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Channeled Insights on the Lemuria / Atlantis Conflict

This information came through me while at Pu’Ipo Beach on Kaua’I during a meeting
with two highly enlightened souls that I met that same day through cosmic synchronisitic
means. Through their prompting, I channeled a great deal about the conflict between
Lemuria and Atlantis and the greater purpose the conflict served. The brief summary is
as follows:

Although Lemuria predates Atlantis by several millennia, Lemuria and Atlantis co-
existed for several thousand years up until the sinking of Lemuria 12,000 years ago. This
sinking was a combination of natural Earth changes and instability generated from the
experiments the Atlanteans were conducting. The Lemurians were direct descendants of
the “Stewards of the Earth,” the first race of humans that was seeded by several Star
Races including the Bird Tribe, the Sirians, and the Pleaides. The Atlanteans were
descendants of other Star Races that came later. The primary difference was that the
Lemurians had highly developed their intuitive spiritual faculties while the Atlanteans
had highly developed their rational technological faculties.

The strong and unwavering connection to the source of creation within that the
Lemurians had gave them certain abilities and information that the Atlanteans greatly
desired. The Atlanteans, had lost touch with their inner source of creation and forgotten
that they too had this power within. They were blinded by desire for power, and so
sought to dominate the Lemurians and steal their knowledge. They did not realize nor
could they understand that the knowledge the Lemurians possessed wasn’t something that
could be stolen or studied. It was inherent in their untarnished genetic code.

The Lemurians, having the ability to manipulate time, knew of this impending fate and
took precautions to ensure that the Atlanteans could not ever come into possession of this
knowledge anyway. They did several things to ensure the protection of this information.

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The first thing they did was encode all of their wisdom, knowledge, and cultural history
into many thousands of seed crystals that they grew for this purpose. Having the ability
to control time, they were able to grow these
crystals very rapidly. They then strategically
buried these crystals in mineral rich areas around
the globe where they knew new crystals would
grow over time. These new crystals that grew in
proximity to the Seed Crystals became encoded
with the same information that was stored in the
Seed Crystals through Resonant Transfer.

These are the Lemurian Crystals that resurfaced in 1999. The characteristic ridges along
their sides are where the information is stored. The information in the crystals is only
access codes though, it is not the complete information. By rubbing the ridges on the
crystals, the encoded vibrational impulses that are generated reactivate the true source of
the Ancient Lemurian Wisdom within the Cellular Memory stored in the DNA of every
living cell of the human being.

Tsat Soro

The real knowledge was hidden from the Atlanteans through a self-induced manipulation
of the genetic code that the Lemurians voluntarily performed upon themselves, knowing
that there would be a time in the future when this code would be reconnected, and the
information recalled; a distant time when all humanity and all
sentient beings would be uniting in harmony for a great shift
in dimensional consciousness. That time is now.

The Lemurians fragmented their own DNA and created a

condition they called “Tsat Soro” translated as “head with two
lobes.” This condition of Tsat Soro is the present condition of

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the human brain where two seemingly conflicting hemispheres (the left rational thinking
side, and the right intuitive feeling side) are separated by the great divide of the Corpus
Callosum. With the decreased functional capacity of 10%, this state of Tsat Soro was
enough to preserve the human being for the species to survive, creating a dualistic
perception of reality comprised of conflicting and confusing information.

The Lemurians chose to do this to themselves in order to protect the sacred knowledge of
the true power of creation from falling into the wrong hands. Knowing the illusion of
time, and the inherent immortality of the soul, they were willing to undergo this
devolution because they knew the greatest growth and greatest good would come of it in
the end.

They were right. The time of remembrance is now. And through unconditional love and
the new inner light, all duality is being reconciled, and all wounds are being healed. All
negativity is being transmuted, and all of humanity is waking to its Divine Potential. The
“Firing of the Grid” of 2007 was a blast of energy into the collective consciousness of
humanity priming the brain to once again regain full functional capacity.

