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Phantasy Star Portable 2: FAQ/Walkthrough by ForkNToaster Version 1.

00, Last Updated 2011-10-19 View/Download Original File Hosted by GameFAQs Return to Phantasy Star Portable 2 (PSP) FAQs & Guides Liked this FAQ? Click here to recommend this item to other users. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ9 Phantasy Star Portable 2 - FAQ. ~~!@#Legal information#@!~~ If you plan to rip me off, be sure to not credit me at all. This is written primarily for for their FAQ Bounty program. ~~!@#Contact Information#@!~~ You can contact me at This is my second guide, but I didn't put much effort into the first either! ~~!@#About me#@!~~ My name is Toaster J. Forkington, I'm also a kitchen appliance. I also never tell lies and have no sense of humor, at all. I'm not prejudiced and I love everybody and everything in the world equally. Also if you're dimwitted all of this is blatant lies. ~~!@#Version Information#@!~~ Ver. 1.00; Start to finish walkthrough including basic information on all open missions, trade missions, challenge missions, weapons and types. ~~!@#Basics#@!~~ Races, you can pick from a variety of races, them being; Human: The most basic of races, well rounded. Mirage Blast, Dark unique. Newman: The caster race, high PP/Tech, low Atk/Def. Mirage Blast, Light unique. Cast: The robot race lowest PP and highest PP regen. They're the only race that uses parts instead of clothes and has high Atk/Def/Acc, Low Eva. SUV-Weapons. Beast: They're the bulky human version, high Atk, low Acc. Nanoblast. ~~!@#Controls#@!~~ Analog stick - Movement L Trigger - Face forward, press to "lock", hold to stay locked and facing the enemy. Also causes you to walk. Very uncomfortable. R Trigger - Use secondary equipment (in your left hand.) X [] O /\ Pick up items, analog + X = dodge roll. Attack with weapon. Open up quick menu. Use photon art.

Mirage Blast summons a creature. SUV summons big mechanical weapons. Nanoblast transforms you into an animal. ~~!@#Types#@!~~ At the start of the game you can choose from any of the four types (classes) and change them at your whim (for meseta). Each type gets one bonus skill point every 5 type levels up to 20 for a max of 8. Unlike skills which are shared between all classes, skill points are not. Hunter - High ATK and DEF, designed for melee use. Easiest type to play because it has higher hp, has defensive support skills and has the cheapest extend for

two handed weapons. Always keep a rifle you can equip in your inventory, it'll save you in many instances. Ranger - Uses guns and has higher Acc. It's a harder class to play and is best when paired with a hunter in multiplayer mode. Their skills support ranged combat and evasion. Get used to using Daggers since they're a great pair up for continuing chains, restoring PP and buffing Handguns. Force - They use technics for damage. They have the cheapest extend on technic based weapons. Their skills help mostly with casting speed or efficiency. Rods are good for general useful tech casting, Wands are well paired with healing/defensive spells and a shield, and Longbows are based on the Tech stat for ranged varying elemental damage. Vanguard - Full of support abilities, they can extend ranks on one handed items cheaply, but two handers are all expensive. In my personal experience, the palette is too short to be an all around character, so I tend to play Vanguards like a Hunter anyways. It's the only type that has access to EX rank traps. ~~!@#Combat#@!~~ Perfect Attacks, if you watch the lower right part of your screen, you'll see a little bubble shrinking into your Attack and Photon Art buttons, if you hit the button again while it's the same size as the button, you'll do a perfect attack. Perfect attacks do enhanced damage, but if you miss the timing you can destroy your combo and leave yourself vulnerable. Perfect Guard, if you guard right as the attack is about to hit you (about a second long window of opportunity) it'll reduce the damage guarded further (usually 0 damage) as well as decrease PP consumed. If you have a shield equipped, it'll do splash damage to all nearby opponents based on it's attack. Chains increase the damage of Photon Arts, 1 chain significantly increases the damage of your Photon Arts than using it with no chain, and a 2 chain is significantly higher than 1 chain, after that the best time to use a photon art is at 10+ if you can stack it that high. In solo play, most of the time you'll have time for two attacks between your guards to safely avoid all damage. ~~!#Clad 6#@!~~ You do most of the junk that you do on Clad 6. You're the slave to the man. The different areas are as follows; Center is a warp to your private space ship. To infinity and beyond or stuff. Blue Carpet is the Battle shop, which contains. - Weapon Shop - Shield-Weave Shop - Item Shop - Type Counter You might only ever use this for the SUV, Nanoblast and Mirage Blasts and the Type Counter. From my experience in the Trial Version (Hey, it was extensive) the weapons available are much weaker than the items dropped from Free Missions until chapter 8, where they get their first real upgrade. That leaves the Type Counter, where, as it suggests, you can change your Type (class) and dink around with extend points (weapon ranks) and customize your abilities. Type leveling is extremely slow (again, after trial version play!) so you might not visit this area often. Green Carpet is Your Room! featuring; - Chairs to sit on! - A bed to sit on!

- Your robot slave, not to sit on! The important features include the Visiphone, shared storage and dressing room. - Visiphone contains your player log as well as password entry. - Dressing room is where you can change your costumes. - Shared Storage is the most important thing, store everything you get that you wont be immediately using. Throughout a level, depending on how you play, you'll always be topped off on your generic healing items. Red Carpet is the Style Shop, featuring; - An interior design shop for redecorations, aka more stuff to sit on! - A salon for visual appeal! - A costume shop for more visual appeal! - A shrine to randomly receive buffs based on Meseta donations. Orange Carpet is the Cafe, in here you can take on Challenge Missions, one at a time. They reward you with a useless weapon as well as a decoration item to trade for unique items in the Desert Oasis. Also there's an item trader, which you can use in Multiplayer mode to trade B rank or lower items with other players. No Carpet, shoddy bastards, is the Little Wing. This is where you talk to the boss, your little partner is almost always in front of it. (Again, speeking from Trial Version experience). ~~!@Story Missions#@!~~ These are required to progress the storyline. After every chapter, you're put into a limbo of sorts between your last chapter and before the next one starts. You'll always have to do an Open Mission to progress into the chapter and unlock the first act. ~~!@#Open Missions#@!~~ These are side missions. You'll get most of your useful loot from here (and password codes). They are mostly only required for advancing the limbo state between chapters, so if you save all of your low level rank C Open Missions, you can speed through the story even faster. On your first time through the game on normal mode, you will not need to over level. Yes, the level differences is quite daunting, but you're always paired with strong characters to the point where you can just sit back with a gun and let them do most of the work. ~~!@#Tactical Missions#@!~~ These are side story missions, generally rewarding in a new partner card. You can't bring along partners of your choice and you're forced into a group much like story missions. ~~!@#Trade Missions#@!~~ These are ways to acquire unique or new items. Much like with Challenges, they vary from place to place. Table of Contents Prologue.........................................................[S2Pro] Chapter 2........................................................[S2Ch2] - Act 1..........................................................[C2Ac1] - Act 2..........................................................[C2Ac2] Chapter 3........................................................[S2Ch3] - Act 1..........................................................[C3Ac1] - Act 2..........................................................[C3Ac2]

Chapter 4........................................................[S2Ch4] - Act 1..........................................................[C4Ac1] - Act 2..........................................................[C4Ac2] Chapter 5........................................................[S2Ch5] - Act 1..........................................................[C5Ac1] - Act 2..........................................................[C5Ac2] Chapter 6........................................................[S2Ch6] - Act 1..........................................................[C6Ac1] - Act 2..........................................................[C6Ac2] Chapter 7........................................................[S2Ch7] - Act 1..........................................................[C7Ac1] - Act 2..........................................................[C7Ac2] Chapter 8........................................................[S2Ch8] - Act 1..........................................................[C8Ac1] - Act 2..........................................................[C8Ac2] Chapter 9........................................................[S2Ch9] - Act 1..........................................................[C9Ac1] - Act 2..........................................................[C9Ac2] Chapter 10.......................................................[S2C10] - Act 1..........................................................[C10A1] - Act 2..........................................................[C10A2] - Act 3..........................................................[C10A3] Open Missions....................................................[OpMis] Parum............................................................[OpPar] Moatoob..........................................................[OpMoa] Neudaiz..........................................................[OpNDZ] Clad 6...........................................................[OpCl6] Trade Missions...................................................[Trade] - Desert Oasis - Secret Society - The Offertory Box - The Secret Pub Challenge Missions...............................................[Chaln] - Ilias - Laurette - Pit Tactical Missions................................................[Tactl] - Wayfarer in White - Crimson Warrior - Heroes' Ronde Weapons..........................................................[Weaps] - Melee - Ranged - Tech - Shields Types............................................................[Typex] - Hunter - Ranger - Force - Vanguard Bestiary.........................................................[Bstry] Useful Passwords.................................................[Paswx]

- Weapons Frequently Asked Questions.......................................[FAQ] Credits..........................................................[Creds] * The bracket and section IDs can be copied and pasted with the brackets included with the Ctrl+F web browser functionality. It is included for ease of searching. ~---------------------------------------~ |Phantasy Star Portable 2 - Walkthrough | ~---------------------------------------~ * Refers to Trade Missions ** Refers to Tactical Missions *** Refers to Updated Trade Missions. ~~!@#Prologue#@!~~ [S2Pro] Alright, let's get started with this. This is the tutorial map. It teaches you all the basics, this area doesn't even need a walkthrough. ~~!@#Chapter 1#@!~~ Open Missions Available: Parum - Undersea Ruins c - Sleeping Warriors c - Plains Overlord c In this area, you'll talk to people until they push you in the right direction. Do an open mission to get a cutscene, go to the bridge for another scene, walk towards the bikini clad babe to get another scene and your first story mission! ~~!@#Chapter 2 - Act 1#@!~~ [c2Ac1] We're off to beat a deadbeat, the wonderful deadbeat of Maotoob. Alright, we're first introduced to the area, then we meet a couple of midgets living the life. Seriously, they're tiny, and they're married, and they're part of a defense force! Oh, lordy. Can't stop laughing. Little people, defending. BWAHAHAHAHA. Anyways, animals out for blood. Let's knock this out. Enemies; Vegga lv11 Kog Nadd Lapucha Vanda Naval Drua Ghora Kasch Tribesman, Lv13 Advanced word of warning, you're SUPPOSED to avoid the traps. So whenever I say go for the precious EXP, be sure to ignore that so you get better than a rank C. Crodog Region: Sector 1 Path splits up ahead, go right for some treasure chests, go back and you'll be introduced to the first person mechanic. Look at the flower to access it and unlock the door. Or shoot it, I was kinda madly flailing around and figured it out on accident!

