The Chakra System

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel. If we were able to see the Chakras (as many psychics, in fact, do) we would observe a wheel of energy which revolves or rotates continuously. Clairvoyants perceive Chakras as colourful wheels or flowers with a hub in the centre. The main Chakras begin at the base of the spine and finish at the top of the head. Though fixed in the central spinal column, they are located on both the front and back of the body and they accomplish their work through it. There are additional Chakras located in the hands, feet, below the feet (Earthstar) and above the crown (Soulstar and Transpersonal through Etheric), but we will be confining our study here to the seven major bodily Chakras located along the central Chakric column. If you have read the information on the Chakra chart presented as a separate resource, you will find this an indepth elaboration of that material. (The name of that resource is "Working the Lights..." and is available both in the Library and in the Gemstones 101 course.)

approximate guide to Chakra locations in the body and colour correspondences Defining the Activity of a Chakra Each Chakra vibrates or rotates at a different speed. The Root or first Chakra rotates at the slowest speed, while the Crown or seventh Chakra rotates at the highest speed. Each Chakra is stimulated by its own colour and a complimentary colour, and a range of gemstones for specific uses. The Chakra colours encompass all the colours of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, with white and black to anchor them at either end of the spectrum. The size and brightness of the wheels vary with individual development, physical condition, energy levels, presence or absence of disease, and levels of stress. If the Chakras aren't balanced, or if the energies are blocked, the basic life force will be slowed down. The individual will feel listless, tired, out of sorts or even depressed. Not only will physical bodily functions be affected and slowed, but dis-ease may also manifest. The thought processes and the mental activity may also be adversely affected. A negative attitude, fears, doubts, low self-esteem, and the like may pre-occupy the individual. A constant balance between the Chakras promotes health and a sense of well-being. If the Chakras are out of balance, strange symptoms may occur. For example, if a Chakra is open too wide, the energy of other individuals floods into one's light body and may cause conflict. Specifically, if the Solar Plexus is too vulnerable, we experience an

open. The Root or Base Chakra is located at the base of the spinal column in the back and on the pubic bone in the front. which interrupts spiritual growth and development and which may also lead to dis-ease. called Muladhara in Sanskrit. As already mentioned. we can use our quartz crystals and other gemstones to re-balance. security and safety. it will affect maturation and development of the Chakras. Now on a more practical note. Blockages will also manifest in spiritual pursuits. If the flow subsides for very long. spinning clockwise to metabolize particular energies needed from the universal energy field. Most of us react to unpleasant experiences by blocking our feelings and stopping a great deal of our natural energy flow. the constant electrical vibrations of the stones will help to harmonize. each will be open to the proper degree. this in turn blocks the Chakras which may in time become disfigured or out of alignment. providing us with the ability to be grounded into the Earth plane. anxious. unless we fail to open up again and rectify the flow. insecure and frustrated. and if the energy is sluggish. we all have some Chakras which are stronger and tend to function well quite often. (You can see this effect at work in modern quartz watches. any imbalances that exist within the chakric column may have more or less profound effects upon either the physical or emotional body. The Root Chakra is powerfully related to our contact with the Earth Mother. opinions and feelings are able to flow right in and overpower our own personal will.) Crystals and gemstones respond to the electricity that is coursing through one's body. balance. then our bodies will return to normal levels of health. gems and stones are such wonderful and powerful healing tools is because of what science calls the piezoelectric effect. and stimulate these energies. and some which are weaker which we can work to develop and strengthen. When the Chakras are functioning normally. very few of us have all the Chakras open and functioning optimally each and every day.overwhelmed feeling because everyone else's thoughts. an individual may feel fearful. . This is also the center of manifestation. this prohibits the universal energy from flowing through properly. as the Kundalini force cannot rise without the opening and alignment of this Chakra. THE SEVEN MAJOR CHAKRAS FIRST CHAKRA -. the energy to succeed must come from the Root Chakra. you would be an ascended Master! However.ROOT Studying the individual Chakras begins with the Root Chakra. shutting down or withdrawing until the unpleasantness subsides. In order to keep ourselves healthy and balanced. One reason why crystals. if Chakras are closed down too tightly. If you were able to maintain such a state. When you are trying to make things hapen in the material world. Once the Chakras have been properly re-balanced. This is not terribly problematic. Whenever a person blocks an experience. On the other hand. experiences gains in business or material possessions. If this Chakra is blocked. or align the Chakric centres. This center holds the basic needs for survival.

