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Who was Christ? Was Jesus the Messiah, the Redeemer, the Anointed One?

Did the Jews kill Jesus in Error? Did the Christians interpret Jesus Christ in Error? Are the worldly blind leading the spiritually blind? Say, I love you. Please read my discourse with an open mind. Do not substitute Jesus figuratively as the ladder for Jacobs Ladder, as you did in your last correspondence with me. Todays Gospel Reading from Luke 9:18-24 will ideally provide me with the timely opportunity to explain why Jesus is not our ladder and that we cannot piggyback on him to ascend to heaven. Todays Gospel Reading from Luke 9:18-24 should be the cause clbre for all Christians as the spiritual celebration of the spiritual wisdom or instruction of Jesus for or as to our spiritual awakening. In poor contrast we celebrate in worldly terms; we celebrate in memory of his birth and of his death and of his resurrection. We do not understand that his death does not redeem us of our worldly sins, otherwise why do we still continue to sin, and why are there evil and despair and suffering in this world still. We do not understand that his resurrection is not our resurrection! For, otherwise, why there the need to be good?; why the need to obey his commandments?; why the need for Judgment Day to separate the sheep from the goats?; and why the need to stop going up and down Jacobs Ladder, and instead go up and off Jacobs Ladder? In the entire New Testament the passage in Luke 9:18-24 is second in importance only to the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5,6 and 7, which deals with Spiritual Practice and Morality. Luke 9:18-24 however deals with Spiritual Wisdom and therefore transcends worldly wisdom. If you understand these two key passages you should never ever have to worry about worldly life or death. And what is most wonderful is that you achieve the transcendental wisdom of the Jesuit tenet of Seeing God (Jesus) in Everything, and Seeing Everything in God (Jesus) and understanding the full spiritual significance and connotations of Jacobs Dream and Jacobs Ladder. For the record, the 3rd most important passage in the New Testament is Jesus commandment about Christian love in John 15:12 to Love one another as I have loved you. For without universal love there will be no catholic salvation, which is what Christianity is all about! I will get straight to the lines that I wish to discourse about: Then, speaking to all, he said, 'If anyone wants to be a follower of mine, let him renounce himself and take up his cross every day and follow me. 24 Anyone who wants to save his life will lose it; but anyone who loses his life for my sake, will save it. I have underlined the key words. I will not be long-winded today as I have dealt with these passages before in years gone by. Also I have in recent times explained the dual or fused nature of the goat and the sheep in our being; in basic terms the worldly false self-ego son of Adam (son of man) worldly being in us and the eternal spirit son of God being in us.