Crodog Region: ??? It's a trap. Get some EXP, nothing else in the area. Head back to Sector 1 again. Just walk through the flame facing forward. Easy. Crodog Region: Sector 2 Kill some Lapucha for an area key. Proceed through the gate northwest for a trap. Go back, kill moar Vanda and get the ID Key2. A rock blocks the path, goggletiem, hit it to break it down. Treasure boxes to the right, three enemies spawn. Vanda and two Naval, proceed northward and three more Naval give you another key. Goggle to access the flower, it tells you to shun the dark flame. I just rolled through. Crodog Region: ??? It's another trap! The shunning the flame was telling us not to get this precious EXP. Keep rushing, turn around and you'll eat a moving wall of flame. Destroy the enemies to back track and leave. Crodog Region: Sector 3 Defeat the enemies, destroy the wall. "We fear technology", so going left is probably the trap, since a flashing electrical sign is pointing that way, so let's go! Trap region! Two Kog Nadds, precious EXP. Those things on the ground are traps, step on them and they bind you and blow up. Some are hidden, so move carefully. Crodog Region: Sector 3 again. Go right, kill chickens, proceed to the big room. The clue is in the center of the map. "All but purple, death poison awaits.", so west and east are traps, so let's go! West trap First Drua Ghora, sweet, sweet exp. East Trap just a Kog Nadd and two Vanda, snoregisbore. Crodog Region: Sector 4 is through the north path, scene awaits followed by an enemy, yay! Kasch Tribesman, he fights with a spear, pretty obvious moves. He likes to charge in a single direction, so try to be on the move. He summons fireballs from the ground. He'll drop after a while, if he hits to hard, whip out the mates. Use the Select quick orders to tell your partners to attack from Ranged to make this fight a little easier, they'll mostly ignore you and block the tribesman from your line of sight, but hey every little bit helps. You get the option to go back to Clad 6 or continue on to Act 2. I'm progressing for a challenge mission, yay! We learn about quick orders. ~~!@#Chapter 2, Act 2#@!~~ [c2Ac2] Your rank is affected by time in completion, writing this guide as I went along, I got a rank A at 16:47. Enemies include; Sand Rappy Lv12 Vegga Bul Buna Naval Drua Gohra Poison Lily Bag Degga Lv14 Crodog Region: Sector 1 Kill some penguins, go northwest. Right for treasures, avoid the spining fire whips of simple lame purple lazor. Kill some Bul Buna to unlock the door. Continue through lazors, get key, progress to; Crodog Region: Sector 2 Go left for treasure. Go right for a trap that explodes, drua Gohra and two Naval, get the ID key after they're slain. Two

more Naval and another ID Key. Kill an array of Poison Lilies and then the area opens up. Drua Gohra and two Naval for an ID key. More lily slaughter to open a door, then one more Lily in a passage way to get another ID Key. Kill the two lilies then the Drua Gohra to progress. Crodog Region: Sector 3 Right path to treasure, north to progress. Box contains lily, which spawns lots moar. One more Lily along the narrow path with two Sand Rappies which really make things hard. Either Emily will die, or you'll run her to the end and she'll die there while the Rappies double charge you. Fun fun. Dodge or shoot the lilies through the damage gate, healing point, kill everything and the ID key drops. Crodog Region: Near Village boss tiem. Bag Degga and two Sand Rappies, all level 14. I don't even know what this guy does, he walks in circles. Finished him off with an SUV right next to him. Go team. So I'm starting to think that your story acts are based on what you choose. This time, I'm going to choose to chase Mr. Emopants, since who cares about this annoying little girl. She's got an angel ancient that can take care of her. Okay, maybe not. But hell, this'll stand as a testament of how heartless I am. Back on little wing, hit up the cafe for a scene. Exit the cafe to get another Scene, Emilia totally wants to meet up with you in secret. Which is kinda hot, considering I'm playing a super adorable female cast. I've been loving the standalone lines in this game so far. "Who are you, why are you in me!" Taken out of context it makes this a great game. "What's happening, I feel a rushing in my head!" bwahahaha. Okay, time to get serious. Story progression? I sure hope so. ~~!@#Chapter 3#@!~~ [S2Ch3] New missions added: Jungle Charger Desert Terror Valley of Carnage Desert Oasis Alright, so we've got a client request as well as a tutorial. I feel some more missions opening up. Before we can progress with the story, we have to do an open mission from Maotoob. As a note, I'm speeding through this guide and I'll update Open Missions as I get to them later! They're really bothersome. So for version 1.00, the open missions section will only be covering what I do. ~~!@#Chapter 3, Act 1#@!~~ [c3ac1] Our job is to track down and take down some Astarks. Sounds easy. Enemies include: Polty Lv25 Walmus Pohlavora Koltova Badira Golmora Doltova Astark To get S rank, you need to hunt down all 10 Astarks. It's a linear path, so you shouldn't have any problems.

Sector 1, alright. First we meet a new type of enemy, the Walmus. They explode after they die like the lilies, so hit and run. Linear path, hit the switch and rush towards the door to get through and fight s'more Polties. Follow the open path to hit the switch, another count down. Rush down the hall for a Pohlavora that spawns more Walmus, which spawn to more Pohlavora. Bio Lab Sector 2, Koltova and Walmus are waiting to give you a welcoming party, follow the path into the open door, avoid the obvious landmines to get the ID key. There's a switch to the left, hit it and rush to the first open door and through it to get your first two Astarks, big bastards. Go to the door to hit a healing panel and another door rush back to the first door, go inside and hit the switch to permanently unlock it. Down the hallway there's a surprise pincer attack by Koltova, followed by unlocked doors. Three more astarks land you an id card. Bio Lab Sector 3, Walmus and Badira ambush, nothing a problem, proceed, kill the Badira and Pohlavora in the next room to open the gate. Take the left path since the right is blocked, don't take the transport yet, first go down the ramp, hit the switch then take it to get put right in front of the door. Standard linear progression, arena traps. The south path leads to some treasure boxes. Take the east path into.. Bio Lab Sector 4, get your sixth Astark, take the first open door to your left. Massive Golmora spawn after you hit the switch, the gate locks so you have to take the second open door for Distova, clear them, hit the switch again, rush back here, hit the teleport and then go through the door. Switch on the otherside permanently unlocks this door, proceed. Astark#7 and two Golmora are laying in ambush. It's a small maze, go to the top right to get your last Astarks and the ID key for the Challenge Complete. ~~!@#Chapter 3, Act 2#@!~~ [c3ac2] Reol Badia. He sounds like quite the bad guy. Enemies include: Gravit S7 Bug Dogs Robo-Dogs Jibba-Jabbas Evil Shark Reol Badia Subspace Lab: Sector 1, Linear progression. Subspace Lab: Sector 2, Same linear progression. Subspace Lab: Sector 3, Even more linear progression. Subspace Lab: Sector 4, Even much more linear progression. Subspace Lab: Final Sector, Reol Badia awaits. Wait until your helpers knock him down, then unleash any blast/suv you've got in store, if it has a wide AoE it might knock it down again, then just chain and finish the core and he's down. The combos on the legs should stack high by the time you knock it down, so dodge roll over to the core and use a Photon Art for massive pwn. ~~!@#Chapter 4#@!~~ [S2Ch4] New missions added: Endrum Remnants Multiped threat Desert Goliath The Mad Beasts Secret Society*

Laurette now offers challenge missions. Her missions are based on completing multiple open missions. Sayo the mystic is now open in the style shop. She gives blessing based on how much Meseta you donate, I generally waste 1,000 between missions and do a B or A rank open mission if I get Rare Item boost. Do a mission so the Kasch boy will wake up. Cafe leads to another scene. Little wing bridge leads you to another. Leave for yet another. Hit up your ship to meet up with Emilia destroying it from the inside, little brat. ~~!@#Chapter 4, Act 1#@!~~ [C4Ac1] Elements to bring: Fire weapons and Ice Armor. Enemies include: Ageeta (dog) Booma (shark) Ollaka (ram) Bugs Ubakurda (rhinos) Bolin (worms) Komazil (Castas) Dakmazil, snail casters. You've got 30 minutes to make it to the subspace station. You'll get a choice to either follow Yut or Emilia, both ways lead to the end, but Emilia's is monster heavy. Sector 1, linear progression. Big enemy clusters, not that hard to deal with. Sector 2, introduction to the 'zil type enemies. Sector 3, you get forced to choose to follow yut or emilia. as stated above, both ways lead to the end of the map, except Emilia follows monster tracks, so lots more exp with her path, also lower chance of an S rank if your damage output is low. Final Sector, bosslike enemies the Dakmazil. They aren't hard to deal with, but when you spawn two blow your blast gauge. ~~!@#Chapter 4, Act 2#@!~~ [C4Ac2] Enemies include: Kokwane Sharks Ageeta Komazil Ollaka Another stupid space dragon S-Rank is determined by protection of the subspace keyboards. Artifically hard map, it's pretty easy but you're forced to protect the subspace keyboards. They have designated HP and the enemies come in slowly attacking them. You'll also be introduced to the Turret weapon, you access it and it rapid fires bullets. You're vulnerable while inside it, but it's not that big of a deal. Use it after the second wave to speed up the process. After the fourth (writing off memory) set of keyboards protected, you'll be

forced into a boss fight, and this dragon is a lot harder than good ole De Ragan. Stay at ranged with a grenade launcher or at his feet and get used to his tail swipes. He's not threatening besides just doing a lot of front loaded damage. ~~!@#Chapter 5#@!~~ [S2Ch5] New Missions Added: Sacred Stream Sakura Blast Demons Above The Offertory Box* Pit now offers challenge missions. His are focused on slaughtering a certain amount of enemies. ~~!@#Chapter 5, Act 1#@!~~ [C5Ac1] Elements to bring, Fire and Light weapons and Ice and Dark resistance. Enemies Include: Nava Ludda (Dogs, freezing ranged attacks) Del Saban (Sharks, dark elemental.) I'll do a very brief explanation of traps to expect. Sector 1, along the narrow path, a Snowball will fall. As intimidating as it may be, just guard facing it and it'll push you out of the way, or run to the base of the path and wait it out. Sector 2, immediately run left and towards the security gate to avoid all the snowballs. After the doggies go down, a Delsaban rushes through with a snowball from the right security gate. Sector 3, Lu Duggo after you break the box, proceed and break the ice wall using the scope lens. The next wall to the left has a spike trap underneath, roll through. Bul Buna wait ahead, they drop down fast so either ranged or rush rush rush. Break the wall for more boxes, spikes all around. Proceed through the security gate. More worms and snailbeasts await. Sector 4, go down the hall to a cutscene and grinder of demise. Immediately turn around or face and block it, either works. Bil De Vaur at the end of the hall. Plant, sector 1, Gohma Dilla await, I reference them as the general Dog Robos, they explode if they die while you're in melee range. Go down the left hall for the "boss" fight. The Goode Beada shoots missiles through the security wall, and they have a massive fire damage AoE. Blockable through out. After the first dies, two more spawn so pop your blast there. ~~!@#Chapter 5, Act 2#@!~~ [C5Ac2] Elements to bring, same as above. Enemies Include: Same as above Human generic units, not tough. Need to defeat 23 human units for an S rank. Very linear path, this act introduces you to the knockable explosives. They hit a wall, they go kaboom, they can destroy certain walls. There's only one wall required to destroy to get enough Little wing/Guardian members to clear the map.