SECOND CHAKRA -. the place of ego. If you want a real boost here. When the Chakra is too inflamed. It also allows one to express one's Self sexually. so female sexual energy is usually experienced primarily as emotional. a person may feel emotionally explosive.SOLAR PLEXUS The third Chakra is referred to as the Solar Plexus. try a Shiva Lingham. legs. It is influenced by how emotions were expressed or repressed in the birth family during childhood. If the Chakra is blocked. and women's sexual organs. and the ability to relate to others in an open and friendly way. one's will. you . intuition and self-worth. Smoky Quartz. This Chakra's body parts include: kidneys. and muscle spasms. When the Solar Plexus is out of balance. creativity. It is also the energy vortex for astral travel and astral influences. The main colour associated with this Chakra is red and to a lesser extent. recreation. creativity and emotions. Physical problems may include: kidney weakness. Some of the Gemstones are: Onyx. body image issues. Orange Calcite. The colours for this Chakra are red. If this Chakra is out of alignment or too inflamed. experience a loss of sex drive. Root Chakra body parts include: the hips. Jet. The Solar Plexus is the centre of personal power. of desires.5 .Physical problems like obesity. (Think 'creation. THIRD CHAKRA -. It governs one's sense of selfworth. constipation.SACRAL The second Chakra is often referred to as the sexual or Sacral Chakra. A woman's sexual organs are located primarily along her second or Sacral Chakra. or have feelings of futility. impulses and strength. Obsidian. stiff lower back. obsessed with thoughts of sex. brown and primarily. to embrace one's sexuality or sexual orientation without guilt or shame. One may also lack physical energy. It is connected strongly to the Crown Chakra.7 cm) below the breastbone in the centre behind the stomach. It is located two inches below the navel and is rooted into the spine. Amber and Tiger's Eye. so male sexual energy is usually experienced primarily as physical. orange. Both Chakras are associated with sexual energy. NOTE: A man's sexual organs are located primarily along the Root Chakra. Some of the Gemstones which work well for this Chakra are: Carnelian. Black Tourmaline and Red Jasper. Some interesting stones which work on this Chakra are coloured golden brown to brown with red inclusions. It is located about two and a half inches (6. and knee troubles can occur. black. lower back and male sexual organs. manipulative. bladder and large intestine. This centre holds the basic needs for sexuality. anorexia nervosa. Red Jasper. Almandine Garnet. you lack confidence and may become overly concerned with what others think or are saying about you. confidence in one's own creativity. procreation!') This chakra is about friendliness. You may feel that other people are controlling too much of your life and you may become depressed. one may feel apathetic about work or hobbies. Proper balance in this Chakra means the ability to flow with emotions freely and to feel comfortable enough to reach out to others. receptivity to spirit guides and for psychic development. you know it because you feel more confused or jittery.

liver. and food allergies. When it is re-balanced and working properly. A serious blockage can lead to suicidal tendencies.) Some of the Gemstones used on the Heart Chakra include: Rose Quartz. compassion. Physical problems due to Solar Plexus imbalance include: digestive difficulties. enjoy taking on new challenges. The body parts associated with this Chakra are: the stomach. When this Chakra is out of balance. This is also the Chakra connecting body and mind with spirit. have a desire to nurture and encourage. There is a sense of hope and optimism. and it is no accident that heart disease is the number one cause of death in the USA today. hurt. pancreas. and Golden. tension headaches. For the area above the Heart and below the collarbone known as the High Heart Chakra. Kunzite. Some of the Gemstones associated with the Solar Plexus are: Citrine. you may feel cheerful. and we are able to find some good in everyone we meet. feel a deep longing to escape the harshness of life by plunging ourselves into fantasy. egotistical. outgoing. indecisive. When the Heart Chakra is blocked. When the Heart Chakra is too open or too stimulated. willful and stubborn. we may suffer a loss of self-esteem. high blood pressure. This centre directs one's ability to love themselves and others. and Pink Tourmaline. but this can ultimately free the heart for healing and new growth. gall bladder. It may in some cases lead to angry depression. have selfrespect. insomnia.may become overbearing. Jade. It is located behind the breastbone in the center in front and on the spine between the shoulder blades in back. diabetes. the shoulders and upper back. it allows us to feel too much of everyone else's pain and thus to suffer vicariously when the "hurt" we are "feeling" is not even our own. FOURTH CHAKRA --HEART The fourth Chakra is referred to as the Heart Chakra. or broken heart. and have a strong sense of personal power. The main body parts associated with the Heart Chakra are: the heart. Morganite. muscle tension. However. unworthy of love. Moss Agate. Physical illnesses connected to an out-of-balance Heart Chakra include: heart attack. and small intestine. the lungs. paranoid. and desire to hide away or pull away from the world. Many people today are plagued by a hard. friendly. This is the centre for love. demanding and domineering. liver problems. empathetic. possibly the number one killer in the world. The main colours used on the Heart Chakra are pink and green (particularly on the High Heart Chakra area. Deep heart wounds can result in aura obstructions called heart scars. afraid of getting hurt. and respiratory difficulties. Amber. you may feel sorry for yourself. Yellow. nervous exhaustion. afraid of letting go. The main colour for this Chakra is yellow. to give and receive love. and we either become pessimistic and cynical or fall prey to despondency and hopelessness. when this Chakra is open and functioning properly. try: Infinite (a form of Serpentine). we feel compassion for the problems and weaknesses of others. or we may become delusional. Topaz. Green Aventurine. When these scars are released they allow a lot of old pain to surface. Green . the circulatory system. feelings that everyone is conspiring against us. find it easy to be expressive. or Honey Calcite. and spirituality.