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Here goes. First we deal with line 23. The instruction in line 23 is to all as in a universal call to all. And the message is clear that (in the Jesuit sense) we have to follow in the Image of Christ. That or this means like Jesus we have to suffer, to die and to be resurrected. That means Jesus did not die to redeem our sins like what some Christians think. Otherwise Jesus would not have said follow me? Take careful note! Pay attention! We each individually have to take up our own metaphorical cross. Jesus is not carrying our cross. Jesus symbolically carries his cross to show us the way and how to emulate him when we follow him. Do not get emotionally carried away with pictorial or narrated depictions of the anguish and pain of the sufferings of Jesus on the way to Calvary. God is beyond worldly pain and anguish. This is what todays gospel is about; how to transcend beyond worldly suffering. Keep this mission statement in mind when you read on. Focus with one-pointed mindedness and contemplate transcendentally. Allow the spirit sheep within you to come to the forefront. Shunt the goat to the back of the mind. We have to carry our own metaphorical cross every day; which means every single day when we are worldly alive. Obviously we cannot follow physically as the worldly Jesus is history. We follow in the spirit or spiritually. For God and his kingdom is within us and not outside us [Luke 17:21]. This is because God is one with us in the spirit. We are comprised in the Holy Trinity! That is one the first of the Twin Commandments is - Love God with all your mind body and soul. Love here has no worldly sensual connotations. Spirits do not human senses! Love here means to follow in the spirit. Let your spirit follow God with all your mind, body and soul! You do so every day! And that means with every single thought, as all deeds and actions have their genesis in a single thought. In controlling your thoughts, you control your deeds; and this is the way you suffer! Suffering is basically shunting away the goat in you and settling the account for the deeds and actions, the karmic consequences, of the goat in you. Please note that we are worldly alive in the physical body of worldly goat false self-ego son of man! But one day we will worldly die. When we worldly die we can no longer carry our own metaphorical cross. We can no longer in death metaphorically suffer in the way such or so that we can be reborn in the spirit. Unless we are baptised or reborn in the spirit before we worldly die, then we will never be able to be resurrected in our eternal spirit. Christ as the 2nd Adam, Son of Man, had to suffer to redeem the Original Sin of the 1st Adam. We, as sons of Adam, sons of man, have to suffer to redeem our goat sins. Remember that Sin and sin here respectively is the sin of separation from God. Our metaphorical suffering is in the renouncement of our worldly self i.e. our worldly goat false self-ego son of man. Our renouncement is in not attaching, grasping or clinging to our self-righteousness and self-deceit and desires and lusts of our worldly goat false self-ego son of man. We have to metaphorically suffer to redeem ourselves of past karma and potentially reduce or obliterate future karmic residue, so that we can get off Jacobs Ladder. Please read and pause and reflect and contemplate on my comments on line 23 above. If line 23 was the instruction then line 24 is what happens if you do not follow the instruction. Let me rephrase 24: Anyone who wants to save his (worldly goat false self-ego) life will lose it; but anyone who loses his (worldly goat false self-ego son of man) life for my sake, will save it (his spirit sheep son of God eternal life). I have added words in brackets to elucidate my discourse. Obviously if you want to remain a goat, you will just die and be reborn on Jacobs Ladder again. So you will still lose your worldly Page 2 of 7

life, die a worldly death as a mortal, but more importantly, you will also lose your opportunity to be reborn in the eternal spirit (which is just metaphorism for getting off Jacobs Ladder). Obviously and conversely if we are reborn in the eternal spirit for Christs sake, which means for the sake of Christconsciousness, which is our spirit-consciousness, since in the Spirit, we are all one, we will be saved. For, we would have returned as sheep to the Good Shepherd, returned as spirit sons of God to the Spirit Father, returned as the Lost Prodigal Son back home to the Spirit Father. I was not going to comment on the earlier lines in the Gospel Reading, but on second thoughts I will comment further.

Now it happened that he was praying alone, and his disciples came to him and he put this question to them, 'Who do the crowds say I am?' 19 And they answered, 'Some say John the Baptist; others Elijah; others again one of the ancient prophets come back to life.' 20 'But you,' he said to them, 'who do you say I am?' It was Peter who spoke up. 'The Christ of God,' he said. 21 But he gave them strict orders and charged them not to say this to anyone. 22 He said, 'The Son of man is destined to suffer grievously, to be rejected by the elders and chief priests and scribes and to be put to death, and to be raised up on the third day.' Lines 18 to 21 can be quite deceptive when you read Matthew and Mark on the same point. It is best to ignore these lines, unless we are awakened in the spirit. The reason is that Jesus told the disciples not to discuss with anyone what he asked them and what they have told him as a group as to what happened at or in the madding crowd. The Christ of God answer of Peter is a modern translation. In the past it was expressed as the Messiah or the Anointed One as in the Redeemer. Really, what people (whether in the madding crowd or privately) think or speculate has nothing to do with what God really is. Only God knows what God really is! Jesus therefore neither affirmed nor denied whether he was the Messiah or the Anointed One (Redeemer). Why did Jesus stop this speculation or discussion about his possibly being the reincarnation (Yes! Christians believe in reincarnation) of Elijah or John the Baptist or whether he was Christ, the Messiah or Saviour, the Redeemer or the Anointed One, without answering? If you can understand this quandary we will then be in a better position to understand (a) why the stupid Jews forced the issue to the test by killing Jesus (physically) in error (b) why the Jewish (in terms of ethnicity) disciples of Jesus (in particular Peter who did not worldly doubt but had no true spiritual faith, in contrast to Thomas who worldly doubted because he needed evidence to support his faith of a spiritual eternity) and even the later apostle St Paul also killed Jesus but spiritually in error of interpretation. Think, think, and think! Why are you or we seeking or should be like the Jews seeking the Messiah or the Saviour? Why are we seeking a Redeemer? Are we Jews? Do not ever think like the Jews! Jesus would not have to be incarnated if the Jews had allowed God to seek the spirit in them rather than them as humans seeking God. If God is the Spirit Father then man is not in Gods image but the spirit son of God in man is in Gods image! The Jews continue to be the worlds major problem in more ways than one. Who do you think forced the Chinese to buy and consume opium? Behind every European colonial conquest was a Jew! Behind every major war was a Jew. Behind the current global economic crisis and various taxpayer exploitation by Wall Street [perpetrated since the lifting of the gold standard to finance Page 3 of 7

