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Nelson E.

347-359-9496 323 Bolton Avenue, 2nd Floor Bronx, NY 10473

Achievements Honorable Mention for SUNY Purchase College President's Award for Excellence in Humanities Member of the National Society for Leadership and Success, Purchase College Chapter

Education Purchase College, State University of New York Purchase, NY Bachelor of Arts in Art History , May 2013 Graduation with Academic Distinction (Cum Laude, GPA 3.68)

Publications "Establishing a Post-human Identity through Mamoru Oshii's Ghost in the Shell and Innocence Films." May 2013. 70 pp. Written as part of the requirements for a Bachelor's degree from the SUNY Purchase College School of Humanities, my senior thesis engages the topics of Enlightenment humanism, transhumanism, feminism and cyborgs, and interspecies solidarity through the Japanese animated films of director Mamoru Oshii.

Recent Work Experience Co-founder; Editor in Chief. May 2013 - Present. A recent project I began after college graduation, provides a forum for anime and gaming fans to hone their writing craft while exploring their interests. As we have no business plans as of now, we are driven only by a serious dedication to our hobbies. I am responsible for working closely with our writers in generating content and providing writing advice. __________ Intern; Art Handler. January 2012 May 2012; April 2013 May 2013. Neuberger Museum of Art. I interned at SUNY Purchase's on-campus art museum for several months, under the Exhibitions Department. My duties included cleaning and inspecting galleries, and packing artwork for transportation and storage. My internship ended May 2012 and the museum soon closed for HVAC repairs. The following April I was hired as an independent contractor to assist with the Pre-Columbian Remix exhibition, the show that marked the museum's re-opening. __________ Reviews Editor; Deputy Editor. June 2012 January 2013. I joined GoBoiano during its formative period, and was the sole reviewer of Japanese animated shows and films at the time. As the company grew, my duties became administrative, leading to my supervision of the Reviews Division and eventually the News Division as well. I also had the privilege of attending New York Comic Con 2012 with a press badge, and spent four days spreading the word about GoBoiano, conducting interviews, and writing articles on breaking news stories for the website.


Creator; Editor-in-Chief. December 2011 June 2013. Through The Anime Guardians blog I developed an outlet for applying my years of film and fine art studies to anime. I also developed social networks that I still maintain to this day, slowly but surely becoming a contributor to the anime blogosphere. I used my early posts as audition pieces for in June 2012; I went on to write for the company soon after.

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