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Sparrows Manufacturing

Offshore Crane Design Crane Manufacturing Installation & Test After Care Support

Our cranes are designed to withstand the rigors of intensive round-the-clock operation and are built to be reliable, easy to operate and cost effective to maintain.

Our Company
Our track record spans over 30 years, with the successful delivery and support of over 2000 cranes around the world. Our crane designs have evolved from the original brands of American Aero, Titan Cranes and Energy Cranes, re-engineered to enhance performance and capacity. Sparrows Manufacturing also owns the intellectual property for Houston Systems and Bucyrus Erie and continues to support these brands with fabrication, parts, service and engineering upgrades.

Our Services
We provide a turn-key service offering standard or customised design, fabrication, assembly, testing, installation and commissioning. We use leading OEM suppliers for all major components, from engines and winches to valves and control systems, guaranteeing quality. yy Initial assessment of lifting needs yy Accurate quotations and specifications yy Crane specification & design yy Complete turn-key project management yy Fabrication, assembly and on-site testing yy Installation & commissioning yy Field operation, maintenance & engineering support

Our People
Our depth of knowledge and technical ability comes from a team of experts with years of specialist crane manufacturing and service experience and a management team with dedicated knowledge in the crane and manufacturing industries. Our engineers are highly skilled in electrical, hydraulic and manufacturing systems design, able to adapt solutions to fit your needs.

1. Houston Facility 2. Crane Installation 3. Fabrication Workshop

Our Facilities
Sparrows cranes are designed and built in-house at our manufacturing facility in Houston. The 24,000 sq ft area is equipped to undertake welding fabrication, assembly and testing of all new cranes. Our test and storage facilities include 3 crane test stands, 1 dedicated winch test stand and 100,000 sq ft outdoor assembly area and storage yard.

Sparrows cranes are designed and manufactured to API Q1, ISO and ISO/TS 29001 standards under API license 2C-0072. We have also delivered several crane projects to meet other international standards and governing bodies including ABS, Lloyds Register, DNV and Bureau Veritas. Our management systems and procedures are designed to ensure integrity, efficiency and above all safety throughout the entire manufacturing, assembling, testing and installation stages. Our methods are a proven success and our consistent approach guarantees quality every time.

Flexible solutions to meet your needs

Engineering & Innovation

Our standard designs are flexible and can be customised to suit your requirements. Using state of the art software like solid modeling and FEA techniques, our experienced team of engineers assess your lifting needs and create solutions to fit. We assign one Project Manager to oversee the entire process, guaranteeing continuity and effective communication every step of the way. Some of our solutions include: yy Fast set-up cranes/bolt-up designs to reduce assembly time yy Remote control crane operation yy Dummy bearing to prevent damage during assembly yy Emergency load lowering systems for gear & piston winch motors yy Load moment indicators to provide capacity & safety control yy Crane cradles for safe shipment and component storage yy Jacking systems yy Hoist function/capacity test bench for winch performance and integrity yy Generous crane platform layouts with improved access to engines/winches/cables

Engineered to maximise performance

1. Jack-up System 2. EC750 Design

3. EC65 Box Boom 4. EC65 Box Boom 5. EC65 Box Boom

The Box Boom Range

The Box Boom Crane is a pedestal mounted crane with a ram luffing boom of box steel construction. Its designed to handle heavy lifting at close radius, making it ideal for heavy lifts on fixed or floating platforms, FPSOs, semi-submersibles, lift boats, drilling rigs and dock side operations. Its sealed construction helps avoid corrosion, making it suitable for use in harsh environments or for extended periods of rest. Our range varies from boom lengths between 20-100 ft and payloads up to 95 US tons.

EC20 Series
yy Light duty/low maintenance for unmanned single caisson structures yy Max on-board load 12.5 US tons/10 tonnes yy Boom lengths range from 20 ft-40 ft

EC50 Series
yy Medium duty double taper box boom yy Max on-board load 47.5 US tons/43 tonnes yy Boom lengths from 40 ft-80 ft

EC35 Series
yy Light duty/low maintenance yy Max on-board load 19.5 US tons/17.7 tonnes yy Boom lengths range from 30 ft-50 ft

EC65 Series
yy High-end design for heavier loads or extended reach yy Max on-board load 95 US tons/86 tonnes yy Boom lengths from 40 ft-100 ft

EC40 Series
yy Intermediate double taper box boom yy Max on-board load 26 US tons/23.6 tonnes yy Boom lengths from 30 ft-70 ft

The Lattice Boom Range

The lattice boom crane is a pedestal mounted crane with a sectioned boom constructed of lattice steel members, adapted to suit lifting and handling operations on fixed/floating platforms, FPSOs and drilling rigs. Our range varies from boom lengths between 60220 ft and payloads up to 312 US tons.