the Vietnam War and now other wars, all evidenced by the continuing and mindless printing of the U.S. fiat dollar currency] are the Jews? I am not referring to the ordinary Jews but only to the Jewish cabal and its kabbalah, its usurial and conspiratorial brain and finance trust, as accomplice to the fact to evils engendered by their satanic masters. You cannot hate all Italians just because of the 0.01% Mafia. The Jewish cabal is just like a white collar Mafia. *[Refer to footnote]. Think under the New Law! Throw away the Jewish interpretation of Old Law. Like Jesus, let us decry and denounce the hypocrisy and self-righteousness of this modern equivalent of the Jewish Scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees of the Jesus era. Think of the Spirit Father looking for his lost Prodigal Son. Think of the Good Shepherd looking for his lost sheep. Do not be like the Jews seeking God as a Messiah or a Redeemer! Do not be like the Jews seeking the immortality of man rather than the eternity (spirit) that is in man. Take note! As a filial son you should already know who your father is; you do not have to seek him unless you are an illegitimate child. If you know your father, you return to him for forgiveness when you realise that you have done wrong. But even when you are lost in your wrongdoing or vagrancy, your father still seeks his lost child. Why? Remember what Jesus said in Luke 11:13 - "If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!" If an evil man will endow his child with gifts, how much more will God give to find his Lost Prodigal Son? Therefore you do not seek God but God seeks you! If the Jews seek God that is because they are goats! This is because the worldly goat false self-ego son of man seeks God but God seeks the spirit sheep son of God! The self-righteous mortal false self-ego son of man is seeking his false God who can grant him immortality of his own false self-ego. The Lost Prodigal Son spirit son of God in contrast is simply in filial piety seeking the Kingdom of his Spirit Father and his Fathers Righteousness (refer Matthew 6:33). In this strict spiritual sense the Lost Spiritual Son is not seeking God! Let me rephrase in common vernacular. As to the goat and his worldly sins in your dual or fused being, in what sense is the goat seeking God? What is there to save? What is there to redeem? The Way of Christ has absolutely nothing to do with goats! The Parable of the Goats and Sheep clearly stipulates so! As to the sheep in your being, the sheep in the eternal spirit son of God in you, how can you save what is eternal? How can you eternalise what is eternal? The Grace of the Spirit Father is in his righteousness in seeking and longing and unconditionally loving his lost spirit son; is in the Good Shepherd seeking his lost sheep; is in seeking what is already yours that is lost. The lost sheep does not in that sense seek. When you are lost you do not know what to seek! For us to think of Jesus as having redeemed or will be redeeming our sins as goats, shows an incorrect understanding of the Parable of the Goats and the Sheep; and of their separation on Judgment Day! I have explained earlier above as to why not to think in the way of the Jews and see or test Jesus as the Redeemer or Messiah in the Jewish sense. In the spirit, in the sheep in our being, we are already comprised in the Holy Trinity. God and Christ are already in you and me in the spirit.