The only wall you're required to destroy is very obvious on the map and it has three bombs in the room ahead of it. The boss is a group of three (correct me if I'm wrong) seedform, destroy the first to spawn two more then blast out and burn them. ~~!@#Chapter 6#@!~~ [S2Ch6] Missions Added: Burning Snow Caves of Ice Lonely Laboratory Wayfarer in White** The Secret Pub* ~~!@#Chapter 6, Act 1#@!~~ [C6Ac1] VR Missions, based on PS Online. Need 1000 points for an S rank. The enemies in this area are based on furry creatures. Wolves, Booma and Rappies with Bil De Vaurs. It's a very obvious obstacle course. In two rooms you'll be faced with a 1 minute timer and a bunch of enemies. You have to defeat all of them within the time limit to get to the next bonus stage to fight Rappies, which is the only way to get the S Rank. The same is repeated in Act 2, but it's significantly harder in the second bonus room there. If for any reason you fail to get the bonus gauge, you'll be able to progress along normally instead of taking the teleporter. ~~!@#Chapter 6, Act 2#@!~~ [C6Ac2] VR Missions, based on PS Online. Need 1000 points for an S rank. This map introduces the Grand Mantis enemy, which hits extremely hard, has a long hang time and comes in a pair of two during the second bonus challenge. The same information applies as above, but absolutely save your blast gauge for the second 1 minute bonus challenge after the first Grand Mantis is slain. After that you fight an earth elemental dragon (I think, might be fire. Will be updated with specifics when I come back to this game.) ~~!@#Chapter 7#@!~~ [S2Ch7] Missions Added: Fight for Food Flaming Horns Desert Oasis*** Secret Society*** ~~!@#Chapter 7, Act 1#@!~~ [C7Ac1] Seeds and Traps. The best way to describe this stage. To get the S-Rank you have to defeat every last Seed Form, including a few non-obvious ones. You'll be using your goggles often to find the next piece of the puzzle. Not hard at all if you don't mind spending extra time exploring to get a perfect score. ~~!@#Chapter 7, Act 2#@!~~ [C7Ac2] Enemies include: Buff Plants Plants

Dogs Rams Very easy map, it's difficulty is artifical. You start in the center hub, you need to go to the end of each room, clearing four groups of enemies and leave a character on a switch. West room, is the hardest, do it first. East room, is the easiest, do it second. South room, quite possibly harder than the west room, but you'll only have two characters to do it with which makes it a lot easier to avoid the obstacles. After you grab the final keycard, the boulders at the entrance will roll towards you leaving no gaps, just look at them and block. If you saved this room for last, hit the switch and take the teleport out. Go to the room and you'll reunite with the rest of your crew and go into the final room. North room, it's not hard, but the new enemy hits multiple times per spin for about 150 a tap, so the damage can add up if you're not careful. Your first fight is with a low hp random and a single one of the big guys, after that you have to fight two big guys, use your blast/suv at this point and that should finish them off. ~~!@#Chapter 8#@!~~ [S2Ch8] Missions Added: The Black Nest Scarred Planet The Offertory Box*** The Offertory is now taking Photon Crystals, and rewarding rank A weapons and armor. 5 will give you a chance for both, however I've only received clothes from the 10 crystal donations. Also, the battle shop finally stocked more weapons. They sell up to B rank now, as well as C rank level 30 items that surpass the level 20 code weapons by about 10~20 attack power. These items, however have a low rarity level, so they get less of their weapon type bonuses. ~~!@#Chapter 8, Act 1#@!~~ [C8Ac1] Very important to bring a rifle you can equip. Alright, this map isn't hard at all. Every step of the way it'll point out traps and danger, so you just hit select and tell Emilia to kick back. The repeating feature of this map is that you have to protect Emilia while she does her job as a super human computer and figures out where to go next. To get an S-Rank you have to inspect every nook and cranny of this zone, and research every broken subspace keyboardamajigger. The only puzzle part of this map is when there's three doors available. Make Emilia stay back outside, run in the far right door and destroy the traps and the enemies on the other side. After that go through the far left with Emilia to inspect the proper subspace link up, which will activate more traps you can't destroy, then run down the center door to progress through this zone. After all that, Emilia will be locked in a cage while destroyers rush in as well as mobs all aiming at her. Equip your rifle to destroy the encroaching traps (generally two shots) and rush towards any enemy currently near the security gate. After enough waves (about the third destroyer) you'll clear the

map and proceed to the next zone. ~~!@#Chapter 8, Act 2#@!~~ [C8Ac2] Super linear progression. The terminals give you clues about switch orders and back story. The switch orders are written in a poor math problem format, and if you fail to do it correctly then !@# nothing happens besides it resets. Low time completion required for an S-Rank. If I remember correctly, the end boss is the earth dragon. Very simple to avoid his attacks, he goes into the ground so just look out for his big yellow dot to guard or keep on the move. ~~!@#Chapter 9#@!~~ [S2Ch9] Missions Added: Dancing Birds Rainbow Beast Electronic Brain Crimson Warrior ~~!@#Chapter 9, Act 1#@!~~ [C9Ac1] Elements to bring: Enemies Include: Flies Walker Robos There are three sectors, linear map. In this zone you have to defend bombs from encroaching enemies. Your score is based on how many bombs don't blow you to smithereens. Sector 1, lots of flies shooting from a range, either rush into them or find the comfort zone with ranged weapons. Sector 2, big guys incoming. Save the turret for the third+ wave when the super-robos come in. Sector 3, At the start the group leaves you alone to defend the bombs, dash roll through the center and deal with the big guys, do your best to destroy the fying enemies from a good range. After your brofists join back up, you'll have the final set of waves. You'll get the hovering tentacle monster first, and after he's dead two more will spawn and that's when you should waste your blast gauge. ~~!@#Chapter 9, Act 2#@!~~ [C9Ac2] Weapons to bring: Earth for the first area, Ice for the second and Light for the boss. It also helps to bring a Dark Resistance armor for the boss. Enemies include: Sharks Dogs Volgatus Robotics Shizuru Shu Sector 1, 2, 3 and 4 are all a linear path. It starts to get familiar as you progress. Final Sector, very small room fight with Shizuru, and it's difficult. If you

suffer from the shocked status affect without dark resistance, expect to use your scape doll. His attacks are extremely fast and he just really, really likes you. ~~!@#Chapter 10#@!~~ [S2C10] Missions Added: AMF HQ Recovery Train Rescue The Dual Sentinel The Secret Pub*** ~~!@#Chapter 10, Act 1#@!~~ [C10A1] After you start this area, you aren't given the option to return to Clad 6 after Act 1, so you might want to read ahead to pick up item suggestions. Elements to bring, Lightning for the first two types of enemies, after they're down you'll be left with only Dark type enemies. I didn't notice any significant differences using Dark resistance compared to neutral resistance. Enemies Include: Bugs Walkers Rams Golems Ill Gals Dark Faiz This area is very linear, very small maps so I wont include a step by step. At 17 minutes, I got an S-Rank. Sector 1, use a lightning based weapon in this area, you'll be faced with three groups of Earth elemental enemies followed by nothing but dark, in which it's time to switch to the light weapon. Sector 2, it pushes you against these new, somewhat hard opponents. Sector 3, slow progression with the worst pairings you could hope to never face in the game. The Ills are amazingly hard to defeat mainly because they attack fast and do massive damage. The Rams aren't that hard to deal with, but they like to charge out of range and attack by the time you catch up with them. Good time to bust out any ranged damage you can support. The golems aren't very hard alone, but in pairs they can decimate you. The biggest problem with them is that their range is a lot longer than it appears, and their swinging arm attacks last a bit longer than the animation does so it's more efficient to block than dodge roll to it's side. You get Two waves of these pairs, followed by a trap security card, which spawns two Ills, then the double Golems, followed by one of each enemy. Depending on what type of Blast/SUV you use, you might want to save it until this final phase, if you use a long lasting like Air Ride Cluster, you can pop it during the last half of the Second golem and it will severely weaken or finish off the final wave, the downside is that it wont charge up by the end of the boss fight righ through the door. Subspace Sector, Dark Faiz is Dark Elemental, so bring along your best Light elemental damage and some dark Resistance. This boss is very easy and has three phases. Phase 1, you really don't need to worry about attacks while he slaughters your partners. They like to sit at the tip of his tail beast eating attacks, where you can just go to the tail and do chain building exercises. It doesn't seem like much damage, but uninterrupted attack 2 chain photon art cycles damage

adds up. Phase 2, shortest, only lasts one attack long. The camera zooms out and he fades out of screen, followed by him phasing in and attacking with his tail along the center. Just sit in the center and turn to block him when he does, it's not very fast. Phase 3 is the toughest phase because there's a lot of outgoing damage. He'll slither with his tail across the screen, not much damage and you can just sit and take it with half-way decent armor. He then turns upside down revealing his head to melee attacks where he takes 10x as much damage as he does to his tail. He has two large scale damaging attacks though, one shiny shot down the center that's not hard to avoid, and another large dark pulse that hits all melee attackers, it shouldn't kill you if you're topped off so just pop a Diamate after and keep on chaining him. This is also the best time to pop Blasts/SUVs while his head is in the hittable range. ~~!@#Chapter 10, Act 2#@!~~ [C10A2] Elements to bring, Dark, Light and Earth weapons. Enemies include: Svaltia Lv53 Rhinos Astark Dakmazali Bead Groode Seed-Argine Zoldillan Carriguine Dilla Griena Shizuru Shu and his bastard brothers. 13:43 landed an S Rank. Tower Level 1 attack speeds If you've got onto it since - , Right off the bat you're faced against two Svaltia, their seem to be much faster than what they are in the open missions. a Blast ready, you might consider popping it now, otherwise hold they do go down quickly.

Tower Level 2 - Tenchi, Double Rhinos, pop out the earth elemental weapon but make sure to stay clear of Walls. Get paralyzed and they'll hug you until you can't escape, meaning you'll waste your scape doll if you aren't lucky. Tower Level 3 - Tenjin, Astark beyond the purple gate, dash through and take it out. Next up is Astark paired with a Dakmazali, keep the Dak in range while you take down the Astark, then remember to roll out of sweep attacks for the Dak. Tower Level 4 - Tenku, Bead Groode after the first seperation of Spikes, Lightning weapon if you have it, dodge roll his attacks in this narrow space. After he's down, you're forced into a pincer attack with two more. Rush to one end of the hall and take care of it while keeping the other in sight. It's almost a death sentence to get both on you, but if you see one shoot a missile block to avoid the initial and residual fire damage. Tower Level 5 - Tensei, Seed-Argina to start. It fights just like Deo Goziras. Next room contains a Zoldillan, which you faced a few acts ago in triplets. The next room is indiana jones style, bust out your rifle and charge shot destroy every set of boxes. Wait for the spikes to reset then run down the center. After that you're pinned against one Argine and two Zoldillan. I just popped my SUV expecting the next room to be the last.