EC650 Series
yy Simple lattice boom/main plus auxiliary hoist crane for routine service yy Max on-board load 44 US tons/40 tonnes yy Boom lengths range from 60 ft-120 ft

EC1100 Series
yy High performer designed to cope with heavier loads or deepwater operations yy Max on-board load 220 US tons/199 tonnes yy Boom lengths from 100-200 ft

EC750 Series
yy Mid range pedestal crane for routine service yy Max on-board load 78 US tons/71 tonnes yy Boom lengths range from 60 ft-140 ft

EC1200 Series
yy Built to withstand extreme loads and harsh operating conditions yy Max on-board load 312 US tons/283 tonnes yy Boom lengths from 80 ft-220 ft For full crane specification visit our website

EC900 Series
yy Designed to lift heavier loads or extended reach yy Max on-board load 83 US tons/75 tonnes yy Boom lengths from 80 ft-180 ft

1. EC750 2. EC1200 3. EC650

1. EC1100 2. EC900 3. MIPEG System 4. EC900

Crane Options
Typical options available with our crane models include:

Safety Systems
yy Wireless load indicator systems Explosive and non explosive zones

Customised Options
yy Boom tip walkways / platforms yy Pedestal platforms to support access from deck yy Area classifications Class 1 Div 1 or 2. Able to supply electrical equipment in accordance with IEC and NEC national standards yy Pedestal adapters for standard or unique installations yy Stainless steel valve components including hydraulic ram pistons & rods yy Slew-bearing change-out equipment including premounted jacking pads yy Walk-round, seated or remote controls yy Custom cab configuration based on platform layout/ client preference

Power & Control

yy Prime Mover: Diesel engine or electric motor options yy Engine cover/full machinery house for diesel or electric yy Hydraulic, air or electric start options yy Gear Pump: Up to EC900 crane & 100,000 lbs hoist capacity yy Piston Pump: From EC650 to EC1200 crane & 283,000 lbs hoist capacity yy On-board diesel/hydraulic tank with engine/motor mounted above yy Operators walk-round controls for small box booms, remote controls/mounted cabs for larger box booms or remote control positions yy Custom 60 cabs with heat/AC for lattice boom cranes/72 for larger cranes LMI (LSI or MIPEG) Boom Kickouts (high angle & low) A2B (main & aux hoist) Overload (main & aux hoist) Alarm (audible & visual)

yy Deadman controls - All controls return to neutral/stop on release yy Emergency load lowering kit

1. 3D Model Design 2. Spares Supply 3. EC12K Crane

Other Products
The EC12K crane is a cost effective option for small-scale mechanical handling on manned or unmanned offshore installations and drilling rigs. Customised options are available to suit different lifting requirements. yy Designed for moderate offshore lifting applications yy Max on-board load 4,000lbs yy Boom lengths from 10 ft-30 ft yy Load chart

Spare Parts
Sparrows offer an independent and impartial approach to spares supply, with the freedom to specify the most appropriate and cost effective option to suit your needs. An extensive stock holding of critical spares ensures that you have immediate access to parts when you need them most, helping you avoid delays and minimise downtime. We have significant buying power with our suppliers, allowing you to benefit from faster lead times and better prices. Our services include: yy Spares management yy Insurance spares yy Consumables yy Re-engineering and replacement of obsolete components yy OEM spares & replacement weldments for American Aero/ Weatherford, Titan Cranes, Houston Systems, Energy Cranes, Bucyrus Erie

Engineering Support
Our expertise and experience allows us to evaluate your lifting requirements and ensure you are armed with a plan to carry out your operations safely and effectively. From preparing lifting plans to demobilisation, our engineers and project managers plan ahead to maximise your operations and deliver support every step of the way. Our services include: yy Lifting needs analysis yy Lifting plans/procedures & tie down yy Platform deck interface analysis yy Equipment modification/upgrade yy Risk assessment

Worldwide locations UK Netherlands Angola Nigeria Azerbaijan UAE Singapore Indonesia Australia USA Mexico

Global Service Support

As part of the Sparrows group, we deliver a wide range of effective lifting, handling and fluid power solutions from any of our service centres around the world. yy 24 hour call-out yy Technical & engineering support yy Troubleshooting yy Fast deployment of skilled technicians yy Operation, maintenance & repair crews yy Regular inspection yy Crane upgrades & modification yy Crane condition monitoring yy Special lift projects yy Crane rental yy Training yy Pipe & cable handling yy Fluid power services

Global support delivered locally

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