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.1) Always wear eye protection in the form of goggles, masks, or shooting glasses, or safety glasses. Never remove your eye protection while on the battlefield. Regular prescription glasses are NOT acceptable as safety eyewear. Must meet ANSI Z87.1 standards and wrap around the face. 2)The Game Moderator is the final approval for all field decisions, the calling of games, resolutions on all conflicts and issues, and responsible for all safety related items and events that occur on the field. If a conflict or discrepancy arises that can not be solved between groups, the game is stopped and the game moderator makes the final decision regarding the conflict or discrepancy. Arguing with the game moderator will result in an immediate ejection from that days game event. 3)The Safe Zone is the area on the playing field where no weapons will be fired at any time. Failure or non compliance of this will result in an immediate ejection from that days game event. 4)Sealed ballistic eye protection will be worn at all times for both players and visitors to the area. Only in the Safe Zone when no game play is present can this eyewear be removed at any time. 5)A 20 Foot safety kill range will be observed for all weapons. This will be obtained by pulling out a sidearm or pointing your current weapon at a target and shouting Safety Kill 6)The definition of being Hit is when the airsoft BB Hits any part of the players clothing, body, or weapon. Once a player is Hit, He or she will raise their weapon over their head and shout hit. After the fact is established, and the opposing player knows the situation the player will walk out of the battle area and return to the safe zone with their weapon over their head. All eliminated players will keep their eye protection on until back in the Safe Zone. 7)All integrity violations and non calling of hits will be dealt with swiftly and severely. Failure to or non compliance with calling hits will result in an immediate ejection from that days game event. 8)The term Blind man will be used for any real world injury. Once Blind man is heard all players will holster all weapons, put them on safe and remain in place unless directed by the game moderator. 9)When using the Medic Rule a player that sustains a hit will fall or sit in place and yell hit. Then the player will put a red rag on his head. In order for the player to be given first aid and resume fighting, another player must go to the person wounded, take the red rag off his head and tie one square knot onto the rag. Other wounded players can NOT medic other wounded players. Also players can only be given first aid one time. After that the player is considered KIA and will return back to the safe area. 10)All borders and boundaries set down by the game moderator will be followed. Violations of this will result in the player becoming KIA and being sent back to the safe zone. 11)All airsoft weapons will be checked by game moderators 12)When transporting airsoft weapons to and from the playing field, all weapons will be cased in either a gun case, or the original factory box.

13) CQB/INDOOR PLAY All players who participate in CQB should understand that they will be engaging targets anywhere from 25 feet to even 5 feet away and because of that they may take painful hits. We recommend full masks, long sleeves, long pants, gloves, and hats/helmets be worn for CQB to avoid welts or breaking the skin. "Safety Kill" rules are not used for CQB, however players may surrender if they wish at any time to the opposing force to leave gameplay without any harm. 14) SNIPER SAFETY Anyone acting as a sniper with an upgraded bolt action rifle over 400 fps (1.5j) should carry a sidearm that can be used alternately when engaging targets closer than about 60 feet. If you have no sidearm and find yourself too close to the opposing force, you may either a) call a safety kill, b) wait until they move to a safe range or c) relocate to a safe range. Do not fire at targets closer than 60 feet. 15) BLIND FIRING permitted as long as the players are no closer than 30 feet from each other. This must be verified by the shooter before firing. All violations of blind firing distances will result in immediate expultion from the field. 16) IF LOCAL POLICE ENTER THE FIELD This is a potentially dangerous situation, and is treated as if they don't know we are playing a game. All players are expected to walk to the Safe Zone in plain sight, either with their guns over their head or leaving their guns in the field. Upon reaching the Safe Zone each player is to place his replica with his gear and gather in a group at least 20 feet from the gear. This is to provide safety by comforting the officers by removing any equipment that appears threatening to them. Gameplay is not commenced until we explain the situation and are allowed to continue. 17) All weapons will go off of set guidelines for pellet weight and feet per second. The rules for this are the following.