Tower Level 6 - Tenyoku, One Carriguine assaults you, with two Dilla Griena. Not hard, just keep moving to avoid the ranged attacks while dodging out of Carriguine's. Dropping the first Carri will spawn a second, let your partners handle it and start working on the Griena, if they don't do as expected then move away from the Griena and take care of the Carri. Room ahead contains Shizuru, so prepare. Tower Pinnacle - Tenshin, you'll be lovingly greeted with three Shizuru. Jesus, I just learned to hate this game. Fast attacking enemies aren't that bad to deal with, until every last one focuses on you from three different directions. Luckily enough it's not really that bad. The clones aren't marked with buffs or debuffs and die quickly, an SUv or Blast should handle them, and once both are down the real Shizuru will take damage. Also a note, the clones tend to lag after they make an attack, sitting there in the attack position or just sitting still. Shizuru has a full frontal charge which will fling you towards the nearest wall. Shizuru likes to vanish and appear behind you with an upward thrust. You get a Scape Doll as a reward for finishing this map, in the chance that you weren't quick enough to pop a Monotome. Which is a good thing, because it's another act that you can't go home on! ~~!@#Chapter 10, Act 3#@!~~ [C10A3] Elements to bring, Dark and Light. The same with armor. Light Weapon with a Dark Armor for Spritos, and a Dark weapon for Angelus. I'm not sure Angelus' attacks are Light or Dark elemental (from the looks they look Dark) but I haven't played Phantasy Star games since PS Online, so~ Might as well play it safe and wear the reverse of his element. Skills to bring: Wild. Fricking. Blast. If you play it poorly you can just sit there and take damage all day and switch to your proper element weapon to pop out a multi hit SUV/Blast. It's not the best way to play but an option. The vanguard constant recovery skill also helps since you'll always be on the move so 50~70 hp every 10 seconds could mean a lot when you can't sit still to heal. Other than that, anything that increases damage. A lot of the fight you'll be suffering from the blue V debuff, so the Hunter skill that increases damage by 10% while debuffed might help. Also somebody remind me to come back and put in the proper skill names. Enemies Include: Orga Spritos, Dark Elemental. Orga Angelus, Light Elemental. Orga spritos isn't a big deal, but he does have a lot of attacks. - He'll shoot landmines to the ground, they explode and have a huge range causing confusion. - He'll gain a black aura and shoot off a bunch of black energy balls. - He'll send out his Drills to chase you, just run around, try not to block it since it doesn't let up and can lock you down. - He'll send out two drills to rotate around the map in an outward fashion. - He has some dark energy pulse thing I wasn't paying attention to! - And umpteen attacks I wasn't paying attention to! Most importantly, pop your Blast/SUV immediately, it'll fill up at least twice through out the fight. First phase, use Dark Resistance armor and a Light based

weapon - which shouldn't be hard since you'll probably have picked up a few on the way to this boss. Just sit near his base and attack, depending on your play style, defend every so often or ignore defense and just run out to heal with any tech weapon you've got. Avoiding damage isn't important on normal mode! After you take him down, you've gotta fight him again! Yay! Orga Angelus doesn't play around, he goes all light type up in this bitch and has confusing attacks right off the bat that do about 400 damage. Switch to any light resistance armor you might have and a dark weapon if you've got it, I however didn't prepare because I was hoping to leave after 10-2. - He pounds the ground causing high damage and confusion. It's fairly easy to block, and you're safe to roll left to avoid the attack completely when you get the timing down. He uses this attack much less frequently below 50% life. - He charges doing about 130~250 damage for every time he touches you. - He summons rotating mirrors, two follow you and if you don't destroy them, they blow up for mucho painero. He doesn't use this attack below around 50% life. - He goes to the center of the map and fades into the ground, after that just run in a large arc around the outside of the room. Little black patches will pop out of the ground, you get four per cycle if all partners are up, you might catch them faster if some are dead. - Sometimes when he fades into the ground, he'll create a damaging gravity well in the center, just keep moving towards the outside edge of the map. - Below about 50% life, when he moves to the edge of the map he'll start using a massive plasma blast barrage. Move to the corners of the circular map and stay in the nearby half of the circle. There's a sweet spot close to him that you wont get touched. - Below about 50% life, he'll start using the black pancakes of demise. They slowly increase in size, and he will start to almost always use this attack while in the center, so it's important to have a rifle so you can keep doing damage to him, since you wont be able to do damage when he's on the outside edge anymore. - His final attack the camera shifts straight up, just dash away until you see your icon all the way at the edge, turn around and hold onto that block for dear life. When he uses this attack it means he's almost dead, pop any reserve Blast/SUVs and you'll finish him off. Alright, so it's a bit daunting to start with. At the start immediately dash away from his impending bitch slap. If you die during this mission, you'll be put back in Clad 6, there you can buy rank A weapons of any variety as well as armor, if you really need to get a good Dark and Light based weapon and armor. Anyways, to the fight, just start by comboing. He'll always move in the specific order, from the center of the map to the outer edge back into the center and goes underground. He's not immune to damage while he's underground in the center, but he's always doing an attack where you need to keep moving while in the center. He's capable of doing any attack during any phase, but below that 50% (assumed) mark, he'll only use the more critical damaging attacks, which is why an equipable rifle is important so you can keep up a chain or just doing damage. Also for SUVs(Reminder, playing as a CAST) during the start up phase you go immune, so for the very last attack you can pop it as soon as the camera zooms up to the ball of demise in the sky. With that, you've successfully beaten the game. Get ready for infinite grind mode. There are apparently three endings, the specific routes will be updated as I unlock and document them, if anybody wants to give me a list I'll include you

for honorable mentions. A, Not the best I assume, Emilia is writing a letter to somebody she hasn't seen in about a year (assuming Mika) and you're looking over her shoulder. Received the "Good Ending" title. B, Unknown at this moment. C, Unknown at this moment. ~~!@#Post Game#@!~~ New Missions Added: Forgotten Castle The Dark God Citadel of Sand Heroes' Ronde Desert Oasis*** Secret Society*** The Offertory Box*** The Secret Pub*** More A rank weapons were added to the Battle shop, as well as C ranked replicas. Solid, A rank modules were added to the Shield Weave shop, as well as A ranked Blasts and SUV modules and of course higher defense A rank armor. All story mode missions are available on Normal and Hard mode, Hard Mode is just the same story missions with higher level enemies, requires at least level 50 to initiate any. ~~!@#Open Missions#@!~~ [OpMis] Side note, I wrote some of these guides more verbose and (in cases, innacurate to enemy count) before I realized that the generated enemies are somewhat random. I also couldn't bring it upon myself to delete those walls of text I originally wrote, so that's the reason why more of the open missions have strategies for challenging fights and puzzles, but are mostly just notes on correctly finishing the stage and the variables. The bestiary is a work in progress and will include general enemy strategy. !@#Parum [OpPar] Enemy types include; Vulgatus Badira Evil Shark Pal Shark Travalus Koltava Vanda Golmongo Rhinos Svaltus Svaltia Undersea Ruins Rank C, Min Level 1, enemies level 1. Rank B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 30. Rank A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 75. - Two additional Svaltia spawn together after the first dies. Rank S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 125. Okay, easy to deal with. Either keep your distance or carefully circle circle

circle enemies to protect yourself. Sector 1, not much to deal with. Very limited amounts of enemies in each room, no locks. Linear progression. Sector 2, you'll reach a lock on your left. Proceed right, destroy enemies, key spawns near the switch. Sector 3, boss room. He spawns with 2 Evil Sharks. His attacks are pretty slow and obvious. He does a forward leap, a whirlwind attack, and he'll take a while to charge up an attack, where he's immediately surrounded with a bright aura and then starts summoning a bunch of lightning to strike where you're currently standing. Sleeping Warriors Rank C, Min Level 1, enemies level 4. Rank B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 35. Rank A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 80. Rank S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 130. Long map, introducing the rhino archtype of enemy and molemen. The molemen are the real threat of this map, but should still be prioritized beneath other enemies, just learn to keep them in view. Svaltus is just like Svaldia, almost exactly, except he doesn't have the damaging Aura and lightning strikes. He moves like a boxer and has a frontal guard that can ruin chains. Scarred Rank C, Rank B, Rank A, Rank S, Planet Min Level 1, enemies level 5. Min. level 20, Enemies level 35. Min. Level 60, Enemies level 85. Min. Level 100, Enemies level 135.

Plains Overlord Rank C, Min Level 1, enemies level 6. Rank B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 40. Rank A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 85. Rank S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 135. Bring an Ice weapon and Fire Armor for De Ragan. He's the easiest of all dragon enemies, since his damage is all from his leg taps when walking and easy to see fire attacks. As a note, he does have an air phase, and he'll shoot out two fireballs in quick succession that are hard to block and almost impossible to dodge roll out of the way. Dual Rank Rank Rank Rank Sentinel C, Min Level 1, enemies level 8. B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 45. A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 90. S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 140. Beasts Min Level 1, enemies level 11. Min. level 20, Enemies level 50. Min. Level 60, Enemies level 100. Min. Level 100, Enemies level 150. Beast Min Level 1, enemies level 12. Min. level 20, Enemies level 50. Min. Level 60, Enemies level 100.

The Mad Rank C, Rank B, Rank A, Rank S, Crimson Rank C, Rank B, Rank A,

Rank S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 150. Endrum Remnants Rank C, Min Level 1, enemies level 13. Rank B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 50. Rank A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 100. Rank S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 150. Multiped Threat Rank C, Min Level 1, enemies level 14. Rank B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 55. Rank A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 105. Rank S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 155. Lightning Beasts Rank C, Min Level 1, enemies level 20. Rank B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 65. Rank A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 115. Rank S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 165. Elements to bring, Earth damage. Ice and Lightning armor. - Bring a rifle of any variety for the bird enemies, they go just above melee range and can be shot to the ground for quick fixing. The boss is a Degozarius, followed by another, and then a third (at b rank). It's a mini-boss like enemy at best. - They have a close range side sweep with both arms. - A long range double missile. - They can sometimes charge followed by lightning strikes hitting where you're standing (within two of his body lengths, so just run outwards) - They can send out three dark pulses in a row (aura only maybe), easy to dodge or block. - They like to charge, really far. It could be a death sentence if they charge into the center of the narrow walkway. Train Rescue Rank C, Min Level 1, enemies level 21. Rank B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 65. Rank A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 115. Rank S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 165. !@#Moatoob [OpMoa] Enemies may include: Zoona Bul Buna Drua Gohra Vanda Sand Rappy Mog Boggo Diammgolus Desert Terror Rank C, Min Level 1, enemies level 11. Rank B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 50. Rank A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 100. Rank S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 150. Sector 1 Zoona, two Bul Buna waiting to rock your socks open. Defeat them to get two more Zoona and open the locked door. Two more Bul Buna, with a Zoona, slaughter them to spawn two more Bul Buna and a Drua Gohra. Through the door is

two more Bul Buna, two Zoona, slay them to spawn another Drua Gohra. The big poops laying at the north end are full of treasure, then proceed through the southeast door. Moar Zoona and Bul Buna. Just gonna stop doing the play by play with enemies. It's linear, damnit! Sector 2, bunch of Vanda ready to welcome you. Destroy them to spawn in some Sand Rappy and Mog Boggo! Key card awaits. Northwest is another Mog Boggo set and sweet delicious boxes. Eastward is a large swarm of Vanda and your next key card. Slaughter some more standards and get your id card. Final Sector, Diammgolus. This bastard is tough. He spends a lot of time in the air. I haven't actually been able to knock him out of the air, but he has three attacks, one of which he uses while on the ground. - He'll fly out of view of the horizon and pick up rocks. He'll then come back and chuck them at you, easy to dodge by staying on the move and dodge rolling. It doesn't appear to be blockable. - He'll start charging, aura power up around his body and then he'll summon quite a few low damage tornadoes. - This is the most dangerous and he does it while on the ground. He shoots a barrage of flaming vomit at you. Yeah, flaming chunks of vomit... or rock. On the ground he's not much of a threat if you're at melee range, he has some sweep attacks, nbd. Jungle charger Rank C, Min Level 1, enemies level 10. Rank B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 50. Rank A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 100. Rank S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 150. Stolen Weapon Rank C, Min Level 1, enemies level 2. Rank B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 30. Rank A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 75. Rank S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 125. Valley of Carnage Rank C, Min Level 1, enemies level 7. Rank B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 40. Rank A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 90. Rank S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 140. Mine Rank Rank Rank Rank Defense C, Min Level 1, enemies level 12. B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 50. A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 100. S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 150.