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Just focus on Line 22 - 'The Son of man is destined to suffer grievously, to be rejected by the elders and chief priests and scribes and to be put to death, and to be raised up on the third day.' - which in esoteric or parabolic or allegorical terms tells us that Christ and we (as well) have to suffer to put our worldly goat false self-ego son of man to death so that we can be resurrected in our sheep spirit son of God. Why do we have to suffer? Why do we have to carry our cross every day? We need spiritual wisdom to understand this doctrine of suffering. When we are baptised or reborn in the spirit we move from seeing with our worldly mind to seeing with our spiritual consciousness; from knowing or understanding with our worldly knowledge to knowing or understanding with our spiritual knowledge; from I see to No-I see. This is what Jesus meant when he said in John 9:39 For judgment (seeking the lost sheep, separating the sheep from the goats) I have come into this world, that those who do not see *No-I see i.e. the sheep+ may see, and that those who *I+ see may be made blind. [Words in brackets ( ) and [ ] added for explanation]. The I who worldly see will be spiritually blind and the No-I who is worldly blind or blind to the world will spiritually see! God Bless! Chuan 23/6/13 *Footnote In this footnote I shall indulge in some economics banter, even though this is a spiritual discourse. On a rainy day like today I am reminded of the cold hard world of corporate finance and banking that I or should I say we used to be a part of. I have nothing personal against Jews or even the cabal of the conspiratorial brain and finance trust. We Chinese are ancient people and culture like the Jews. The only difference is that we are not lost or have ever been lost. We Chinese are so lucky in being a true continuing living antiquity of over 5000+ years. The 1st Chinese Emperor was indeed very wise in being insular and parochial; in deciding that the Middle Kingdom is clearly defined in its territory, people and culture; that we defend ourselves in these regards; that beyond its boundaries we can only trade with other people, we do not want their territory nor impose any of our values on them. What did Papa Long teach us? A dog and a cat can be friends; but let a dog be a dog and let a cat be a cat. Do not make a dog a cat or a cat a dog! We Chinese have always had the Tao (The Way of Nature) in us and therefore do not have the seek God goat psyche or mentality. Like sheep we wait meekly to be found, and in the meantime we accept our karmic destiny or mia lee, for that is also the Tao in action. We all grew up being reminded about karmic cause and effect and filial piety and that heaven has eyes and that retribution would take place over 3 generations. How many thousands of times have we heard about the 3 generations rule? And how silly and stupid are some of the karmic cause and effect examples? If you do not eat every single grain of rice on the plate you might end up with a poor husband or a pock-faced husband! If you touch a blind mans stick you might be infected with his karma! How about eating walnut will give you brains? How about eating beef tendons will be good for arthritis? Still it is all good fun, adds colour to Page 5 of 7