***Note well: This is the smallest group of stones on the planet. Celestite and Blue Calcite. combining the colours pink and green synergistically so that the energies of each colour are amplified and balanced. ear infections. sound. afraid of success or responsibility. It opens you to your psychic ability." When this Chakra is functioning . hyperthyroid problems. inflammations such as swollen glands. especially group discussions. Telling the truth will be easier. You will likely feel more confident in your ability to speak your mind. ears. you feel balanced. and the expression of creativity via thought. You may avoid people. transformation and healing are located here. it is located at the top of the spinal column. ego-tripping. Turquoise. Blue Lace Agate. FIFTH CHAKRA -. Physical illnesses of the Throat Chakra include: skin irritations. and the energies of spirit and light.THIRD EYE The sixth Chakra is called the Brow or Third Eye Chakra. speech and writing. Blue Chalcedony. and back pain. too. The Throat Chakra is also where old feelings of anger are stored and may finally be released. not dark or indigo. you may hold back your expression of Self. and expressing your meanings accurately. sore throat. you may feel non-assertive. tonsilitis. The main colour is Light Blue. When the Throat Chakra is out of balance or alignment. passive. overasserting yourself. you can receive guidance. Through the power of the Third Eye Chakra. I prefer the term Third Eye because it clarifies what the Chakra's work is all about. indecisive or easily intimidated.*** SIXTH CHAKRA -. imagery. feel weak or vulnerable in groups. trying to see who will win out and be "top dog" or "king of the hill. Some of the Gemstones associated with the Throat Chakra are: Aquamarine. feel timid. The body parts connected with the Throat Chakra are: the throat. A super stone for the High Heart is Watermelon Tourmaline. centred. and the thyroid gland. Please note: More metaphysical workers have trouble with the Throat Chakra than any other Chakra point. approximately between the eyebrows. It is the centre of communication. It assists in the purification of negative tendencies and in the elimination of selfish attitudes. It is located above your physical eyes in the center of the forehead. gestures. It is located in the "V"shaped area of the collarbone at the central part of the throat which we associate with the 'voice box' and in back. uncertain. When this Chakra is out of alignment. visual symbols. higher intuition. This is commonly the Chakra out of balance in a group when a lot of people seem to be jockeying for position. be reluctant to share ideas. or you may go the other way and become self-aggrandizing. hence the alternate name 'Brow Chakra'.THROAT The fifth Chakra is the Throat Chakra. musically or artistically inclined or inspired. When this Chakra is working properly. neck. You may feel weak. teeth. and you may feel confident in your ability to speak well.Tourmaline or Chrysoprase. The possiblity for change. like someone who is 'on top and afraid of losing the position'. You may have trouble formulating ideas. There are fewer Throat Chakra stones available than any other type of stones. channel and tune in to your Higher Self.

It is the centre of wisdom. nightmares. blindness. spirituality. The Third Eye Chakra is where you feel at peace with yourself. feeling like you are your own master. the lymphatic and endocrine systems. White/Colourless Topaz. You may have no fear of death. Charoite. The silver cord that connects the auric bodies extends through the Crown Chakra. Sugilite.CROWN The seventh Chakra is called the Crown Chakra. Sodalite. not distracted by things that are off to the side and trivial. the brain. no spark of joy and destructive feelings. Some of the Gemstones associated with this Chakra are: Azurite. the place where life animates the physical body. Oregon Opal. one possesses the ability to open up to the Divine and gain total access to the unconscious and subconscious realms. telepathy. blurred vision. It is located at the top of the skull. Astrophyllite. Petalite.properly. enlightenment. The soul comes into the body through the Crown at birth and leaves through the Crown Chakra at death. as they keep one from being able to access the source of meanings. and insomnia related to nervousness. Amethyst. thus blocking interpretation of messages from the Spirit Guides. Third Eye Chakra body parts include: eyes. dynamic thought and energy. Blockages here interrupt the ability to have lucid dreams and to take shamanic journeys. It allows for the inward flow of wisdom and brings the gift of consciousness of a larger Cosmos. Someone who feels that they "aren't psychic" might be experiencing a long term blockage or disruption in the Crown Chakra. dyslexia. Moonstone and Selenite. depression and other psychiatric ailments caused by spirit affliction. When this Chakra has balanced energy. This is also the energy vortex which allows us to feel a connectedness to God/dess Self. Phenacite. . Physical symptoms of Third Eye blockages include: headaches. The main colours for the Crown Chakra are: purple and white. When this Chakra is out of balance. face. Blue Kyanite. The main colours are: Dark/Indigo Blue and Purple. Lapis lazuli and Amethyst. It is more apt to affect the Soulstar Chakras above it which allow for free flow of Divine guidance. SEVENTH CHAKRA -. eyestrain. This is a spiritual Chakric point and doesn't govern the body so much as the spirit-body connection. Sugilite. enlarged lymph nodes. like there is nothing to fear. You may also be able to experience astral travel. lucid dreams and have past life recall. you find yourself not very attached to material things. One will likely feel "very psychic" and find trance states and astral travel quite easy to accomplish. there may be a sense of constant frustration. Some of the best Gemstones for working with this Chakra are: Clear Quartz crystals. Physical illnesses due to blockages at the Crown include: migraine headaches.

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