Area boss is a large swarm of Orga Vanda. Usually 4 up at a time, blast gauge at the start and round them up and slowly take them down with AoE. Citadel Rank C, Rank B, Rank A, Rank S, of Sand Min Level 1, enemies level 14. Min. level 20, Enemies level 55. Min. Level 60, Enemies level 105. Min. Level 100, Enemies level 155.

Desert Goliath Rank C, Min Level 1, enemies level 15. Rank B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 55.

Rank A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 105. Rank S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 155. Burning Rank C, Rank B, Rank A, Rank S, Snow Min Level 1, enemies level 16. Min. level 20, Enemies level 55. Min. Level 60, Enemies level 105. Min. Level 100, Enemies level 155.

Caves of Ice Rank C, Min Level 1, enemies level 18. Rank B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 60. Rank A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 110. Rank S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 160. Lonely Laboratory Rank C, Min Level 1, enemies level 20. Rank B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 65. Rank A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 115. Rank S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 165. Awoken Serpent Rank C, Min Level 1, enemies level 22. Rank B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 65. Rank A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 115. Rank S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 165. Flaming Rank C, Rank B, Rank A, Rank S, Horns Min Level 1, enemies level 25. Min. level 20, Enemies level 70. Min. Level 60, Enemies level 120. Min. Level 100, Enemies level 170.

!@#Neudaiz [OpNDZ] Enemies Include: Grove of Fanatics Rank C, Min Level 1, enemies level 5. Rank B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 35. Rank A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 85. Rank S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 135. Sacred Stream Rank C, Min Level 1, enemies level 7. Rank B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 40. Rank A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 90. Rank S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 130. Demons Above Rank C, Min Level 1, enemies level 8. Rank B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 45. Rank A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 95. Rank S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 140. Sakura Blast Rank C, Min Level 1, enemies level 15. Rank B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 55. Rank A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 105. Rank S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 155.

White Beast Rank C, Min Level 1, enemies level 18. Rank B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 55. Rank A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 105. Rank S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 155. Rainbow Rank C, Rank B, Rank A, Rank S, Dancing Rank C, Rank B, Rank A, Rank S, Beast Min Level 1, enemies level 19. Min. level 20, Enemies level 60. Min. Level 60, Enemies level 110. Min. Level 100, Enemies level 160. Birds Min Level 1, enemies level 20. Min. level 20, Enemies level 65. Min. Level 60, Enemies level 115. Min. Level 100, Enemies level 165.

!@#Clad 6 [OpCl6] Enemies may include: Electronic brain Rank C, Min Level 1, enemies level 6. Rank B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 40. Rank A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 85. Rank S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 135. AMF HQ Recovery Rank C, Min Level 1, enemies level 14. Rank B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 55. Rank A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 105. Rank S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 155. Fight for Food Rank C, Min Level 1, enemies level 20. Rank B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 65. Rank A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 115. Rank S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 165. The Black Nest Rank C, Min Level 1, enemies level 23. Rank B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 70. Rank A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 120. Rank S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 170. The Dark God Rank C, Min Level 1, enemies level 23. Rank B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 70. Rank A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 120. Rank S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 170. VR mission. Bring Light based weapons and Dark based armor. Sector 1 and Sector 2 have a linear progression. It's very dangerous though since a lot of enemies spawn and they will focus on you. The final Sector is the core, and you're on a high speed craft with Dark Faiz following behind you. This fight is easy, but can be annoying with the platform not responding properly to your commands.

There are six buttons on the floor of the platform, and it's your job to move around them movin closer to Dark Faiz. It's pretty logical which way goes which way, but damnit they don't always like to work. While he's behind or in front of you, he's capable of these attacks: - He'll wave up and down in front of you, sending out a purple pulse wave for three possible attacks. It wont hit you at the middle button. - He'll send in a barrage of six explosive minions, stand at the edge of the platform closest to him and and just swing your weapon wildly to destroy them before they hit you and destroy you, best to use weapons such as swords, doublesabers and spears. - He'll send rocks collapsing around your platform. When he's riding next to you, stand on the middle button to get closer to him. While you're getting closer to him, he'll shoot out a barrage of plasma blasts, just block them and attack the covers of his weak sides. Only use Blasts when he's next to you in range or else they wont hit. You can hit him with the scope view rifle shots while he's behind you, but I wouldn't suggest wasting your time since it leaves you vulnerable to his attacks. It might take a while, but he's an extremely easy boss. You get 8 chests as a reward, as well as 35 type points! (taken from B rank) what a waste of effort. Forgotten Castle Rank C, Min Level 1, enemies level 24. Rank B, Min. level 20, Enemies level 70. Rank A, Min. Level 60, Enemies level 120. Rank S, Min. Level 100, Enemies level 170. ~~!@#Trade Missions#@!~~ [Trade] Trade missions are, as you might have guessed, Missions where you'll go some place and speak with NPCs to trade items. Every certain area has types of items they like, and most offer unique rewards. In all cases, the information is taken from Post Game (after completion of chapter 10) so your lists wont look the same from the start. !@# Desert Oasis: Trading, Seeking is the format. In the Desert Oasis, the seeking is always a room decoration, in almost all cases rewarded from challenge missions. Weapons: Flourescent Bulb, Tornado Throw. Twin Flourescents, Beetle. Mark III, Mark III. Ank Piko, Stag Beetle. Harisen Battle Fan, PPT Shuttle. Twin harisen Fans, Scale. Master System, Master System. Dream Master, Dreamcatcher. Bouqet, COG Limo Shuttle. Twin Bouqets, COG Cargo Shuttle. Genesis, Genesis. Nano Shark Puppets, Koltova Transport. Shark Puppet, Endrum PPT Shuttle. Pumpkin Head, LAndeel A and B Parts. Nagesan, PPT Shuttle. Sega Saturn, Sega Saturn.

Goof Swatter, Military PPT Shuttle. Lollipop, Gumball Machine. Dreamcast, Dreamcast. Armor/ Modules: Sweet Weave, G Flyer (Blue). Ascension Gift SUV Weapon, A-Photon Reactor. Sets: Sata Set, Rappy Doll. Patte Set, Pannon Doll. Neda Set, Lunga Doll. Tien Set, Kakwane Doll. Dunga Set, Fly Fishing Gear. Rad Set, Sinow Beat Model. Gant Set, Sinow Gold Model. !@# The Secret Society: The Secret society trades weapons for Weapon Badges. Iron: - 5, Plaintif Leaf. Bronze: - 3, Double Saber Replica. - 3, Twin Photon Claws. - 3, Photon Claws. - 8, Last Survivor Replica. - 8, Pakupaku Branch. Silver: - 5, Flowen's Greatsword. - 5, Frying Pan Set. - 5, Frying Pan. - 5, H&K 38 Combat Spcl. - 13, Amora Rose. - 13, Shato. - 13, Sonichi. Gold: - 8, Demonic Fork. - 8, Inferno Bazooka. - 8, Rabbit Wand. Skill Disks, traded for PA Fragments, check the trading list for specific details. EX Modules are traded for weapon badges. Death Impact, 21 Bronze. Burning Panzer, 21 Bronze. Sacred Cluster, 13 Silver. Equipment sets are traded for weapon badges. Brand, 2 Iron. Buster, 3 Iron. Jit, 5 Silver. Gigush, 8 Silver. Phantom, 13 Silver. Walker, 13 Silver. Crimson, 8 Gold.

!@# The Offertory: The rewards are based upon three things. How many you successfully enter the reward room with and the tier of Photons. Drops reward Rank B Weapons, Armor and Clothing. Weapons and Armor at 1 and 5 and Clothing at 10. Crystals reward rank A Weapons, Armor and Clothing. Weapons and Armor at 1 and 5, and Clothing at 10. Spheres reward rank S Weapons, Armor and Clothing. Weapons and Armor at 1 and 5, and Clothing at 10. With a failed donation, you receive a Monomate at 1 and a Trimate at 5. !@# The Secret Pub: Trades Weapons, Shield-Weave, Modules and Clothes for Spellstones. Weapons: Pannon Madog for 3 Phantom Night. Laser Pannon for 5 Phantom Night. Rappy Tippies for 5 Blood Moon. Rappy Tip for 5 Blood Moon. Rappy Fan for 5 Blood Moon. Koltova Madog for 7 Heart Key. Twin Snowy Claws for 7 Heart Key. Twin Kitty Claws for 7 Heart Key. Koltova Gun for 7 Heart Key. Lunga Madog for 9 Blood Moon. Al Tippies for 11 Blood Moon. Al Tip for 11 Blood Moon. Al Rappy Fan for 11 Blood Moon. Kakwane Madog for 13 Iritista. Twin Bear Claws for 13 Phantom Night. Faz'ntar Head for 15 Heart Key. Seg'ntar Head for 15 Heart Key. Dual 'Ntar Claws for 15 Heart Key. Rappy Madog for 17 Blood Moon. Bringer Rifle for 17 Phantom Night. Armor/Modules: Green Green Weave for 5 Heart Key. Rabol Rappy for 13 Blood Moon. Fiery Roar for 13 Iritista. Ice Gust for 13 Iritista. Lightning Flash for 13 Iritista. Levee Impact for 13 Iritista. Brilliant Haven for 13 Iritista. Night Embrace for 13 Iritista. Cat Weave for 15 Heart Key. Clothing/Parts: Rappy Suit, 9 Iritista. ~~!@#Challenge Missions#@!~~ [Chaln] You can accept challenges for rewards! More optional sidequest junk. !@# Illias' Requests Safety Standards