the Chinese character, and it is basically good to be imbued with the idea that every cause has an effect or every effect has a cause. If you understand karmic cause and effect, and filial piety and that heaven has eyes God will then be seeking you, you do not have to seek God! For God, only seeks the egoless (the sheep)! When an I of an ego (the goat) seeks God, the I of an ego will never find God! Thank Pope Francis for confirming that good non-Christians also go to heaven. I have just explained why. I have had enough of self-righteous Christians acting like Simon the Pharisee Jew, proclaiming that only Christians go to heaven. As Overseas-Chinese or Huajiao ren and as former bankers we are kindred siblings to the Jewish cabal of the conspiratorial brain and finance trust. Were we or are we not in fawning to and advising our corrupt Native masters, being accomplices to their foul and evil deeds of hegemony, oppression and exploitation and corruption? Are or were we not economic prostitutes like the Jewish cabal conspiratorial brain and finance trust, as it fought to survive in being compelled to advising their satanic masters in their masters quest for hegemony, power and wealth, over the millenniums, from Egypt to Babylon, to Constantinople, to Rome, to Venice, to Madrid, to Lisboa, to Antwerp, to Paris, to London and now New York. I have a simple attitude to life. Life is about survival no matter what some religious book may say. Life is embroiled in karmic cause and effect that to a very large extent is beyond our control! Who wants to be blind? Who wants to be poor? Who wants to be sick? Who wants to be ugly? Who wants to die? That is why I preach that God is not concerned with our worldly sins. Our own actions and deeds and thoughts, whether good or bad will, will come back to haunt or deliver us. If I eat, I shit! If I do not eat, I do not shit! We will reap what we sow, as Jesus said. Jesus cannot very well say with one breath that we reap what we sow and then spend time worrying about what we sow or what we reap? That is between us and the Immutable Law of You Reap What You Sow? If God was interested or have a hand in all these karmic afflictions he could just do away with this web of deceit of Satan. But it is our free-will not Gods that has trapped and entangled us on Jacobs Ladder. As you know from my spiritual discourse of last week, I am a flag bearer for civility and respect and empathy for prostitutes; whatever forms the prostitution may take. We are all prostitutes when we are caught up in the virtual real life version of Snakes and Ladders in Jacobs Ladder. When we receive payment for something we do when we do not really enjoy doing it, we are prostituting ourselves. If we take money for doing something we enjoy or lust to do we are both a nymphomaniac (for want of a better word) and a prostitute. But when you go beyond being a nymphomaniac and a prostitute and you kill [as an accomplice to the fact of killing by the satanic masters] in the process you have become a psychopath! When you are the conspiratorial brain and finance trust behind the Opium War, behind the Slave Trade you are a psychopath! When you are the brains trust behind how to enhance the use of fiat US$ to create money without the constraint of the Gold Standard to finance the Vietnam War and other US wars since then, you are a psychopath, for you have unleash the Satan of hegemony and let slip the dogs of war! When you are the brains trust behind how to print money to bailout criminal predatory banks with taxpayers money for free, you are a psychopath! Any sensible and astute business-minded taxpayer-minded Government would just nationalise the bankrupt banks at liquidated market value, pump in taxpayer funds as the new shareholders, put in new management, allow customers a long Page 6 of 7

relief period to catch up on repayments and keep their homes, and down the track when things return to normal, privatise or refloat the sequestered banks at market premium to recover bail-out capital and make money for the public purse. Instead, many innocent ordinary folks have lost their homes and their lives ruined and the public purse has been sucked dry to give to the rich for nothing! All under the falsehood and illusion of printing fiat money! You cannot beggar your neighbour as we know from the Parable of the Rich Man Dives and the Poor Beggar [Luke 16:19-31]. When you are the brains trust behind how to finance and provide banking channels for the drug and arms trade through various artificial devices and commercial paper you are a psychopath! When you are the brains trust behind market manipulation and speculation through commercial paper shuffling and fictitious financial value rating and creative accounting that makes the rich richer and the poor poorer you are a psychopath. I should know having once been paid a handsome salary for my creative accounting expertise! The Jews are indeed Gods chosen people. If there was no God they would have been extinct as a race like the Aztecs or ancient Mesopotamians or Assyrians. As I said, as Huajiao ren and as former top level executive bankers, both of us are kindred or pseudo Jews, and have knowledge of the psyche and brains of this Jewish cabal. But the problem is that within the cabal we have Jews who go beyond being prostitutes or nymphomaniacs to becoming psychopaths, through being accomplice or accessory to the fact of the lethal evils of their satanic masters. Such Jews are in reality agents of Satan! They bring shame and dishonour to the remaining 99.9% Jews. Have these Jewish psychopaths forgotten how 6 million innocent Jews got killed because Hitler was upset about the 0.01% Jews that caused untold misery through financial conspiracy in Europe? It all comes down to karmic Cause and Effect.

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