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IEC 61850 Primer Communication Networks and Systems In Substations

61850 Scope GE Multilin Copyright 2 February 16. 2005 .

Abstract Communications Service Interface ACSI ‡Defines a set of Objects ‡Defines a set of Services to manipulate and access those objects ‡Defines a base set of data types for describing objects .

Relay1) Physical Device (network address) ³MMXU2$MX$A´ = Feeder #2 Current Measurements .Anatomy of an IEC61850 Object Name V MX A MX Functional Constraint Logical Nodes MMXU1 MMXU2 Logical Device (e.g.

Logical node groups L System LN (2) P Protection (28) R Protection related (10) C Control (5) G Generic (3) I Interfacing and archiving (4) A Automatic control (4) Examples: PDIF: Differential protection RBRF: Breaker failure XCBR: Circuit breaker CSWI: Switch controller MMXU: Measurement unit YPTR: Power transformer M Metering and measurement (8) S Sensor and monitoring (4) X Switchgear (2) T Instrument transformers (2) Y Power transformers (4) Z Further power system equipment (15) .

Services Examples ‡ GetData ± Read ‡ SetDataValues ± Write ‡ GetDataDirectory ± Read list of object names .

ACSI Services ACSI Services LogicalDeviceDirectory GetAllDataValues GetDataValues SetDataValues GetDataDirectory GetDataDefinition GetDataSetValues SetDataSetValues CreateDataSet DeleteDataSet GetDataSetDirectory Report (Buffered and Unbuffered) GetBRCBValues/GetURCBValues SetBRCBValues/SetURCBValues GetLCBValues SetLCBValues QueryLogByTime QueryLogAfter GetLogStatusValues Select SelectWithValue Cancel Operate Command-Termination MMS Services GetNameList Read Read Write GetNameList GetVariableAccessAttributes Read Write CreateNamedVariableList DeleteNamedVariableList GetNameList InformationReport Read Write Read Write ReadJournal ReadJournal GetJournalStatus Read/Write Read/Write Write Write Write 7 February 16. 2005 Enable Self Describing Devices GE Multilin Copyright .

IEC61850 Profiles GE Multilin Copyright 8 February 16. 2005 .

IEC61850 Documents Basic principles Glossary General Requirements System and project management Communication requirements Substation Automation System Configuration Basic Communication Structure Part 8 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Mapping to MMS and Ethernet Sampled Measured Values Mapping to Ethernet Part 9 Conformance testing Part 10 GE Multilin Copyright 9 February 16. 2005 .

Sampled Values over Ethernet Part 10-1: Conformance Testing GE Multilin Copyright 10 February 16.IEC61850 ± Primary Parts Part 6-1: Substation Configuration Language (SCL) Part 7-2: Abstract Communications Service Interface (ACSI) and base types Part 7-3: Common Data Classes (CDC) Part 7-4: Logical Nodes Part 8-1: Specific Communications Service Mappings (SCSM) .MMS & Ethernet Part 9-2: SCSM . 2005 .

10/100/1000 MB Ethernet Station Bus Relay(s) Subscribe to Datasets Relay IE Relay IE Process Bus .1/1/10GB Ethernet Relay IE Remote Access MU Publishes V/I/Status Datasets Network Clk1 MU MU MU Clk2 PT1 I/O Optical PT2 I/O CT2 CT MU = Merging Unit Optical I/O Optical PT CT GE Multilin Copyright 11 February 16. 2005 .IEC61850 Substation Architecture .

Sampled Measured Values GE Multilin Copyright 12 February 16. 2005 .

Peer to Peer Communications Functional Requirements Relay Bkr 1 Relay Bkr 2 Relay Bkr 3 Relay .. 2005 .. Bkr N Trip BFI ‡ Message delivery to multiple devices simultaneously ‡ Fast Delivery (< 4ms) GE Multilin Copyright 13 February 16.

2005 .GOOSE ‡ Device to multi-device communication ± Local or Wide Area ‡Bridgeable but Non-routable ‡User-defined Dataset sent in an Ethernet Multicast message ‡Message sent on change of state as well periodically to enable detection of device failure ‡ Reliability effected through message repeat GOOSE Header: ‡ Multicast Address ‡Name ‡Time Until Next GOOSE ‡Etc. User-Defined Dataset ‡ Status Information ‡Analog Values ‡Data Quality ‡Time GE Multilin Copyright 14 February 16.IEC61850 Generic Object Oriented Substation Event .

2005 .SCL ± Substation Configuration Language ‡ Description language for communication in electrical substations related to the IEDs ‡ XML based language that allows a formal description of ± Substation automation system and the switchyard and the relation between them ± IED configuration GE Multilin Copyright 15 February 16.

XML description of a single substation. XML description of the entire system. ICD: IED Capability Description. CID: Configured IED Description. XML configuration for a specific IED. XML description of items supported by an IED. 2005 .SCL File Types SSD: System Specification Description. SCD: Substation Configuration Description. GE Multilin Copyright 16 February 16.

2005 . setup and maintenance. specification. and maint. GE Multilin Copyright 17 February 16. setup. config. setup. ‡ Standardized naming conventions with power system context eliminates device dependencies and tag mapping saving $$$$ in config... and maint. ‡ Standardized configuration file formats enables exchange of device configuration saving $$$$ in design.Benefits of IEC61850 ‡ High-level services enable self-describing devices & automatic object discovery saving $$$$$ in configuration.

2005 .Benefits of IEC61850 . ‡ Multi-cast messaging enables sharing of transducer (CT/PT) signals saving $$$$ by reducing wiring and connection costs GE Multilin Copyright 18 February 16.2 ‡ Higher performance multi-cast messaging for inter-relay communications enables functions not possible with hard wires and save $$$$ in wiring and maintenance.