- Complete "Undersea Ruins" within 7 minutes. * Rewards a Buster and Tornado Twister. Quality of Civic Life: - Complete "Valley of Carnage" within 12 minutes. * Rewards a Baton and a Beetle. Grave Robbery - Complete "Sleeping Warriors" within 14 minutes. * Rewards Blaster and Dreamcatcher. On Behalf of Skyclad - Complete "Mine Defense" within 11 minutes. * Rewards a Hero's Shield and a Scale. Strategic Alliance - Complete "Endrum Remnants" within 15 minutes. * Rewards a Lance and Koltova Transport. Strong, Fast, Cheap! - Complete "Lonely Laboratory" within 24 minutes on B rank or higher. * Rewards a Goraduke and Torch. Special Education - Complete "Fight for Food" within 12 minutes on B rank or higher. * Rewards a Dual Slasher and Pannon Coffeemaker. Rygutass Hunt - Complete citadel of Sand within 28 minutes on A rank or higher. * Rewards Peace Breaker, Floader. Mercenary's Swords - Complete "Flaming Horns" within 45 minutes using only swords, A rank+. * Rewards De Ragan Slayic. Two Blades in Hand - Complete "White Beast" Whitin 45 minutes using only Twin Sabers, A rank+. * Rewards Tyrant Spadac. With Two Claws, Go - Complete "Twin Demons" within 45 minutes using only Twin Claws, A rank+. * Rewards Shide-Misakic Swordmaster - Complete "Jungle Charger" within 45 minutes using only Sabers, A rank+. * Rewards Apocalypsic. Claws for the Beast! - Complete "Rainbow Beast" within 45 minutes using only claws, A rank+. * Rewards Ohga-Misakic. Whip Clip - Complete "Crimson Beast" within 45 minutes using only Whips, A rank+. * Rewards Vish Diragac. In Bad Taste - Complete "Desert Terror" within 45 minutes using only Rifles, A rank+. * Rewards Killer Ellic. Bull's Eye

- Complete "Awaken Serpent" within 45 minutes using only Lazors, A rank+. * Rewards Love Infernoc. Two Wisps of Smoke - Complete "Stolen Weapon" within 45 minutes using only Twin Handguns, A rank+. * Rewards Battlestoppric. The Planet's Wound - Complete "Scarred Planet" within 45 minutes using only Handguns, A rank+. * Rewards De Ragnuc. Competetive Training - Complete "Train Rescue" within 45 minutes using only Crossbows, A rank+. * Rewards Cubo Simbac. Blade Dance - Complete "Dark Satellite" within 45 minutes using only Cards, A rank+. * Rewards Kaza-kikamic. Flowers & Bullets - Complete "Sakura Blast" within 45 minutes using only Machine Guns, A rank+. * Rewards Deathraic. Corporate Watchdog - Complete "Lightning Beasts" within 45 minutes using only Rods, A rank+. * Rewards Okaradoc. HR Observer - Complete "Multiped Threat" within 45 minutes using only Wands, A rank+. * Rewards Bajurac. Tech-Mag A-Go-Go - Complete "AMF Hq Recovery" within 45 minutes using only Tech-Mags, A rank+. * Rewards Delpic. R-Mag Potential - Complete "Undersea Ruins" within 45 minutes using only R-Mags, A rank+. * Rewards Elsralac. !@# Laurette's Requests Every Bit Helps - Complete "Desert Goliath" and "Multiped Threat." * Rewards a Ryokadanoh and a Fan. Seeking Resources - Complete "Crimson Beast" and "Plains Overlord." * Rewards Brekaud and a Parum Pennant. Incendiary Art - Complete "Burning Snow" and "Lonely Laboratory" at B rank or higher. * Rewards Rivetacle and Yooga Mat. Weapon R&D - Complete "Fight for Food", "Dark Satellite" and "The Black Nest" B rank+. * Rewards Berdynata, PPT Shuttle. Unspeakable Past - Complete "Flaming Horns" with Ursula, Chelsea and Kraz. B rank+ * Rewards Canara, Modern Clock.

!@# Pit's Requests Fang Collector - Hunt 50 Naval and/or Naval Ludda. * Rewards Soda Brekka and a Rappy Coffee Mug. Mutation Trigger - Hunt 50 Badira and/or Go Badira. Sleeping Warriors is optimal. * Rewards Arb Oga and PPT Shuttle. Serum Rush Order - Hunt 50 Ageeta and/or Sageeta. * Rewards Magga Gres and a Mysterious Skull. Shark Hunter - Hunt 30 Evil Shark, Pal Shark and Guil shark in total. * Rewards Mukpat and a Rappy Doll. Wolf Hunters - Hunt 30 Savage Wolf and Barbarous Wolf in total, B rank or higher required. * Rewards Daga Rippa and a Pannon Doll. Communal Training - Defeat 20 each of Armed Servant - Ozuna and Armed Servant - Basta, B rank+. * Rewards Ank Tomho, COG Cargo Shuttle. Basics of Research - Hunt 2 each of De Ragan, Bil De Golus and Zoal Goug, A rank+ * rewards Garment Aura. ~~!@#Tactical Missions#@!~~ These are like story missions, except they're side stories and their rewards are Partner codes. Another benefit is that you get a level 84 mission about halfway through the game for extreme leveling. Wayfarer in White Lv25 to 50. Rewards: Vivienne partner I.D. Allies: Yut, Tonnio, Liina, vivienne. Suggested Elements to bring: Enemies Include: Alright, you start with Tonnio and Liina, Yut skips off ahead like a rubber helmeted bastard. After the first linear map, you leave Tonnio and Lilia behind. When you progress, you meet with Vivienne, a cast that Yut knows. The only thing I have to note that breaks the linear cycle, is that there's a three way split, and I blindly went straight ahead and got it right. Score. The final fight in the zone is a doozy, so be sure to pop your Blasts on it. Crimson Warrior Lv40 to 83. Rewards: Magashi and Lou partner cards. Also random weapons I guess. Allies: Emilia, Lou, Lumia. This mission actually looks fun. A more in depth guide will be released at a later version. Heroes' Ronde Lv50 to 105. Rewards: Ethan and Karen partner I.D.s Allies: Chelsea, Ethan, Karen. Enemies Include: Jellic

Astark De Ragan Vegga Mog Boggo Kog Nadd Bil De Golus Mulnuha Kamatore Ottaka Zoal Gug Short sector maps between fighting Dragons, high level, no breaks in between. Be sure to ultrastock and bring along a healing wand. As with all partners, yours are completely useless. ~~!@#Weapons#@!~~ [Weaps] To start things off, most weapons are god awful and useless. Looking at say Twin Sabers, they don't chain very well and their photon arts suck, whereas a Double Saber is godly because it chains fast, deals multiple hits with each attack and has decent arts. The most important thing to remember is that this is based solely on my opinions exclusively. I'll be completely honest, with weapons like the Dagger, I use them for one C rank mission and never use them again, but I still pair it up with hand guns from time to time just for the ACC boost. !@#Two Handed Melee Weapons: - SWord, This is a weapon that I initially had problems with using, but learned to love. It raises your defensive stats (Mind/Def). It does attack slowly, but I learned the most important use of the sword, attack to two chains then use your strongest photon art. At a 2 chain it'll do about 5~8x your weapon swings, and a 10+ chain is about 11x weapon damage. Granted, I only learned to love it because I looted so many A rank swords with useful and high elemental damage. Bonus to MND/DEF. - Knuckles, easily my favorite weapon in this game. I keep a pair of C ranked knuckles on every one of my characters, why you might ask? They restore PP extremely fast. Downsides are that it's a fast attacking weapon with extremely short range as well as somewhat low damage. Bonus to Eva. - Spears, my second favorite weapon. It has great range and great damage, as well as Dus Skadda being an amazing Photon Art. Their attack speed is fast so it can be tricky to move from slow to this fast weapon and still get perfect attacks, but it's still a great weapon. Bonus to Eva. - Double Sabers, an amazing melee weapon. I'd suggest getting one as soon as you can (trade mission with bronze badges, most likely) if you have any interest in melee combat. It chains fast, gets two hits per attack and has an amazing range for it's visual appearance. Bonus to MND. - Axes, Great damage, slow weapon, easily interrupted. It also has a great chance of knocking down smaller enemies and decent AoE. I've read that it has poor Acc, so you might have to link it with a hit module or two as a Beastman. Decrease to Eva. - Twin Sabers, absolutely useless weapon. It's attacks don't hit twice on the first strike and Sabers completely outperform them in both damage and versability. Bonus to Eva. - Twin Daggers, weak fast attacks, the primary function of the dagger in my

opinion is to boost handguns, not something I've put much focus on using. Bonus to Eva. - Twin Claws, the inferior knuckles. It has higher overall damage but the versatility and photon arts are lacking in my humble opinion. Bonus to Eva. !@#Right Handed Melee Weapons: - Sabers, the easiest and most useful weapon in the game. It has no extra affects like almost every other weapon, but it retains high damage while being able to pair it for Defense with a Shield or ranged support with a Handgun. No bonus. - Daggers, I found these to be useless to use, but they add ACC which can help one handed guns out. They attack slowly and their photon arts are mostly useless. Bonus to ACC. - Claws, Hard to use in my opinion, quick inaccurate attacks. Claws apparently have a -Acc factor to them, so using them against higher leveled foes can screw with their main objective of Chain Stacking. Bonus to ATK. - Whips, does well enough damage wise, but it has lower ACC, best when paired with a gun for both support and hit boosting. Bonus to Tec. - Slicers, fast attacks, great for PP restoration. They shoot attacks straight forward, not my favorite of weapons for Photon Arts. Bonus to Eva. !@#Two Handed Ranged Weapons: - Rifles, great all around gun. They have amazing range and accuracy, outperformed though in certain circumstances. Their best role is against fast moving enemies that are too far off to bother with, just whip out a rifle and start railing into them. Bonus to Def. - Shotguns are extremely fun, but also hard to use. They have a spread that shoots three shots in a frontal cone, so it can stack quickly against large enemies or in close range. Their problem is that they have huge recoil, so you might find yourself getting knocked down and breaking a chain in solo play. Decrease to Evasion. - Longbows, a weapon I haven't found much use out of. The regular attacks are weak and they don't have any specific bonuses to using them. Apparently their damage is based on Tec, so they're most likely a ranged support weapon for Forces/Vanguards. Bonus to MND. - Grenades, they have low damage and shoot an AoE blast directly forward. They drain PP fast and only really shine in large enemy encounters, namely bosses. Decrease to Eva. - Laser Cannons, Multi hitting, great for bosses like Grenade Launchers, otherwise hard to use for general play. Decrease to Eva. - Twin Handguns, my favorite ranged weapon. They don't shoot very far, but they double shoot and have a great Photon Art for finishing things off. Their biggest draw for me is that while moving with the L-Trigger pressed, they suffer no recoil. Bonus to Eva. !@#Left Handed Ranged Weapons: - Handguns, general all around gun. Useful paired with something simple like a Saber, stand out of harm's way to raise the Chain count then rush in and finish with a Photon Art. Bonus to Acc.