The external perception of duality is the mirrored projection of the bisected brain. As we
reconnect the two hemispheres through whatever means work best for us, the dualistic
illusion of reality is transcended, Tsat Soro is reversed, and we awaken once again to
Cosmic Consciousness.

There were many Lemurians who voluntarily

perished in the sinking of Lemuria. Many of them
were priests-healers and healing musicians. I was
one of them. I was conscious and singing when
the waters took me, along with the other priests
and musicians who did so to lessen the imprint of
fear within our cellular memory of the traumatic

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There were also about 25,000 who survived by escaping to sanctuary underneath Mount
Shasta. Of these Lemurians I have little conscious information, although I am currently
studying about them and asking for more guidance. The information I receive is
primarily about Ancient Lemuria and the function and role of the Crystals that have been
surfacing for the past nine years.

Devastation and Rebuilding Consciousness

Through the correct use of sound and these crystals, we humans are able to remember the
ancient wisdom stored in our own genetic make-up, and reconnect to our own Divine
Power Source within. The information is activated through resonant frequencies of
sound and crystal vibration. Many seed crystals also have maps on them. These maps
may indicate places on Earth where more Lemurian Crystals are located, power spots
where Lemurian energies are strongest, ancient maps of the Lemurian Archipelagos,
and;/or future maps of archipelagoes not yet formed.

After Lemuria sank and the Atlanteans failed to acquire the Natural Lemurian Intuitive
Healing Wisdom, they continued to run volatile experiments. Ultimately, about 200
years after Lemuria sank, there was a cataclysmic explosion that caused Atlantis to sink
as well. This explosion also created tumult and destruction on the face of the Earth. The
surface became desolate and treacherous. The human race struggled to survive and
experienced further devolution as fear and pure struggles for survival became ingrained
in the cellular memory of the species.

It was during this time that the Annunaki intervened, thus rendering the human being into
its lowest point of evolutionary integrity from whence our current “written history”

For thousands of years, the human struggled to regain its former stature as a spiritual
being. We were compelled through the darkness of forgetfulness and traumatic

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experience to aspire to the memory of our godlike nature. We had much help along the
way from the higher beings of love and light that want to see us pull through and regain
our full potential as the “Stewards of the Earth” that we truly are.

We have finally risen to the point where we are on

the precipice of this great reawakening. With the
dawn of the new age comes the remembrance of
our divine nature and all the powers of healing and

All of this information came streaming out of me,

including information on the shared vision of
unconditional love, peace, joy, and bliss. The knowing that it is possible for every
sentient being in creation to merge in total harmony and rise in frequency together to a
higher dimension of comprehension and existence.

Healing the Conflict

After I finished channeling, my friends asked to share a sound healing with me. I gladly
accepted. They positioned themselves back to back and performed a most unique sound
healing chant. The two of them became like one frequency generator, oscillating with
seed syllables from creation.

When they were through, I rose to my feet and began to do a Shamanic Chant and dance
around them. I first summoned the 12; the four directions, four winds, above, below,
within, and without, and then began to circle them in chant-song. About half-way
through I realized I was performing an ancient Lemurian purification rite for them. I
ended by placing one hand on each of their heads, and then switching, crossing my hands
to do so. Once this binding was done, I opened up a portal between their heads and saw a
double helix spiral of white light flow down between their backs, completing the

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After I was done, they both confirmed their experience of having had the
Lemuria/Atlantis conflict, which is something they have been struggling with, healed
within them. I cannot say whether the entire Lemuria/Atlantis conflict has been healed
from this, but at least it has been for them.

I was then guided to give the woman one of the Lemurian Dream Crystals I had with me.
I recognized her as the recipient of this special crystal that was unique to the batch I came
to possess. She graciously accepted the gift. I instructed her to bring it to the top of
Kong Mountain where she would then know what to do with it. As I said this, all the
hairs on her arms stood on end, which in my book is a good sign. I await her word for
what she has experienced.

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