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Sizes: When building this generator, the sizes of each barrel, crate and sack were first determined. We started by looking at various real-world barrel volumes. The standard barrel of oil is 42 U.S. Gallons, the standard whisky barrel is 40 U.S. gallons, and the standard wine barrel is 31.5 U.S. Gallons. We rounded up the wine barrel to 32 gallons, and called that our "medium barrel". Then we added and subtracted 50% for the large and small barrels, respectively. Moving on to crates, we determined them be slightly smaller than barrels and selected a 3-foot square (27 cubic feet) crate as our medium size. We then followed with 2-foot and 4-foot as our small and large crates. Sacks were interesting, in that we simply chose some sack sizes that we felt best represented a good variation in size, between a small sack of 20 pounds and a large sack of 100 pounds. Volume: The next thing we needed to determine was whether or not we were going to differentiate between liquid and solid contents. It was determined that we would treat everything as a liquid; therefore, a barrel of tennis balls would weigh the same as a barrel of water... which would only be accurate if you melted down the tennis balls into a barrel of liquefied rubber. So there may be a few instances where you may need to apply common sense to the results. Weight: The basic weight of a container follows the assumption that the container is 100% full. You should, however, be able to determine what a half-full container would be valued at or would weigh, based on the numbers given for a full container. We used the standard weight of 0.0625 pounds per ounce, and have converted every container to ounces to facilitate this calculation. Units: To determine how many of a given item fits into a room when using the "Room Area" button, we needed to determine how much relative space a given container takes. We came up with a basic unit per cubic foot of 1.496, and assigned each container a unit amount. A standard 5x5 room stacked 5ft high holds 187 of our generic units. We then evenly spread the units of a room across the selected container types, and generate contents for those containers. Viola. Barrels SM MED LG gal 16 32 48 oz pt lb 2084 128 128 4168 256 256 8336 384 384 oz pt lb 960 60 60 3232 202 202 units 26 51 77 units 12 40

Crates cu.ft. SM 8 MED 27



7680 480 480 pt 20 50 100 lb 20 50 100 units 4 10 20


Sacks oz SM 320 MED 800 LG 1600 The Odds