- Crossbows, it's a bonus Eva weapon that lowers Acc, it's attack stat. It has it's uses, but it's not something I'd personally use. Decrease to Acc, Bonus to Eva. - Cards, tech version of the hand gun. Shoot cards gambit style, pew pew pew. Bonus to Tec. - Machine Guns, PP drainer. I've read about it's usefulness while being paired with Meseta draining bullets, but I've yet to test it out myself. No bonus. - R-Mags, Tech based companion weapon, it shoots things. My experience with the weapon is still limited at the moment, but more to come as I update the FAQ. Bonus to Atk. !@#Technic weapons: - Rods, they hold 4 spells and have the highest tech. Definitely the general go to for Forces. I find it most useful to put four attack spells on your primary rod and then pair it up with a wand/shield combo for healing and/or buffing. It's a two handed weapon. Bonus to Def and MND. - Wand, it's the right handed Technic weapon, it holds 2 spells. Great paired with a shield for defense, or a handgun for ranged support. Bonus to MND. - Tech-Mags, the Left handed Tech weapon, it holds two slots, it's draw is that it can be paired with a quick attacking right handed weapon to build PP up to cast larger spells. Bonus to Def. !@# Etc. - Shields are a left handed "weapon". They have the highest mitigation rate as well as a splash reverse damage for Perfect Guards based on their attack, they also increase ACC and usually have high resistance. The biggest draw is that you can loot a Hamma Barrier as a rare drop from Parum, which will last you until chapter 10. Seriously. - Traps. There's two, normal and EX. Normal traps you set down, they have a timer that counts down then they go kaboom. EX traps you set down, they take your weapon slots while active and you can control their explosion. EX is supposedly stronger, but I haven't done adequate testing. ~~!@#Types#@!~~ [Typex] This is a list of types and their skills gained, every - denotes a level to save me a miniscule amount of time and the need to re-create a box that is linked at the bottom of the FAQ. The format is - Skill, Cost, Effect. Shared means that all classes get this skill at that specific type level. !@#Hunter; - HP Boost, 1, HP+50 (Shared level 1) - Atk Boost, 1, Atk+30. Healing Item Boost, 1, increases healing items effect by 12.5% - PP Escape Save, 1, Reduces dodge cost by 40% (now 30 pp, down from 50). PP Defense Save, 1, Reduces cost of PP to block by 50%. - Def Boost, 1, increases defense by 20. - Wild Blast, 3. increases Blast Gauge charge Speed. (Shared level 5) - Perfect Guard Plus, 1, shield reflect damage increased by 50%. - Adverse Spirit, 2, increases Mind/DEF by 30% while under 35% health. - Super Armor, 3, user becomes "harder to flinch". - Burn Protect, 1, Immune to the burn status affect. - Freeze Protect, 1, Immune to the freeze status affect.

Meseta Boost, 4, raises chances of enemies dropping Meseta. (Shared level 10) - Sword Strike, 1, All strikes increase crit chance by 10% and cost 1 point. - Spear Strike. - Knuckle Strike. - Twin-Dagger Strike. - Atk Hi-Boost, 2, increases Atk by 50, all hi-boosts stack. Full Custom Power, 2, Increases weapon attack by 3%. (Shared level 15) - Double Saber Strike. - Twin Saber Strike. - Axe Strike. - Twin Claw Strike. - EXP Boost, 4, increases exp by 25%. (Shared level 20) Critical Power, 2, Increases critical damage by 4%. (Shared level 20) - Sword Advance, 1, all Advance skills increase weapon atk by 4%. - Spear Advance. - Knuckle Advance. - TWin-Dagger Advance. - HP Hi-Boost, 2, Increases HP by 100. (level 25) Def Hi-Boost, 2, Increases Defense by 40. - Doublesaber Advance. - Twin Saber Advance. - Axe Advance. - Twin Claw Advance. - Rare item boost, 4, Increases chance for a rare drop by 25%. (Shared) PP Skill Save, 2, reduces Photon Art PP cost by 20%. !@#Ranger; - HP Boost, 1, Boosts HP by 50. (Shared level 1) - ACC boost, 1 Boosts ACC by 15. Full Charge Shot, 2, Allows you to charge up to a second level for shots. - PP Escape Save, 1, reduces dodge roll pp to 30. (Shared) Adverse Attacker, 1, increases weapon damage by 10% while affected by a status affect. - Eva Boost, 1, boosts evasion by 20. - Wild Blast, 3, increases Blast Gauge charge Speed. (Shared level 5) - Escape Advance, 3, Increases the period of invincibility while dodging. - Precision Attacker, 1, weapon variable damage reduced by 50%. - Elemental Hit, 2, 10% higher chance of afflicting a status affect. - Poison Protect, 1, Immune to the Poison status affect. - Sleep Protect, 1, Immune to the Sleep status affect. Meseta Boost, 4, raises chances of enemies dropping Meseta. (Shared level 10) - Rifle Strike, 1, all strikes increase the chance to crit by 10%. - Twin Handgun Strike. - Shotgun Strike. - R-Mag Strike. - Acc Hi-Boost, 2, increases Acc by 30, all hi-boosts stack. Full Custom Power, 2, Increases weapon attack by 3%. (Shared level 15) - Grenade Strike. - Crossbow Strike. - Laser Cannon Strike. - Machine Gun Strike. - EXP Boost, 4, increases exp by 25%. (Shared level 20) Critical Power, 2, Increases critical damage by 4%. (Shared level 20) - Rifle Advance, 1, all advances increase weapon attack by 4%. - Twin Handgun Advance. - Shotgun Advance. - R-Mag Advance. - Eva Hi-Boost, 2, Increases Eva by 40. (level 25) - Grenade Advance. - Crossbow Advance.

- Laser Cannon Advance. - Machine Gun Advance. - Rare item boost, 4, Increases chance for a rare drop by 25%. (Shared) PP Bullet save, 2, cuts bullet PP usage by 10%. !@#Force; - HP Boost, 1, Boosts HP by 50. (Shared level 1) - Tec boost, 1, Boosts Tec by 30. Follow Advance, 1, increases healing technic effectiveness by 25% - PP Escape Save, 1, reduces dodge roll pp to 30. (Shared) Assist Advance, 1, increases length of buffs by 20%. - MND Boost, 1, boosts MND by 20. - Wild Blast, 3, increases Blast Gauge charge Speed. (Shared level 5) - Long-Range Support, 1, increases range of all recovery and support technics by 50%. - Photon Barrier, 2, Damage less than 3% of total hp is nullified. - Follow Hi-Speed, 2, all Hi-Speed increases tech casting speed by 30%. - Infect Protect, 1, Immune to Infect status affect. - Stun Protect, 1, Immune to the Stun status affect. Meseta Boost, 4, raises chances of enemies dropping Meseta. (Shared level 10) - Longbow Strike, 1, All strikes increase chance to crit by 10%. Fire Hi-Speed. - Ice Hi-Speed. - Lightning Hi-Speed. - Earth Hi-Speed. - Tec Hi-Boost, 2, increases Tec by 50, all hi-boosts stack. Full Custom Power, 2, Increases weapon attack by 3%. (Shared level 15) - Light Hi-Speed. - Dark Hi-Speed. - Rod Strike. - Card Strike. - EXP Boost, 4, increases exp by 25%. (Shared level 20) Critical Power, 2, Increases critical damage by 4%. (Shared level 20) - Longbow Advance, 1, All weapon advances increase weapon damage by 4%. - Assist Hi-Speed. - Fire Advance, 1, all technic advances increase elemental damage by 10%. - Ice Advance. - MND Hi-Boost, 2, Increases MND by 40. (Level 25) Lightning Advance. - Earth Advance. - Light Advance. - Dark Advance. - Card Advance. - Rare item boost, 4, Increases chance for a rare drop by 25%. (Shared) PP Technic Save, 2, cuts PP cost of Technics by 10%. !@#Vanguard; - HP Boost, 1, Boosts HP by 50. (Shared level 1) - PP Boost, 1, Boosts PP by 10. Damage Resist, 2, Reduces all damage taken by 10%. - PP Escape Save, 1, reduces dodge roll pp to 30. (Shared) HP Restore Rate, 2, Restores 10% of hp every 10 seconds. - STA Boost, 1, boosts STA by 10. - Wild Blast, 3, increases Blast Gauge charge Speed. (Shared level 5) - Partnership, 1, boosts the fighting capabilities of your partners. - Burst Bomber, 1, increases trap damage by 50%. - Half Defense, 3, if your current hp is 33.3% or higher, any attack that would otherwise kill you will reduce you to 1 hp instead. - Shock Protect, 1, Immune to Shock status affect. - Confuse Protect, 1, Immune to the Confuse status affect.

Meseta Boost, 4, raises chances of enemies dropping Meseta. (Shared level 10) - Saber Strike, 1, all strikes increase critical hit chance by 10%. - Handgun Strike. - Dagger Strike. - Wand Strike. - PP Hi-Boost, 2, increases PP by 20, all hi-boosts stack. Full Custom Power, 2, Increases weapon attack by 3%. (Shared level 15) - Tech-Mag Strike. - Slicer Strike. - Whip Strike. - Claw Strike. - EXP Boost, 4, increases exp by 25%. (Shared level 20) Critical Power, 2, Increases critical damage by 4%. (Shared level 20) - Saber Advance, 1, all Advances increase weapon atk by 4%. - Handgun Advance. - Dagger Advance. - Jellen Protect, 1, Protects from the Jellen status affect. - PP Restore Rate, 2, Increases natural PP regen per second by 5. (level 25) STA hi-boost, 2, Increases STA by 20. - Zalure protect, 1, protects from the Zalure status affect. - Slicer advance. - Whip advance. - Claw advance. - Rare item boost, 4, Increases chance for a rare drop by 25%. (Shared) Professional, 2, can reduce delay from a melee hit. ~~!@#Bestiary#@!~~ [Bstry] This is not a comprehensive guide but basic strategy for general enemy types. Note: a lot of enemy families are shared, and aren't basic palette swaps like with other games (cough cough, screw you, Square.) Thus they'll be placed in their general (See: inaccurate) categories. Fleshy: Sharks, they ease their scythes back to take a basic swing. They do leaping jumps after pulling both their scythes back. Easy to block and dodge roll out of the way. This family includes every type of enemy that looks the same, some specific elemental types can shoot fireballs or beams of ice. Dogs, they're little bi-pedal dog looking bastards. They tend to attack quickly and have low HP, low EXP, low Rewards and don't have extra attacks. Easy to deal with but deadly in large packs. Wolves, probably the most dangerous of enemies. They're the big cousins of the dogs and are capable of using elemental based attacks. The worst part is that they also have an "infinite charge" attack, where they'll leap, bite, and keep leaping/biting until you can get away. Vanda, they're the uncythed version of sharks. Their attacks are also obvious and at range they almost always come with elemental attacks. Can be deadly in packs because of decent bulk. Rams, they like to headbutt, come equipped with close range AoE and quick frontal attacks. This family is also shared with general Rhinos that include a stomp attack, since I'm lazy. Volgatus, very simple enemy. Stay at it's side and it can't attack you. It's "weak" to melee hits and "resistant" to ranged. It has a frontal spray of white mist and a forward angle shot. Riders, they're the bastards that look like Ultima Weapon from FF8. They have a

