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I am about to (or should i say i want to) issue a record of receipt of goods document in MIRO.

however i am keeping getting a same msg "material does not exist in warehouse" could anyone tell me how to fix this ? Best Regards
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pscontre2004 replied May 21, 2006

Hello, Check the material master. May need to be extended to WM views. te6379 via sap-r3-log-mm <email@removed wrote:

dear people I am about to (or should i say i want to) issue a record of receipt of goods document in MIRO. however i am keeping getting a same msg "material does not exist in warehouse" could anyone tell me how to fix this ? Best Regards

contactbiswajit replied Jul 4, 2009

Dear Friend Are you using Lean WM? Then I can tell you one solution. IMG, Logistics Execution, Shipping, Picking, Lean WM, Control Site/Storage Location/Warehouse Assignment Check the entries under columns "Degree of Activation Warehouse Mgmt" & "Stor.Type for Picking in Lean WM" I faced the same trouble, however during MIGO entries and fixed these with entering "1" under 1st Col and corresponding warehouse number in 2nd Col. With regards Biswajit Pal

Prafful Pachpohar replied Sep 6, 2010

Material SRC001 does not exist in warehouse 103


Raju replied Sep 6, 2010

Your information does not explain the issue completely, please explain better. From what I understand, it appears that the material is not extended to the storage location in subject or it do not have sufficient stock in the storage location in the subject. Please give more information so that i can understand the issue better.

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jhimli dutta replied Sep 12, 2010

Extend the views for Material SRC001 for warehouse 103.......first thru MM01 select the WM views and in there add Warehouse the record..

jhimli dutta replied Sep 12, 2010

Extend the WM views in Material Master. In MM01 for material SRC001 select both the WM views and add warehouse 103 , then click the save button..

Material xxx does not exist in warehouse xxx

Richard Gun Cuninghame asked Mar 20, 2008 | Replies (13)

I have deactivated the external WMS flag in SPRO for warehouse. I have gone to test outbound delivery creation and I get message 'material does not exist in warehouse xxx'. There is no delivery block and the sales order is complete. What do I have to do to make the material exist in the warehouse? Could this error be connected with above config change?
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Johan Schipper replied Mar 20, 2008

Probably the WM views in the material master are not maintained for the product in warehouse XXX. To test if it is related to the config change if the WM views ARE maintained, just put back flag and try the exact same action again. Hope this helps you. Johan.

Rob Pierce replied Mar 20, 2008

Is the material master extended to a warehouse?


Anthony Vitrano replied Mar 20, 2008

Hi Richard, I agree with Johan. However, without more of the story behind WHY you disabled external WMS, why you had it on in the first place, and what your future ideas for your warehouse are, it's very difficult to analyze the reason why you're getting the error.

Yuli Fernandye replied Mar 28, 2008

Hi, You can use extend that material using tcode MM01, view warehouse management.

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Ruchi Dutta replied Jul 27, 2009

When I try to Receive (MIGO mvmt type 101 ) a part in WH 410/sloc 416 the system throws error message ""Material xxx does not exist in warehouse xxx"" while I can receive the same material in

other plants/sloc (002/116) I have checked the config its the same for all slocs 116 and 416. Please help what am i doing wrong.

WilsonTay replied Jul 27, 2009

WH is link to Plant/SLoc, I suspected material was created but not extended to the respective Plant/SLoc-WH. Do use MM01 to extend it. In creation, select MRP1 to 4 and WM1 to WM2 to extend) and when prompt for org. level., do enter plant, sloc and WH no. e.g. assume plant is also 002, then your org. level plant: 002, sloc: 416 and WH 410. Regards. Wilson

Vinod Raman replied Jul 28, 2009

Pls maintain the storage location , through MMSC. Regards Vinod Raman

Ravi Prakash replied Jul 28, 2009

it may also be possible that you are having multiple storage locations in that particular plant and the STO has been made for wrong strogae location. if this is the case then you may change the storage location in where tab at the time of GR.

Ruchi Dutta replied Jul 28, 2009

the material already exits in sloc 416, T code MMSC list all exiting slocs show 416 entry.Plant/material also connected to WH 410 . yes WH views are not created for this part number but that is boz this sloc is lean Warehouse managed. the material is et up the same way for all the plants/sloc and I can receive it in other plants with the same lean WH managed inventory set ups..
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WilsonTay replied Jul 28, 2009

I see. Since for plant/sloc 012/416 supposed to be mapped to lean WM, and you are facing the above issue. I suspected in SPRO for IMG -> Enterprise Structure -> Assignment -> Logistics Execution -> Assign warehouse number to plant/storage location, the is a entry 012/416 WH 410. This entry is to be deleted if plant/sloc 012/416 do not required WH.