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Office and Industrial Work Environmental Health Requirements Appendix II REQUIREMENTS AND PROCEDURES FOR IMPLEMENTATION WORK ENVIRONMENT

HEALTH INDUSTRY No Contents 1 1. General : About Terms (page 24) 2 2. Clean Water o requirements water avaliability for employees needs with the mininum capacity of 60lt/person/day Water quality meets the health requirements which include the requirements of the physical, chemical, microbiological and radioactive accordance with the legislation in force. 3. INDOOR AIR o requirements Temperature: 18 30 C Humidity : 65% - 95% Dust maximum dust content of the air in the room in the measurement of an average of 8 hours (table on page 24 Air exchange : .283 M3/minute/person with ventilation rate: 0.15 to 0.25 m/sec Pollutant gases Maximum content of pollutants in the air space gas production process is as follows: (table on page 25-26) 4. Waste o Requirements Domestic solid waste Collection, transportation and disposal of domestic waste should be in accordance with the legislation in force. Liquid waste Quality of the wastewater treatment process must result in accordance with the legislation in force. Toxic Substances and Hazardous Waste (B3) B3 waste handling must comply with the applicable legislation. gas waste Waste gas emissions must comply with the legislation in force. 5. Lighting Requirement: Light intensity as follows in table (page 29) 6. Noise Requirement: Noise intensity as follow in table (page 30) 7. Vibration Requirement: as follow in table (page 30) 8. Radiation Requirement: Electrical Field exposure: - full day work: maximum @ 10 KV/hr - Short time work (2hr): maxium @ 30KV/hr Electromagnetic Filed exposure: - full day work: maximum @ 0,5mT (mili Tesla) - Short time work (2hr): Maximum @ 5mT 9. Disease Vector insect caused desease: - flies index: max @ 8flies/fly grill (100x100cm) in 30 minutes measurement - cockroach index: max 2pc/plate (20x20cm) in 24hr measurement - mosquitos index: aedes aegepty container index not more than 5% Rat: each industrial room must be rat free

10. Room and Building requirement: 1. Building must be strong, well-maintained, clean and not allow the health problems and accidents. 2. The floor is made of strong materials, water-resistant, flat surface, and is not slippery, a meeting between the walls with floor-shaped Conus. 3. The walls should be flat, clean and bright, wall surface exposed to splash water is always made of water-resistant material. 4. Ceiling must be strong, clean, light-colored, a minimum height of 3.0 m from the floor. 5. Wide window, grille or glass walls for inclusion light minimal 1/6 times of the floor. 11. Toilet requirement: - male and females toilet must seperated - each industrial must have the number of sink, toilet, urinoir, minimal as follow in the table: male No number of JUMLAH KAMAR JUMLAH JUMLAH JUMLAH worker MANDI toilet urinoir sink 1 S/d 25 1 1 2 2 2 26 s/d 50 2 2 3 3 3 51 s/d 100 3 3 5 5 each addition of 40-100 workers must add one more of each item female No number of worker JUMLAH KAMAR MANDI JUMLAH JUMLAH sink toilet 1 S/d 20 1 1 2 2 21 s/d 40 2 2 3 3 41 s/d 70 3 3 5 4 71 s/d 100 4 4 6 5 101 s/d 140 5 5 7 6 141 s/d 180 6 6 8 each addition of 40-100 workers must add one more of each item 12. Instalation requirement: 1. Electrical installations, fire fighting, water supply, sewage, waste water, rain water should be able to guarantee the security in accordance with the applicable technical provisions. 2. Office buildings higher than 10 meters or higher than other surrounding buildings to be equipped with lightning rods.