large four legged beast as a base and a humanoid upper half. They have a frontal ranged attack with a charge up, easy to spot and Perfect Guard. They also have side swiping attacks which aren't hard to avoid by dodge rolling or blocking. They also like to charge far off screen, which is just flat out annoying. Jibbajabbas, or otherwise known as something like Joobas, Jabbas? They're demonoid looking creatures. Horned head, short upper body and long legs and arms. These guys are annoying, based on their element they have varying elemental attacks, the most annoying are the lightning types that have a quick charged AoE that likes to paralyze. They have forward arm attacks that aren't hard to avoid, and long range shots. Giants, they're elementally flavored and use those skills mostly at ranged. They hit hard, not necessarily fast and are easy to avoid. With the exception of the Claydoll looking guys in Chapter 10, who have a hang time, these giants are only a problem with little guys knocking you into their attack zones. Rappies, penguins, very annoying. They have a fast attack where they launch themselves at you and send you flying, all at once. The damage can stack up incredibly fast. Worms, they like to burrow underground and re-surface far away, I always keep a rifle or twin handguns on hand for these guys. Lilies, long range attackers with elemental based AoEs that tend to cause status affects. When you kill them, they straighten up, hum then explode. Birds, they hover around the map doing elemental based attacks or just annoying you. If they fly above their normal flight zone (you have to scope to hit them) a gun will knock them to the ground for a short amount of time, where they don't take much more damage but are significantly easier to deal with. Bugs, the permanently low flying enemy type that isn't Travalus. They have shots, sometimes fireballs. They like to charge and don't have much for melee strikes aside from the charge. Easy to defeat, but almost always in swarms. This family includes Travalus, even though it's not very fleshy. Frogmen, or better known as Kokwane. This family is pretty cute, they rush in and do spinny attacks. They're also fairly evasive like Sharks, they hop to the side while attacking. Not very threatening, besides the fact that Emilia always asks if she has to kill it blocking the center of your screen. God, I hate story missions. Molemen, well Golmogo and Astark. The two fight differently, but they look close enough to being realted. Gomogs like to launch with claws open wide. When they guard, they're gettin ready to shoot out a blast of energy. Astarks are just facerolls, have melee strikes that you can dodge roll. If I ever have a problem with one, I'll properly update this section. Moggs, big old bastards. When you get into range they howl, then they attack. To be completely honest, in my gameplay experience just square, square, triangle will always finish them off before they can attack. Hentaimon. Floating monsters with two tentacles. They have elemental based attacks, and more importantly they change elements based on what you've been hitting it with, so switch to something neutral or the opposite of what you were using every time it changes colors. It has a close range spin attack in some forms and a charge into type changing with others.

Buff-Plant, these guys are stationary plants with ranged attacks (easier to deal with) and long-hanging AoE attacks. When it sticks it's roots into the ground it's about to do a long lasting sweep which you should roll out of and block, or just run out of and keep fighting it from range. Castas, Kamazil, Dakmazil, usually in the flavor of ice attacks. They're big, have tentacles androds. They either attack with an elemental attack straight forward, easy to dodge hard to time, or teleport away. They also have short lived frontal charges, don't see it often on higher leveled castas. Humans, these are some of the hardest enemies to face. Especially in the case of Yut. The real problem comes from clusters of partners swarming them so you can't see their attacks. The next problem is that they're often very small so harder to hit with weapons that don't have high default AoE attacks. Ills, or the general "Shu" type, these are bigger humans. Not quite sure if they're mechanical, and you only face them in chapter 10, but none the less they're god damned bastards. They attack quickly, they launch, knockback and have high damage in quick succession. Dragons, there's too many frickin' dragons in space. They're all elementally based, whether it's a fireball they shoot backwards to their sides or a lightning strike. They come in many flavors, but the general strategy is as follows. Stand back with a grenade launcher. Okay, that's not all, but avoid the legs for residual damage. The few that tail whip are easy to find the tells for, but it might take some time, so get used to using a Doublesaber or Twin Sabers for AoE PP building and early photons until you get the boss down. Mechanical: Super Robos, or Svaltia and Svaldus. They're big mechanicals that have very easy attacks to read. The real challenge comes from not being able to see them, or mis-judging perfect guard chances. 'tia has a damaging aura, but he backs up to use it, followed by lightning strikes. 'dus just likes to have a forward guard. Both spin attack, not a huge problem. Robo-Dogs, these guys are what made me stop including super specific names. Not just this unit in general, but mechanical units. These guys aren't tough alone, but tough in bunches. They have low HP, have elemental based attacks at both melee and ranged, and worst of all once they die, they explode. Walker-Robos, these guys aren't a big problem, but they hit hard. These stand pretty high, have a chain gun barrage, and some even launch missiles that explode in massive fiery death, luckily it's blockable through the entire attack. They have melee strikes, so it's easy to stand at their side at all times and keep dodge rolling to the side. ~~!@#Frequently Asked Questions#@!~~ [FAQ] Q: There are so many weapons, which should I use? A: First of all, I'd suggest getting used to Rifles, they are generally the best support weapon, and it doesn't hurt to have one for every mission. Then I'd range from using slow to fast weapons in any specific order. And most importantly, try to keep one of every elemental type at the ready, if you can't afford that luxury, then at least Three different types so you have a neutral attack. The in depth answer that I suggest to people is a Spear, SWord, Rifle, Doublesaber, Saber+Shield or Wand+Shield and Knuckles. That also includes my answer of "Play Hunter before anything else." Q: What type should I play through the game?

A: Expanding on the above question, Hunter. It's the bulkiest type and has defensive skills. It does great constant damage with melee attacks and it'll teach you how to use Perfect Guards by forcing you into Melee. Unlike games such as Monster Hunter, the enemy attacks are amazingly easy to predict and time. Q: What open missions should I do? A: None. Verbose answer is that you wont need to until post game aside from one each chapter limbo. They're always available to come back to in the case that you need money for weapon upgrading or just flat out need better weapons or Armor. (see: chapter 9 and 10). Some open missions give away the obvious of their elemental attributes contained (Thunder beasts, for example) and tend to give Weapons and Armor of that type. Also make note of the loot type pictured below the Boss and Common monster to get an idea of what you'd get. This mission is in the ice caves, and the enemies picture a pair of Dual Claws and a Saber. Suffice to say if you get either, they'll probably be Ice elemental. Q: What Mirage Blast or SUV should I be using? A: Anything that has large AoE and/or multiple hits. Your damage with either is based on your current attack power when you initiate it, and it takes on the elmenent of the weapon if any. Air Ride Cluster is my favorite SUV in the game, I used it from start to finish. It has a lot of hits, if the enemy is in range you'll chain up to 8 and is ready to keep chaining or photon art immediately. Q: Should I use high damage Photon Arts or lower PP Photon Arts? A: That's a personal struggle I'm stuck with. I personally switch between weapons. With Swords and Rifles, I use the highest damage i've got. With fast attacking weapons like Spears and Knuckles, I use low PP skills that I'll be able to hit three times for massive damage. Q: Is applying the proper element important in this game? A: No, but it makes life a lot, lot easier. I played start to finish without once giving a damn about the proper element, I struggled along with 20 minute missions and slow fights leaving me with nothing but a wand to heal and knuckles to desperately restore PP. After that I started stocking multiple elemental weapons and I never had that problem ever again. It never hurts to be prepared. Q: I'm really good with Swords, should I just use 6 different elemental swords? A: That's not a real question, but it's one I imagined a 12 year old would ask me. Variety is important in weapon choices. I never leave Clad 6 without a Rifle for Bird type enemies and a Healing wand for emergencies. You have 60 item slots, and you can safely hover around 35 without having to send back to storage in the middle of a mission. It wouldn't hurt you to carry 6 different elemental swords, but make sure you have support items on the Palette and ready. Q: What are the Varying elements? A: All elements share a similar strength and weakness against their opposing element, and they're carefully listed in appropriate pairs. - Purple, Dark, often paired with Poison status affects. - White, Light, often paired with Confuse. - Red, Fire, often paired with burning. - Blue, Ice, often paired with freezing. - Yellow, Lightning, often paired with Paralyze and/or Shock. - Orange, Earth, I don't even know if it has an appropriate status affect. - Green, Follow, it's the healing element, but it's given to any weapon with 0% elemental affinity. Q: Is there any way I can easier learn how to Perfect Attack and Perfect Photon

Art? Same goes with blocking. A: For attacks, just do a low level mission, one where you're not threatened by enemies at all, and get the proper feel for the attack pacing. For guard, just sit in a room with a Shield and the type of enemies that are giving you problems. Throw challenge score to the wind and get the feeling. The one second time frame for perfect guards doesn't seem long, but when you get into the pace it feels like an eternity. Sometimes to the point where you'll drop a guard right when the attack follows through because of impatience. ~~!@#Passwords#@!~~ [Paswx] Art Javelin - 72401990 (high atk spear) Leek Wand - 12344321 (high tech wand) Leek Saber - 39395343 (high atk saber) Mr. Ecoeco Stick - 55687360 (recovery enhanced rod) Game Pro Knuckles - 88619433 (high atk knuckles) Excalibur - 76416348 (This I was torn about including, it's not that great of a sword and you can't see it's effective swing area. Not to mention you can trade or loot a survivor's replica which has built in drain.) These aren't necessarily all high attack or tech, but they'll easily last you until chapter 8 when you get your first set of C rank replicas that outdamage them at the cost of losing about 20~35 points of a weapon stat bonus. Definitely replaced in chapter 10 when all level 50 rank C replicas are available. A full list of the passwords is at, the link is included at the bottom. It's the easiest way (see: cheapest) to get the 50 costume title. ~~!@#Credits#@!~~ [Creds] I did not ask for any permission to use any of the sources I've taken from. I have adequately included links to the home sites, if you have a problem with me posting this otherwise general information, then please send me an E-Mail and I'll remove it immediately in the next version update. If you want personal specific gratification and mentions, be sure to include proof that you're the original author of said publicly copied information and it'll be included in the guide. Sources used; For some passwords included taken from; For some Type skill charts as well as Weapon in default bonuses, I used; For some general information while playing through the game, I used the message boards at; * The search function is god damned amazing. Useful information; This unlocks the Gamega mission, which is used for the infinite grind. If you play a vanguard you set up traps and collect loot. If you play anything else you use a charge shot with a grenade launcher. Pretty straight forward, tons of videos of it online. Gleaned information for Crimson Warrior and Heroes' Ronde from BradRy2's youtube channel, since I honestly can't be assed to do these missions myself.

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