the elements to your advantage. James find your opponent‟s weakness and use it against them.” Professor Humphrey said. I braced ready to fight. I gave James an uppercut and made him stumble back. He shot a fire ball at me and I held it spun around and send to back making him fly across the room. I felt the adrenaline rush through me. I wanted to end the fight immediately. I dropped my hand on the ground god water underneath him feet and raised it up and I froze him solid and used air to flinging him and he fainted. A girl entered the room and started attacking me I made a wall blocking her attacks then another

person entered the room it was a guy he looked at me and I couldn‟t control me body I felt extreme pain around my body. Daphne and Jake entered the room and tried to protect me. I screamed as loud as I could and I got fed up and I extracted all the air around them and they all faint. Professor Humphrey entered the room and looked at me. “Cassie you are now one of my favorite student. You are like your mother and father if they were here they would be very proud.” He said. I felt like a boss. I had battle training for the rest of the day. I paid no attention to other fights until Ryan was stuck fighting with Kevin Foster. Kevin can teleport and has what I thought was iron skin. Ryan blonde hair swerved and jerked perfectly as he fought,

his hair sparkled as he got close to the glass. Ryan flew across the room and Kevin punched him real hard and I felt disturbed. Ryan was about to lose and I use my power over air to push Kevin back. Ryan took the opportunity and hit his Kevin hard and the fight ended. Ryan met up with me and walked beside me. I felt happy. “I know what you did, thanks.” He said and I began blushing. He held my hands and looked straight in my eyes “Your eyes are so pretty in the dark.” He said. “Oh thank you.” I said blushing. The lights went out. I made a circle of fire around the both of us lighting up our area. “Cassie thank you.” He said.

“I didn‟t do anything.” I said trying to conceal myself. He hugged me and I revealed myself. “Okay, okay. Your welcome.” I said quietly still blushing. He noticed me blushing and leaned closer to me for a kiss. I made the flames die out as he got closer. The flames were completely dead then the bell rang ruining what was supposed to be our kiss. “Sorry we have to go.” He said. He walked me to my dorm building, I hugged him good bye. I went to the room Daphne wasn‟t there so I changed to my pj‟s and slept off.

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