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Church of Scotland St Andrews-Lhanbryd & Urquhart Parish Church

Order of Service
23 June 2013
Welcome and Announcements Call to worship CH4 59: Oh, come and let us to the Lord 1 Oh, come, and let us to the Lord in songs our voices raise, with joyful noise let us the Rock of our salvation praise. 2 Let us before his presence come with praise and thankful voice; let us sing psalms to him with grace, and make a joyful noise: 3 For God, a great God, and great King, above all gods he is. Depths of the earth are in his hand, the strength of hills is his. 4 To him the spacious sea belongs, for he the same did make; the dry land also from his hands its form at first did take. 5 Oh, come, and let us worship him, let us bow down withal, and on our knees before the Lord our Maker let us fall.
Psalm 95:1-6

Prayer of Approach and Confession Family Talk CH4 606: Lord, you sometimes speak in wonders 1. Lord, you sometimes speak in wonders, unmistakable and clear, mighty signs that show your presence, overcoming doubt and fear. his Name. 2. Lord, you sometimes speak in whispers, still and small and scarcely heard; only those who want to listen catch the all-important word. 3. Lord, you sometimes speak in silence, through our loud and noisy day; we can know and trust you better when we quietly wait and pray.

4. Lord, you sometimes speak in Scripture, words that summon from the page, shown and taught us by your Spirit with fresh light for every age. 5. Lord, you always speak in Jesus, always new yet still the same: teach us now more of our Saviour, make our lives display
Christopher Martin Idle (b. 1938)

Prayers of Intercession CH4 721: We lay our broken world 1. We lay our broken world in sorrow at your feet, haunted by hunger, war, and fear, oppressed by power and hate. 2. Here human life seems less than profit, might, and pride, though to unite us all in you, you lived and loved and died. 3. We bring our broken towns, our neighbours hurt and bruised; you show us how old pain and wounds for new life can be used. 4. We bring our broken loves, friends parted, families torn; then in your life and death we see that love must be reborn. 5. We bring our broken selves, confused and closed and tired; then through your gift of healing grace new purpose is inspired. 6. Come, Spirit, on us breathe, with life and strength anew; find in us love, and hope, and trust, and lift us up to you.
Anna Briggs (b.1947)

Reading Luke 8: 26 - 39 Sermon Offering As the Offering is brought forward, we stand and sing: Praise God from whom all blessings flow; praise Him all creatures here below; praise Him above, ye heavenly host; praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Thomas Ken (1637-1711) Prayers of Dedication and Thanksgiving. Lords Prayer

CH4 248: For my sake and the Gospels, go 1. For my sake and the Gospels, go and tell redemptions story; his heralds answer, Be it so, and thine, Lord, all the glory! They preach his birth, his life, his cross, the love of his atonement, for whom they count the world but loss, his Easter, his enthronement. 2. Hark! hark! the trump of jubilee proclaims to every nation, from pole to pole, by land and sea, glad tidings of salvation. Still on and on the anthems spread of alleluia voices; in concert with the holy dead, the warrior Church rejoices. 3. He comes, whose advent trumpet drowns the last of times evangels, Immanuel crowned with many crowns. the Lord of saints and angels. O Life, Light, Love, the great I AM, Triune, who changest never, the throne of God and of the Lamb is thine, and thine for ever.
Edward Henry Bickersteth (1825-1906)

Sung Blessing May the God of peace go with us as we travel from this place; may the love of Jesus keep us firm in hope and full of grace.
Ian Jamieson (b.1939)

Sung Amen CCL Licence No 6258